Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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23 - Broken

A few months had passed and the guys still hadn’t seen Tiana. They worked on removing any trace of themselves from every database, despite Roger’s truce to leave them alone. That was the only thing that occupied their time enough not to obsess over her. Every so often, they would send her texts and leave her voicemails to which she would respond with a note that she was still alive and still catching up with Shae.


Jason lay sprawled out on the bench in the basement, wearing a tank and gym shorts with a towel over his eyes. Tyler breathed in and out as he continued to lift weights, while Owen tapped on his computer.


“Yes, Jason...” Owen said annoyed.

“I fucking miss her, dammit,” Jason groaned. “Her eyes... her lips... her ass, fucking hell that ass. I wanna bite it. Lick it. Shit, I wanna fuck it.”

“This really isn’t helping, Jason,” Tyler said annoyed.

“Can’t you talk about something else?” Owen suggested impatiently.

“If I’m not desperately missing her, I’m fucking pissed the hell off over Dante. Take your pick,” Jason muttered. Tyler sighed as Owen sucked his teeth. “That’s what I thought,” Jason said. “I miss her laugh. Her smile. I miss kissing her. I miss fucking her. God, I miss fucking her! Hearing her call me ‘Daddy’. And her pussy, I swear, she gets so wet so easily. Fuck, now I’m horny as shit.”

“Dammit, Jason!” Tyler snapped, putting his weights down. “Would you shut the fuck up, already?!”

“You’re just upset because you haven’t tasted her yet,” Jason said. “I’d be mad too. Hell, I’d be angry as shit.”

“His default state,” Owen said, mindlessly tapping at his computer.

“Right?” Jason said.

“Fuck you guys,” Tyler snapped at them.

Jason sat up and leaned over, running his fingers through his hair. “What do we do about Dante...”

“Nothing,” Owen said, closing his laptop shut. “We don’t do shit.” Tyler leaned against the counter and stared at the granite countertop. These past few weeks were maddening. Between trying to figure out Dante’s motives and Tiana’s absence, the guys had lost any motivation to do just about anything else.

“You don’t actually believe that he...” Jason said, looking at Owen. “I mean... he had to have a reason… Maybe the money we were bringing in wasn’t enough.”

“Then he could have told us that,” Tyler said. “We would have taken on more assignments. Given him our own share.”

“He had a lot going on though,” Jason said. “You remember how stressed he was about his parents. Maybe he-”

Owen deeply exhaled as stood to his feet. “I don’t know, Jason... I don’t know what to believe anymore… I just know that... talking about it fucking hurts.” An uncomfortable silence lingered before they heard the clacking of heels on the stairs.

“Alright!” Anna said, walking into the gym. “Listen up, blanquitos. I’m sick and tired of this depressing ass shit.”

“Anna, please...” Owen muttered.

“Don’t ‘please’ me, puta,” Anna snapped.

“You’re not Tiana, so he can’t anyway,” Jason said, tossing a ball in the air.

“Jason,” Owen groaned.

“Coño, you are so stupid,” Anna said, sucking her teeth. “Speaking of Tiana, she and I were talking with Joey, and they told me that Shae’s birthday is today. So, we’re taking her out to the club and you gringos are coming with.”

“I don’t do clubs nor do I drink,” Tyler said annoyed.

“Well, Tiana’s going to be there and she needs some-” Anna started. Jason went to speak, but Anna put her hand up and sucked her teeth. “Companionship, Jason. Not your dick,” Anna said, throwing a towel at his face. “Now, all of you go get ready. I don’t want to hear any complaining.” They watched Anna strut away.

“When did she become our mother?” Jason sucked his teeth.


Tiana stepped into the loud, dark club with Shae and Joey. She instinctively pulled down the bottom of her black dress that was a little shorter than she was used to and pulled up the top of her dress to cover up her cleavage.

“Stop fussing, T. You look fine,” Shae said, slapping Tiana’s hand away.

“You know I rarely feel comfortable outside of my standard jeans and shirt, Shae,” Tiana muttered.

“Relax. It’s about time you let the girls loose a little,” Shae smirked as she tapped Tiana’s ample bosom.

“Shae!” Tiana said, pinching Shae in the side. “It’s your birthday. The focus needs to be on you. I only wore this cause you threatened me.”

“Yea, cause you look so damn hot,” Shae laughed as she held onto Joey. “Doesn’t she look good, babe?”

Joey’s eyes moved from Tiana to Shae as they roamed over Shae’s tight red dress that clung sensually to her curves. “Yea, babe. You look real good,” he grinned. He wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her close.

“Babe! I said Tiana,” Shae laughed, playfully hitting him.

“Oh... Shit, sorry, Tiana,” Joey said, looking at her.

“It’s okay, bro. You got it right the first time,” Tiana smirked. She watched as the two of them immediately started kissing, moving their mouths hungrily against each other. “Um... guys?” Tiana said. She heard Joey whisper something in Shae’s ear as she giggled.

Shae looked at Tiana as Joey kissed her neck. “Um... We’ll be right back, okay?” She grabbed Joey’s hand and headed for the bathroom.

“Shae, we just got here,” Tiana said.

“Like 10 minutes. I promise!” Shae giggled as they disappeared into the crowd. Tiana shook her head with a smirk. She couldn’t help but feel happy for her friend. Especially since they still hadn’t fully opened up to each other about what they were going through. They could at least be open about... this.

Tiana searched the crowd until she saw her guys by the bar and felt her stomach flip. It wasn’t until she got closer that she realized how much she missed them. The three of them immediately stopped talking once Tiana approached them.

“Hi, guys,” she said, sitting down at the bar in front of them. The looks on their faces seemed to be one of shock. She checked her clothes to make sure she didn’t have a tissue sticking out somewhere. “Is there something on my face?” she asked, touching her cheeks.

“Holy shit, babe. You look-” Jason didn’t finish his sentence as his eyes lingered on her body.

“Beautiful,” Owen finished. “You look beautiful, T.”

“I was gonna say ‘hot as hell’, but that works too,” Jason grinned.

Tiana smiled and looked down a bit shyly. “Thanks...”

“We missed you.”

She looked up and met Tyler’s serious gaze. She nervously bit her lip and forced a smile. “I missed you guys too...” she said meekly.

“How have you been?” Owen asked.

Tiana shook her head. “Honestly... I’m starting to wish you guys never got me involved with all this shit. I would have preferred to go on living the rest of my life not knowing about my brother’s secret life and-”

“Not knowing about us?” Tyler finished with a raised brow.

She looked at the three of them and felt her heart sink. “No, that... that’s not what I-”

“What did I say about this depressing shit?!”

Anna walked up to them at the counter, wearing a short leather skirt and white corset. Her tall pumps accentuated her calves. Darren leaned against the counter next to her, completely in awe of her beauty as her gorgeous black raven hair framed her perfect face.

“I don’t know about you bitches,” Anna said, flagging a bartender. “But, I’m so over moping. I plan on turning up and turning out.” She grabbed a shot and quickly downed it. Darren looked at her surprised as she slammed the empty shot glass on the table. “You coming, Tiana?” Anna asked, holding her hand out to her. Tiana looked at her startled before grabbed her hand and Anna dragged her onto the dance floor.


The music in the club blared loudly as Tiana and Anna got lost in the music. Shae and Joey had eventually made their way back out of the bathroom. But, their dancing lasted for a mere few minutes before Joey was tugging at the back of Shae’s dress.

“Baaaabyyyy,” Shae giggled.

Joey gave her a teasing smirk that Shae found impossible to say ‘no’ to. “I still need to give you your birthday gift...” he whispered in her ear.

Shae looked at him with a wide smile as a pink flush came to her light brown cheeks. “Okay fine,” she said, rolling her eyes. “Just let me say goodbye to the girls.” Joey winked and walked over to the guys at the bar. Shae turned around to a smirking Tiana and a dancing Anna.

“Seriously?” Tiana grinned.

“He has a birthday gift for me!” Shae said innocently.

“Oh, I’m sure he does,” Tiana teased as she hugged her friend. “Happy Birthday, sis. Please text me when you get home, and let me know when you’re free to hang out again, okay?”

“Of course, boo,” Shae said, kissing her on the cheek. She waved to Anna who seemed way too far gone to even know what was going on.

Owen stopped talking to Darren when he eyed Joey approaching the bar. “Hey,” Tyler said, dabbing him.

“Sup,” Joey said, pulling out his wallet. He put down a few bills. “So, I’m gonna go fuck my girl. You guys need me for anything?”

“Well, shit,” Jason laughed. “Nope. Have fun.” Joey grinned as he gave them a quick salute before he went in search of his beauty.

Tiana and Anna walked back to the bar the moment Joey and Shae left. “I can’t believe you guys are just sitting here,” Anna said, calling the bartender over again. “You should be dancing.”

“Somebody needs to watch you two,” Owen smirked.

Anna rolled her eyes and turned to Darren. “And what about you, Kim? Care to dance?”

Darren panicked as Anna pressed her hands against his chest and pecked his cheek with a kiss. “Um...” Darren said, thinking frantically as his cheeks turned as red as a tomato.

Owen eyed Tiana as she downed shot after shot. “Uh... babe?” Jason said, looking at her concerned.

“What,” Tiana said, throwing back another glass.

“Maybe you should try taking it easy, T,” Owen said cautiously. He grabbed her wrist before she could drink another glass.

“I’m not trying to take it easy, Owen,” she said, removing his hand. “I’m trying to forget.”

“Amen, sister,” Anna said. She clinked shot glasses with Tiana before they downed the last glass. The guys exchanged concerned looks before Tiana and Anna were already heading back to the dance floor.

“Dammit...” Tyler muttered.

“This is bad,” Darren said, watching the girls.

“Is it?” Owen said with a tense jaw. He grabbed another bottle and drank it down in one go. “Who the fuck is trying to remember this shit anyway...” he muttered, wiping his mouth. His mind had been consumed with wondering just how authentic and true his friendship with Dante actually was. The thoughts were maddening.

“Owen,” Tyler said, looking at him concerned.

“Relax, Ty,” Owen said, moving his brother’s hand off. He handed a bottle to a forlorn Jason who hesitated for a second.

“Is this shit supposed to make me forget about my best friend?” Jason said annoyed.

Owen scoffed. “It’s just for the night, Jason.”

Jason swallowed hard before he grabbed the bottle. “Fuck it,” he said before guzzling it down.


A reggaeton jam came on and the club got louder with more excitement. Owen sipped another drink and kept his tipsy eyes on Tiana as she sensually moved her body to the music. He could feel himself hardening as she moved her hands along her curves, teasing him. It was then that he realized how much he craved her.

His brows narrowed when he saw two guys trying to move in on Anna and Tiana. “Hell motherfucking no,” Jason said, immediately standing up.

“Yea, I don’t fucking think so,” Owen said, quickly rushing through the crowd.

Darren shook his head and looked at Tyler sitting silently, with only a cup of water in front of him. “You didn’t wanna drink?” Darren asked.

Tyler shrugged. “You know I’m not a drinker, Darren. If I drink... I might lose control.”

“That’s not you anymore, Ty,” Darren insisted.

Tyler shook his head. “I’m not chancing it.”

Darren twisted his mouth when he looked back into the crowd and saw Jason waving him over towards Anna. He immediately got up and walked towards them. Tyler smirked. He never knew one guy to have three wingmen.


The music boomed loudly in Tiana’s ear. She was no longer aware of her surroundings. Whether it be the alcohol or the music, she just wanted to forget. She wanted to be anywhere than lost in the chasm of “why, why, why,” as her brother plagued her mind.

Every so often, she opened her eyes and saw Anna dancing as well. The song was in Spanish and Anna was singing it so well and so fluently as she spun Tiana around. They both reeked of alcohol, but it was a small price to pay to keep the lies of betrayal from severing their friendship.

Tiana smelled the stench of cigarette breath in her face and opened her eyes to see a strange man smirking at her. She stepped back slightly as he tried to reach for her. But a large hand shoved his face out of the way.

“Back the fuck off!” was the only thing she heard before she closed her eyes again. Tiana felt her arms being raised until they latched around a neck.

“T?? T!”

Tiana opened her eyes again and immediately felt her thighs tingle when she met Owen’s probing blue gaze. “She’s okay,” she heard Owen say. “Just a little tipsy.”

“That’s an understatement...” she heard another voice say behind her. She let her head fall back against the chest behind her and smiled when she inhaled Jason’s warm, enthralling scent. “I think you drank too much, babe,” Jason said, holding her hips as he kissed the side of her face.

She felt Owen grab her chin and tilt her forward. He stared into her eyes as if looking for something. “We should bring her home,” she heard Owen say.

“No,” she said quickly, tightening her arms around his neck.

“T-” Owen started.

“Dance with me,” she pleaded, rubbing her lips against his. “Please, Daddy...”

Owen looked at Jason behind her who sighed in defeat. “Maybe just a few minutes...” Owen said.

Tyler watched intently as Tiana danced between Owen and Jason. What started out as possessively protecting her from any luring guys, quickly turned into a full make-out session. In the heavy crowd, Tyler could see Owen’s hands creeping up the sides of Tiana’s dress before they disappeared beneath the hem. Owen’s mouth moved aggressively against Tiana’s as Jason sucked eagerly at her neck, while possessively cupping her breasts from behind. Tyler could feel himself hardening from the erotic scene before him, but he could already tell they were about to get far too x-rated for the overly-crowded dance club.

Tiana’s mouth parted with each gasp as she felt Owen’s fingers dance beneath her dress and tease her panties. Her breasts were nearly exposed from the way Jason groped her, almost pulling her dress down entirely. “Fuck, we missed you, baby girl,” Jason groaned into her neck.

Tiana sucked in her breath as Owen locked eyes with her. His fingers moved her panties to the side and sensually stroked her wet clit. “Owen!” she gasped.

“You like that, baby,” Owen said against her lips. “Did you miss Daddy touching you like this? ... Fuck, she’s so wet.”

“I bet she is,” Jason said, peeling the front of her dress down slightly. “God, I wanna taste her so badly.”

Owen grinned as he eyed Tiana panting. “What about you, baby?” he asked, sucking his wet fingers into his mouth. “Do you wanna taste yourself?”

Tiana leaned forward to taste his fingers when she saw his shoulder get roughly pulled back. “We need to go,” Tyler said firmly as he looked at Tiana panting heavily against Jason. “Darren is taking Anna home and you guys can’t just finger-fuck her here.”

Owen looked at Tiana and smirked. “Then let’s go home.”


Tyler turned the car down another street. Tiana’s moans rang loudly in the car, and his brown eyes instinctively looked into the rear-view mirror. She was lying in the backseat, leaning against Owen’s chest, her legs wide open as Jason went to town on her pussy. The three of them were a drunken, horny mess.

Owen held her arms wrapped around his neck while Jason locked her thighs around his own neck. Tiana’s dress was practically a belt around her waist as Owen cupped her large breasts in his hands. He massaged them firmly as he sucked every breath she breathed out from her lips.

“Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck!” she gasped as she felt Jason’s tongue dance figure 8’s around her clit. Her thighs quaked as he dipped his tongue deep inside her and her hips instinctively bucked forward.

“God, you sound so hot, baby,” Owen said, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples. “How does she taste, J?”

“So fucking good, shit,” Jason slurped as he licked his lips. Her juices dripped from his chin, but he didn’t give a damn as he plunged right back in, sucking her clit between his lips.

“Ty, you need to get in on this,” Owen smirked as he bit down on Tiana’s bottom lip.

“I’m trying to make sure we don’t crash. But, you assholes are making that fucking difficult,” Tyler muttered annoyed. He tried to readjust his tightened pants. Every moan that escaped Tiana’s lips drove Tyler insane. The loud slurping of Jason’s tongue canvasing her pussy only made it worse as he felt his mouth water.

The car abruptly jerked to a halt. “We’re here, you horny bastards,” Tyler groaned. But Jason and Owen were already carrying a half-naked Tiana out of the car.


Tyler washed his hands in the bathroom sink before he headed to Owen’s room. He was grateful that Darren was dropping Anna home and Joey was with Shae so they couldn’t hear the screams coming from Owen’s bedroom.

He opened the door to see Tiana’s clothes strewn about the room. Her naked, dark-brown body was lost in a sea of sheets. Owen sat at the edge of the bed fingering the fuck out of both of her holes, while Jason ran his tongue around her nipples. Jason swallowed her scream with a domineering kiss as she climaxed all over Owen’s hand. She panted heavily as Jason rolled over next to her and pulled her close. Owen sat on the floor and leaned his head back against the bed, hungrily licking her essence from his fingers.

“Enjoyed yourself?” Tyler asked with a quirked brow.

“You have no fucking idea...” Owen breathed out. He rested his head back and closed his eyes. Tyler shook his head and couldn’t believe the three of them were about to pass out. He moved past a sleeping Owen and removed Jason’s hand from between Tiana’s thighs as he gently picked her naked body up from Owen’s bed.


Tyler pushed the bathroom door open with his foot and stepped inside. He turned on the faucet and let the tub fill with warm water and lavender-scented bubbles before he placed Tiana’s tired body inside. His eyes roamed over her form and he nearly forgot how to breathe as he took in how breathtakingly beautiful she was. He squeezed a washcloth with soap and gently moved it across her skin just to get the smell of alcohol off of her.

Tiana slowly opened her eyes when she felt a damp cloth moving against her skin. Her eyes fluttered up until she caught Tyler in her line of sight. “Tyler?”

“Hey...” he said softly. “I’m just... cleaning you up...”

Tiana looked lazily at her surroundings before she looked at him again. “Where’s Owen and Jason?”

“Knocked the fuck out,” he chuckled. “Think you’re all a little hungover.”

Tiana tried to muster a smile, but it only turned into a frown. “I’m trying to forget him. This... version of him. I don’t want to remember him like this, Tyler,” she said as tears slipped down her cheeks. “I’m trying, but it’s hard. It’s so hard.”

“Shh, it’s okay,” Tyler hushed her. He leaned down and pulled her wet body into his arms, trying to comfort her. “Just try not to think about it right now.”

Tiana sobbed into his shoulder as she pulled on him with anguish. “Tyler, please...”

“Please what?”

“... just... hold me...”

Tyler pulled back and eyed her for just a moment to analyze her face. He pulled his shirt over his head and quickly pulled down his pants and boxers and took off his socks and boots. Tiana swallowed hard as his erect member stood at attention. She moved forward in the tub as Tyler got in behind her.

He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her back against him as she rested her head back against his firm chest. She felt his hands move the soap along her body and tilted her head up slightly.


“... yea?”

“Last time you said you... loved me...Was that-”

“True?” Tyler chuckled. “Of course, it was...”

Tiana paused for a moment before she moved out from his embrace and turned around in the water to face him. Tyler’s eyes trailed over her body submerged in water and felt his dick twitch. He knew she was fragile and vulnerable, but the way he craved her...

She looked into his eyes, and they held each other’s gaze for just a moment before Tyler roughly grabbed her waist and pulled her forward, slamming his lips against hers. “Is that all you wanted to hear me say…?” He entangled his fingers in her braids as he held her head tightly in his grasp, controlling the kiss. “Tiana,” he repeated.

“Yes...” she breathed against his lips. She felt his hands firmly grip her hips.

“I’m taking you, baby,” he said. He grabbed her waist and lifted her up in the water before he started to lower her onto his shaft. Tiana gasped as Tyler’s thick girth completely filled her up. She held onto his shoulders, digging her fingers into his skin as he pulled her flushed against his chest.

“Shit, Tyler...” she groaned, leaning her forehead against his shoulder.

“Almost forgot what I felt like, didn’t you...” he smirked. He gripped the back of her neck and tilted her head up so that she met his gaze. “Let me remind you...” he said, looking at her lips. Tiana squealed in surprise as Tyler thrust into her hard and deep. “There we go...” he grinned. He kept his firm grip on her neck while his other hand tightly held her waist. “So fucking tight...”

Tiana jumped again as Tyler thrust into her deeper, his head mercilessly hitting her spot. She panted as she tried to adjust to his size. “Tiana...” he said, trying to get her attention. She looked up at him and saw the raw desire in his chestnut eyes. “I have never loved anyone outside of family. Outside of this team... but you...” Tiana jumped again as Tyler thrust into her so roughly the water sloshed out of the tub. “You make me forget who I am... my past... my anger, my hate...”

Tiana saw a tear slip down Tyler’s cheek and leaned forward to press her lips against his. He wrapped both arms around her waist and immediately started pounding into her as the water spilled onto the floor. Tiana’s desperate moans filled the air if they weren’t swallowed by Tyler’s kisses.

“I love you so fucking much,” Tyler said, biting down hard on her lip. “You have no idea what you do to me, baby. Fuck, I’ve never felt like this about anyone.”

Tiana wrapped her arms around Tyler’s head, pushing his face into her bosom as her body jumped sporadically from his deep and rough thrusts. His fingers pressed so deeply into her hips it was painful.

“Fuck, Tyler,” she panted as she tried to keep up with him. She felt her stomach tighten as a tingling sensation ran from the top of her head down to her feet. Her head started to spin as her walls tightened around him. She bit into his shoulder as she came hard from her climax. “God!” she screamed out.

“Tell me you’re mine, baby,” he groaned. “Say it. Say you’re mine.”

“I’m yours, Tyler,” she cried out.

Tyler rushed to pull out of her as he came all over her stomach, and his semen drifted into the water. He kissed her neck as they both tried to catch their breath. Tiana pulled back finally and looked at Tyler with bloodshot eyes and a pert smile.

“I love you too...” she said to him.

An uncharacteristic smile painted Tyler’s face. He quickly grabbed her by the neck again and slammed his lips into hers, sucking the very oxygen out of her.


By the time the two of them had finished drying themselves off, Tiana was already dozing off in Tyler’s embrace. With a towel wrapped around his waist and a towel covering her naked, damp body, Tyler carried Tiana back into Owen’s room. Jason was sitting on the floor wide awake with a large bottle of water in his hand. Meanwhile, Owen sat on his bed and looked up when he saw Tyler walk in with Tiana.

“You guys look like shit,” Tyler said, eyeing the two of them.

“Feel like shit too with this monster hangover,” Jason grumbled as he sipped the water.

“How is she?” Owen asked. He quickly moved over as Tyler placed her sleeping form on his bed.

“Tired, confused... hurting...” Tyler said, sitting down at Owen’s desk. Owen leaned over Tiana and wiped a bit of water from her face as she breathed in, falling deeper into her slumber. He smiled as he ran his thumb over her bottom lip, desperately wanting to kiss her again.

“She told me she loved me,” Tyler said. He tapped his fingers on the desk as he kept his deep, brown eyes on Tiana.

“Of course she does,” Jason said, downing the rest of his water. “You’re the only dumbass who seemed to have a hard time grasping that with your hard head.”

“Fuck you, Jason,” Tyler said, throwing a bottle cap at him. Jason quickly dodged and smirked as he looked up at Tiana on the bed. He stood to his feet and sat down on the edge of the bed, gently running his hand along her damp leg.

“She’s depressed,” Jason said finally. “Just like the rest of us...”

Owen deeply sighed as he rubbed at his temples. “I shouldn’t have dragged her into this. This is all my fucking fault.”

“Don’t do that shit,” Tyler said quickly. “You had no idea this is what it would turn out to be. You can’t blame yourself.”

Owen looked down at Tiana and grabbed her hand as he caressed the back of it with his thumb. “I just... didn’t want her to get hurt like this... I mean Dante was like our brother but for her he was...”

“All she had...” Tyler muttered.

A deep silence fell before Jason sucked his teeth. “Bullshit,” he said, standing up. “She has us.”

“Jason-” Tyler started.

“We love her, right?” Jason said, looking at the two of them. The brothers seemed to avoid his gaze, which only frustrated Jason even more. “Right?!” he said, slapping his hands against each other and making them jump.

“Chill, bro! You’re gonna wake her!” Owen said, covering Tiana’s ears.

“Then answer my fucking question,” Jason demanded.

“Yes! Shit...” Tyler said.

“And she loves us. That’s what matters. So fuck this melodramatic ass bullshit and let’s do something with that,” Jason insisted.

“You sound like a bad rom-com script,” Owen grinned.

“You’re not gonna propose, are you?” Tyler teased as he watched Jason scroll through his phone.

“I got something better for our girl,” Jason said, flashing them his phone. Owen scoffed in disbelief as Tyler looked at his phone wide-eyed.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me,” Owen snapped.

“You’re batshit crazy, Jason,” Tyler added.

“Or... I’m a fucking genius,” Jason smirked.


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