Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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26b. - Are You Gonna Be My Girl Pt. 2

Tyler glared at Mikhil and his crew being rolled out on stretchers and carried into an ambulance. He sat on the ground picking at a blade of grass with Owen and Jason sitting next to him. Only Tiana was moving around. The competition had been put on hold to tend to the severely injured bikers.

Tiana was beyond frustrated with their violent reaction. She knew they were upset, but she felt this was completely over the top. She crouched down in front of Owen and handed him a bottle of water. “Thanks...” Owen muttered. She gently touched his face, eyeing the cut near his eyebrow. “It’s nothing,” Owen said, moving her hand away. “Don’t worry about it.”

“But Owen-”

“I said don’t worry about it, Tiana,” he said more firmly.

She looked at him and saw the aggravation on his face. With a sigh, she stood to her feet and walked over to Jason, carving into the ground with his switchblade. “Can you put that away so I can clean your face?” she asked.

Jason looked up at her and averted his eyes as he flipped his switchblade closed and tucked it back into his pocket. She knelt down next to him and used a towel to wipe a stream of blood by his ear. “You’re upset,” Jason said, staring at her as she wiped the side of his face.

Tiana deeply exhaled as she tried to wipe away the trickling blood. “Yea, Jason... just a little...”

“Why? We were trying to protect you,” Jason said quickly.

“I know, but... that was too much...” she said, shaking her head.

“How was that too much?!” Jason asked bewildered. “How is trying to keep those assholes from hurting our girl ‘too much’.”

“Jason-” she started.

“Fuck that shit,” Jason said angrily. “They’re lucky we didn’t kill them!”

Tiana swallowed hard and quickly stood to her feet. She could practically feel Jason’s anger radiating and decided to give him some space. She walked over to Tyler and knelt down next to him. She looked at him, but his eyes stared straight ahead, glaring at a very unconscious Mikhil. “Tyler?” she called out.

Tyler didn’t say anything as he kept his eyes forward. His jaw was clenched in anger. She looked at his hands coated in blood and gently grabbed one to wipe it clean. “I’m fine, Tiana!” he snapped at her as he yanked his hand away.

Tiana stared at him before quickly standing to her feet. She stood in front of the three of them and folded her arms across her chest. “Okay, this... this isn’t going to work,” she said.

The three of them looked up at her startled. “Are you breaking up with us?!” Jason blurted.

“What? No,” Tiana said quickly. “Wait, first of all, how can I break up with you, if we’re not technically together?”

“We are together,” Tyler said firmly. “You’re ours.”

“Since when?” Tiana asked.

“Since...” Jason tried to think. “I don’t know. A while ago. We already agreed to this.”

“No. You guys agreed to this. I was never part of that conversation,” she said.

“Well, you’re part of the conversation now,” Owen responded. “You’re our girl. Next question.”

“That’s not how that works, Owen,” she snapped.

“Are there rules now?” Jason asked. “There some guidelines to this shit?”

“Why do we need guidelines?” Tyler asked.

“Oh my gosh!” Tiana said, fed up. “This is not the point I was trying to make!”

“Then what is your point, Tiana?” Owen asked, annoyed.

Tiana put her face in her hands as she tried to think. “The point is... you guys can get seriously out of control, and I think you might have some major aggression issues that you should probably-”

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Tyler growled as he shot to his feet. “He tried to force himself on you!”

“That’s not-” she started.

“Did you expect us to do nothing?!” Jason snapped.

“I’m not saying that,” she groaned.

“Then what the fuck are you trying to say,” Owen glared at her.

Tiana shook her head with exasperation overwhelmed by their anger. “I can’t talk to you guys like this. Let me know when you’ve calmed the fuck down.” She turned around to walk off when Jason got up and ran in front of her. “Jason-” she sighed.

“Baby, don’t just walk away from us,” Jason said, grabbing her shoulders. “Yes, we’re upset. I’m fucking upset. But... we came here for you. This was supposed to be a fun night.”

Tiana deeply exhaled. “You guys almost killed them. I saw you break a man’s arm like a toothpick, Jason. It was... terrifying.”

Jason blinked at her. “Are you... you’re not... afraid of us, are you?”

She looked at him before looking down as she held her arms. “It’s just... you guys have a tendency to get really violent...”

“Seriously, Tiana?!” Jason said bewildered. “We would never hurt you, baby girl! We were trying to protect you!”

“I know that, Jason, and I appreciate it. But it doesn’t make it any less scary to witness,” she said, looking up at him. Jason bit his lip, not knowing what to say or do. The last thing he wanted was for the woman he loved to fear him.

“That’s fucking bullshit.”

Tiana turned around as Tyler walked up to her. “So Jason broke that motherfucker’s arm. So the fuck what!” Tyler snapped at her. “You know what’s fucking scary? Seeing someone put their hands on you. Watching that piece of shit pin you to the ground. That’s what’s fucking scary.”

Tiana backed up as Tyler cornered her. “I’m not home-trained. So fucking sue me. I don’t hesitate to get my hands bloody for the people I love. And I’d beat the living shit out of the dickhead again if given the chance.”

“Ty, ease up,” Owen said. He walked up to his brother and pushed him back. “She gets it.”

“Does she?!” Tyler snapped.

“Alright, come on,” Jason said, grabbing Tyler’s arm. “Let’s go grab a beer or some shit.”

Tiana swallowed thickly as Tyler glared at her before Jason pulled him away. “How is it that I ended up being the one getting scolded?” she asked.

“Because you don’t really get him yet,” Owen said. “Yea, we may have gone a little overboard. Personally, I don’t feel bad about it. Those assholes were long overdue for getting their asses whooped. But you, T... Baby, you’re fucking off-limits. Touching you is a death sentence.”

“I’m really not that special,” she said.

“To us, you are,” Owen said. “To Jason, to Ty... to me... you’re the world. You have to understand, babe, that Tyler and I watched our father beat the living shit out of our mother for years. So when you say that you’re afraid of us-”

Tiana bit her bottom lip as she looked down. “I didn’t mean it like that...”

“I know you didn’t,” Owen said as he took her into his arms. “But, it still hurts... Ty may be a stubborn hard headed dick, but I’ve never seen him love or care for someone the way he cares about you... And Jason’s mother completely walked out on him. He craves love. The love that you give. You’re the only person I’ve ever seen him get this excited about. I mean he planned this whole thing for you. We tried to talk him out of it, but he really wanted to take you somewhere nice... just our luck those assholes would ruin this for us.”

Tiana sighed as she rested her head against Owen’s chest. “That clears things up a bit... I didn’t see it from your perspective. I didn’t mean to make you guys feel bad. But, you know how triggered I get when it comes to violence, O. Especially after what happened to-”

“-Your cousin. I know, babe. I know how sensitive you are to shit like this. I wish I had remembered that before I beat the living shit out of those guys. But honestly, I don’t think even that would have stopped me, because the moment he touched you all I saw was red. But that’s just part of making a relationship work, T,” Owen said. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her forehead. “We weren’t very understanding either. We’ve all got a little growing to do. For now, the guys will get over it.”

Tiana sighed on his shoulder and saw the light above the track flickering again as the same man hit it. She suddenly pulled back from Owen and he looked at her confused. “What?” he asked.

“Wait here,” she said, before running in the other direction.


“I can’t believe she thinks we’d ever hurt her...”

Jason rested his chin on his open beer bottle and stared at the back of the taco truck. He sat at a high table in front of Tyler, sipping a corona. Tyler muttered annoyed as he sipped his beer. “I mean... I thought girls liked that heroic shit,” Jason sighed. “I guess I didn’t really feel heroic at the time. I just wanted to beat that shits face in but... I didn’t mean to scare her.”

“This is why I can’t stand her ass,” Tyler said, glaring down. “She’s so... fucking annoying.”

“Because you’re obsessed with her?” Jason looked at him.

“Yes,” Tyler said. “I mean no... sorta... I’m not obsessive. I’m just protective.”

“Pretty sure you’re both,” Jason smirked.

“So are you,” Tyler said snidely.

“Hey, I’m not denying it,” Jason said with his hands up. “That’s why I’m sitting here moping with your lame ass. Did you have to yell at her like that?”

Tyler sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair. “I didn’t mean to... she just...”

“I know,” Jason said, resting his chin on his beer again.

“You look like a Pokémon with those big blue sad eyes of yours, Jason,” Owen smirked as he walked up to them.

“Am I at least a cute Pokémon?” Jason blinked dramatically at him.

“Well, you’re no Pikachu,” Owen teased.

“You bitch,” Jason scoffed.

“Where did she go?” Tyler asked, looking around.

“She’ll be right back,” Owen said.

“You let her run off by herself?!” Tyler snarled. “Isn’t that the whole fucking reason she was nearly assaulted in the first place?!”

“Ty, I need you to relax, bro,” Owen said. “I already scanned the area. All the racers are back on the track. And I kept an eye on her to see where she went. She’s by the radio stand.” Tyler and Jason looked behind Owen to see Tiana talking to one of the operators. “Okay, I’m not an expert when it comes to women,” Owen started.

“Is that a joke?” Jason smirked.

“Bitch, shut the fuck up,” Owen sucked his teeth. “I’m trying to say that there are times you gotta learn to trust her. Be protective, but like... not too much where we make her nervous. At least until she gets used to us and our ways. She’s still really new to this. She didn’t grow up like we did.

“How is she not used to us already?” Tyler asked.

“Just give her time, Ty,” Owen said. “There’s not a lot of relationships like ours. I don’t wanna scare her away.”

Tyler sighed impatiently as Jason twisted his mouth. “She didn’t even think she was ours,” Jason said confused. “I don’t understand how. I told her she was mine when I fucked her... like three times.”

“So did I,” Tyler said annoyed. “I swear women are so fucking confusing.”

“It’s called COMMUNICATION,” Owen said. “You can’t just fuck her and make that the symbol of you staking your claim. You also can’t tell her she’s yours and assume that’s it. I mean yes, she is ours. I know it. And you know it. But I think she’d feel better if we at least... asked.”

“This is why I stick to computers,” Tyler said, rubbing his temples.

“The female anatomy I get,” Jason said. “The female mind...shit...”

Owen shook his head with a smirk when he saw Tiana running towards them. “So...” she said, looking at them as she held something behind her back. “I think it was really sweet and heroic of you guys to not only compete in this race for me but also to fight off those assholes. It seriously means a lot. Even if you looked like something straight out of a Game of Thrones episode.”

Owen chuckled at her and Jason smiled as Tyler merely looked at her. “And I feel really bad about you guys getting disqualified, so... I got us this.” She pulled a slip from behind her and held it up.

“What is it?” Jason asked.

“It’s a free two-night stay at a local hotel aaaaannnddd a voucher for some free booze,” she said. “I helped one of the operators fix their light. It was just a T36 patch with an L4 microprocessor change. Piece of cake. He was so grateful that he gave me the prize for runner up. You know... since you guys got disqualified.”

“Shit,” Jason smirked. “I swear your brain is the biggest turn on.”

“I like big brains and I cannot lie,” she teased. Jason and Owen chuckled, but she barely got a smirk out of Tyler. She glanced at him and twisted her mouth.

“Well, I say we put this baby to use,” Owen said, snatching the voucher out of her hand. Jason grabbed Tiana’s hand and led her to his parked bike before they all took off.


Tiana squealed as Jason jumped into the private pool at the high-rise hotel, sending a tidal wave in her direction. He swam over to her and she giggled like a schoolgirl as he trapped her in his arms. “Jason!” she laughed as he pushed his face into her neck.

“Mmm, baby girl. I love it when you’re all wet,” Jason smirked.

Tiana grinned at him as she floated backward until she felt a firm, wet body behind her. Owen wrapped his arms around her waist and nestled his chin into her neck. “The only thing better than a wet Tiana... is a naked wet Tiana,” he smirked.

“Truer words have never been spoken,” Jason grinned as he disappeared underneath the water.

“I don’t remember saying I wanted to get naked,” Tiana mused as she wrapped her arms around Owen’s neck from behind.

“I don’t remember asking...” Owen grinned. He flicked his tongue against the back of her ear as he massaged her sopping wet breasts within his palms.

She felt a pair of hands grab the waistband of her panties before they were pulled down her legs. In seconds, Jason reemerged with her panties between his teeth. “Jason, please don’t lose or steal those,” she said annoyed.

“The first time was by accident,” Jason said defensively as he floated towards her. “But now that you mention it... maybe I should start a collection.”

“Weird kink, J,” Owen smirked as he unlatched Tiana’s bra in the back.

“Coming from the king of freaky kinks, over here,” Jason teased.

“You’re both freaks,” Tiana said.

“Owen is distinctly higher on the freak Richter scale,” Jason snickered as he sandwiched Tiana between them.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Owen said, feigning offense. “Spread those thighs a little for me, baby.” Owen nudged her thighs apart from behind and ran his finger from her slit all the way to the crack of her ass. She sucked in her breath as she felt Owen gently push his finger into her asshole. “You should have brought the plug with you,” Owen said, licking her neck. “Guess you’ll have to settle for this...”

Tiana gasped as Owen pulled his finger all the way out before thrusting all the way back in. She felt Jason grab her thigh and hike it to his waist before his palm possessively cupped her core. “Shit, baby. I think I found a new addiction,” Jason said, plunging two fingers into her pussy.

Tiana gripped Jason’s shoulder with one hand. Her stomach muscles tightened as her men roughly fingered her from both ends. “I love making you tremble like this,” Jason groaned, stroking her clit with his finger. “It feels good, doesn’t it, baby girl?” Tiana barely answered before Jason’s mouth was covering hers.

“She’s such a good girl the way she takes it,” Owen said, nibbling her earlobe. “You think you’re ready for something bigger, baby?”

“I’m really not, Owen,” she breathed out as her chest moved up and down to the rhythm of their thrusts.

“What are you afraid of?” Jason asked, trailing his tongue down her neck to her collarbone.

“Being torn apart,” she said. She gasped again when she felt Jason take her nipple into his mouth, sucking hard as he made loud popping sounds with his lips.

“We’d be gentle,” Owen insisted.

“For like the first few strokes at least,” Jason said, fingering her faster as his fingers easily slipped in and out of her.

“You guys are going to kill me,” she groaned as they both pressed into her. Her breathing picked up as they both kept at her. She panted helplessly as she felt Owen wrap his hand around her neck and squeeze firmly.

“Tell Daddy you want him to fuck you in the ass, baby,” Owen said gruffly. “Tell me you want me to finger fuck the shit out of your pussy while my dick destroys that ass.”

“Take that pussy doggy style,” Jason groaned in her ear. “Baby, we’re gonna make you fucking scream as we pound the shit out of you. You thought you were sore before...”

“Is that what you want, baby girl?” Owen said, aggressively squeezing her breast.

Tiana wanted to kick her legs, but Owen and Jason held each one firm in their grasp as they mercilessly fucked her with their fingers. Her breathing became more erratic as her chest rose with desperation. The water sloshed around them getting onto the pavement. “Oh, fuck! Guys, I-”

Tiana felt Owen wrap his hand around her mouth as he pushed another finger into her rosette. She moaned helplessly into his palm as Jason curved his fingers, hitting her spot relentlessly.

“I gotta get you ready for us, baby...” Owen said in her ear as he kept his hand clamped on her mouth.

Her body trembled between them as she climaxed on Jason’s hand. She tried to catch her breath as she felt Owen remove his hand from her mouth. Her head fell back against his shoulder for just a split second before Jason grabbed her throat and pulled her into an aggressive kiss.

“Next time... you’re getting double fucked,” Jason growled against her lips. “Only warning.”


“Come here, T.”

Tiana pulled herself out of the pool and walked to Owen as he wrapped her up in a soft plush towel. “You’re like a sour patch kid. First, he’s freaky. Then he’s sweet,” she smirked at him.

“I’m always sweet,” Owen smiled innocently at her.

“Owen, your dirty talk would make Satan blush,” Tiana said.

Owen smirked at her as he dried her off with the towel. “Is it too much?” he asked.

She looked up at him and slowly shook her head. “No... I like it.”

“Yea, I know the fuck you do,” he grinned smugly as he pinched her ass.

“Owen!” she laughed, slapping him in the chest. She turned around to see Jason hopping out of the pool. The water streaked down his firm abs in the most enticing way. “Jason, can I have my panties back now?” she asked.

“What panties?” Jason grinned.


“You’ll get them back if you can answer one question,” Jason said. Tiana quirked up a brow as she waited for him to speak. “Will you be our girl?” he asked.

Tiana looked at him surprised. “Wow! You guys are actually asking?!”

“I mean,” Jason started. “This is really just formality since you’re already-”

“You’re ruining it, Jason. Stop,” Owen warned.

Tiana chuckled as she stood on her toes and kissed Jason on the lips. “Nothing would make me happier,” she said against his lips.

Jason grinned as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her with the utmost excitement. “I love you, baby girl...” he said.

“I love you too, Jason,” she said, running her fingers through his hair.

She pulled back and spun around before she was smacking her lips against Owen’s. “And I really do appreciate what you did for me,” she said to them. “Though if we had won, I would have insisted you guys put it towards your mother’s legal fees and your dad’s hospital bills.”

Owen smiled at her as he grabbed her face between his hands. “You’ve got a pure heart, T... But sometimes we just wanna be able to pamper our girl.”

She smiled at Owen gratefully when she caught Tyler in the window of their hotel suite, texting on his phone. “He’s still angry with me...” she said.

“He’s just a little moody,” Jason said, kissing her cheek. “He’ll get over it by morning.”

Tiana furrowed her brow with uncertainty as Jason and Owen exchanged looks. “Well... maybe you should go talk to him,” Owen insisted. She hesitated, reluctantly taking a step forward. “Go on, baby,” Owen said, nudging her along. “Despite how angry he may be, he still loves you.”

Tiana took a deep breath before tiptoeing back to the hotel.


Tyler sat on the toilet lid texting on his phone. He thought he would have been less irritated by now, but after listening to Tiana moan her release from the way Jason and Owen claimed her, he only seemed more upset and hornier than ever. He took a deep breath as he sent another text.

Tyler: I just can’t stand her sometimes...

Leo: ??? I thought things were going well with your girl?

Tyler: They are when she’s not getting on my fucking nerves...

Leo: LOL! That’s women for ya, bro. They’re flawed, vulnerable creatures. That’s what makes them so damn attractive. Nobody wants a perfect girl. I know I don’t.

Tyler sighed as he read over Leo’s text.

Tyler: She said... she was scared of me...

Leo: O_O Shit, bro, you fucked her that good??

Leo: my man!! ;)

Tyler rolled his eyes as he sent another text.

Tyler: No, Leo… -_-

Tyler: I mean yes... but that’s not what she meant. I was only trying to protect her and she basically called me a psychopath.

Leo: ...I say this with love, bro, so try not to get defensive and hear me out...

Tyler hesitated as he saw the three dots signifying Leo was writing.

Leo: Sometimes it’s not always about you. Consider for the moment that she too went through some rough shit that made her a bit more sensitive to the violence you’re used to. Not saying you need to change who you are. But meet her halfway. She loves you. You love her. To make a relationship work, you both have to be willing to hear each other out.

Tyler nibbled his bottom lip as he considered Leo’s words. He didn’t think a guy who looked so close to his age could have such words of wisdom.

Leo: And then fuck her ass senseless. :p ;)

Tyler smirked. “Aaaaand there it is. Typical Leo.”

Tyler tucked his phone away and opened the bathroom door to see Tiana on the other side just about to grab the handle. She looked at him startled before immediately looking down. “Tyler... I… I just wanted to say that-”

Tyler grabbed her chin and lifted her head so that her eyes met his. “Don’t say anything,” he said. His hand descended to the knot holding up her towel. He instantly unraveled it, letting the towel pool at her feet. His eyes roamed over her body, lingering on the dampness between her legs, to her hardened nipples before he looked into her eyes.

Tiana felt a bit anxious with the ravenous way Tyler looked at her. She couldn’t tell if he was still angry or just horny. He grabbed her arm and pulled her towards him. “Do you… still love me?” he asked almost apprehensively.

Tiana looked at him perplexed. That Tyler thought love could be such a brittle and fleeting thing saddened her. “Yes, I do, Tyler...”

He looked into her eyes and let out a quick breath as if he were relieved before he yanked her forward and slammed his lips against hers. Tiana was starting to understand that this seemed to be the only way Tyler knew how to express his love. Aggressively. Forcefully. With fleeting moments of tenderness.

Grabbing her waist, he spun her around as he kicked the bathroom door close with his foot. Tiana’s hands felt around for some sort of support as Tyler lifted her onto the bathroom sink. He pulled her thighs apart and situated himself between her legs as he impatiently released his erection.

“Tyler-” she started.

“Hush,” he said as he immediately thrust deep inside her cunt. Tiana gasped as she felt Tyler’s girth stretch her out. She gripped his biceps and bit into his shoulder. He held her hips and pulled back before thrusting inside of her again.

Tiana figured that Tyler’s ability to make love tenderly was rare and sporadic. At times, he could be sweet and loving, but it was like all the anger and aggression he usually felt was always released in how he fucked her.

He wrapped her legs around his waist and lifted her off the sink before pushing her up against the bathroom door. “Tyler,” she whimpered.

“Don’t talk, just listen,” he said to her. Tiana swallowed hard as her pussy dripped with his precum. “I don’t know how to do this,” he said to her. She blinked attentively as his dark brown eyes peered into hers. “I don’t know how to be a... good boyfriend,” he added. “I just know that... I fucking love you. And that’s all I know how to do.”

Tiana furrowed her brows before her body jolted from how hard he pumped into her. They both gasped in agonizing pleasure as his dick pulsated within her. “Goddamn, you’re so fucking tight,” he groaned as he leaned his forehead on her shoulder, trying to manage his excitement.

He lifted his head to look at her. “I don’t want you to fear me,” he said. “I would never hurt you, Tiana.

“Tyler,” she said regretfully.

“Say it,” he insisted more firmly. “Tell me you know that. That I would only ever put my hands on you to love you.”

Tiana saw the desperate look in Tyler’s eyes. She swallowed hard as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. “I know, Tyler,” she said, searching his eyes. “I trust you.”

He watched her carefully as if he were expecting her to change her mind. He felt his dick pulsate at the way her breasts heaved from her heavy breathing. She bit her lip, and a carnal growl escaped his lips with how badly he craved her. “Fuck, baby,” he groaned as he took her lips with his again. As one hand held her up by her ass, the other grabbed her neck as he forcefully moved his mouth against hers.

“You own me, Tiana,” he breathed heavily against her ear. “I’m yours. And you...” He pulled back to look at her and she nearly panicked at the ferocious look in his gaze. “You’re fucking mine,” he said as he thrust into her so hard he slammed her back against the door.

Tiana cried out as her legs tightened desperately around Tyler’s waist. He grabbed her neck, slightly choking her as he leaned forward and smothered her lips with his. “Got it?” he said, biting her lip.

“Y-yes,” she breathed out. He grabbed her plump, thick ass with both hands and roughly started pumping into her pussy as she squealed with each thrust. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t forget it...”

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