Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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28 - She's My Cherry Pie


The hall was loud with the sound of people screaming and cheering as multiple bands took the stage to perform for an ecstatic crowd. The competition was pretty heavy, but there was an air of confidence that Dark Riot exuded that let Tiana know, they didn’t have to worry.

She stood in the back with Tyler and Shae as Dark Riot finally took the stage. The crowd erupted with cheers of excitement as Jason settled behind his drums, Darren stood behind his keyboard, and Owen and Joey strapped on their bass and guitar.

Quite a few women could be heard screaming Jason, Owen, and Joey’s names, and Tiana couldn’t help but feel a tad uncomfortable. She exchanged looks with Shae who seemed to share the same sentiment. “Groupies, I guess,” Tiana shrugged.

“Nah, this the only ‘groupie’ he’s allowed to have,” Shae said, pointing to herself. Tiana smirked as she looked back at the stage. Despite all the women screaming their names, Jason and Owen only had eyes for her.

“Our love is like a revolution!” Anna stomped her high-heeled leather boot. Her raven black hair flung about her face as she twirled on stage, rocking out to the music. Her fishnet stockings were in stark contrast to her porcelain white skin, emphasizing the goth-grunge look typical of the alternative metal-rock band.

Darren couldn’t stop staring at Anna. He loved watching her perform. She seemed so carefree and peaceful. He loved seeing her let loose. Tiana and Shae danced with the rest of the crowd as they jumped in beat to the music. Meanwhile, Tyler blended in with the background as he leaned against the bar in the back, mindlessly tapping his finger on the counter.

Tiana looked around for Tyler and saw him standing by his lonesome. He watched her as she danced with Shae. She motioned with her hand for him to join them, but he simply shook his head. Tiana rolled her eyes and turned to Shae. “I’ll be right back.” She shimmied through the crowd until she reached the tall, reclusive brunette. “Dance with me,” she said to him.

“Do I look like the type who dances?” Tyler asked, quirking up a brow at her.

“Bet I can make you,” she smirked at him.

Tyler scoffed. “Is that so..?”

Tiana grinned as she grabbed Tyler’s hands and wrapped them around her waist. She turned around and backed up into his embrace. Tyler swallowed as he felt Tiana sensually move her body against his. His erection immediately grew as she teasingly rotated her ass against his crotch. “Tiana,” he said cautiously.

“Come on, Tyler,” she said, leaning her head back against his shoulder. She held his hands around her waist and put pressure on his erection. Tyler took short breaths as his hands held her body. They roamed up her hips and waist as he pushed his pelvis out to meet her ass. “Mmm, baby, are you hard for me,” Tiana moaned, grinding against him.

Tyler breathed heavily as he possessively cupped her breasts over her shirt, firmly massaging her. “You can’t do this to me in public, Tiana,” he muttered in her ear as he nibbled on her lobe.

“I’m dark-skinned, boo. Can’t nobody see me with these dark ass lights,” she joked.

“Owen and Jason can see you just fine...” Tyler said, nudging her head to the side so he could kiss her neck. “Are you trying to give them their own show?”

Tiana looked forward at the stage and saw Jason and Owen playing. Their faces had drastically changed as their eyes seemed to follow her every movement. With a smirk, she grabbed Tyler’s hand to roughly grab her chest. “You’re such a fucking tease, Tiana,” Tyler said, catching on to her game.

“Yea, but you guys love it,” she grinned, winking at Owen and Jason.


“I still can’t believe we won!” Anna shrieked as she held the small guitar statue in her hand.

“I can,” Shae said. “You guys were freaking awesome. No one else compared.”


Tiana turned around and saw Jason, Owen, and Joey surrounded by several women screaming as they signed a few autographs. “Do these girls have just no self-respect?” Shae scoffed.

“The men always get the most attention,” Anna said, rolling her eyes as she signed a few autographs herself. Tiana looked for Darren and saw him standing to the side talking to a smaller group of girls.

“You’re so sexy, Joey! Can you sign my chest?” one of the girls pleaded.

“What the fuck? Nah, fam.” Shae barged through the mob and grabbed Joey by the shoulder. “We’re leaving.”

“Sorry, ladies. Gotta go,” Joey grinned as Shae dragged him away.


Owen paused from signing to see Tyler pointing at Darren. “Oh, um... Hey, Darren,” Owen said. Darren perked up and looked at Owen. “Anna looks a little overwhelmed with all of this. Why don’t you take her outside to get some air?” Owen insisted.

Darren blinked at Owen before he glanced at Anna who was sitting on the edge of the stage kicking her feet. “Um... okay...” Darren said, stalking over towards her. “Hey… Anna?”

Anna looked up at Darren and smiled so brightly he nearly fainted. “Hey, Darren,” she said. “You did amazing.”

“You’re amazing!” Darren blurted, startling her. “I mean... thank you.” Anna looked at him curiously as he anxiously rubbed the back of his neck. “Would you wanna get out of here and maybe... get a bite to eat?” Darren managed to get out.

Anna seemed surprised by his boldness before she stood to her feet. “I’d love that.”

Tiana watched Darren and Anna walk off stage and out of the hall. “SUCCESSSSSSSS!” she said, pumping her fist in the air.


“There you go, babe.”

Tiana looked down at the $30,000 check that Jason handed to her. “I can’t take this, Jason,” she said to him.

“The group already decided you were the one we wanted to have it,” Jason said. “Don’t argue with us and just pay your mom’s hospital bill. Alright?” Tiana bit her lip as she tried to hold back her tears. She swore she wouldn’t cry, but this…

“Come on, baby girl, don’t do that,” Jason said, grabbing her chin. He pressed his lips to hers and could already taste the saltiness of the tears that had escaped her eyes. Jason wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tight for comfort before he pulled back. “We gotta finish packing up. We’ll be done in a few minutes,” he said.

She watched Jason run down the empty hall back to the stage where Owen and Tyler were breaking down the rest of the equipment. She folded the check and put it in her pocket as she started to walk up to the stage.

“We haven’t played like that in a while,” Owen said, packing up. “The crowd was hyped.”

“Yea, you guys don’t sound like shit. I’m impressed,” Tyler teased as he rolled down the mic.

“Man, fuck you,” Owen scoffed. “At least our plan seemed pretty successful.”

“I hope my good man is getting some right now,” Jason said, sitting at his drums.

“Don’t think Darren is as sex-crazed as you guys.”

The boys saw Tiana hop up on stage. “You never know, babe. Ty was pretty basic and sexless until he nabbed your fine ass,” Jason teased. “Now he tries to fuck you any chance he gets like a damn caveman.” Jason quickly dodged a wire that went flying past his head and looked to see Tyler giving him the finger.

Tiana shook her head with a chuckle. She looked up at Owen who was smiling at her. “Did you like it?” Owen asked. “The performance?”

“Yea, I thought it was great,” she said. “Did you like ours?”

Owen raised his brows before a grin came to his face. “I knew you were doing that to us on purpose.”

Tiana shrugged. “At least I got Tyler to dance.”

“I wouldn’t call what you were doing ‘dancing’,” Tyler muttered.

Tiana gave him a teasing look. “I heard you guys wrote a song for me,” she said.

Jason immediately perked up as Owen groaned. “It’s not-” Owen started.

“As a matter of fact, we did!” Jason said, grabbing his drumsticks. “Owen let’s give her a sample.”

“Please no,” Owen sighed.

“Oh yea, Owen, go ahead. I’m sure she’ll love it,” Tyler teased.

“Yea, I wanna hear it,” Tiana insisted.

Owen sighed as he pulled the strap of his bass over his head. “Fine...”

Jason’s drums echoed in the large empty hall as he rapidly banged them loudly to meet the clash of Owen’s bass. “Thick thighs, bright eyes, my oh my that girl sho’ damn fine,” Jason sang.

Tiana couldn’t help but chuckle as she listened to Jason and Owen rock out. She stuffed her face into Tyler’s chest who wore a massive grin. “Wow, this song is... very unique,” Tiana chuckled.

“We were drunk,” Owen said flatly.

Tiana and Tyler burst out laughing. “It’s cute, guys. I love it,” she said. “Nothing more romantic than someone writing a song for you.”

“See that? She called us ‘romantic’,” Jason grinned.

“Yea, I mean you guys are crazy talented in like... everything. It’s a little weird. I mean shit, I wish I could play the drums,” Tiana said.

“Well, you can always try it, baby. Come here,” Jason said, holding out his hand. Tiana walked up to Jason who grabbed her hips and sat her down on his lap. “Play me a tune, O,” Jason said. He placed the sticks in Tiana’s hands and held them in his grasp.

Tyler leaned against the wall with his arms folded over his chest, watching them as Owen started strumming a soft tune. “Listen to the tempo in his bass,” Jason said as he guided her hands into a light to tap.

Tiana concentrated as Jason let her hands go to let her play the beat on her own. “There you go,” Owen smirked.

“You’re a natural, babe,” Jason said, running his fingers down her arms.

She felt Jason’s fingers dance around her elbows before they slid to her waist. His thumbs massaged into her sides before his hands migrated beneath her breasts and cupped them in his hands. Tyler smirked as he watched Tiana breathe out at Jason’s touch. “This is why I can never get anything done with you guys,” she said to them.

“Sorry, baby, but watching you and Ty earlier gave us such a huge turn on,” Jason said, kissing her neck.

“You speak for Owen, now?” she asked, biting her lip.

“Yep,” Owen and Jason said at the same time.

Tiana went to speak, but Jason grabbed her chin and turned her to meet his lips as he aggressively kissed her. “You know you can’t just grope her up on this empty stage, right?” Tyler said.

“He’s right,” Owen said. “Is the suite empty?”

Jason looked up at Owen, and Tyler grinned.


Tiana slammed back against the elevator wall as Owen’s mouth devoured hers. Tyler sucked on her neck so hard she was certain he’d leave a mark. With each brother on either side of her and Jason in front of her, she was completely overwhelmed. Tyler held both of her wrists above her head with one hand while his other hand eagerly groped her breast. Owen impatiently massaged the other. She could feel Jason’s hands moving up her skirt. He crouched down in front of her, kissing her stomach and feeling up her thighs.

Though she knew it would eventually come, she dreaded the moment when they would all want her at the same time. She could barely handle one of them, and the thought of her body being subjected to two let alone three was enough to send her into a panic attack.

“God, she’s so fucking wet!” she heard Jason groan from below. His tongue ran hungrily over her pussy through her drenched panties.

“Cause she’s fucking ready for us, aren’t you, baby?” Owen said, biting down on her lip as he pinched her nipple through her shirt.

“Guys,” she panted. “Can we not do this in the freaking elevator?! There could be cameras.”

“Those cameras are outdated by eight years and stopped working three years ago,” Tyler said, licking behind her ear. “Can tell by the red light, and I checked the processor hours ago.”

It was moments like these when Tiana regretted dating computer geniuses. “Someone could walk in,” she protested.

“We’re almost at our floor, T,” Owen said, running his tongue down her neck.

“Which means you guys can wait,” she insisted.

“Can’t wait. Need your ass now,” Jason said impatiently. She could feel his tongue selfishly licking against her clothed pussy when his fingers hooked into her panties and dragged them down her legs.

“Jason!” she blurted.

“One less item to take off,” Jason said, pulling her feet out of them.

Suddenly, the elevator dinged. Jason quickly stood to his feet as Owen and Tyler immediately let Tiana go. Tiana tried to fix her rumpled shirt and twisted skirt when the door opened before they got to their floor. A group of girls walked in and spotted Jason and Owen. “Oh my god! You’re the guys from Dark Riot!” one of the girls squealed. “Could we please have your autograph?!”

“Uh... sure...” Owen said awkwardly. He grabbed a pen and pamphlet from one of the girls. Jason inconspicuously handed Tiana’s wet panties to Tyler behind his back so that he could grab the pen the other girl was holding out to him. Tiana felt absolutely mortified and hoped she didn’t look as crazy as she felt. She covered her chest with both arms and tried to hide behind Tyler so the girls wouldn’t see her.

“Thank you so much,” one of the girls said. “It’s so cool you’re staying at the same hotel. Do you guys wanna like... get a drink or something? Our treat. There’s a cool bar up the street from here.”

“Sorry, but we’re kinda busy tonight,” Owen said.

“Do you guys not like hanging out with your fans?” another girl asked. “We’re not your average fan, ya know.” She pushed up her large breasts, accentuating her cleavage as she gave them a suggestive look.

“Bitch!” a voice came from the back.

The girls peeked past Jason and Owen and saw Tiana hiding in the back. “Sorry, ladies. We already have a fan to tend to,” Jason grinned at Tiana.

The girl caught the suggestive look Jason was giving to Tiana and scoffed. “Her? Are you kidding me?”

“Excuse me?” Owen said, giving her a dirty look.

“I just mean... she doesn’t seem like the type to even be into your music...” the girl said, giving Tiana a look of disgust.

“Oh, hell no,” Tiana said, trying to move Jason to the side. But Tyler grabbed her waist and pulled her back.

“Well, she’s our type, so we’re good,” Owen said, blocking Tiana.

The girls looked at Owen perplexed. “Wait... all of you?!” she blurted.

The elevator finally dinged as the doors opened up to their floor. “Yup!” Jason said, picking Tiana up and putting her over his shoulder. “And now we really need to go. Hope you enjoyed the show.”

“Have a good night,” Owen said, rolling his eyes as he followed Jason out of the elevator. Tyler shrugged awkwardly and walked out as well. The girls looked at them bewildered as their eyes followed the guys out of the elevator.

Though Jason had slung her over his shoulder like a caveman, Tiana couldn’t miss up the opportunity to give the girls the finger.


Jason tossed Tiana on the bed as she bounced from the springs. She tried to move back, but Owen was already crawling on top of her. After pulling her shirt over her head, he removed her bra from her chest. Her breathing picked up as she felt Owen kiss down her stomach. His hands tugged at her skirt, peeling it down her legs.

She looked up to see Jason taking off his shirt while Tyler discarded his pants, and she immediately started to panic. “What exactly do you guys plan on doing?” she asked anxiously.

“You already know the answer to that question,” Tyler said, peeling his shirt off.

“Guys, -” she started.

“Relax, T...” She shivered when she felt Owen’s warm tongue flatten against her pussy as he slowly dragged it up her slit. Her breathing became more erratic as he sucked her clit between his lips and fingered her cunt. “Spread for Daddy, baby girl,” Owen said, pulling her thighs apart. “I need to prepare you.”

Tiana knew exactly what that meant, and it terrified her. Her hips bucked upward as Owen rubbed his wet finger against her rosette before plunging it deep inside her tight hole. She panted as her hips moved to the same stroke that Owen fingered her.

When she grabbed the back of his head, she felt someone grab her hands and lift them above her head instead. She opened her eyes and saw a shirtless Jason looking down at her with a wolfish grin. “Not so fast, baby,” Jason said, tightening his grip on her wrists. He covered her mouth with his as his tongue worked its way into hers.

She felt something wet flick against her nipple before Tyler’s lips completely enclosed around her bud. “Guys!” she gasped frantically as her thighs clenched around Owen’s head. “Fuck, I-! This-”

“Keep them open,” Owen said firmly as he roughly pulled her thighs apart.

“Daddy, please,” she begged, feeling overwhelmed.

“Please ‘what’, baby girl?” Owen grinned as his tongue ran shamelessly up and down her slit.

“P-Please let me come!” she gasped.

“Dammit, Owen. Let her come so I can fuck her. She’s killing me,” Tyler snapped impatiently.

“You’re worse than she is,” Owen chuckled.

“Owen!” Tiana and Tyler shouted. Owen snickered as he playfully bit her thigh and went to town on her pussy. The way his tongue slurped resounded throughout the room before they were drowned out by Tiana’s helpless screaming.

“There’s our girl,” Jason groaned into her neck. “Fuck, baby, Daddy’s gonna make you scream again...”

Owen pulled back as he licked her juices from his lips. He got off the bed and sat back on the couch in front of the bed as he watched Tyler immediately cup Tiana’s damp core. “Is she ready?” Tyler asked impatiently as his finger stroked her swollen lips.

“She’s ready,” Owen grinned. “Remember our safe word, T.”

Jason let her wrists go as Tiana’s eyes fluttered open. She saw Tyler’s chocolate brown eyes staring down at her. “Just relax...” Tyler said softly. She moaned into his mouth as he fervently kissed her before she could protest.

Tyler gripped Tiana’s hips and turned her on her side so that she was facing him. He wrapped his hand around her thigh and raised her leg to his waist. Her mouth moved sensually against his as she felt Jason’s lips on her back shoulder. His finger slipped between her cheeks and rubbed against her rosette still wet from Owen’s tongue.

Tyler kept his eyes on Tiana as he released his erection from his boxers and aligned himself with her center. She felt Jason’s hands brace her hips as Tyler pushed himself deep inside of her. “Fuck,” she gasped. She gripped his shoulders, feeling him throb inside of her.

Then, she felt Jason’s large shaft smack against her cheeks and her eyes grew big. “Don’t freak out, T,” she heard Owen say. “Just breathe. Jason, open her up a little more and use the lube.”

She felt a viscous cool gel rub between her cheeks as Jason’s finger probed inside her. “Don’t tense up, baby,” Jason said, removing his finger. He stroked his hard shaft, moist from the lube, and rubbed it between her cheeks. “Remember to be gentle,” Owen instructed. “Go slow. Don’t force it.”

Tiana couldn’t believe what was happening. She desperately wanted to scream bloody murder, but the soft look in Tyler’s eyes, Owen’s soothing voice, and Jason’s gentle touch calmed her. She felt Jason’s manhood push against her and an insane pressure built up inside her. “Keep your eyes on me,” Tyler said, holding her chin.

“I won’t hurt you, baby, just relax,” Jason said from behind her as he slowly inched his way inside.

Tiana gripped Tyler’s shoulders so tight she broke the skin. “Oh god! Oh god!” she panted as Jason made it nearly halfway.

“Breathe, baby, don’t forget to breathe,” Owen instructed. And just as those words left Owen’s mouth, Jason had pushed himself inside of her, causing her to squeal.

“Goddamn, she’s so fucking tight,” Jason groaned.

“Are you okay?”

Tiana opened her eyes to see Tyler looking at her concerned. She gave a simple nod and let out a quick breath. “Start slow,” Owen instructed. There was a low gutter in his voice, completely turned on by the visual before him.

Tiana felt Tyler and Jason start to move in her and she thought they’d rip her apart. She let her head fall back against Jason’s shoulder as he left soothing kisses on her neck. “That’s my girl. I knew you could take this dick,” Jason said, pulling out slightly before thrusting roughly inside of her.

Tiana squealed in shock. “Jason!” Owen snapped. “Let her fucking adjust first, dammit!”

“Sorry, baby,” Jason chuckled as he kissed her cheek. “You just feel so damn good. Shit.”

“You good, babe?” Owen asked.

“Yea,” Tiana breathed out. “Keep going.” As Tyler and Jason moved in and out of her, stretching her out, Tiana felt her head get light. It felt like an entire out-of-body experience. She appreciated their gentleness, but as it became easier to move in her, their pace quickly picked up. “Shit,” Tiana muttered. Jason grabbed her waist and Tyler her hips as they started to pound into her.

“Fuck fuck fuck!” she screamed as her chest moved up and down from her heavy panting. Tiana braced herself as she felt her entire body shake violently from the ferocity of her orgasm. She leaned over and bit down hard on Tyler’s shoulder as her climax completely took over.

She clenched around their shafts, immediately milking their release from them moments after. “Shit, goddammit,” Tyler muttered. He quickly pulled out of her and spilled his semen all over her stomach.

At the same moment, she felt Jason aggressively squeeze her ass as he came deep inside of her. “Holy fuck,” Jason gasped as he pushed himself deep inside of her for one last stroke.

Tiana felt so physically exhausted she hadn’t even realized when Jason and Tyler had removed themselves from the bed. Her eyes fluttered open to see Tyler wiping her down as he looked down at her. “We didn’t hurt you, did we?” he asked. All she could do was shake her head as she continued to breathe heavily.

“I got her.”

Owen got up from the couch and walked over to Tiana. He shifted his hands underneath her back and legs to pick her up from the bed and carried her into the large bathroom. “Are you okay, T?” Owen asked, sitting her on his lap. He turned on the warm water in the bathtub.

“I’m actually surprised I’m still in one piece,” she muttered, resting her head on his chest.

Owen chuckled as he kissed her forehead. “You did good, T. It was really fucking hot to watch. But, I’m also... kinda proud.”

“You’re proud I was able to take two monster dicks?!” she laughed.

Owen chuckled. “We’re trying to see how far you’re willing to go past your comfort zones,” Owen said. He picked her up and placed her body in the warm tub. She slowly relaxed, enjoying the warm water as it soaked her sore body. Dealing with Jason and Tyler alone did a number on her. But this... was something entirely different.

Owen took a small cloth and soaked it in the water before gently rubbing her arms and legs. “Just rest, baby,” he said soothingly. He ran his fingers in her hair and stroked her scalp before he tied up her braids into a bun. The smell of lavender filled her nostrils as she rested against the edge of the tub. In seconds, she had fallen asleep.


Tiana’s eyes fluttered open to the dark sky outside the window, filled with stars. She could hear the sound of people laughing and talking on the beach. She touched the naked chest she was sleeping on and felt a hand tightly grip her waist. “Sleep well?”

She looked up to see Owen’s soft blue eyes looking down at her. “Owen,” she smiled softly. “Yea... I still feel really sore though...”

“That’s normal,” he said, stroking her shoulder. “Might take a minute.”

She looked around the room and realized it was empty. Only she and Owen lay in bed. “Where are the guys?” she asked.

“There’s a party bonfire on the beach,” Owen said. “Told them to go have fun and that we’d join them once you woke up.”

Tiana looked at Owen and smiled. “You’re like the freaky Prince Charming.”

“What the hell?” Owen laughed. “What does that even mean?”

“Exactly what I said. You’re the biggest freak I know, but you’re also the most romantic and sweetest guy I’ve ever met,” she said.

Owen shrugged. “I just love you, T. Taking care of you comes naturally to me.”

Tiana smirked as he leaned down and caressed her lips with his.


Tiana sat on the beach between Owen’s legs. She leaned back against his chest as she watched the rest of the group play volleyball. She would have liked to join them, but she was still way too sore to do any extraneous activities.

Though Jason and Tyler had come to check up on her, she appreciated Owen keeping her company. His roaming fingers caressing her arms and thighs could have made her fall asleep all over again.

“OH COME ON! THAT’S A FOUL!” Shae shouted at Tyler.

“There are no fouls in this game, Shae,” Tyler smirked as he snatched the ball from her.

“That’s just like a colonizah to make up his own damn rules,” Shae snarked.

“Baby... be nice,” Joey chuckled as he grabbed her by the waist.

“8 serving 3!” Jason said, hitting the volleyball in the air.

“HOW DID YOU GUYS GET 8?!” Anna blurted.

“I swear you bitches are cheating,” Shae snapped.

“Sounds like a sore loser,” Jason snickered.

Tiana chuckled as she nestled back against Owen’s chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek. Suddenly her phone went off. She pulled it from her pocket and saw David’s name. Owen twisted his mouth in frustration as Tiana answered it.

“Hi David!” she answered. “....Really?! That’s incredible! ...Oh my gosh, yes! I can’t wait! ...Okay, see you soon!”

“What’s going on…?” Owen asked cautiously.

“David was just released from the hospital,” Tiana said, turning to Owen.

“Oh, that’s really good to hear,” Owen said.

Tiana looked at Tyler and Jason playing before she turned back to face Owen. “I have to see him, Owen.”

“Tiana,” Owen sighed.

“Baby, please,” she said, putting her hand to his bare chest. “Jason and Tyler are so overprotective and will fight me tooth and nail not to go see him because they don’t get it. Not like you. It’s my fault he ended up this way-”

“I told you it’s not your fault, baby. You have to stop saying that,” Owen said firmly.

Tiana pouted. “I have to go see him, O. Please. I need you to have my back.”

Owen eyed the desperate look in her eyes and sighed in frustration. He knew Jason and Tyler would protest which is why she needed him. Convincing them would not be easy.

“Fine, T... but I’m going with you.”


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