Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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29 - Love Interruption

“Goddammit, Tiana...”

Tyler’s head fell back against his bed’s headboard as he groaned in agonizing ecstasy. His large fingers grasped Tiana’s head that bobbed with purpose around his member. His body made subtle jerks as he felt her tongue run along his large veiny shaft. He knew he was rather large for her mouth, but damn was he proud of how well she took him.

“Fuck, baby...”

Tiana only briefly looked up to see the look of raw pleasure on Tyler’s face before she grasped his manhood in her hand and started pumping him into her mouth. His head was hitting the back of her throat and it took everything in her not to gag. She needed to make her man come.

“Shit, baby, I’m coming,” Tyler said, tightening his grip on her hair. Tiana intensified her sucking and used both hands to stroke him as her mouth wrapped around him. She only prayed to God he wouldn’t rip out her edges from the intensity of his orgasm. “Holy fuck, baby! Oh god!” Tyler groaned as he felt his muscles grow weak. His thigh muscles twitched as he spewed his seed into her mouth.

Tiana pulled back and sat on the bed as she watched Tyler breathe heavily. She wiped her mouth and gave him a teasing grin. “Was it good?” she asked innocently.

Tyler raised a brow as his heaving chest slowed down. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Tiana squealed as Tyler quickly forced her on her back as her head hit the comforter at the end of his bed. “Tyler, baby, don’t you want to take a minute to catch your breath,” she said as he moved between her thighs and wrapped her legs around his waist.

“No, I wanna fuck the shit out of you,” he said, grabbing her hips and thrusting himself deep inside her. Tiana let out a squeal as she felt Tyler completely fill her up. She had no idea how he had gotten hard again so quickly. He wrapped one hand at the back of her neck and the other around her waist as he roughly pumped into her.

“Fuck, Tyler!” Tiana gasped. “Dammit, baby, how are you hard again?!”

“Are you complaining?” he breathed in her ear.

“No, I- FUCK!” she screamed as he thrust into her so deeply she felt him in her stomach. She dragged her nails down his shoulders as they dug into his skin.

“You feel so fucking good, baby. Goddamn, this can’t be normal. To want you this badly all the fucking time,” he groaned in her ear. Tiana tried to grab at the back of his hair, but he grabbed both her wrists and held them above her head. “Tell me you’re mine, baby,” Tyler said as he hovered above her and pounded into her with an intense rhythm.

Tiana’s thighs clenched around Tyler as he slammed into her over and over again so hard the bed shook further from the wall. He had to be the roughest lover out of her three. Sex with Tyler required mental, physical, and spiritual preparation. She always said a quick prayer, hoping it wasn’t her last day on earth.

“Tiana!” he snapped at her.

“I’m yours, Tyler,” she breathed out.

“Damn right,” he groaned into her neck as his hips rocked against hers. “Mine. You’re fucking mine. My girl. My woman. My heart. My world.”

Tyler stole the breath that Tiana breathed out with an intense and fiery kiss. He held her wrists with one hand while the other sneaked beneath her ass to grab one cheek and guide her movements against him. He loved holding her like this. Open. Vulnerable. Wanting. Keeping her body within his grasp and in his control.

“Oh, god, Tyler! I’m coming, baby, I’m-”

Tyler buried his face into Tiana’s neck as her scream echoed throughout his room. He loved feeling the way her vocal cords vibrated against his lips as he sucked on her flesh. He released her hands, knowing very well she needed to grab onto him to ride out her high.

He loved feeling the way her breasts heaved against his chest. The way her hardened nipples tickled his skin. He gave her but a few seconds to breathe before he picked up his pace once more to get in a few strokes before he was coming deep inside of her.

Tiana panted like she had just run a 10K. Her entire body ached and her limbs felt like jello. She felt Tyler roll over on his bed and pull her into his arms. He gently stroked her backside as he tenderly kissed her forehead. Owen had been giving him tips on how to be more tender and gentle. She had hoped he would practice these methods during sex rather than just after.

“Are you okay? Did I hurt you?”

Owen also advised him to ask those questions too. She was certain it was because Owen knew his brother far too well. Tyler seemed incapable of not destroying her body when they made love. The most he lasted was five minutes before he was blowing her back out.

“Tiana?” Tyler asked, trying to snap her out of it.

She looked up at him and smiled. “No. I’m okay, Tyler.”

An uncharacteristic smile decorated his handsome face as he caressed her cheek with his thumb. “I love you, baby,” he said, looking into her eyes. “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, Tyler,” she beamed at him. He enclosed his strong arms around her and they lay there for just a minute before Tyler got up to get a towel. He walked back over to her and wiped his semen and her wetness from around her thighs.

Tiana leaned back on the bed watching Tyler clean her off. She bit her lip, hoping she was approaching this the right way. “Tyler?”


“I’m thinking of... going out... later...”

“Okay,” he said, spreading her thighs and getting at her crevice.

“To see my friend... David...”

Tyler’s eyes immediately lifted from her thighs as he looked at her. “You’re going to see who?” he blurted.

“My friend, Da-”

“Absolutely fucking not!”


Tyler stood up and threw the towel in the laundry bin as he turned away from her. “Baby, come on!” she said, getting up from the bed. “He was just recently released from the hospital!”

“I don’t give a shit!” Tyler snapped at her. “I don’t want you going over to some random guy’s house!”

“But he’s my friend,” she insisted.

“Who you slept with!” he snarled at her.

Tiana leaned back as she looked at him startled. “That’s not fair, Tyler... we weren’t... even together at the time...”

“That doesn’t mean shit to me, Tiana. The guy fucked you. And now you want to go see him? Are you fucking kidding me? There’s no way I’m letting him anywhere near my girl.”

“We’re just friends, Tyler...” she groaned into her hands.

“Cool. You can be long-distance pen pals,” he said, grabbing a shirt and handing it to her.

Tiana sighed as she pulled his shirt over her head and slid back on her panties. “Tyler, baby, please... he was shot because of me,” she explained.

“I’ll send him a plaque,” Tyler said, putting on his pants.

“He almost died!”

“A heavy plaque then.”

“Tyler!” she said, grabbing his arm. “You can’t just treat me like I’m a damn child! I’m a grown-ass woman. Besides, Owen said he’d take me, so just-”

“HE WHAT?!” Tyler growled. He spun around on his heels and slammed his door open. “That conniving ass motherfucker!”

“Oh fuck,” she panicked. “Tyler, wait!”


“It’s getting worse every day,” Owen said, looking at the large map of New York. Several dots sprinkled it, showing where the disease had spread.

“People are going into a panic,” Darren said, looking at the news on the TV. “My mother... I’ve never seen her so freaked out.”

“Does it scare her more than flying?” Jason asked. “Because maybe she and your dad are better off being in Korea. At least there’s nothing there.”

“That’s not a bad idea...” Darren said. “But we don’t have that kind of money right now.”

“So, we’ll get it,” Owen said. “We’ve got plenty of new assignments lined up.”

“Guys-” Darren started.

“Listen, Darren. This shit is gonna get worse before it gets better,” Jason said. “Your folks don’t need to be caught up in this bullshit. Let’s get them out while we still can.”

Darren looked at Owen who nodded his agreement. “Alright,” Darren sighed. “I’ll look into the cost of plane tickets and... see where they can stay back at home.”

“Good,” Owen said. “In the meantime, the CDC-”

“Tyler, just-”


Owen, Jason, and Darren looked to the basement door to see a shirtless Tyler barge in wearing sweats. Tiana flew past him and Darren’s eyes widened in shock. “Uhhh... Tiana!” Darren said, quickly turning around and covering his eyes. She looked at him confused until she realized she was only wearing Tyler’s shirt and her panties.

“Crap!” she said, quickly hiding behind Tyler. “Sorry, Darren!”

“Sorry, too!” Darren said, covering his eyes. “I didn’t see anything. I mean I did, but-”

“WHAT THE FUCK, OWEN?!” Tyler snarled at his brother.

“What is your deal?” Owen asked, startled.

“What’s this shit about you taking Tiana to see David?!” Tyler snapped.

“WHAT?!” Jason blurted.

Owen looked at Tiana who hid further behind Tyler. “Really, T...” Owen said flatly.

“Sorry...” she squeaked.

“This seems kinda personal so... I’m gonna go,” Darren said, sneaking behind Owen and out the back door.

“The guy almost died, Ty. If she wants to see him then we shouldn’t stop her from doing so,” Owen said.

“She already saw him! He’s alive and well, isn’t he? So why the fuck do you need to go back?” Jason asked annoyed.

“Because we’re the reason he was nearly crippled,” Owen said. “I promised Tiana I would take her to see him and I’m not going back on my word.” Tiana gave Owen a soft smile of gratitude.

“Yea, I don’t fucking think so,” Tyler protested.

“Sorry, babe, looks like Owen fed you another fucking lie because you guys aren’t going anywhere there that guy,” Jason said.

“Guys...” Tiana sighed. “I just wanna try to help him. That’s it. I feel like I owe it to him.”

“You don’t owe him shit!” Tyler snapped.

Owen rubbed his temples. “Baby, go upstairs and get dressed. I’ll be up in a minute.”

“You’re not fucking doing this again, Owen,” Tyler growled at him.

“Tiana, go!” Owen snapped. She jumped slightly and quickly ran back up the stairs. She certainly didn’t want to be around for whatever argument they were about to have.

“I’m getting real sick and tired of you acting like you have fucking executive order when it comes to protecting Tiana,” Tyler said angrily.

“And how the fuck are you gonna make these damn decisions without us?!” Jason added.

“I didn’t mean for it to seem like I was going behind your backs,” Owen said. “Tiana came to me and asked-”

“Because you can’t say fucking ‘no’ to her,” Tyler said. “She’s playing you, Owen. You can’t let her pretty eyes, and her plump lips-”

“Sexy round ass and thick thighs,” Jason groaned. “God and those breasts-”

“Jason!” Tyler snapped. “Focus!”

Owen rolled his eyes as Tyler rounded on him again. “You know Tiana. She knows how to play her cards right to get whatever she wants from us. Because we’re-”

“Obsessed? Addicted? Pathetically in love?” Jason interrupted.

“Jason, I fucking swear,” Tyler said annoyed. “But yes, all of that. She’s just going to you because you’re the softest.”

“True,” Jason added. “You’re a marshmallow, Owen.”

“Okay, first of all, fuck you,” Owen said. “And she came to me because I’m the one who was with her when all that shit went down. Look, nothing is more important to me than Tiana’s safety. You know that. I thought you motherfuckers trusted me.”

“We do,” Jason said. “We just don’t trust this rando.”

“He’s harmless,” Owen said. “The guy was on his fucking deathbed. I need you both to stop being so damn paranoid and just trust me. I got her. I’ll protect her.”

Tyler sucked his teeth and looked at Jason who had the same look of annoyance. “Fine,” Tyler said. “But you have to keep us updated at all times.”


Miles paused his game on the TV when he heard a knock at the door. He took his time getting up and walked to open the door when he saw the pretty black girl his friend was in love with and the abnormally attractive white guy he saw back at the hospital.

“Hi, Miles,” Tiana waved.

Miles quirked up an intrigued brow as he looked at the two of them. “DAVID! The people who got your dumb ass shot are here!” Miles shouted.

“Well, shit...” Owen muttered.

“Jeez, Miles...” Tiana cringed.

Miles smirked and heard David yell back. “LET THEM IN, MILES! JEEZ!”

“Sorry. Forgot this wannabe Quicksilver is on crutches,” Miles smirked as he let them in. Tiana and Owen stepped into the suite. “Can I get you a drink or... whatever?” Miles asked them.

“Nah, I’m good, man,” Owen said.

“Thank you,” Tiana said.

“Good. Cause we ain’t got shit but tap water,” Miles said, walking back to his video game.

Tiana and Owen shared a look and smirked at each other. Tiana looked around to see the place was rather messy. “Looks like a tornado hit this place,” Owen muttered.

Tiana chuckled when she suddenly heard tapping on the floor. She looked up and saw David on crutches. He had grown a short beard and his hair was a bit shaggy. But it didn’t detract from his attractiveness and the brightness in his eyes. “David!” she beamed.

“Tiana!” David smiled. “And Owen. Wow! Thanks, guys. Thanks for coming.”

“That’s what she said,” Miles said, tapping on his controller.

David rolled his eyes as he gestured to the kitchen. “Let’s go in here. Leave Miles to his children.”

“SUCK ON THAT, BITCHES!” Miles shouted as the sound of shooting in the video game blasted.

“Big kitchen,” Owen said, looking around.

“Big mess,” Tiana said, looking at the full sink.

“Sorry about that,” David said. He sat down at the kitchen table and propped his crutches up. “As you can see, I was clearly the one who did the upkeep.”

“Does that include your face,” Tiana smirked as she playfully scratched his beard.

David chuckled. “Give me a break, Tiana. I was in a coma!”

“Your face is losing the war, David,” she teased. The two of them laughed and Owen quirked up an annoyed brow. Tiana caught sight of Owen’s disapproving look and immediately lost her smile as she turned to the sink. “Well, since you’re sick and Miles is... incapable,” Tiana said, turning on the faucet. “I might as well help out.”

“Tiana, you really don’t have to do that,” David said quickly.

“Relax, David. It’s the least I could do,” Tiana said. “Right, Owen? Why don’t we order in some takeout since there’s no food in the fridge?” Owen gave her a dirty look. She knew she was treading on dangerous waters. She walked up to him and wrapped her arms around his torso as he instinctively grabbed her hips. “There’s a Chinese restaurant not too far from here. Do you mind ordering on Seamless while I wash dishes, baby?” she asked.

Owen rolled his eyes. “Sure, babe...”

Tiana beamed as she stood on her toes and kissed Owen on the lips. “Thanks, baby,” she said before turning to David. “You still like that Chinese restaurant, right David?”

David seemed rather entranced by the two of them before he quickly snapped out of it. “Uh yeah,” he said. “Chinese would be great. Thanks.” She smiled at him and turned back to the dishes while Owen took out his phone and sat down next to David.

“You’re a lucky guy...”

Owen turned to David and saw him eyeing Tiana’s backside as if he were hypnotized. “What was that?” Owen said, trying not to sound as angry as he felt.

David looked at Owen and smiled. “Tiana. You’re lucky to have her. She’s... a really great girl. I’m glad to have her as a friend.”

Owen twisted his mouth as he put his phone down. “Thanks...uh... listen... I know that the two of you dated for a bit and-”

David chuckled. “I wouldn’t exactly call it dating. It was very short-lived.”

“You guys slept together,” Owen said quickly.

David looked at Owen and sighed. “It was an uh... spur of the moment kind of thing. I get she was going through something at the time. And I think I just had some bad timing and ended up showing my ass. But, I mean, you don’t have to worry about that. I know she’s with you, and frankly, I’m happy for the both of you.”

Owen looked at David rather surprised. “Thanks... Do you... still have feelings for her?”

David shook his head. “No, not at all. I mean I used to, but... she made it clear she doesn’t feel the same way, and I’m content with just being friends.”

Owen eyed David. “I’m not trying to come off as the overprotective boyfriend. I want Tiana to have her freedom and her friends. It’s just...okay, yeah, I’m coming off a bit overprotective. But, I don’t really know much about you.”

David laughed. “Maybe you should spend more time with me then.”

Owen caught the suggestive glimmer in David’s eyes and leaned back. “...yea, maybe...”

“Owen!” Tiana said, turning around as she turned the water off. “Did you order yet?”

“I’m ordering now,” Owen said. “You guys want dumplings?”

“Yes! Dumplings!” Tiana blurted.

Owen looked at David who chuckled. “Sounds good,” he added.

David watched Owen turn to his phone. His smile slowly faded as he looked from Owen to Tiana who started wiping the dishes down. He took a deep breath and looked down, trying to ignore the painful stinging in his chest.


Tiana pressed her hands against Owen’s pectoral muscles as she pulled him back against her chest. She held on tight as his motorcycle sped down the freeway, back to their home after visiting David. Her face nuzzled into his jacket as she inhaled his scent.

She felt their interaction with David went so well. Despite Owen being the most rational of her men, she still worried he might be resistant. But instead, he was rather reasonable, and it actually gave her hope. The way he consistently had her back was a huge turn on.

Owen pulled up to their place and felt Tiana clinging to his chest. He took off his helmet and grabbed her hand. “You okay?” he asked, trying to look over his shoulder.

He felt her nod behind him. “I just love you,” she said, kissing his back before she dismounted his bike. He followed her into the house and saw no one was home. “Where are the guys?” she asked.

“Probably Downtown. I asked J and Ty to look into Korean currency exchange for Darren’s parents until this whole disease outbreak thing blows over,” Owen said.

Tiana turned to him and smiled lovingly. “Who has a bigger heart than you?”

Owen looked at her strangely. “What’s up with you?”

“Nothingggg,” she giggled as she grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hallway. Tiana pushed Owen back against the wall and kissed him passionately. She kissed down his body until she got down on her knees.

“Is my baby girl hungry?” Owen said, looking down as he watched her unbutton his pants.

“So hungry, Daddy,” she said, releasing his thick, erect member. Owen swallowed hard as he watched Tiana eagerly swallow his manhood into her mouth. He stumbled back slightly as her tongue lashed against his shaft.

“Fuck, baby girl,” Owen groaned as leaned against the wall. He held his hands against her head that bobbed back and forth on his dick. Owen was rather proud at how good Tiana had gotten at going down on them. Considering all of them were rather large, she had gotten better at taking them in. “Shit, baby, you take Daddy’s dick so well,” Owen said as she picked up her pace.

She grabbed his shaft and ran her tongue over the head as she licked up his precum. “Fuck, baby, I’m com-” Owen started. But he was already spilling into her mouth before he could finish his sentence.

Tiana pulled back as some of his semen got on her chin, neck, and breasts. Owen took deep breaths and looked down to see a bit of himself sprinkled all over her. “Look how messy you are,” he grinned as he grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet. He watched her wipe some of his semen from her chest and suck her fingers into her mouth. “Holy fuck, T,” Owen groaned as his dick throbbed.

She pulled her finger out of her mouth with a pop. “You taste so good, Daddy.” Tiana loved playing these little games with her men. They all always had different reactions. But nothing seemed to prepare her for this.

She watched as Owen’s eyes became hooded. He quickly grabbed her and pushed her back against the wall as he impatiently pressed his lips against hers. She felt his hands tugging at her shirt before he quickly peeled it from her body. His fingers latched onto her belt loops and he pulled down her jeans.

Tiana watched as Owen immediately stripped himself of his clothes, leaving them in the hallway. “Owen-” she started before he grabbed her again. She heard a loud tear before her panties fell to the floor. “Dammit, Owen,” she groaned. She immediately squealed when she felt him slap her ass. Hard.

“You know what you did,” he growled into her neck. Owen grabbed Tiana’s thighs and hiked her onto his waist. Her core was damp against his stomach as he carried her to the bathroom.

Tiana felt Owen unlatch her bra behind her back and was thankful he didn’t rip that too. His lips attacked her neck as he grabbed her hips and quickly thrust himself deep inside of her, using the bathroom sink as leverage. “Oh fuck!” she gasped. She held onto his shoulders as he gripped her hips and roughly pumped into her. Her juices coated his shaft as her thighs trembled against his waist.

She squealed when she felt Owen’s hand land another harsh slap to her ass. “Who’s Daddy’s dirty little girl,” Owen said, biting her lip.

“Me,” she breathed. “Fuck, Daddy, oh god!”

“That’s right, baby,” he said, grabbing the back of her neck. “You’re my dirty little girl. And you take this dick so well, don’t you, baby.”

Tiana barely had time to answer before her orgasm completely took over. She screamed out loud in the bathroom as her head fell back against the mirror. Owen still held her by her waist as he continued to pound into her. Her head felt dizzy and before she knew it, Owen was picking her up again and carrying her into the shower.

“Let’s clean you up...” Owen said, turning on the water. “You’ve still got my cum all over you, baby.” For a moment, Owen seemed to let her enjoy the warm water cascading over both of them. He roughly thrust his hard, thick length into her a few times as her body jumped and her hands braced against the wall.

Before her excitement could build further, he set her down on her feet and ran his hands over her chest and stomach. His fingers tweaked her nipples as he kissed her softly. His gentle side always made her feel warm and fuzzy.

But then he grabbed her waist and turned her around to face the wall. She pressed up against the cold shower wall until she felt Owen’s heated firm torso press against her back. Her eyes widened when she felt his large, curved member slap against her ass. His finger slipped between her cheeks before slipping inside her rosette.

“Owen...” she breathed out.

“Don’t worry, baby. I won’t hurt you...” Owen moaned as he fingered her anus a few times before grabbing his shaft. He leaned over to grab the lube and covered himself thoroughly before he directed it at her puckered star.

Tiana closed her eyes as she felt Owen start to inch into her. “Fuck, Owen, you’re huge!”

“You can take it, baby,” he said as he continued to push inside of her.

She felt his hand slip around to her core before his fingers sensually stroked between her lips. “Oh god! Oh shit!” she gasped as he pushed himself inside of her. Tiana breathed heavily as she tried to adjust to his size. Being dicked down while standing up definitely had a different sensation than while laying down.

“Are you okay, baby?” he asked as he kissed her neck. “Do you want me to stop?”

Tiana swallowed hard as she subtly shook her head. “Keep going, Daddy.”

Owen gently moved in and out of her which became easier with the lube. His fingers continued to stroke her pussy before they slipped into her cunt. “Shit, Daddy, fuck!” she panted as she pressed further against the wall.

“Baby girl, you are so fucking wet for me,” Owen groaned. “You like how Daddy fucks you, baby? How I claim this pussy and this fat ass?” Tiana tried to respond but the sensation she was feeling was overwhelming all of her senses. She could barely get out a sentence before she was gasping again. “Do you want Daddy to fuck you hard, baby?” Owen said, biting her ear.

Tiana felt Owen wound his other hand around her neck as he gently squeezed. His dick throbbed inside her as he continued with his subtle movements. She merely moaned in response. “Words, baby girl,” Owen said in her ear. “Do you want Daddy to fuck you senseless?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she gasped. Tiana figured she would regret those words. And she did.

She felt Owen pull back and squealed as he thrust deep inside of her so hard she slapped into the wall. Her hands flattened against the wet wall and she desperately panted as Owen pounded her into the tile. His fingers worked as furiously as his dick did as he tightened his grip on her neck. “God, I love how you take Daddy’s dick, baby girl,” Owen groaned hungrily into her ear. “Been wanting to own this fucking ass for years.”

“Daddy, you’re telling on yourself,” Tiana tried to joke.

Owen smirked. “Am I?”

She let out another squeal as he roughly thrust into her again. “God, oh god,” she groaned, breathing heavily. As he continued to fuck both of her holes, Tiana felt incredible pressure build-up as her thighs started to shake. “Daddy, I’m gonna come,” she moaned desperately.

“Hold it,” he ordered. Hello, Mr. Hyde.

“But, Daddy-”

“You come when I tell you to,” he said, tightening his grip. He harshly slapped her ass, making her jump. “Got it?”

“...yes, Daddy...” she breathed out.

“That’s my good girl...” he said, licking her neck.

Tiana whimpered as Owen started to pound her into the wall. Her erratic breathing fogged up the glass as she prayed to God she would still be able to walk and sit down after this. She knew one of Owen’s kinks was to mix pleasure with pain, but goddamn. “Daddy, please,” she begged.

“Please ‘what’, baby girl.”

“Please, let me come!”

Owen grinned as he kissed her neck. “Come, baby.”

Tiana felt her entire body shake with delight as her climax exploded. Her moans rang out in echoes in the steamy bathroom. She felt Owen remove his fingers from her cunt as he held her waist. Her head fell back against his shoulder and her body jerked as his stroke got rougher.

Owen let out an intense groan as he came deep in her ass. His semen leaked down his shaft and dripped down her leg. He breathed against the back of her shoulder as they tried to catch their breath. Tiana felt Owen gently stroke her arms up and down. “Are you okay, T...?” he asked. Welcome back, Dr. Jekyll.

She could hear some genuine concern in his voice as if he were afraid he actually hurt her. Turning around in his embrace, she wrapped her arms around his neck as she looked deeply into his blue eyes. “I might have a hard time sitting down after this, but other than that... I’m fine,” she smirked at him.

Owen chuckled and pressed his lips against hers. “I’m sorry, baby... I tried to be gentle... but that ass...” Owen firmly gripped her ass cheeks with both hands and shook it before landing a loud slap that echoed in the bathroom.

“Owen!” she squealed as he laughed. She shook her head with a smirk. “I love you, O...”

He sucked on her bottom lip, eliciting a moan from her lips before he let her go. “I love you too, T...”


As time went by, gradually Owen became not only more accepting of David but supported Tiana’s will to help assist David while he recovered from his injuries. That task was exceedingly more difficult when it came to Tyler and Jason. Whenever Tiana left the house to visit him, there was almost always an over-the-top argument among the three just moments prior.

But Owen reinstated the importance of trust in their relationship. Although this was all rather new to all of them, their love for Tiana and to make her happy always seemed to win out over their jealousy. That and Tiana had reached drastic measures of withholding sex if they continued to give her a hard time.

Over a year had passed by the time RaVage had gotten back into their groove. Coping with Dante’s death proved to be even more difficult when coping with his betrayal as well. But the group refused to see such an important person in their lives as the villain of their story. Healing required time. And during that time, their relationship only strengthened.

As holidays came and went, Tiana and Owen tried to be more inclusive of David in their lives. But Tiana was starting to notice that she wasn’t the only one getting closer to David. On several occasions, she had caught Owen and David having deep almost intimate conversations. The way they looked at each other sometimes felt a bit more than friendly.

She had brought it up to Owen at least once and it made for an awkward conversation. Although he admitted he did feel a bit more deeply for David than he expected, they both agreed not to bother bringing his new feelings up to Jason or Tyler lest they stoke their wrath.

Despite the fact that the disease outbreak in New York City had started to hit some alarming levels, it wasn’t enough to damper the money they brought in from their assignments or keep the team from living as normal a life as possible.

Jason and Tyler still worked on car mechanics and saw an influx of clientele. Owen had been promoted to Senior Multimedia Journalist at his job. He also got Darren a position as a Graphics Designer to help support his parents while they were in Korea. Anna had been resistant at first, but eventually gave in to holding more responsibility in her father’s company and partnering with her sister to start their own makeup line. And when he wasn’t hanging out with Shae, Joey was hosting a popular podcast that had over a million subscribers.

As the school year was coming to an end, Tiana and Shae were preparing for graduation. Although she was always excited at the prospect when around them, Jason, Owen, and Tyler could sense Tiana’s sorrow that no one from her family would be able to attend. Her mother was the only close relative she had left.

Tiana’s visits to her mother had become more frequent as her graduation date neared. Though the doctors had advised her that her mother was not affected by the outbreak, Tiana saw her mother steadily deteriorate. She had lost so much weight that her skin started to hang. Her mind was nearly completely gone as she barely even recognized her own daughter despite how many times Tiana would visit.

Several nights, the guys would hear Tiana crying in her room. They did all they could to comfort her, and it seemed as if she would put on a face just for them. But deep down she was hurting. Significantly. Terrified at the idea that her mother would die and leave her all alone.

The guys decided it was time they started investing in long-term plans for their life with Tiana. The chances of her mother living much longer seemed grim. And they needed to be there for her when that time came, and she felt the empty feeling of brokenness and despair all over again as she did with her brother and father.

It was what finally tempered Jason and Tyler into agreeing with Owen that she should find companionship and support even in the most unlikely places.


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