Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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32 - Spread Love Like a Fever

“Which one is the cumin?”

Owen stopped chopping carrots and looked at his brother. Tyler stood in front of an open kitchen cabinet with a look of confusion on his face, holding four different spices in his hands. “The brown one,” Owen said.

“But, they’re all brown.”

“Read the damn labels, Ty!”

“I did! None of them say cumin!”

Owen groaned as he put down the chopping knife and walked over to Tyler. He grabbed all four spices and held each one up. “Cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, black pepper,” Owen said, slamming each one down.

“So... the cinnamon?” Tyler asked.

“I’m gonna ban your ass from the kitchen,” Owen threatened.

“No! Come on, I wanna help!”

“At this rate, you’re gonna poison her. Get out,” Owen said.

“Dammit, Owen! Just give me a chance. Give me instructions, and I’ll follow,” Tyler pleaded.

Owen rolled his eyes with a sigh. “Fine. Finish chopping up the carrots. I’ll handle the seasoning.”

“Got it,” Tyler said, switching sides with Owen. The two of them had gotten busy in the kitchen to make Tiana a nice dinner. It was their intent to take her out to a nice restaurant, but she hadn’t left her room. So, they figured they’d bring dinner to her.

“Pass me the short ribs,” Owen said as he started mixing a sauce.

“Umm...” Tyler said, looking around.

“Ty, in the fridge, my dude. The fridge!”

“Oh, right,” Tyler said, opening the fridge.

Owen turned the oven on to preheat before he grabbed the ribs from Tyler. “Set the water to boil the rice and don’t forget to add Anna’s seasoning mix, salt, cilantro, and some lime,” Owen said.

Tyler’s tongue hung out of his mouth as he measured the water with keen precision. Owen looked over to watch his brother pour the ingredients into the pot. “I should be on the Food Network,” Tyler joked.

“You mean on Survivor,” Owen smirked.

“Man, fuck you,” Tyler scoffed.


Tiana sat on her bed scrolling through pictures of her family on her phone. She was surrounded by used tissues while her graduation attire lay on the floor. She wore only her panties and bra with her graduation cap still on her head. She looked at an old picture of her dad in his military uniform and rubbed her thumb over his face.

“I did it, pa,” she sniffled as she wiped her nose with a tissue. “I hope you’re proud.” Suddenly her father’s face was blocked out by a text from Sasha.

Tony Stark’s Boo: Congrats girl! GET THAT PAPER! MAKE SOME SHMONEY!

Tony Stark’s Boo: Also, really gotta talk to you about this new app I’m working on for my cuz. She’s doing big things, and I really think you should be a part of it. #blackgirlmagicbaby

Tiana chuckled as she read over Sasha’s texts. Suddenly, the smell of food wafted into her room as her nose twitched. She immediately felt her stomach grumble as she rubbed her belly. Getting out of bed, she pulled on a long t-shirt and headed downstairs to the kitchen.


“Remember when mom tried to make that chocolate pudding cake when we were 8?”

“Oh god, and she blew up the damn stove,” Owen snickered as he spread chocolate icing on a freshly baked cake.

“There was chocolate everywhere,” Tyler laughed as he dipped strawberries in a bowl of chocolate.

“It looked like shit,” Owen said. “Like there was a huge explosion of diarrhea in the fucking kitchen.”

“That’s gross, Owen!” Tyler burst out laughing.

“But am I lying? I swear I’m the only one in this family who knows their way around a damn kitchen,” Owen said, shaking his head.

“Way to fit the stereotype,” Tyler smirked.

“Bitch, I will slap you with this spoon,” Owen threatened as Tyler laughed. They heard footsteps coming down the stairs and looked to see Tiana approaching them. “T!” Owen said excitedly.

“Hey, babe!” Tyler said, quickly wiping his hands clean.

Tiana smirked as she looked at the chocolate cake and chocolate-covered strawberries on the counter. “Just when I thought you guys couldn’t get any cuter,” she grinned.

“You kidding? Ty is fucking adorable,” Owen teased as he playfully pinched Tyler’s cheek.

“Cut it out!” Tyler said, swatting Owen’s hand away.

Tiana chuckled as she walked up to them. “What are you making?”

“Well, we just finished dessert,” Owen said. “Dinner is in the oven.”

“I didn’t even know you guys could cook like that,” she said.

“It was all Owen,” Tyler admitted. He grabbed her waist and pulled her back against his chest. “I can’t cook for shit.”

“And don’t you forget it,” Owen teased. “Ty did help... a little.”

Tiana chuckled as she held Tyler’s strong arms wrapped around her waist. She let out a deep breath as she rested her head back against his shoulder. “How are you feeling?” Tyler asked softly. He nuzzled her hair with his nose, smelling the scent he missed so much. He deeply craved having her body in his arms again.

“Always better after a good cry,” she chuckled.

Owen gave her a sympathetic look as he leaned against the counter across from her and Tyler. “You know we’re here for you,” Owen said. “No matter what you’re going through. We’re here.”

Tiana smiled tenderly. “I know, Owen...” She breathed deeply again. “When will dinner be ready? And where’s Jason?”

“He’s picking something up. He’ll be back soon. Dinner should be ready in 20,” Owen said.

“Oh... god, I’m starving,” she groaned.

Tyler’s eyes flickered up at Owen and gave a suggestive look. Owen grinned as he grabbed one of the chocolate-covered strawberries and walked up to her. “Quick snack?” Owen asked.

Tiana opened her mouth as Owen fed her the strawberry. Some of the chocolate got on her lips as the juice trickled down her chin. “Goddamn...” Tyler muttered.

“Fuck, T...” Owen groaned. Tiana caught the hungry look in Owen’s gaze. She grabbed his shirt and pulled him towards her, sandwiching herself between both brothers. His lips smacked against hers as his tongue licked at the chocolate and juice on her face. His tongue eagerly wiggled between her lips until she could taste the sweetness on his tongue.

She felt Tyler’s bulge grow against her ass as his hands cupped her breasts within his palms. He buried his face in her neck as Owen’s hands roamed beneath her shirt, touching her thighs. “Owen, please don’t get chocolate where it shouldn’t be,” Tiana said quickly.

Owen smirked as he removed his hands. “Good point. Ty, switch.”

“Switch?” Tiana asked, startled before Tyler spun her around and pushed her back against Owen’s chest. Owen immediately grabbed her waist, pulling the hem of her shirt up as Tyler enclosed on her space. His lips furiously worked against hers as he tugged on the waistband of her panties. “Please don’t rip this one, Tyler! It comes as a set!” she blurted quickly.

Owen laughed as Tyler smirked and crouched down to pull her panties down her legs. He stuffed them into his pocket before he grabbed both of her legs and slowly slid his hands up her thighs. She felt Owen unsnap her bra beneath her shirt before it fell to the floor. Tiana trembled slightly as Tyler’s fingers danced between her thighs. Her eyes followed him as he stood to his feet. With both brothers towering over her, she felt so small.

“Are you in the mood, babe?” Owen asked, softly kissing the back of her neck. He was well aware she was bawling her eyes out not too long ago.

Tiana slowly breathed out as she kept her eyes on Tyler. “I am...”

Tyler grinned. “With how wet you are... I’d be surprised if you weren’t...”

“Mmm, our baby girl is wet already?” Owen said, nibbling on her earlobe. His hands moved further up her shirt until her entire stomach and naked lower half was exposed. Tyler’s fingers moved between her folds, slipping up and down her slit.

“She’s so fucking wet,” Tyler groaned. “Goddamn...”

Tiana gasped as her head fell back against Owen’s shoulder. Owen wrapped his hand around her neck and felt her throat move frantically against his fingers. Tyler pushed two fingers inside her and her entire body reacted to his invasion. “Oh god, Tyler!” she moaned, grabbing his shoulder.

“You like that, baby?” Tyler groaned as his probing digits mercilessly fucked her.

“Oh, she fucking loves it,” Owen said, massaging her breasts through her shirt. “Don’t you, baby girl? You love the way Ty fucks that tight, wet pussy. Tell him how much you love it.”

Tiana bit her lip as she took quick breaths. She felt Tyler painfully grip her waist as he bent his finger, hitting her spot. “I’m waiting, Tiana,” Tyler said, pressing his thumb against her clit. “I wanna hear how much you love the way I claim this pussy.”

“Fuck, I love it!” she gasped. “Harder, Daddy.”

Owen grinned as Tyler winced. “Goddammit. Why the fuck does that word have such an effect on me,” Tyler muttered.

“Cause it’s coming from her,” Owen winked. “Our dirty baby girl.”

“Oh god, Tyler!” Tiana squealed as her walls clenched around his fingers. “I’m coming! Oh god, Daddy, I’m coming!” Tiana looked up at the ceiling, moaning her release as her head rolled against Owen’s shoulder. She heard lips smacking and opened her eyes to see Tyler sucking his fingers into his mouth.

“Nice appetizer,” Tyler smirked.

“Well, now, I’m hungry,” Owen said, picking Tiana up in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on as he carried her back upstairs to her room. Owen laid her down on her bed and hovered over her as he hungrily pressed his lips against hers. She felt his hand palm her core, letting her wetness soak him.

“God, I miss tasting you, baby,” Owen said against her lips. He grabbed her wrists and held them above her head as his lips overwhelmed hers. “I’m not gonna tie her down this time,” Owen said. “Just hold her.”

Owen crawled down her body as his lips peppered her skin, covered with goosebumps. She felt the bed dip next to her before Tyler gripped her wrists, keeping them in place. She barely had a second to breathe before Tyler’s lips were covering her own.

Owen slowly moved down her body. He lifted her shirt above her breasts as his tongue ran down her stomach. Carefully moving between her legs, he held her thighs open and looked down at her heaven like it was a full-course meal. He had to remind himself to go easy on her as she was still pretty emotionally fragile.

Tiana’s breathing hitched and her chest heaved when she felt Owen’s tongue flatten against her slit. “Oh god, Daddy!” Tiana wiggled in Tyler’s grasp, but his grip was like a deadbolt. She gasped in pleasure as Owen’s tongue slid between her lips, flicking against her clit before fervently sucking it.

“Listen to our girl beg,” Tyler grinned as he ran his tongue over her lips. “You got her going crazy, Owen.”

“She’s got me going crazy,” Owen groaned as he held her thighs apart. “God, she tastes so fucking good. Holy shit, baby.” Tiana’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as Owen’s tongue slipped inside her canal. She made desperate gasps as she felt Tyler’s lips kiss her nipple before gently nipping it with his teeth.

“Oh, Daddy! Daddy, fuck!” she gasped as her hips rose to meet the pressure of Owen’s tongue.

“Owen, I think she wants to come,” Tyler grinned down at Tiana. He firmly massaged her breast, squeezing her nipple between his fingers.

“Does she?” Owen muttered against her puffy lips as he slurped her down. “But I’m enjoying myself far too much.”

“Fuck! Owen!” Tiana screamed.

“Damn. She means business,” Tyler chuckled. “Give her a break. It’s her graduation day.”

Owen smirked. “If you insist...”

Tiana’s head smashed back against the pillow as Owen inserted a finger into her cunt while he sucked on her clit. She squeezed her thighs around him, but that didn’t stop him from working her till she was screaming at the top of her lungs. She became light-headed as she closed her eyes. Waiting for the room to stop spinning. The bed moved before Tyler and Owen lay on either side of her. She kept her eyes closed as she felt a finger press against her bottom lip.

“I thought you would go easy on her,” Tyler said.

“I did...” Owen said innocently. Tyler gave Owen a look that made him chuckle. “Okay, I tried,” Owen said, rubbing Tiana’s stomach. “Sorry, babe... I guess I was feeling more deprived than I thought...”

“It’s okay,” she said, taking deep breaths. She inhaled their manly scents as she felt Tyler kiss her shoulder and Owen rub his lips against her temple. “I love you guys,” she said softly. “I know I’ve been...”

“You don’t have to explain yourself, T,” Owen said quickly.

“And we love you too,” Tyler said, lacing his fingers with hers. A smile came to Tiana’s face as the feeling of content warmed her heart. She nearly drifted to sleep when she heard the door slam.

“Smells like food, sex, and joy in here!”

Jason ran up the stairs and barged into her room. She opened her eyes to meet his excited gaze. “Way to kill the mood, Jason,” Tyler smirked.

“Kill the mood? You motherfuckers were the ones having a grand old time with my baby girl while I was out,” Jason grinned. “The betrayal. The disloyalty. I’m hurt.”

Tiana chuckled as she sat up in bed, and it made Jason’s heart beat twice as fast to see that look on her face he missed so much. “Where were you?” she asked.

“Just running an errand,” Jason said. “We got you one more surprise.”

“You did?” she asked.

“Come here,” Jason smiled. Tiana scooted to the edge of the bed as Jason crouched down. He pulled out a jewelry box, and Tiana nearly panicked until he opened it. Her eyes widened as she looked at the beautiful necklace before her. It had three hearts in a row of which two were decorated with diamonds while one was laced with silver.

“It’s... it’s beautiful...” she said stunned. Jason grinned as he removed it from the jewelry box and unclasped it. Owen held her hair up as Jason put the necklace around her neck. She touched it as it sat right next to her father’s dog tags. “Oh, guys...” she choked out. “I love it... thank you...” She leaned forward and grabbed Jason’s face between her hands as she gave him a passionate kiss. He could feel her tears on his lips and felt his heart tighten again.

“You’re crying again...” Jason said against her lips. “Was it something I did? Or said? Or-”

Tiana pulled back and quickly shook her head. “These are tears of joy, Jason.” He searched her eyes as he swallowed down his anxiety, not knowing how to feel. “Don’t,” she said, touching his cheek. “Don’t. I love you.” She pressed her lips against his and felt his shoulders finally relax.

Jason pulled back and grabbed Tiana’s hips as he stared into her eyes. “Can you guys kindly get the fuck out so I can make love to the most perfect woman,” he said, keeping his eyes on Tiana. Tiana chuckled as she felt the bed move.

“Well shit, Jason,” Tyler smirked.

“Don’t take too long. Dinner should be ready,” Owen said, heading to the door.

“We have a microwave,” Jason said. He wrapped Tiana’s legs around his waist and pushed her back onto the bed.

“You can’t microwave short ribs!” Owen said.

“Get the fuck out!” Jason snapped. “And close the door.”

Tiana smiled up at Jason as his blue eyes probed hers. She tugged at his jeans and helped him release his raging erection. She was eager to have him inside her when she caught the emotional look in his gaze. “Jason?” she asked.

“You cry... and I forget how to breathe,” Jason said to her. “You smile... and the world makes sense again.” Tiana bit her lip as she saw a tear slip down Jason’s face. She had never seen him so serious before. “There’s only one woman in my life who made me feel that no matter what I did... I couldn’t... fix it. I couldn’t fix her pain. And seeing that with you... baby girl...”

Tiana furrowed her brow as she wiped the tear from his face. “Just because I’m hurting right now... doesn’t mean I’m going to leave you, Jason. I love you. I love you so much.”

A small smile came to Jason’s face as he caressed her cheek with his thumb. “I don’t want to live in this world without you,” he said to her. “You’re mine, baby girl.”

Tiana smiled lovingly. “And you’re mine...”

Jason’s eyes lit up as his mouth devoured her lips. He felt her squirm beneath him as his manhood plunged deep inside of her. Tiana felt Jason’s girth stretch her as he palmed her ass with both hands and thrust repetitively inside of her. There was a slight gentleness to his lovemaking as if he were afraid to hurt her. His hands ran up and down her waist, touching every part of her skin. “You’re perfect,” he moaned into her neck. “You’re so fucking perfect, baby.”

Tiana moved her hands beneath his shirt and dug her nails into his back. She panted as his head hit her sensitive spot making her muscles tighten with each hit. “Oh, Daddy...” She wafted her face into his chest, taking in his warm familiar scent as he clutched her tightly to his body.

“I love you so much, baby girl. So fucking much...” It was the first time Jason made love to her without the dirty talk. It was pure passion as he claimed her body the way she claimed his heart.


“Thanks,” Tyler said, grabbing the beer from Owen. His brother plopped down on the couch next to him. Tyler and Owen both looked up at the ceiling when they heard Tiana loudly moan her climax. “God, I missed hearing that...” Tyler sighed.

Owen nodded as he sipped from his beer. “Much prefer her moans to her sobs.”

Tyler leaned against the couch as he readjusted his pants to ease the strain in his crotch. “I like this...” he said. “Just the four of us. This is how it should be. You, me, Jason... and our girl.”

Owen gave Tyler a small smile. “Yea...”

Tyler eyed his brother. “What?”

“It’s David,” Owen said. “I feel like... I should try talking to him. Tiana’s been really broken up about him since they stopped talking.”

Tyler groaned in frustration. “Just leave him the fuck out of this, Owen. You said he was trying to flirt with you. That he still had eyes for Tiana. We don’t need that kind of shit in our relationship.”

“I know that, Ty,” Owen said. “But the guy took a fucking bullet for her. And now they’re not talking because of us.”

“That’s his problem,” Tyler said, sipping his beer. Owen gave Tyler a dirty look. “Look. Whatever, okay? Yea, I appreciate what he did for her. But I’m not really trying to have someone who is trying to fuck both you and her in our lives,” Tyler said. “End of discussion.”

Owen shook his head when he saw Tiana and Jason walk down the stairs hand-in-hand. “Bout damn time,” Owen smirked.

“Food ready?” Tiana asked. “Jason made me work up a sweat, and I’m starving.” Jason snickered as he picked Tiana up and plopped her down on the couch.

“We’ll get the food set up,” Owen said. He stood to his feet and walked with Jason to the kitchen.

Tiana cuddled up next to Tyler as he lay his arm on her shoulder. He saw her check her phone and furrowed his brow. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

Tiana sighed. “I think David is ignoring me...”

Tyler sucked his teeth with a sigh. “Tiana-”

“He said he would help me figure out my mom’s medical records, Tyler... He was the only one who knew anything. I’m at a dead end...”

Tyler sighed. He glanced at Owen who was watching them from the kitchen and shrugged in defeat.


Time passed as Tiana settled into her new home with her men. Gradually, she began to heal from the depression and trauma she felt as she focused on helping her mother and doing her part to stop the disease outbreak.

Densely-populated cities in the Northeast were most at risk. When the first 200 infected people died, panic in NYC had hit an all-time high. When the 500th person passed away, the U.S. Department of State Travel officially sent out a Travel Advisory Warning. By the 1000th death, the New York governor had declared a national state of emergency.

The rumor mill churned as politics blamed private companies such as Richardson LLP and Beaumont & Sons who had taken the brunt of it. Against Tiana’s wishes, Owen still attended Christopher Richardson’s press conference as a representative of the New York Times and ended up going viral on social media as ‘Young Journalist Challenges Real Estate Giant.’ His follow-up conversation with Arthur afterward was rather unpleasant.

Meanwhile, Tiana was eager to partner with Sasha in creating an innovative mobile app that would help Northeasterners not only keep track of how far the disease was spreading, but what the famous Beaumont-Richardson Foundation was doing to stop it.

Tiana was beyond excited to have a video call with her idol, Dr. Gabrielle Beaumont-Richardson. It was awe-inspiring to see the same woman who received so much social criticism for challenging ruthless gang members now lead the nation in finding a cure for one of America’s most dangerous and lethal diseases.

After that call, Tiana was officially a salaried employee of Dr. Gabrielle’s task-force. She had regular video chats with the team for updates on progress, including with a young medical specialist from Boston, Kiara LaFleur, who Dr. Gabrielle made Lead Medical Practitioner.

Though Tiana had become severely entrenched in her work, the guys were happy she had something to focus on. They each helped her with the app where they could, but Tiana loved having ownership over something that could help the nation.

“Counting down from 5... 4... 3... 2… 1...”

Tiana cringed as she waited for the app to load. “I can’t look,” she said, sitting on the couch with her eyes closed. “Did it work?”

“I’m sorry, baby girl...” Jason sighed. “Cause it TOTALLY WORKED!”

Tiana immediately opened her eyes to see Jason holding up her finished app interface. “HOLY SHIT! OH MY GOD! IT WORKS!” she screamed.

“Told you, you could do it,” Jason grinned.

“You’re the one who rummaged through the sketchy shops of Hell’s Kitchen to find that SD card for me! Ah! I fucking love you!” she said, leaping on Jason. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck.

Jason held her by her waist as she furiously moved her lips against his. “Shit, baby girl. You keep moving like this, and I’m gonna end up fucking the shit out of you,” Jason teased as he grabbed her ass.

“Mmm, then fuck me, Daddy,” she smirked against his lips. “Cause I’m so damn turned on right now.” Jason immediately grabbed the hem of her shirt, lifting it over her head. He went to unlatch her bra when Tyler and Owen walked in.

“You’ve seriously got a fucking target on your back, Owen,” Tyler said annoyed.

“So fucking what. This is nothing new, Ty. It will blow over,” Owen said, walking to the fridge.

“Excuse me,” Jason said from the couch. “Can you guys take your bickering outside? We’re busy.”

“Getting busy,” Tiana giggled as she kissed Jason again.

“Before you do that,” Tyler said, looking at his phone. “Just got a call from my boy Leo. He asked if you guys can perform at some college party in Massachusetts this weekend.”

“Leo?!” Tiana blurted. “Kiara’s boyfriend? Or husband... or mate as she keeps calling him. That girl is seriously confused.”

“Yes, that Leo,” Tyler said.

“Yes! Can we please go?? Sasha’s there, and I can meet up with the two of them to show them the new updates.”

“I thought you and Shae were going shopping this weekend?” Owen said, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.

“I’ll just bring her with us,” Tiana said, getting off of a frustrated Jason. “She told me she has a friend up there too.”

“That’s fine. I’ll just... sit here with blue balls...” Jason muttered.

“Come on, baby,” Tiana said, sitting on Jason’s lap. “I’ll make it up to you later...”

Jason sighed as he looked at Tyler. “What kind of party?”

Tyler shrugged. “Said it’s an ‘End-of-the-World’ themed-party.”

“That’s fucking morbid,” Owen said. “There are legit people dying from this disease and they’re throwing a party celebrating the end of the world?”

“Uh... he didn’t mention that correlation,” Tyler said. “Plus, the disease is not as widespread in Massachusetts like it is New York. Doubt there’s the same level of panic.”

“And it will do us some good to get out of New York for a little,” Tiana added. “I’m tired of watching the news. More people dying? It’s fucking depressing.”

Owen twisted his mouth as he looked at Tiana’s anxious face. One of their biggest concerns since she joined Dr. Gabrielle’s team was the emotional toll this was taking on her. The guys exchanged looks before Owen sighed. “Alright, T... We’ll go.”

Tiana beamed. “Yes! I’ll go call Shae!”

They watched her run upstairs when Tyler looked at Owen. “Tiana got a call from the hospital,” Tyler said. “About her mother... I took it for her, because...”

Owen swallowed hard. “She’s not...”

“No,” Tyler said quickly. “But they’re ready to declare her... brain dead...”

“Shit!” Jason snarled as he put his head in his hands. “This will fucking break her!”

Tyler looked at Owen. “As much as I hate to admit it... I think you should reach out to David.” Jason and Owen looked at Tyler surprised. “I know I said I didn’t want him anywhere near her,” Tyler sighed. “But if we don’t do something, and her mother goes... I don’t know how Tiana will get through this.”

“With us!” Jason said. “She’ll get through this with us!”

“We need a back-up plan,” Tyler said to Jason before he looked at Owen. “Owen?”

Owen swallowed hard and nodded. “...I’ll reach out to him...”


Darren sat at his computer desk back at the New York Times headquarters. He played around with a logo design on one screen as he listened to the news on another.

“Riots have broken out in Brooklyn, Queens, and Harlem as protesters argue the CDC has no intention to cure this disease since it seems to be primarily in towns populated by people of color.” Darren glanced at the screen and saw a black woman holding a child in her arms as the TV reporter held a mic to her face.

“They don’t care about us,” the woman said. “They don’t give a *beep* about us! It’s a *beep* government conspiracy! You ain’t see white people dyin’ do you? Nah! It’s only the black and brown folks, y’all! It’s a *beep* genocide! They tryna kill us out here! If white people was getting sick this fast this disease woulda been cured. But y’all *beep* don’t give a *beep* about us! *Beep* Yall!”

Darren sighed as he looked back at the logo he was working on. He never missed Dante more than he did now.

“Hey, stranger.”

Darren looked up to see Anna walk into his office holding two cups of coffee and a bag of donuts. “Anna!” Darren said, quickly sitting up. “Hi! What- what are you doing here?!”

“Should be asking you the same question,” Anna said. “Working overtime, are we?” Anna leaned back against the desk as Darren blushed slightly.

“Just trying to do what I can to distract myself from the news...” he said.

“By watching it?” she asked with a raised brow.

Darren chuckled with a shrug. “It’s addicting...”

Anna twisted her mouth. “Why didn’t you go with the guys to Massachusetts?”

Darren shrugged again. “I just... didn’t feel like traveling...”

Anna nodded as she looked around. “Can I keep you company?”

“Of course,” Darren blurted. “I mean... y-yes. If you want.”

Anna chuckled as she sat in the seat next to Darren. “So... I’ve been thinking,” she said, leaning on Darren’s shoulder.

“...y-yea,” Darren stammered. Her perfume permeated his nostrils, and he swallowed anxiously.

“About that Roger guy,” Anna said.

“You don’t have to be worried about him anymore, Anna,” Darren said quickly.

Anna smiled at him. “Aren’t you protective...” Darren blushed as he looked down. “Roger had a sister,” she continued.

“Yea...” Darren said. “That he’s sleeping with.”

Anna shuddered with disgust. “Yea that. Well, I was thinking. If he’s in HeaTWave... then obviously, so is she.” Darren looked at her curiously. “Maybe we were trying to crack the wrong member,” she said to him.

Anna leaned over and looked at Darren. “Wanna go on our own assignment?”


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