Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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35 - You'll Never Find Me


That’s all Anna felt was pain. The side of her face stung like hot wax, and she could feel a thick wet liquid dripping by her ear. There was an overwhelming foul stench that lingered in the air. It was so putrid it made her want to vomit.

She struggled to open her eyes to dull darkness with a dim light. Only the sound of her heavy breathing could be heard. She tried to move, but her arms were bound with rope in front of her. She strained against her ropes until her chair toppled over and broke beneath her as she landed on something wet and soft. She looked down to see it was a severed human arm.

Screaming hysterically, she squirmed to move away from it when she bumped into a severed leg behind her. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” Anna hyperventilated as she looked around her and realized the entire room was scattered with bloodied severed human arms and legs. She tried to calm herself as she crawled on her knees. “H-hello?! Hello!” she cried out. “Somebody please!”


Anna whipped her head around furiously at the faint voice that she immediately recognized. She frantically searched the area until she saw Darren. “Darren!” She moved on her knees stumbling a few times, trying to avoid all the dismembered arms and legs on the ground. She got to Darren who was laying on the ground with his wrists tied behind his back. His shirt was soaked with blood from his stab wound.

“Darren! Oh god, Darren!” Anna leaned over him and pushed her face into his chest. She could hear his shortened breathing as his chest moved up and down. He slowly opened his eyes to see Anna’s terrified face.

“Y-your... b-bleed..ing...” Darren stammered.

“It’s fine, Darren. I’m fine,” Anna assured him. “I’m gonna get us out of here. Okay? I promise. I’m-” She quickly looked around the revolting room that was filled with human body parts, though she and Darren seemed to be the only living humans inside. “My phone,” she said quickly, looking at her clothes. “I just-”

Suddenly she heard a large metal door open. The man and woman who attacked them were standing at the entrance holding a knife and an ax. “Finally, they’re awake,” Kaya said, walking into the room. “It’s no fun if you’re not awake to feel it.”

“Please,” Anna said, crawling backward and blocking Darren. “Please just leave us alone!”

Anna shivered as Kaya dragged her ax behind her, scraping the metal on the floor as she walked around the body parts. “She’s soooooo pretty,” Kaya said mockingly. “Isn’t she pretty, babe?” The man in the mask watching said nothing as Kaya bent down in front of Anna. “Nice skin... cute lips... and just look at those gorgeous brown eyes...”

Anna swallowed hard as Kaya ran her finger over her bloodied cheek. “So sexy in your little. black. dress...” Kaya said, running her finger between Anna’s cleavage. “You guys were enjoying that date, weren’t you? Bet you were gonna take him home and fuck the innocence out of him, yea?”

Tears streamed down Anna’s face as Kaya hovered the ax above Anna’s face. “I guess that’s what you sons of bitches should have done instead of sticking your pretty little nose where it doesn’t belong,” Kaya said snidely. She dragged the ax down the side of Anna’s cheek, slicing her skin. Anna cried out as blood trickled from her wound.

“The black dress is nice,” Kaya said to Anna. “But I think you’d look better in red...” Kaya raised her ax to strike when the man behind her called out.

“Karma, we don’t have time for this, muffin.”

Kaya sucked her teeth as she turned to Roger. “I want to play, Sugar Bear,” she snapped at him as she flexed her ax. “So let me play! You drew your blood. Now it’s my turn.”

“Nero wants to see us in 20,” Roger said. “You know how ticked he gets when we’re late.”

“20 minutes?” Kaya said, looking at Anna. “Still gives me 10 minutes of playtime.” Kaya pressed the ax into Anna’s leg, and she screamed out in agony.


Tiana shot up in bed breathing frantically. Her face was sweaty, and her hair stuck to the back of her neck. She looked around the familiar bedroom and realized she was in David’s room.

“What the- oh fuck!” she groaned as she grabbed her head. There was an intense pounding sensation that felt like a jackhammer at her temple. She looked down to see that she was completely naked and quickly grabbed the sheets to cover herself.

She felt around the bed and touched a muscular arm. Quickly pulling back the sheet, she saw Owen’s shirtless body knocked out between the sheets. “Owen? Owen!” Tiana said, shaking his shoulder.

“Nnng...” Owen groaned.

“Owen, wake up!” Tiana continued to pull at him until Owen finally rolled over. His face was beet red and just as sweaty as hers.

“T? Baby, what ar- goddamn! What the fuck?!” Owen hissed as he grasped his head. “Holy shit! My head.”

“You too?!” Tiana said. “What the hell happened to us last night?! I’ve never had a hangover like this before.”

Owen struggled to sit up as he rubbed the side of his head. His blue eyes blinked as he tried to adjust to his surroundings. “This... can’t be a fucking hangover.... goddammit.”

“Do you remember what happened last night?” Tiana asked. “Because I’m seriously drawing a blank.”

Owen groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair. “We snuck into your boss’s building and stole a file.”

“Uh-huh...” Tiana said. “...and then...”

Owen looked at her holding a sheet to her naked body before he looked down at his own naked body. “And then we fucked...” he said.

“In David’s bed?” she asked apprehensively.

“...with... David...?” Owen cringed. “Oh fuck... We fucked David?!”

“Oh my god!” Tiana groaned. She slapped her face and fell backward on the bed.

“No...no.. that can’t...?” Owen said, shaking his head confused.

“Owen, we slept with David!” Tiana said, grabbing his arms. “We slept with him! Had a freaking... threesome, and I don’t even remember! Do you?” Owen jumped out of bed and quickly searched for his clothes. “Owen?” Tiana asked.

“Get dressed, T,” Owen said. “This was clearly a huge fucking mistake.”

“How did we manage to drink so much we’d forget?” Tiana asked, pulling up her dress.

Owen shook his head as he tried to think. He looked at David’s dresser. “Where’s your phone, T?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” she panicked.

“Goddammit...” Owen groaned. He saw David’s phone on the dresser to see that the upload had been completed.

“Well, at least that’s done...” Owen muttered. “Where the fuck is my damn phone?”

“Owen,” Tiana said, touching his back. He turned around to face her and saw the worry in her eyes. “I...I cheated, Owen,” she said anxiously. “I cheated on Jason and Tyler with David. They’re gonna be so angry and upset and I can’t-”

“No,” Owen said, grabbing her arms comfortingly. “No. You were drunk, T. Completely wasted. I don’t even remember last night. I mean yea, they’ll be fucking pissed, but.. we’ll worry about that when we get to it. First... we just gotta explain this mishap to David and get home so we can go see your mother and get her the medication. Okay?”

Tiana slowly took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay...”

She was thankful for Owen’s ability to talk her down because she was on the verge of having a mental breakdown. There were few things more terrifying than waking up naked in a bed with no recollection of what happened the night before.

As Tiana left the bedroom to use the bathroom, Owen searched David’s dresser for their phones. He grabbed David’s phone and tried to open it, but the passcode was locked. He paused when he spotted a very strange-looking but familiar device. He picked up the black object dangling from a small keychain.

“This is a frequency jammer… Why does he have this…?”


Tiana walked into the kitchen to see David holding a teapot and pouring it into two mugs. “Hey, sleepyhead,” David said, turning around to her.

“H-hey...” she said nervously as she grabbed the back of the chair to steady herself. Her head was still pounding like crazy.

“You should have a seat,” David gestured to the table. “I made you guys tea. Figured it’d help with the hangover.”

“Thanks...” Tiana said, sitting down at the table. David slid the mug to her, and she grabbed it from him as his fingers brushed against hers. She looked up at him and saw the genuine smile on his face that made her swallow. She quickly grabbed the mug and looked down into the cup. “Um... David...” she said, looking into her cup.


“Do you... remember what... what happened last night?” she asked.

David raised a brow and folded his arms over his chest as he looked at her. Tiana kept her eyes on the mug as she anxiously waited for his response. “You mean when we made love...” he said finally. Tiana cringed as she shook her head in disbelief. “Yes,” David said, leaning back. “The three of us slept together, and then you both knocked out. And then you woke up a few hours later, super excited...and we did it again... and again...”

Tiana looked up at him in shock. “Wait! We did it more than once?!”

David chuckled. “You were pretty insatiable. The both of you. I was kinda surprised.”

Owen walked into the kitchen and saw Tiana sitting at the table looking mortified as David leaned against the counter watching her. “I don’t remember that at all,” Tiana said. “God, what the hell?”

Owen caught David watching Tiana before David looked up and locked eyes with Owen. “I’m guessing you don’t remember anything either?” David asked.

“And yet you do?” Owen said with a raised brow.

“Don’t think I had nearly as much to drink as you two,” David chuckled.

“Right...” Owen said, clutching Tiana’s shoulder.

“I made you guys some tea to help with the hangovers,” David said, handing Owen a mug.

Owen quickly grabbed it. “Thanks,” he said curtly.

David looked at him curiously. “Are you okay?”

“No, not really,” Owen said. “Tiana and I both feel like we’ve been hit with buses, and we can’t remember a damn thing. And on top of that... I can’t find my phone. And neither can she. It’s a little frustrating.”

David nodded. “That’s understandable. You guys were pretty wasted when we got back. Let me call the bar. You might have left it there.”

“Thanks, David...” Tiana sighed as she anxiously rubbed her face. David smiled at her before he looked at Owen and walked out of the kitchen. Owen waited for David to leave before he put the mug down and grabbed Tiana.

“T, get up,” Owen said abruptly. “We’re leaving.”

“Wha-? Owen,” she said confused. He pulled her from the seat and dragged her to a corner. “What are you-”

“Something isn’t right,” Owen whispered firmly. “We both don’t remember shit, but he does?”

“What are you saying?” she asked.

“I think he drugged us,” Owen said. “And stop drinking that fucking tea!” Owen snatched the cup out of her hands and tossed the liquid into the sink before putting the mug down.

Tiana looked at him startled. “Owen, you’re scaring me right now. Why would David drug us? For what reason? He’s our friend.”

“No, Tiana, I don’t think he is!” Owen snapped. “I found this on his dresser.” He held up a small black device that dangled from a chain. “It’s a frequency jammer, Tiana. It blocks messages and phone calls through distorted frequency. Like the text messages I sent to Ty and Jason.” Tiana looked at him in shock. “We’re leaving. NOW!”

Tiana shook her head in disbelief as another painful headache hit her. “None of this makes sense. What about my mother’s-”

“Where’s your phone, T?!” Owen said angrily. “Where the fuck are our phones?!”


“Fuck,” Jason muttered as he got another dead trace trying to track down the location of Owen and Tiana’s phones. He looked up at Tyler. “Ty, you gonna tell me what the fuck you’re freaking out over?” he snapped as he watched Tyler rip several papers from off of the board.

“No, no. It can’t. What. No. Come on,” Tyler said, tossing papers to the ground.

“Tyler!” Jason snapped as he yanked Tyler’s shoulder back. “Answer me, goddammit!”

Tyler looked at Jason, and it nearly freaked Jason out to see such a terrified look on his friend’s face. “Jason, we fucked up,” Tyler said, shoving one of the papers to his chest. “We seriously, royally, and completely fucked all the way up!”

“What are you talking about?” Jason asked. “Start making fucking sense!”

“Read it!” Tyler said, pointing to the paper.

Jason held up one of the crinkled papers that was pinned to the board. “Green Energy Clinic Welcomes Prosthetic Engineer David Michaelson,” Jason said. “...Okay? So he’s a hippie?”

“Look at this,” Tyler said, handing him another paper.

“David Michaelson launches new bio-prosthetic program to help amputee veterans,” Jason read. “Ty, what the fuck are you trying to get at except that this guy is some sort of freakish saint?”

“David Michaelson,” Tyler said. “Michaelson, Jason. He’s a fucking Michaelson!”

“Am I supposed to know who that is?” Jason asked. Tyler growled as he grabbed his phone and typed away at it before shoving it in Jason’s face. Jason looked at the picture confused. “What the-”

“That’s Frederick Michaelson the Third. Head of the Elite Council!” Tyler snapped. “David is his fucking nephew!”

Jason looked at Tyler shocked. “Wait... are you-”

“He’s a fucking Son of the Elite!” Tyler growled.


“Owen, can we pause for just a second. My head is killing me,” Tiana said, cradling her head that was still pounding as Owen dragged her into the dining room. Her head was spinning and she felt incredibly dizzy.

“We can pause when we get home,” Owen said. “Grab your things. We’re getting the fuck out of here.”

David stepped into the dining room just as he got off his phone to see a distressed Tiana and a tense Owen. “... something wrong?” David asked, confused. “You guys sounded like you were arguing.”

Owen quickly stepped protectively in front of Tiana as he moved her behind him. “Lover’s quarrel,” he said curtly.

David frowned. “Well, I contacted the bar. They said they didn’t see your phone.”

“How convenient,” Owen said. “Thanks for trying, but we’re gonna go. Tiana.” Owen gave Tiana a look of warning, and she furrowed her brow as she quickly grabbed her jacket and purse.

“What happened? Why are you guys so tense all of a sudden?” David asked. “Don’t you want to know if we figured out the cure to your mother’s illness?” David was looking directly at Tiana, and it sent her into a nervous panic. Finding this cure for her dying mother was the most important thing for her. But what Owen told her about David really freaked her out.

“Send us an email,” Owen said, grabbing Tiana again.

“No offense, Owen, but I was talking to Tiana,” David said, looking at her.

Owen again blocked Tiana from David’s view. “I don’t give a shit who you were talking to. We’re leaving.”

David dropped his head, and a small snicker escaped his lips. “You guys are in no condition to go anywhere.” He looked up at Owen and a subtle smirk came to his face. “Though, I’m curious to see you try.”

Owen rushed at David and roughly grabbed him by his shirt. “This is the part. where you shut the hell up. Tiana, get your things so we can fucking go,” Owen ordered.

David chuckled as he looked at Owen. “I much preferred your aggression in bed, Owen. Unless this is some kind of foreplay, I don’t think I’m very impressed. Besides...” David grinned at Tiana. “I don’t think she wants to leave. I think she rather enjoyed herself last night... didn’t you, Tiana?”

Tiana looked at David anxiously. “David, this isn’t funny. You need to be serious about this.”

David scoffed ironically. “I’m about as serious as you are with these fucking clowns you’re with-” But before David could finish his sentence, Owen had punched him so hard in the jaw he fell to the ground.

Tiana covered her mouth in shock as Owen snapped at her. “Get to the fucking door, Tiana!”

Tiana quickly ran to the door and opened it, only to be met by a man in a mask. She screamed startled as the man quickly grabbed her. She kicked frantically, throwing arms, trying to shove him off, but his grip was strong around her hands and waist.

Owen immediately tackled the guy to the ground, forcing him to release Tiana. She looked for something to hit the guy with as Owen straddled him and angrily punched him several times in the face. “Tiana, get out! Run!” Owen growled. He kept the guy pinned to the ground and punched him so hard the mask caved in.

Tiana tried to move past them and get to the door so they could both escape when she heard a gun go off. Her eyes opened in shock as she turned around and saw Owen’s pupils dilate as his shoulder started to bleed. “OWEN!” Tiana screamed as she rushed at him. Owen blinked in shock as he fell to the side. “NO! Owen, no! No, baby, come on! Come on!” Tiana grabbed his arm that was leaking blood which coated her fingers.

“Fucking hell. You couldn’t have done that shit sooner?” the man in the mask grumbled as he stood to his feet. “Motherfucker cracked my damn jaw.”

Tiana barely had a second to tend to Owen before she felt David wrap his arms around her waist and haul her off of Owen. “STOP! GET OFF OF ME!” she screamed as she writhed in his arms. She immediately felt something sharp stick in her arm before she heard David’s voice in her ear.

“... sleep...” he said as he kissed the back of her neck. She tried to move, but her body immediately became dead weight before she passed out in his arms.


“Darren and Anna are not picking up either,” Jason said, slamming his phone down. “Shit!”

“I can’t believe he’s a fucking Son of the Elite,” Tyler groaned as he held his head in his hands. “How the fuck could we have missed that? How the fuck did we-”

“Ty, I need you to stay focused,” Jason said, grabbing his arm. “We’re not getting any traces of location from their phones. Something is blocking us from tracking them. Where could they be?”

“I have no fucking clue!” Tyler said, trying not to panic. “We don’t know where David lives. We agreed not to keep a tracker on Tiana, but now I’m really feeling like we fucking should have.”

“Okay, okay,” Jason said. “Just think... WWDD.”

Tyler looked at Jason confused. “WWDD?”

“What Would Darren Do,” Jason said, looking around. “Our boy is a genius. He’s witty. Quick on his feet... and currently not answering his phone which he never does, and it’s freaking me out... But, I’m gonna chalk it up to him finally getting laid ... Come on, Darren. What... would your big beautiful brain... do...”

Suddenly, the computer screen caught Jason’s eye. “That’s it!” he blurted. Tyler watched as Jason rushed to the computer. “Check the data history on the GPS of Owen’s bike.”

“They took the car though,” Tyler said.

“Yea, but Owen has taken his bike to David’s house many times when Tiana wanted to visit,” Jason said, frantically typing.

“What if they’re not there, Jason?”

“We have to try something!” Jason snapped. “Okay... here are a few unknown locations from Owen’s bike in the past few months.”

“Goddamn, there’s 13 of them,” Tyler groaned.

“Then, we need to work quickly,” Jason said, jotting them down. He looked at Tyler who was playing with his hands and bobbing his knee up and down. He knew how quickly Tyler could spiral knowing both his brother and his girl were missing and possibly in great danger.

“Ty,” Jason said, crouching down in front of him. “I need you to stay with me, bro. I can’t bring you from that dark hole if you go down it because I’m fucking freaking out too. I’m just as terrified as you are about Owen and Tiana, but we’ll find them. Okay? Just stay with me.”

Tyler looked at Jason and swallowed hard with a nod. “Let’s go!” Jason said, getting up as they rushed out the door.


Tiana leaned over and felt an incredibly painful rush to her head. A moldy odor filled her nostrils as she struggled to breathe. She slowly opened her eyes and stared at a cold, wet concrete floor. She looked around to what seemed like an abandoned warehouse filled with boxes.

Then she saw a body. Owen’s body.

She mumbled against the tape covering her mouth and looked down to see her wrists were tied tightly together with rope. Raising her hands to her mouth she pushed past the rope burn to rip the tape from her mouth. “Gah!” she cried. She swore she tore some skin.

She crawled over to Owen whose hands were chained behind his back. It confused her that she had rope, but he had heavy metal restraining him. Especially when he had a bullet lodged in his swollen and bleeding shoulder. “Owen...” she whispered in his ear. “Baby, please wake up. Please, Owen.”

“He’s been drugged and shot.”

Tiana quickly looked up and saw David walk into the room wearing a pair of black jeans, a simple white shirt, and a short jacket. She noticed that he didn’t have his signature glasses on, and an unnerving smile sat on his face. “I don’t foresee him waking up anytime soon,” David said, looking at Owen.

Tiana moved protectively in front of Owen as she swallowed hard. “You fucking shot him!” she shouted at him.

David shrugged. “He’s a tough guy. He’ll live.”

Tiana shook her head with disbelief. “What the fuck is going on, David?!” she snapped at him. “Why the hell are you doing this?!”

David looked at her and sighed. “That’s a pretty loaded question... Why am I doing... this..?” He took a few steps forward and crouched down in front of her. She tried to move her face back as he gently ran a finger over her cheek. “You don’t even know what this is...” he said to her. She looked at him confused as his face took on a more serious expression.

This... is what I was born to do...” he said finally.


“P-please wait! W-wait!”

“Done waiting!” Jason snapped. He slammed a guy up against the wall at the back of a bar that Owen frequented. “WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!”

“I t-told you I b-barely saw them!” the guy trembled as he put his hands up. “They were only h-here for like 30 minutes!”

“Then you saw where they went!” Jason snarled. “Don’t you have fucking cameras?”

“N-no! I swear! I don’t know anything!” the guy pleaded.


Jason looked to the side to see Tyler walking up to him with an empty wrapper in his blood-coated hands.

“What is it?” Jason asked, dropping the guy to the ground.

“I just persuaded the bartender to give me details on their guests last night,” Tyler said coldly. “And before you ask, yes he’s still alive.”

“Not sure I give a shit about that right now,” Jason said. “What is that?”

“It’s a wrapper for SXD,” Tyler said. “It’s like a hyper version of molly. Hallucinogenic drug common among sex workers.”

“Seriously? That’s some expensive ass shit,” Jason said.

“Exactly. Commonly used by those who work for the Elite...” Tyler said, giving Jason a look.

“...he drugged them,” Jason said tensely. “That bitch ass motherfucker!”

“There are still two more locations on the list we need to check,” Tyler said. “We have to find David’s apartment.”

Jason and Tyler quickly took off on their bikes as they sped furiously down the street. Tyler heard a beep in his headpiece and clicked his phone on. “Joey?!” Tyler blurted. “Where the fuck have you been?? We’ve been trying to reach you!”

“I know! I know!” Joey said. “I’ve been trying to get in contact with Anna and Darren who just went fucking cold. Last I spoke to them, they said they were going on an assignment.”

“The fuck?!” Jason blurted. “Darren said he was going on a date! Why would he lie to me like that?!”

“He probably didn’t want you to worry,” Joey said. “Nevermind that. We have a huge problem.”

“Yea, we fucking do,” Tyler said. “Owen and Tiana are missing and were probably kidnapped by a fucking Son of the Elite!”

“Shit...” Joey said on the other line.

“Wait... if that’s a surprise to you, then what the fuck are you calling about?” Jason asked.

They heard Joey sigh in their earpieces. “You guys got your screens on?” he asked.

“Yes... why?” Tyler said tensely. A screen popped up in their helmets that showed static video footage of a bloody Darren passed out on the floor and Anna screaming at her bleeding leg.

“What the fuck?!” Jason snarled. A masked woman, holding an ax walked into the screen and waved before stepping on Anna’s leg and adding pressure to her wound. Anna’s screams blared through their headphones before the feed cut off.

“What the hell?!” Tyler growled. “Who was that?!”

“HeaTWave,” Joey said. “I was sent that video footage from Anna’s phone... Ty... this is-”

“Okay, just wait,” Jason said, shaking his head. He couldn’t believe this was happening. “Darren and Anna went after a member of HeaTWave?! BY THEMSELVES?!”

“They didn’t know they were being set up,” Joey said.

“Well, they’re not the only ones,” Tyler snapped. “They were clearly in a warehouse. Run a scan of all abandoned warehouses in the perimeter including the one we held Roger.”

“I’m heading to that warehouse now,” Joey said on the mic.

Tyler heard the click on the end before he heard Jason’s voice. “Ty... maybe we should call Arthur.”

“He’s a Son of the Elite too, Jason... Can we even trust him?” Tyler glanced at Jason on the other side of the road before they revved their engines and sped down the freeway.


“Listen, I’ve got my hands tied. I’ve already sent out ten shipments, and you’re kinda late on this order. Not really sure I can squeeze you in,” David said on his phone as he checked his watch. He looked down at Tiana who was staring at him terrified. A smirk came to his face as he checked his watch. “But if you’re that desperate... maybe I can make an exception...”

She looked up when she saw Miles walk down the stairs tapping on his phone giggling like a schoolgirl. “Cain... can you stop messing with that Casey chick for five seconds and stack up this next shipment,” David said annoyed.

“Yea, yea,” Miles laughed out loud. “This pathetic bitch actually thinks I’m her friend. Fucking hysterical how easy it is to manipulate these women.”

“Isn’t it...” David smirked with amusement at Tiana. Suddenly his phone went off and he quickly answered it. “Where are you guys?” he demanded.

“Sorry, Nero. Karma got caught up playing with her new pets,” Roger’s voice said through the other line.

“I don’t give a shit what she’s doing. You know I don’t tolerate lateness. Hurry the fuck up. We’re on a time crunch,” David said before he clicked off his phone.

Tiana looked at Owen who was breathing heavily. She prayed to God he would wake up soon. “You must be so confused,” David said, looking at Tiana.

“No shit,” she snapped at him. “Who the fuck are you?!”

“Who am I?” David repeated thoughtfully. “Hmm... Cain, who am I?”

Miles looked at David and smirked. “The baddest motherfucker around, that’s who.”

David rolled his eyes. “You’re an idiot.”

“I’m busaaaayyyyyy. Stop asking me dumb questionsssssss,” Miles laughed texting on his phone. They heard a knock at one of the metal doors and David signaled for Miles to get it. Miles opened the door to see Kaya and Roger with four other men holding four body bags. “Bout damn time,” Miles said, watching them walk in. “And you took Reek with you. How’d our ‘new recruit’ do? “ Miles smirked.

Kaya looked at Kyle, the obsessed lackey who begged to be part of their crew standing in the corner looking both terrified and confused. He held a bottle of gasoline in his trembling hands, wondering what the hell was going on. “I honestly forgot he was here,” Kaya shrugged. “God, why do I have to babysit his lame ass?”

“Oh, don’t worry. I’ll take my young, budding protege off your hands so you can go back to fucking your brother again,” Miles snickered.

“Oh, shut up,” Kaya said. “You’re just jealous cause you’re on probation from this pussy.”

“Been there. Done that,” Miles smirked. “I’m good, Loose Lips.”

Kaya elbowed Miles in the gut as he burst out laughing. “What did I tell you about calling me that?!” she snapped at him.

“Jeez, Karma, you’ve become such a bitch since I’ve stopped fucking you,” Miles laughed. “Cryptonic not hitting it right?”

“You know what, Cain,” Roger started.

“Knock it off!” David snapped. He pointed at the four body bags that they dragged in. “What the fuck is that?”

Roger snapped his fingers and three of the men quickly went to unzip the bags. Kyle’s eyes bugged at the bodies and Tiana gasped when she saw Darren and Anna in two of them along with two other unknowns. “Anna! Darren!” she shrieked.

David looked at Roger and Kaya confused. “What the fuck?”

“You said you wanted four bodies,” Roger said.

David rubbed his temples in frustration. “I said four limbs. I didn’t want the whole damn cadaver. And why the hell did you bring her friends?”

“Options,” Kaya shrugged. “You know how fucking picky you are.”

Suddenly Tiana started hyperventilating. “You- you! You killed them?!”

“Oh my goooodddd! What a baby!” Kaya groaned. “Relax, they’re not even dead.”

Tiana sobbed until she heard Anna groan in pain in the body bag. “Anna!” Tiana rushed to move towards her when Miles quickly grabbed her and yanked her back on the floor. “David, please!” Tiana begged. David looked at Tiana who was crying desperately as she strained against her ropes. “Please don’t hurt them! Please just leave them alone!”

David sighed. “Pack them up. We’re moving locations.”

“You still need to pick two,” Miles reminded him.

David pulled out his gun and aimed at the body bags. “NO! WAIT!” Tiana cried.

Kyle covered his ears and two gunshots rang in the air as David shot the two other body bags next to Darren and Anna’s. “Now. Let’s go,” David snapped. He tucked his gun back into his pocket and headed for the door. Tiana looked on stunned as blood started to seep into the floor from the other two body bags. She was grateful Anna and Darren weren’t killed, but she was absolutely terrified at what was in store for them next.

“Now you’ve made him angry,” Roger said to his sister.

“He’s just stressed,” Kaya shrugged. “Once we make this shipment he’ll be fine.”

Roger snapped at the other three guys. One of them got down on the ground and pulled out a saw knife while the other two picked up Anna and Darren. “What are you doing?!” Tiana blurted.

“We’re going on a little trip,” Miles smirked. He moved behind her to pick her up. Tiana gagged when she saw one of the guys start to saw the arm off of one of the bodies David had shot. Kyle immediately vomited all over the floor.

“God... this guy is such a fucking useless punk ass bitch,” Kaya groaned.

Roger smirked. “You. Reek,” he said, snapping at Kyle.

Kyle looked at Roger and wiped his mouth. “Y-yea?”

“Grab a saw and help him,” Roger ordered.

Kyle’s eyes bugged. “W-what? But that-”

“You wanted to be part of the crew, right, hotshot?” Kaya smirked. “Then pick up a fucking saw, or you’ll be the next damn body bag.”

Kyle trembled as he fell to his knees. His hands shook as he grabbed the saw. He looked over at the other terrified dark-skinned woman. She shook her head, looking at him with pleading eyes before Miles stuck a needle in her shoulder and she immediately passed out.


Jason smashed a flat-screen TV on the ground before he let out a ferocious yell.

“FUCKING SHIT!” Tyler growled. The two had ransacked David and Miles’ apartment only to find that it was completely empty. The boys felt like they were on a wild goose chase. Every time they thought they had found the right location, it always turned up empty.

“This can’t be happening,” Jason said, running his fingers through his hair. He plopped down on the couch and tried to calm his shaking hands. He looked up as Tyler frantically paced the living room.

“What do we do?! What the fuck do we do?!” Tyler snapped.

Jason’s phone went off, and he rushed to answer it. “Joey,” Jason said. “Please tell me you fucking have something.”

“... they’re not here, guys,” Joey said. “I’ve checked five warehouses including the one we kept Roger... They’re all empty.”

“SHIT!” Tyler said, smashing his fist into the wall.

Jason looked at Tyler as he stuttered into the phone. “W-we gotta think,” Jason said. “We have to keep looking.”

“Where, Jason?!” Tyler growled.

Jason swallowed hard as he clenched his fists, trying to think. “They have to want something. They wouldn’t just take them for no reason.”

“You saw what they did to Anna and Darren. They’re fucking psychopaths. They don’t need a reason,” Tyler said.

“No, Jason is right,” Joey said on the line. “I did some digging on the group. Ran through some of Darren’s research that he decoded from Dante’s file. HeaTWave has four members: Karma. Cryptonic. Cain... and Nero. Apparently the four of them went to the same boarding school when they were younger.”

“Stereotypical creepy-ass schools for sick little rich white kids,” Jason muttered.

“Well, for this group that rings true,” Joey said. “Roger and Kaya are wealthy as shit, but they’re estranged from their parents. Apparently, their parents came home one night and found all their pets were dissected. They put them both in a psych ward and completely went off the grid just so they wouldn’t find them again. They were scared of them.”

“Not hard to see why...” Tyler muttered.

“So, they’re not Sons of the Elite,” Jason said. “Not like Miles and... David.”

“No,” Joey said. “Miles and David... They’re a whole other fucking different breed...”

“...what the fuck does that mean, Joey,” Tyler said tensely.

Joey sighed on the other end. “Miles is the estranged son of Elite member Douglas Schulz and his ex-wife, Greta Urich. David is the son of Elite members Tom and Jess Michaelson. Three out of those parents were brutally murdered in such a way that the Elite themselves have considered David and Miles off-limits... I’m sure you can guess why...” Joey said apprehensively.

Tyler and Jason shared a dreadful look as their faces immediately went pale.


Tiana struggled to breathe in the body bag she was stuffed in. Her mouth was covered with tape and her wrists and ankles had been restrained even tighter before Miles hauled her and everyone else into a vehicle. She tried to make out where they were, but she was stuck with another needle before they even left.

She finally woke up when she felt herself get tossed onto something soft. She heard a zipping sound before the body bag opened and she looked up at Miles’ sinister grin. “Hello, princess... you get the royal treatment,” he said, rolling her over.

She squirmed until she realized she was on a large bed in a rather dark room. The sheets were red silk. The room screamed wealth and elegance as she looked up at the chandelier above her. She scanned the room to see a large window covered with dark red curtains. A long table sat at the front of the room with two large computers in front of a huge mirror.

She squirmed backward as Miles removed the body bag from the bed. He smirked at her haphazard movement. “You should consider yourself lucky,” he said. “David isn’t often fond of women. Actually, he doesn’t like people in general. Yet, for some reason, he’s taken a liking to you...”

She breathed heavily against the tape as Miles pulled out his phone. “He was supposed to kill you,” he said, looking at his phone. “A while ago. He had plenty of opportunities to end your life.” Miles looked at her startled face. “That was always the plan. Get the file from you... and then kill Dante’s bitch sister.”

Tiana looked at him confused. “Oh right,” Miles laughed, sitting on the bed. “I keep forgetting you don’t know shit. It’s kinda cute.” Tiana anxiously moved back from him as he pulled out a knife and an apple. “So... Dante. You know Dante, right? Your super-intelligent but also pretty fucking dumb brother used to be a part of this team. He was a fucking genius,” Miles said, slicing the apple and eating a piece.

“He must have done hundreds of operations with us. For a while, I thought the conniving, manipulative piece of shit was actually my friend,” Miles laughed. “Fucking idiot, right?” Tiana swallowed hard as she watched Miles continue to slice his apple.

“So, one day, your lying ass brother decided to betray us. His fucking friends. We embraced him like he was family. Little did we know he was working with our rival group. You know the walking dicks you let fuck you all the damn time? Yea, them. We were working with him on a very important assignment. And you know what he did?”

Tiana looked at him as he got in her face with the knife. “He fucked us over! The little shit fucked. us. over! He stole all our fucking research. All our work! And code-locked that shit. Do you know how much money that fucking assignment was worth?! Your little brain wouldn’t be able to comprehend it,” Miles said, waving the knife in her face.

“So... my boy David had to take one for the team and try to woo your naive little ass because the information Dante stole from us was on a drive that he left for... can you guess?” Miles smirked. Tiana trembled as Miles’ grin widened.

“That’s right. YOU! He left that shit for you! Not only that. He locked it with a code only you would know! Now... you might be thinking... Why would my brother do all this? Betray two different groups and leave me at the mercy of both? Well, guess what, princess... I’m wondering the same fucking thing. All I know is I want my shit.”

Tiana stared wide-eyed as Miles flashed the knife at her. “And if David weren’t so weirdly attached to you, I’d do whatever I’d have to do-” He brought the knife to her cheek. “To get. that. shit. back.” Tears trickled down Tiana’s cheek as she felt him press the knife into her face, nicking her skin.

“But... for some odd reason, the motherfucker is actually... in love with you,” Miles laughed. “Imagine that... a man who created an entire empire at the age of 17... and can kill without blinking... found...love. It’d be cute if it didn’t make me feel so sick.”

Miles leaned back as he smirked at her. “You must have some bomb ass pussy to neuter my ruthless Nero like that... And you gave him that ass like what... once?” Tiana’s nostrils flared in anger. The door flew open and she quickly looked up to see David walk through the door. He looked her over before his eyes switched to Miles in annoyance.

“Why is she still tied up,” David said irritably.

“You really trust her out of these ropes?” Miles asked. “You cut her loose, and she’ll make a run for it.”

David looked at Tiana. “Darren is bleeding out. Kaya is still playing with Anna. And Owen...” Tiana’s eyes widened as she caught the dark look in David’s gaze. “So no... I don’t think she’s going anywhere. She’s a smart girl. She won’t make stupid decisions to get her friends killed. Isn’t that right, Tiana?” Tiana just glared at him as angry tears streamed down her face.

“Nod for ‘yes’. Or I’ll bring one of their fingers back, and we can play a fun guessing game,” David said calmly. Tiana swallowed down a sob and quickly nodded her head. “See?” David smiled at Miles. “She’s much smarter than Dante.”

“Remains to be seen...” Miles smirked. He stood up from the bed. “Did the shipment make it to its destination?”

“Delivered and received,” David said, leaning against the dresser. “Thanks to Tiana and our little break-in at the B-R Data Storage Unit.” He walked up to Tiana and grabbed her chin. “You are... the gift that keeps on giving...” She mumbled angrily behind the tape, and it made Miles chuckle. “Miles,” David said, looking at Tiana. “Go check on Owen for me.”

Tiana immediately stopped mumbling, and a grin came to Miles. “Sure thing,” Miles said, walking to the door.

David sat on the bed and waited for Miles to leave. He reached for Tiana’s face and pulled the tape from her mouth. Tiana squealed from the pain of the tape ripping off of her skin. “You’re fucking crazy!” she snapped at him.

“I can understand why you’re upset,” David said, standing up. “But in time you’ll come to understand.” She looked at David and couldn’t believe this was the same guy she had fallen for. He was still just as handsome. Had the same adorable dimples that used to make her stomach flip. But he was a completely different person she didn’t recognize. His unpredictability terrified her.

“Where… where are we?” she asked.

“One of our many stations,” David said, taking off his jacket. He turned to look at her. “That’s all you need to know.” Tiana watched as David changed his shirt and fixed himself up in the mirror. “You’ll stay here until I need you,” David said, putting on a suit jacket.

“Need me for what?” she asked.

“There’s a small bathroom behind one of those doors,” he said, ignoring her question. “Some clothes in the dresser. Food in the fridge.”

“Need me for what, David?” she persisted.

“The door locks from the outside,” he said, turning around to face her. “If you try to leave, I will deliver each of your friends to you piece by piece, and you can play connect the tendons with their body parts.”

Tiana looked at him startled by the gruesome threat that he said with such calmness and ease. She didn’t dare try to call him on his bluff. “What... did I do for you to target me like this?” she asked. “To target me and my friends?”

“Well, it’s not really your fault, Tiana. It’s Dante’s. He forced my hand,” David said. “And apparently, he didn’t really give a shit about you or your friends to put you guys in this kind of danger.” Tiana watched him as he slapped on a watch. “But don’t worry. This will all be over soon...”

Tiana didn’t like his ominous tone. She swallowed hard as he took out a pocket knife and walked towards her. He looked at her as he grabbed the rope binding her ankles together. His eyes roamed over her dark brown legs barely covered by the short dress from the night before, up to her thighs that she quickly closed. He smirked amused as he started to cut the rope. “The more you cooperate, the smoother this will be,” he said.

“I’m not doing shit for you until you let them go,” she snapped at him.

David looked at her with a raised brow. She panicked as he leaned forward, cornering her back against the headboard. “Let’s get something straight,” he said, looking her in the eye. “You don’t call the shots around here. I do. You don’t have a shit clue what’s going on. I do. You have no idea where we are. I do. And you don’t have control over your life or your friends’ lives. I... do...”

Tiana tried to swallow down the fear he sparked in her. She mustered a scoff as she kept eye contact with him. “And Miles said you were in love...” she mocked.

David searched her eyes before he pulled back. “Love is for the weak.”

“So you were lying then,” she said as he removed the ropes. “All that time. You lied about everything. About being in love with me.”

He looked at her again and grabbed the rope on her wrists as he roughly yanked her forward. “What does that matter to you?” he said coldly as he started to saw the rope from her hands. “You don’t feel the same way. You’re more than happy fucking the scum you’re with now.”

Tiana could sense the bitterness in his tone as he cut through the rope. Part of her considered attempting to beat the crap out of him and making a run for it. But he was right. She had no idea where they were. No clue where they were keeping Anna, Darren, and Owen. And no form of communication. She had to be smart and thoughtful about this and think of a plan.

She saw him toss the rope on the ground and tuck the pocket knife into his pocket before walking towards the door. “Where are you going?” she asked, rubbing the bruises on her wrist.

“I have work to do,” he said, opening the door.

“David, wait, please,” she said, crawling to the edge of the bed.

He stopped at the door and turned his head to the side. “What?” he said icily.

“I... I need to know that they’re okay. That they’re alive. If you won’t give me anything else, at least give me that,” she pleaded.

David looked up as if he were considering her request before he looked at her again. She saw that his facial expression softened slightly as he looked at her as if he actually somewhat cared.

“No,” he said simply. He walked out and slammed the door behind him.


“And you got this covered?”

“Yea,” Miles said, taking a file drive from David. “I’ll go set up while you debrief.” Miles went to walk out of the lab when he bumped into a trembling Kyle whose clothes were stained with blood. “There you are, Reek,” Miles smirked. “You look like you could use a shower.”

“C-can I g-go now,” Kyle begged.

“Actually, I have another assignment for you,” Miles grinned. He grabbed Kyle’s shoulder and led him outside.

Kaya folded her arms across her chest as she watched Miles walk out of the lab. She set her eyes on David who was now wearing one of his signature Elite suits as he wrote on a dry erase board. She waited for him to look at her, but he wouldn’t give her so much as a quick glance.

“These two shipments made it out East,” David said. “While Miles is setting up, we need to plan for two more in the North and another three in the South. I need you and Roger to roll these two out by morning.” Kaya just stared at David as she sucked her teeth. David turned to face her when she didn’t respond. “Did you hear what I said?”

“Yea, I heard what you said,” she scoffed.

David raised a curious brow as he leaned back against the table. “Do we have a problem, Kaya?”

Kaya sucked her teeth again. “Are you really gonna keep Dante’s bitch sister around?”

David sighed as he rubbed his temples. “Kaya, we discussed this.”

“No. We discussed you getting the fucking code from her and that’s it. Why the fuck is she still around?!” Kaya snapped. “I mean fuck, Dav-” She stopped when she saw David raise his hand to silence her. “David!” But he quickly shushed her again. He looked at her with a dark glimmer in his gaze.

“I’m going to need you... to lower your volume.. and fix your tone,” he said firmly.


“Are you really gonna make me repeat myself?” he snapped at her. Kaya quieted herself as she watched David turn back around to the board. “Can you handle this job or not?” David asked, writing on the board again.

She took a deep breath to calm herself and slowly walked up to him, rubbing his back. “Baby...” she moaned, kissing his neck. “You know I don’t like you snapping at me unless it’s in bed...”

“Then don’t give me a reason to snap,” David said as he continued to scribble away.

Kaya exhaled impatiently as she grabbed his arm and turned him around to face her. “Hey,” she said, grabbing his face between her hands. “Look, I get you’re stressed-”

“Kaya,” he said, pulling her hands away from his face. But she quickly sifted her hand beneath his shirt, touching his abs as the other hand descended to his crotch.

“But what do you say... you and I hop in the shower,” she said, kissing his chest as she groped his manhood. “You can let out some of that... tension. Just like old times...” Kaya grabbed David’s neck, pulling him down into a hungry kiss. Her hand eagerly moved into his pants before he quickly grabbed her wrist.

She looked at him startled as he looked her in the eye. “Get. Back. To work,” he said, shoving her off. She stumbled backward as she looked at him offended.

“Ever since you started hanging around that bitch you haven’t touched me once!” she snapped at him.

“I’m busy, Kaya,” he said, writing on the board again.

“Is it true?” she asked angrily. “Is what Miles said true? You’re in love with her? That’s why you’re keeping her ass around?”

“Kaya, if I have to tell you one more damn time-”

“Seriously, David?!” she growled. “You’re choosing her over me?!”

David impatiently spun around and grabbed her by her arm. “You were never a choice, Kaya. Now get the fuck out and do your damn job.” She looked at him heatedly, turned on by his aggression. “I swear you’re like a dog in heat sometimes,” David sucked his teeth in disgust as he let her go. “Go fuck Roger if you need to. We don’t have time for this shit.”

Kaya angrily ground her teeth before she snatched the file from him and stormed out of the room.


Tiana had nearly turned the room upside down looking for anything she could use to pick the lock of the door. The windows had been sealed shut, giving her a view of nothing but water.

She sat in the middle of the floor and cradled her head, trying not to panic. Her head was still throbbing from whatever drug Miles pumped her with. She desperately missed Jason and Tyler. Her heart broke when she thought of Owen. She was terrified thinking about how injured Anna and Darren were.

She had to get to them. She had to save her friends.

She quickly got up from the floor and rushed to the computer screens that only had a keypad and a mouse. She clicked around, but David and Miles made a good job of giving her restricted access. She groaned in frustration when she noticed a small card on the desk. She picked it up and her eyes widened with confusion and shock. It was a business card.

“David Michaelson, Prosthetic Engineer,” she read. “Of BioPharma Tech Co.?”


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