Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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36b. - This Is What You Wanted Pt. 2

“I can’t imagine how you must feel, David,” Tiana said, tightening her grip on David’s hand. “And I’m so sorry you suffered such a terrible childhood. I’m sorry about your brother.”

“It made me better,” David corrected her. “I only took what they taught me and used it to help the world.”

Tiana took a deep breath. She wished she could find another way out of this, but at least he softened up. She knew she had to run with it while his guard was still down. “I want to be there for you,” she said. The two of them locked eyes with each other as Tiana moved closer to him on the bed.

David scoffed. “Are you trying that pathetic manipulation tactic where you pretend to love me?”

Tiana internally cursed, wishing this had the same effect in real life that it had in movies. She turned to him and hesitated at the unconvinced expression on his face. “Is this pretending?” she asked. She grabbed his face and leaned in. Tiana expected David to smack her to the ground the moment her lips made contact with his. But instead, he barely moved. He roughly grabbed her arm and yanked her off.

“What are you doing?!” he demanded.

“I-” she started but David forcefully grabbed her throat. His eyes darkened as he stared at her suspiciously.

“I know how you really feel about me,” he said to her. “So what the fuck are you doing?!” Tiana tried to speak but it came out in squeaks as his grip tightened on her throat. She hit his hand, trying to breathe until he finally let go. She gasped for air as she started to cough and rubbed her sore throat. “Stop fucking with me,” he said, watching her.

Tiana continued to cough as she shook her head and tried to keep her tears back. “I-I’m just trying to start over,” she coughed.

David watched her curiously as she took deep breaths. Every time Tiana swallowed, it hurt. She shook her head in frustration when she felt David grab her arm again. He grabbed her chin, directing her face to his. “Do you agree with my purpose?” he asked.

Tiana gave David an awkward look. “I don’t agree, but I... I understand,” she said hesitantly.

“That’s half the battle,” David said. He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her close. “But do I believe you.” Tiana blinked at him and took a breath of strength as she put her hand to his chest. She leaned forward again and pushed her lips against his, this time meeting an immediate reaction from him.

David held her head firmly against his lips as his tongue worked between her lips to find her own. He wrapped a hand around her waist and felt her trembling. He pulled back to look at her. “You’re trembling,” he said, looking at her. “Are you afraid of me?”

Tiana couldn’t tell if that was a trick question or not. Was he the type of sicko that got off on other people’s fear and pain? “No,” she breathed out.

His eyes probed hers before he slammed his lips into hers again. Tiana tried to catch her breath as David pulled her onto his lap. He slipped his hands beneath her shirt, touching her bare back. His mouth scoured down her neck before nestling into her bosom. She felt his teeth bite through the cloth as he nibbled on the swell of her breast.

“David...” she said hesitantly. She felt his hands roam down her sides and palm her backside before squeezing hard. He lifted her shirt with his teeth and ran his tongue over her stomach. Tiana squirmed as he peeled her pants over the curve of her ass, exposing the top half. She felt his hands grab both her cheeks and pull them apart as he let out an agonizingly hungry groan.

He quickly got up with her in his arms and tossed her on the bed. Tiana seriously considered what she was willing to go through, and if it was worth it. “David, wait,” she said, crawling backward on the bed. David dropped his jacket to the floor and looked at her curiously. “I can’t do this until you promise to let my friends go. Anna? Darren? Ow-”

“You can see them when we’re done,” David said, crawling on the bed. Tiana took deep breaths as David crawled on top of her and kissed her again. She wanted him to let them go, but at least she’d be able to see them. He buried his face into her neck and inhaled deeply before he pulled back. Tiana caught the hungry look in his gaze as he reached for the hem of her jeans.

“Remember the first time I went down on you,” he said. He peeled her jeans down from underneath her ass and down her thighs.


“Do you. Remember?” he said more firmly as he tossed her jeans off of the bed. She nodded as his fingers thumbed her panties. She swallowed as they slipped beneath her panties and stroked her softness.

She panicked as he quickly removed her panties as well. His eyes moved from the heaven between her thighs he so desperately craved up her body until he locked eyes with her. “Do you remember what you said?” he asked, pulling her thighs apart.

“David, please,” she said with regret.

“You remember,” he said tensely. He rubbed rough circles on her clit with his thumb. “Say it.”


“Say his fucking name,” he said angrily as he painfully shoved two fingers inside of her. Tiana gasped as her back arched off of the bed. “If you make me repeat myself, Tiana, I swear-” he threatened as he roughly pumped into her.

“Jason!” she blurted. “I said Jason!” Tiana breathed out as she felt David remove his fingers. She looked at him to see him sucking his fingers into his mouth as he kept his eyes on her.

“Jason...” he scoffed. “And where’s your Jason now?” She tried to move back as he moved between her legs, but her head met the headboard. His grip was so tense on her thighs it was painful. He unfolded her like a flower and eyed her like a full course meal. “Say it right this time,” he growled.

Tiana gasped as David plunged his tongue deep into her canal. His mouth moved with such furious speed against her core that her body shivered uncontrollably. “Tiana!” he snapped at her. She jumped startled before she stuttered his name. Her hands tightly clutched the headboard as her thighs tightened around his neck.

David had Tiana scream his name until her throat was sore. Afterward, he cradled her in his arms. He told her that he loved her, and kissed her tenderly, but she knew it was punishment. He had intended to show her that he had full ownership of her and her life.


David licked his lips as he walked down the stairs to where Owen was being held. He stopped when he saw an unconscious body next to Darren’s. Owen was breathing heavily in the corner. “Shit...” David smirked as he approached Owen. “Even when you’re chained up like a dog, you still manage to be a fucking pest.”

“Now I’m a pest,” Owen coughed with a smirk. “I thought I was your inspiration.”

“You know what they say... Never meet your heroes,” David said, putting his hands in his pockets.

Owen tried to control his breathing. His chest hurt every time he inhaled. “What do you want now, you piece of shit?” Owen muttered. “Where’s Tiana?”

“Oh, Tiana?” David asked. “Well, let’s see... She’s currently in my bed... recuperating from how hard I tongued her down.” Owen’s nostrils flared as he angrily rushed towards David who quickly moved out of the way. Owen groaned in agony as his body hit the ground hard. “There’s that aggression I love so much,” David chuckled. “Are you upset because she’s mine now, or... because you couldn’t join us?”

Owen forced himself to roll over on his back and looked up at David. “I will fucking kill you. I swear to god I will make you suffer if you touch her again.”

David laughed. “Are these the same false promises you made to Jay? No wonder he was so quick to work with me.”

Owen looked at David in pure shock. “W-what?”

“Oh yea, good ol’ Jay. Pretty cute. You certainly have a type. But he was a huge pain in the ass with all that crying. Only took a couple grand to get him to disappear.”

“He... he shot you,” Owen said in shock.

“Eh,” David shrugged. “Had to get you guys off my back somehow. It was kinda risky. He didn’t have great aim when we practiced, so I had to take extra precaution with the blood bag.”

Owen shook his head. “No. No fucking way. You were in a damn coma.”

“Medically-induced,” David smiled. “Pays to be a Son of the Elite in the medical field. So many connections. Certainly helped with the disposing of his body.”

Owen’s eyes widened in shock. “You killed him?!”

David shrugged. “Loose ends, Owen. Loose ends.”

“You’re fucking crazy!” Owen blurted angrily.

“That’s the quote of the day,” David chuckled. “You know what your problem is, Owen? You don’t think big enough. You’re too thoughtful. Too considerate. That’s small thinking. It’s the reason why you’re here. It’s the reason why you’re locked up down here instead of enjoying her... with me.”

He crouched down and leaned in, blowing in Owen’s face. “Can you smell her on my breath?” David smirked. “I bet you miss the way she tastes. God, I had nearly forgotten how good she tastes...”

“I swear on my life, I’ll fucking kill you,” Owen growled. He tried to head-butt David again, but he had already moved back.

“You’re not in hell, Owen. But I’m gonna make you wish you were,” David smirked before he walked out again. Owen glared before he shifted and pulled the phone out of his pocket to see the battery was nearly dead. He hoped Tyler and Jason were close.


Tiana leaned against the wall as she shimmied the handle of the door. After David had gone to town on her pussy, she mustered up the strength to catch the door before it closed behind him and slipped her hair tie in the crack before it locked fully.

It was extremely dark in the cold hallway. She barely recognized it from the last time Miles had brought her outside. Tiptoeing down the hall, she pressed her ear to each door until she heard crying. She slowly opened the door and saw Anna on the ground holding her hand to her bleeding leg with an arrow sticking out of it. “Anna!” Tiana blurted as she rushed towards her.

Anna’s bloodied, sweaty face looked up at Tiana in shock. “T-Tian-na?” Anna cried. “You-”

“Fuck! What the fuck?!” Tiana panicked. She crouched down next to Anna and looked at the arrow. “Okay, hold on,” Tiana said as she took off her sweater. “This is gonna hurt. Just take a deep breath.”

“No, no, wait, no, AH!” Anna squealed as Tiana yanked out the small arrow in her thigh. Anna cried hysterically as Tiana quickly bound her leg with the sweater and tied it tight.

“Come on. We’re getting out of here,” Tiana said. She grabbed Anna’s arm and helped her up. “Where’s Darren? And Owen?”

“I-I d-don’t know,” Anna sobbed when she caught movement by the door. “T-Tiana!” Anna shrieked, pointing. Tiana turned around and saw Kaya at the door with her crossbow in her hand.

“And just what the fuck are you doing with my pet?” Kaya snarled.

“Bitch! I will fuck you up!” Tiana shouted. She put Anna back down and charged at Kaya, knocking her into the wall. Anna put her hands to her face as she watched Tiana mount Kaya and punch her relentlessly in the face. Tiana saw Kaya raise her bow at her and moved just in time for the arrow to graze her arm, slicing across her skin.

Tiana held her hand to her bleeding arm just as Kaya kicked Tiana in the chest, knocking her on her back. Tiana’s eyes bulged when she saw Kaya point the crossbow at her and rolled to the side. She tackled Kaya again as they both tumbled to the floor. Tiana wrapped her hands around Kaya’s neck and squeezed tight as she tried to bang her head into the floor. But she felt someone wrap their arms around her waist and haul her off.

“GET OFF OF ME! GET OFF!” Tiana screamed as she tried to claw at Kaya.

“Calm the fuck down!” Miles growled as he yanked Tiana off.

“How the hell did she get out?” Roger asked, rushing in. He saw Kaya on the floor coughing, trying to catch her breath. “Oh, muffin,” Roger said, rushing to his sister. “You okay, baby?”


“Damn, she almost bested you,” Miles grinned as he restrained Tiana. “Badass.”

“Hold that fucking bitch,” Kaya said. She walked up to Tiana and punched her hard in the stomach. Tiana coughed before she hissed at Kaya holding a blade to the wound in her arm. “How do you like that you fuckin-”


Everyone grew silent as they turned to see David at the door. Tiana swallowed hard when she caught the disappointed look in David’s eyes to see she had left the room. She wondered how far this set her back with his trust in her. How much more of herself she’d have to give up for her friends’ freedom.

“Your bitch needs to know her fucking place,” Kaya sneered. She got in Tiana’s face when she was abruptly yanked back. David grabbed Kaya by the neck and slammed her up against the wall. Her feet dangled as he lifted her in the air. Kaya looked at him startled by the dark look in his gaze.

“You overestimate your value,” David said coldly. “Touch her again, and you’ll find yourself at the other end of that crossbow. Do you understand?” Kaya quickly nodded and David dropped her to the floor.

Tiana looked startled from Kaya to David who approached her. “No! No!” she said, trying to move away from him.

“I thought we were making progress,” David said, forcefully grabbing her chin.

“Please just let them fucking go!” she shouted at him. “I’m begging you! I’ll do whatever the fuck you want! Just let them go, David, please!”

David looked at her before he glanced at Roger. “Take her to the room,” David said. Roger grabbed Tiana from Miles and restrained her as he dragged her out of the room kicking and screaming.

Miles chuckled. “I thought you said she was coming around.”

“She was,” David muttered. He looked at Kaya. “Until this shit...”

“Damage control,” Miles grinned. “Oh, that reminds me.” Miles ran out of the room before he returned with two other men holding up a bruised Owen still in chains and barely conscious. “This asshole stole a phone off of one of our men and contacted his brother,” Miles said as they dropped Owen to the ground.

David looked at Owen annoyed. “You love pissing me the hell off.” He shook his head in frustration. “Knock them off our trail with a signal interrupter.”

“Already on it,” Miles said, turning around. He stopped himself and turned back around to David. “Permission to have fun,” he smirked.

David raised a curious brow. “Permission granted.”


Tiana sat on the toilet seat of the small bathroom with the door closed. Her face was drenched from all the cold water she splashed on her face, but it wasn’t enough to stave off the maddening dizzy spells from the drugs Roger injected her with before he locked her in the room.

Tiana felt like she was in a perpetual nightmare that she couldn’t escape. She didn’t even care what she went through, she just wanted to get her friends out of there. She heard the door open and panicked when she saw David walk in. She figured he’d be angry, and she did not have the energy to protect herself.

He crouched down in front of her and brought a towel to her face. She flinched, but he gently rubbed the towel over her face, wiping away the water and sweat. Tiana watched him fairly surprised as he dabbed away at the cut on her arm before putting a band-aid on it. “I hate seeing you like this,” David said, wiping the sweat from her neck. He trailed the towel down to her chest before he looked at her. “I prefer you... smiling.”

Tiana scoffed. “Are you kidding me?”

“I know, I know,” David sighed. “Things haven’t been that great for you, so... I will let Darren and Anna go.” Tiana blinked at him, not sure if she heard him correctly. “Did you hear me?” he said.

“Are you fucking with me?” she asked quickly.

“No,” he said. “I will free them... if you agree to cooperate with me and do what I say.”

Tiana searched his eyes. “What does that entail?”

“It’s a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question, Tiana,” he said firmly.

Tiana swallowed hard and quickly nodded. “Yes. Yes, I’ll do anything. Just please let them go.”

David kept his eyes on her as he pulled out his phone and sent a quick text. “Done.”

Tiana looked at him startled. “I need proof,” she said. David took out his phone and scrolled before he held it up to her. Tiana covered her mouth and felt tears brim in her eyes. She watched the security footage of Anna hugging Darren as they were stuffed into a taxi cab before it drove off. “Is this for real?” she asked, looking at him with shock.

“Dropping them back at the bar they were taken from,” David said, showing her the GPS tracker.

Tiana stared at the tracker before she looked at David. “... and Owen?”

David made a face as he shook his head. “I need leverage to make sure you follow through,” he said, standing to his feet.

“David, please! I already promised!” she said, quickly standing up. She felt her head spin again and lost her balance.

David caught her and held her steady as he pulled her close. “Wouldn’t you rather see him?” he asked, leading her out of the bathroom. Tiana froze when she saw Owen sitting in the corner of the room with his arms still chained behind his back.

“Owen!” she screamed as she immediately rushed for him. She fell to her knees in front of him and gently grabbed his battered shoulders. “Owen! Owen, baby, it’s me. It’s T,” she said as tears streamed down her face. She grabbed his face in her hands and couldn’t stop the tears from flowing at how bruised his face was.

“T... baby,” Owen said, breathing heavily as his strained blue eyes looked at her.

“God, what did they do to you?” she sobbed. She quickly grabbed a towel and dabbed at his wounds, trying to wipe the blood away from his face.

“Owen and I... reconciled,” David said, standing behind her. He watched her try to comfort Owen. “Right, Owen?”

Owen looked past Tiana at David smirking down at him. “I’ll... fucking... kill you,” Owen muttered as Tiana caressed his face.

“Owen, don’t. Please don’t provoke him. Just... let me take care of you,” she whispered to him as she kissed his bruised cheek.

“No, I don’t think so,” David said. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her up away from Owen.

“David-” she started when she felt her dizzy spell return. She grabbed her head in agony.

“You tried to leave, and yet not only did I release your friends but I also gifted you with seeing your lover,” David said. He wrapped his arms around Tiana’s waist and flushed her back against his chest. “Aren’t I generous? Forgiving?”

Tiana felt David’s hands travel up her sides before roughly groping both breasts. “Owen wanted to see you, and you wanted to see him,” David said, kissing her neck. “You should both be thanking me.” Tiana could hear a menacing tone in David’s voice. He was trying to anger Owen, and from the way Owen snarled, it was clearly working.

“In the time that I’ve known you and your motley crew, I’ve learned so much about you,” David said, tossing Tiana on the bed. Tiana felt her heart rate speed up as it got harder to breathe. She tried to look at Owen, but he became a blur. “Like how exciting sex can be for you,” David continued.

Tiana felt the bed move before she was pushed on her hands and knees. She saw her wrists get grabbed before she felt a rope tie around them and then to the headboard. “No,” Owen said, shaking his head. “No. No, don’t.”

“Is that why you were so unimpressed the first time?” David asked. He brought a pocket knife to Tiana’s shirt and ripped it off. “Because I wasn’t rough enough with you?”

“David, please,” she sobbed as she tried to pull back from the headboard.

“Please what?” David asked. “I thought you liked this sort of thing, right Owen?”

Owen gnashed his teeth in anger as he watched David rip the rest of Tiana’s clothes from her body. “DAVID!” he screamed at him. “Don’t you fucking dare! Don’t! I swear I will fucking rip you to pieces!” He pulled at his chains that bent the metal post it was locked to.

“Isn’t this what you wanted?” David asked as he released himself from his pants. “Isn’t this the kind of shit you guys like?” He started to stroke himself and heard Tiana whimpering. “Why are you crying, Tiana?” David asked sarcastically. “I thought you wanted to be there for me…”

“Please... not in front of Owen,” she begged, shaking her head.

“Owen?” David smirked as he glanced at his enraged captive. “You mean the same Owen who offered himself to me just so I could help you? Now, that’s what I call true love.”

Owen snarled as he yanked at his chain. “DAVID!”

David slid his fingers between Tiana’s lips and stroked her clit. “I told Owen I wanted both of you. And you know what he said?” David spoke in her ear. He looked at Owen as he slipped his finger inside her. “He said no.” David kept his eyes on Owen as he shoved his fingers inside Tiana’s canal. “He said I couldn’t have you. He said I couldn’t have either of you. Ironic, isn’t it?”

“DAVID! DAVID, JUST STOP!” Owen snarled as David removed his fingers. Tiana started hyperventilating as she felt David’s erect thickness slap against her ass. She looked up at Owen whose angry tears matched her own terrified ones.

“David, I fucking swear I will fucking kill you!” Owen growled. “DON’T DO THIS! DON’T! Fucking hell, she doesn’t deserve this! Just kill me okay?! David!” Owen was fully on his knees, pushing past the pain as he leered towards Tiana.

Tiana’s cry rang out as David sunk his shaft balls-deep into her cunt. “NO!” Owen growled. “Tiana! No! Fucking hell! Not her! Not my baby. Not my girl! Fuck!”

Tiana tried to breathe and see past the tears that blurred her eyes to make out Owen’s face. She could see him trying to get to her if not for the chains holding him back. There was a loud popping sound. Her mouth dropped when she realized Owen’s arm had popped out of his shoulder socket. But the look on Owen’s face hadn’t changed as he stared at her angry and terrified.

“Tiana, baby, look at me,” Owen said desperately. “It’s okay, baby. I’m gonna get you out of here. I fucking swear. I’m-”

“She’s not going anywhere,” David said. He wrapped his hand with her hair and pulled her head back. “And neither are you.”

Tiana squealed as she felt David slap her ass hard till it stung. She tried to breathe as David pounded into her from behind. She slowed her tears for the sake of her enraged lover in front of her looking like he was about to combust. “I love you,” she breathed out, trying to comfort him. “I love you so much. I’m... sorry. I-”

“Don’t. I love you, baby, I’m so sorry,” Owen cried. “I’m so fucking sorry, baby! T, I- DAVID!” Owen growled.

Tiana felt David’s hand wrap around her neck and lift her head back as he fucked her mercilessly. She looked up into his darkened eyes and shivered at the sinister grin on his face.

“Who’s your fucking daddy now?”


“How the fuck do they keep moving locations?! That was at least an 80-mile jump!” Tyler angrily kicked a can across the highway. He and Jason parked their bikes by the side of the freeway when their tracker on Owen’s phone call suddenly disappeared.

“This is fucking insane,” Jason said. He crouched down as he dug his fingers into his hair. “We’re going fucking insane!” Jason thought he was going to lose his mind. HeaTWave was sending them on a wild goose chase for friends they weren’t even sure were still alive.

Tyler’s phone went off, and he quickly went to answer it. “OWEN!” Tyler blurted.

“It’s Joey.”

“Dammit, what is it?!” Tyler growled.

“You won’t believe it, but I just got a location for Anna and Darren,” Joey said. “It seems like they’re in a vehicle, but it’s not moving. I’m sending you guys coordinates and headed there now.”

“We’ll meet you there!” Tyler said, snapping his fingers at Jason. They hopped back on their bikes.

“I swear I’m gonna kill this fucking son of a bitch,” Jason growled. He went to put on his helmet when he got a video message from a restricted number. “Ty,” Jason said, waving Tyler over.

“We don’t have time for this shit, Jason. We gotta go before they disappear too,” Tyler said.

“Would you just come the fuck over here,” Jason snapped. “It could be another signal from Owen.” Tyler sucked his teeth and walked over to him as Jason clicked play on the video.

“Isn’t this what you wanted? Isn’t this the kind of shit you guys like?”

“David, I fucking swear I will fucking kill you! DON’T DO THIS! DON’T!”

Tyler and Jason looked on in horrified shock at their woman crying from the bed she was tied to while Owen helplessly watched.

Tyler’s ferocious growl pierced the air before the smell of oil fuel suffocated the sky.

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