Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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37 - The Street Run Red with My Rage

Happy Birthday!”

Tiana walked into the kitchen and smiled so brightly that she showed all teeth. She looked up at Jason and Tyler standing behind the kitchen counter hovering over a large chocolate cake. “Aww! You guys,” she smiled. She turned to look at Owen beside her. “You shouldn’t have.”

“It’s your birthday, T. Of course, we had to,” Owen said. He grabbed her hand and led her to the counter.

“We made your favorite,” Jason smirked. “Chocolate cake.”

“Uh... more like Owen made it,” Tyler grinned. He sat down on one of the kitchen bar stools and grabbed Tiana’s waist to sit her on his lap. Tiana melted into Tyler’s comforting and protective embrace as he wrapped his arms around her, holding her tight. She could feel his lips against the nape of her neck as he nuzzled her softly.

“You know we couldn’t do store-bought,” Owen said, leaning against the counter next to Jason. Tiana looked up at the two of them and felt her heart flutter at the warm smiles on their faces. They looked back at her with such love.

“We wanted to take you out to dinner, but...” Jason started.

“We really just wanna keep you here...” Tyler said softly against her ear.

Tiana smiled. “I love you guys so much....”

“We love you too, baby,” Owen smiled back.

Tiana looked down at the cake and grinned. “Is this cake our dinner?”

“Dinner is on its way,” Owen said. “This is dessert.”

“We ordered takeout aaaaaand... a scary movie,” Jason said, slapping the table.

“Mmm, which movie?” she asked.

“Your favorite... ‘Scream’,” Owen said.

“Yesssssss!” Tiana said, pumping her fist in the air. “You know me too well. But how long do we have to wait for cause, bruh... I’m starving.”

“Give her a piece of cake,” Tyler nudged with his head.

“Absolutely not. She’ll ruin her appetite,” Owen protested.

“Okay, grandma,” Jason teased.

“Come on, Owen,” Tiana pleaded.

Owen smirked. “Fine. You get a taste.” She watched Owen as he swiped two fingers against the icing before bringing it to her lips. She locked eyes with him and opened her mouth before sucking his fingers between her lips. Owen’s Adam’s apple bobbed with want and desire as he felt his dick throb from the sensual way she licked his fingers.

“Damn, Tiana...” Tyler said. She felt him harden beneath her and squirmed slightly until he grabbed her to hold her still. “Don’t do that, baby. You’re killing me,” Tyler groaned.

“She’s already killed me,” Jason muttered. He wrapped his hand around the base of her neck and pulled her head forward. “Holy fuck, baby, that was so hot.” Jason’s lips attacked her own as his tongue moved furiously around hers, licking the chocolate from her mouth.

“See... This is how we end up in the bedroom fucking her while the food gets cold,” Owen smirked.

“Microwaves are one of the world’s best inventions,” Jason said against her lips.

“Alright, damn, Jason. Let her breathe. Fuck,” Tyler said, pulling her back slightly. Tiana gasped as she tried to catch her breath.

“Save it for her birthday gift,” Owen grinned.

“You guys got me a birthday gift?” she asked excitedly.

“Yea, it’s a lap dance,” Jason said. He turned around and shook his rear on her lap.

“JASON!” Tiana laughed as Tyler covered his face in embarrassment. She slapped Jason’s ass until he finally moved off her.

Owen chuckled amused. “It’s a step up from his birthday sex idea.”

“Step up? We’re still having birthday sex. That’s like the whole fucking point of birthdays,” Jason grinned. “Foursome up in this bitch! I call dibs on that ass.”

“Like hell you do,” Owen said with a raised brow.

“Owen, you’ve been straight monopolizing her ass,” Jason said. “Don’t make me have to arm wrestle you for it.”

“Are you guys serious?!” Tiana laughed with embarrassment. “Why are y’all like this?”

“I don’t know why you’re surprised,” Tyler teased. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head.

“Well, that’s one way to end an argument,” Jason said, staring at her breasts. “God, I wanna suck them so badly.”

“Guys!” Tiana laughed. She attempted to cover her chest when Owen grabbed her hand to keep them down.

“What did we say about trying to hide your body from us,” Owen said, lacing his fingers with hers. He leaned in and smothered her lips with his as she felt Tyler unlatch her bra from behind her back.

“There go my girls...” Jason groaned. He ran his finger up her torso and eagerly grabbed one of her breasts.

“Wait,” Tyler said, removing his lips from her neck. “Still need to get rid of this.” Jason and Owen stepped back and Tiana looked down to see Tyler grab the necklace they had given her and rip it from her neck. She gasped from the sting of the chain slicing against her skin and quickly grabbed the back of her neck.

Tiana coughed against the tiled wall and looked down to see a wet hand holding her broken 3-heart necklace that Owen, Tyler, and Jason had gifted her with for graduation. “You won’t be needing this...” she heard a familiar voice say as she saw her broken necklace get tossed on the bathroom floor of the shower.

Tiana blinked rapidly until she remembered where she was. “Ah!” She groaned as her face slammed against the wet tile of the shower wall as David thrust deep inside her from behind. As if the water didn’t already make her feel like she was drowning, she felt David’s hand wrap around her neck from behind and squeeze tight.

She gasped, trying to breathe as David held her tight and pounded her into the tile. Her body slapped violently against the hard wall as his grunts filled her ears. “God, you feel so fucking good, baby...” David moaned in her ear as he licked behind her earlobe.

She tried desperately to hold back her tears but couldn’t tell anyway from the water splashing against her face. She had tried to think of her men. Better times. Happy times. Hopeful times. But David always managed to steal her right back into her harsh reality.

She felt his thumb press against her lower back where her RVG tattoo was before he painfully scratched her skin. “I’m going to have to carve this tattoo off your back,” he said behind her. “I saw it when we first made love... and it enraged me... that you would let them defile your perfect beautiful body like this.” Tiana cringed as she felt his nail scratch against her skin so roughly, it felt as if he were trying to skin her.

“I would have carved it off of you myself with a switchblade as I did with the brand my father singed onto my waist with a metal rod,” he said. Tiana’s eyes widened in terror, hoping he didn’t get any ideas. “But I don’t want to scar your beautiful skin any more than it already is. Plus, you’d probably want anesthesia. I know a few good surgeons.”

He grabbed her hips and Tiana squealed as he slammed into her again. “I love you so much, Tiana, it’s... maddening sometimes...” She shivered as he kissed her neck and massaged her ass with his palm. He felt her trembling and loosened his grip on her throat. “Don’t cry, baby... I hate to see you cry. I don’t want to handle you like this but, you just... don’t listen...”

Tiana tried to gasp for air as his grip once again tightened around her throat. “If you just listened to me, this would be so much easier for the both of us,” he said, kissing her neck again. She tried to choke out an ‘okay’. “What was that?” he asked, loosening his grip.

“Okay,” she coughed. “I’ll...I-I’ll listen...” David smiled satisfied as he let go of her throat and pulled out of her. Tiana breathed a sigh of relief before he turned her around and pushed her back against the cold wet shower wall. “D-David,” she said apprehensively as she pressed her palms against his wet chest.

“I want to see your face when I make you come,” he said, grabbing her hips and lifting her onto his waist. He forced her to wrap her legs around him as he sunk his length deep inside her again. “There we go...” he said, looking into her eyes. “There’s that beautiful face I love so much.” Tiana’s bottom lip trembled as David grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. “God, you’re amazing, you know that?” he smiled at her.

Tiana took a deep breath and cringed as he started pounding into her. Her back was hitting the wall so hard she knew it was going to leave bruises. No matter how many times David said he loved her, she felt the sinister part of him every time. Every thrust was an act of ownership. And the way he would harshly slap her ass before he roughly grabbed her felt like nothing but pure punishment. For daring not to love him the way he loved her. The way she loved them...

He grabbed her head and forced her to kiss him as he continued to roughly fuck her. She dragged her nails down his back, trying to break the skin and hurt him, but it only seemed to turn him on more. He grabbed her hair and violently yanked her head back.

“I knew you liked it rough,” he smirked darkly. He tightened his grip on her hair so harshly she thought for sure he’d tear her scalp. “You’re not a good girl at all, are you? You’re a dirty girl that likes to get the shit fucked out of her.”

Tiana tried desperately to catch her breath as David picked up his pace. It felt like he was trying to kill her with his penis. There was more pain than pleasure. She was practically begging for him to finally come so he could leave her sore, bruised body alone to recuperate.

She closed her eyes tight as she felt her release creeping up on her. She had learned her lesson after David had slapped her ass raw last time making her scream his name. “Oh, god, David!” she groaned. “I’m-I’m gonna come.”

David grinned smugly as he grabbed her hands and pinned them to the wall behind her as he fucked her harder. “Say my name again,” he demanded. Tiana screamed out his name multiple times until she climaxed all over his hard member. She heard him utter a deep groan before she felt his dick pulsate, and he came deep inside her as well.

She looked up at the ceiling as she tried to remember when was the last time she took her birth control. But she couldn’t even figure out how long he had been keeping her. She prayed to God he wouldn’t get her pregnant.

He pulled out of her and leaned her against the wall as he stepped out of the shower to dry himself off. Tiana had contemplated several different ways she could try to escape David. But every way was thwarted by how often he kept her drugged. She could barely even stand straight most times if he weren’t holding her up himself.

And the side effects were awful. Constant nausea and dizziness. The headaches were so intense she couldn’t even sleep to find relief. Sometimes the pain was so bad, she hoped that whatever drug they were pumping her with would kill her sooner than later.

At least Anna and Darren were safe. But Owen...

“Come here,” David said, holding out his hand to her. Tiana hesitated when she saw his brows narrow. “Come. here,” he said more firmly. Tiana cautiously stepped out of the shower before he grabbed her hand and yanked her forward until her naked body slapped against his. “You can be so damn stubborn sometimes...” he said, caressing her face as he stared into her eyes.

Tiana tried to avoid his gaze, but he turned her head. “Look at me,” he ordered. She swallowed before she reluctantly looked at him. “I love you, Tiana... You know that right?” he asked her. David had to be the most disturbed person she had ever met. Yet, he looked and acted like a completely normal person. And that’s what scared her most.

“Tiana,” he said, roughly grabbing her chin. “I asked you a fucking question.”

“Y-Yes, David,” she said quickly. “I know.” David smiled charmingly as he pressed his lips against hers again, slipping his tongue into her mouth.


“Put this on,” David said, leading Tiana to his bed where a black dress lay on it. “I’ll be back.” She watched him walk out the door and lock it before she sighed and picked up the dress.

She walked into the small bathroom and slipped on the dress. It clung to her curves, exposing ample cleavage and stopped mid-thigh. She didn’t understand how he managed to get her a dress that made her look like both a businesswoman and a stripper. She walked out of the bathroom to the other side of the room when her eyes widened in shock.

“OWEN!” she screeched. She caught her lover crumpled in the corner, a bloody mess. She knew David had Owen beaten when he pulled her into the shower. She didn’t think it would be this bad. His face was swollen and bloody. His arms were still chained behind his back. One of them was swollen and discolored from being dislocated. He didn’t even look conscious.

“Owen!” she rushed to him and dropped to her knees. She immediately started crying and hesitated on where to touch him that wouldn’t cause him pain. “Oh god, baby, I’m so sorry! I’m so sorry, Owen,” she cried as she tried to clean his face.

“You know I don’t allow this, Tiana.” She felt David grab her by her waist and yank her off the floor. She hadn’t even heard him come in.

“David, please! He’s-”

“Alive,” David said, holding her body against his. “Right, Owen?” Tiana stared at Owen in shock as he slowly raised his bloodied and bruised head. One eye was swollen shut but the other looked right at her. “See?” David smiled. “He’s a champ. Though I’m annoyed they bruised that handsome face. He barely looks fuckable. I’ll send someone in later to clean him up.”

Tiana shook her head as she started to cry. “Enough of that,” David said, making her stand straight. “Let me admire my girl.” Tiana tried to control her breathing as she felt David run his hands along her sides. She eagerly searched the room for something to fight him off with. But he treated her like a child. No sharp objects allowed. She was in a perpetual state of fatigue and weakness. She had never felt so helpless.

“How does she look, Owen?” David taunted. He cupped Tiana’s breasts from behind, giving them a possessive squeeze. He nestled his chin between her neck and shoulder and looked at her in the mirror before glancing at Owen. “Beautiful, isn’t she?”

Tiana felt David’s hand creep beneath her dress before lifting the hem to her waist. He slipped his hand into her panties and stroked her with two fingers. “God, she’s so wet,” David moaned as he kept his eyes on Owen. “I bet you miss this, don’t you, Evans…”

Even though his eyes were swollen, Tiana could still see the deep-seated anger and rage in Owen’s eyes. She hated that David was using her to torture and mock the man she loved. “Do we look like a power couple...” David chuckled. He kissed her neck and slipped two fingers inside of her.

“David, please,” Tiana said, grabbing his hand to stop him.

David quickly grabbed her by the neck and squeezed so tight, she thought her head would pop off. “Did you forget what we discussed already?” he said, tensely in her ear. “Does Owen need a reminder?”

Tiana quickly shook her head as tears slipped down her cheeks. “No,” she breathed out.

“Good,” he said, kissing her cheek. He removed his hand and licked his fingers before grabbing her hand. “Come. We’ve got work to do.”


Tiana stumbled into a dark room with only the light of computer screens as she felt a fresh new wave of nausea from David’s recent injection. “Relax, baby,” David said. He grabbed her waist and leaned her back against the wall. “Just remain still, and you’ll be fine. You’ll get used to the effects eventually.”

“Or, you could just stop drugging me,” she slurred angrily.

“I’ll consider it... when you learn to behave...” he said. She wanted to slap him as he kissed her cheek again, but she was far more concerned with stopping the floor from spinning beneath her feet.

“... I’m surprised that dress fits,” Miles said from a computer seat as he looked over at Tiana.

“I told you I knew her size,” David said, leaning against the table. “What’s the status?”

“We’ve received confirmation from 18 sites so far. Waiting for 3 more,” Miles said, turning one of the screens to David. David leaned forward as he analyzed the data while Miles glanced over at Tiana. “You know you should consider acting, Tiana,” Miles smirked. Tiana looked at him confused. “I sent your little porn video to your two walking penises, Tyler and Jason,” Miles said, leaning back in his chair. “Think you’ll get an Oscar for that performance like Jason’s whore sister?”

Tiana’s eyes widened in shock. She snarled and leaped for Miles, getting a firm grip on his neck. “I fucking hate you!” she screamed as she tried to choke him. But David grabbed her waist and pulled her off of Miles.

“Sheesh! I swear you women are so emotional,” Miles laughed.

“Calm down,” David said, holding her body restrained. Tiana breathed heavily, imprisoned in David’s embrace as she tried to calm down. But her fingers were still itching to pop Miles’ head from his body like a pimple. “I said calm down, Tiana,” David said more firmly. He felt her body go limp against his and pushed her back against the wall.

“You’ve got her well-trained,” Miles grinned as he stared at Tiana.

“Knock it off,” David said irritably. “When I gave you permission to play with them, I meant to throw a mine their way. Not record me fucking her. Why the fuck do you keep antagonizing?”

Miles shrugged. “But I still got the intended reaction.”

David rolled his eyes before he turned back to Tiana who was glaring daggers at Miles. “Tiana.” Tiana looked from Miles to David who looked at her tenderly. He cupped her chin within his palm and lifted her head to meet his gaze. “I want to feel your lips...”

Tiana hesitated before she leaned forward and brushed her lips against his. She felt his breath on her mouth before his lips turned upward into a smile. “When this is over... you and I are going to go away...” He stroked her cheek with his thumb and tenderly kissed the corner of her mouth. “We can spend some time together... alone on one of my islands. Nice beach. Beautiful weather. Pure relaxation. You’ll love it.”

Tiana just looked at David not knowing what to say. Under other circumstances, she’d love that. But now it just sounded like a nightmare that she could neither show how much she dreaded the idea of or give fake excitement. She was just too tired for anything anymore.

“Did you break her already?” Miles teased when Tiana hadn’t said anything.

“Shut up,” David snapped as he looked at Tiana with concern. “Tiana...” he said, looking at her. Tiana just looked up into David’s eyes. He had forced her to do everything he wanted just by threatening the life of her best friends and drugging her into submission. Every bit of her felt more and more stripped away the more time she was imprisoned by him. What more did he want? What autonomy did she have left?

David frowned as he thumbed her bottom lip. “This won’t do... I don’t like seeing her like this,” David said. “Miles... bring me Owen’s left arm.”

Tiana’s eyes widened in horror before she screamed. “NO!”

“There. That’s better,” David smiled. He pulled her head forward and kissed her deeply. Tiana wanted to scream. She had never felt so helpless. David’s cynicism knew no bounds. He knew just how to break her down. “When I speak... you answer,” he whispered against her lips. “Or I’ll make sure you never see Owen again. Is that clear?”

She nodded hesitantly as a tear slipped down her cheek. “You’re a top of the class college grad and a brilliant woman. Use your fucking words, Tiana!” David demanded.

“Y-yes!” she said quickly as tears stung her eyes. David gave her his signature handsome smile. That charming smile that she had grown so fond of now became something that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

However much time she had.


“Cain! Cain, come in-GAH!”

A man dressed in standard HeaTWave attire looked at his mangled hand which had fingers pointing in different directions while his bones broke through the skin. He looked up at the source of his misery and trembled with terror. “P-please- GAH!!” he screamed again as his assailant stepped on his mangled hand with a crunch. Blood seeping into the concrete.

Jason crouched down and roughly grabbed the guy by his hair. “You tell me where the fuck they are, or I’ll curb stomp your head to shit,” Jason threatened.

“I t-told you! I c-can’t-”

Jason quickly silenced him by smashing his face into the ground and breaking his nose. He raised the man’s head and groaned in annoyance to see his bloody-face had been knocked out. “Dammit...” Jason muttered as he dropped him to the floor. He stood to his feet and looked around at all the mangled bodies on the warehouse floor groaning in pain.

Jason and Tyler had finally stumbled upon one of HeaTWave’s stations, hoping to have found anyone from their team. But they only found HeaTWave’s delivery boys and guards instead. Jason heard screaming and looked over to see Tyler twisting another guy’s arm until he fell to his knees.

“WHERE THE FUCK ARE THEY?!” Tyler growled impatiently. Tyler barely gave the man time to respond before there was a loud crack and he broke the man’s arm in two. The man wailed in agony as Tyler sucked his teeth and pushed him over. “Can’t get a fucking answer with all this damn yelling,” Tyler snapped. He kicked the guy in the face till he passed out.

Tyler looked over at Jason who was trying to wipe the blood from his hands. “What now? They’re not here,” Jason said impatiently.

“Find a guy who isn’t unconscious... make him talk... by any means necessary,” Tyler said darkly.

Jason scoured the floor until he saw a guy with a leg bent backward trying to crawl away. He sat on his back and grabbed his neck. “No! No! Please!” the man cried out.

Jason went to speak when his phone went off. “Yea...” Jason answered his phone while grabbing the man’s neck.

“What’s your status?” Joey’s voice came from the other end.

“Destroying the shit-stains of HeaTWave until we get a location,” Jason said as he squeezed the guy’s neck.

Joey could hear the man gurgling with desperation on the other end. “You guys aren’t killing them are you?” Joey asked.

“So what if we are,” Jason snarled. “Like I give a shit if these fuckers live. After they took Owen and Tiana! They fucking raped our girl!”

“Jason,” Joey said from the other end. “I know you and Ty are pissed the fuck off, and I get it. I’m angry too but... if you kill them... there’s no coming back from that. You know that, right?”

Jason’s jaw tensed as he raised the guy’s head and smashed it into the ground until he cracked his skull. “Then there’s no coming back,” he muttered.

“Jason!” Joey screamed from the other end. He heard the sound of a head smashing like a tomato into the concrete before the phone went dead.

Jason looked down at the head that he had smashed so hard into the pavement it looked like it had exploded. He looked at the head and tried to feel something. This guy was someone special to someone else. Someone’s son, maybe husband. Surely, he should feel something. But instead, all he felt was rage and hate for what they did to his woman. Regardless of who this man was, he was an accomplice to what happened to his friends.

He had no remorse for the lifeless body beneath him.

Jason stood to his feet and looked at Tyler who had just cracked a guy’s neck before his lifeless body fell to the floor. “You got a location?” Jason asked.

Tyler glared at Jason. “I got a location.”


Tiana looked at her fingers as she sat next to David in the back of a car while David’s chauffeur drove them to their destination. She had no idea where they were going, but she didn’t bother asking.

“It’s important that you get firsthand experience on the kind of work we do,” she heard David say. She saw his hand land on her thigh as he squeezed comfortingly. “Just follow my lead,” he said. Her jaw tensed as his hand traveled up her thigh and disappeared underneath her dress. She took a sharp breath as his fingers teased the front of her panties. “And if you’re good... I’ll be more gentle with you next time...”

Tiana shook her head fed up as she grabbed his hand. She tried to find some strength as she daringly looked into his eyes. “David,” she said. “You keep saying you love me-”

“Because I do,” he said quickly.

“How is hurting me like this ‘love’? Holding me against my will? Threatening my friends? Drugging me?!”

“Because you don’t get it yet. You’re still resistant because you don’t fully understand my vision. In time, you’ll not only come to understand, but you’ll thank me.” Tiana looked at him incredulously before she turned her head. There was no reasoning with that kind of sick logic.

David sighed as he grabbed her hand. “Come here, Tiana.” She didn’t even have a moment to react before he grabbed her hips and pulled her onto his lap. Her nausea from the drugs hit her hard again as her forehead fell against his shoulder. “Easy, baby, easy...” he said, rubbing her arms as he kissed her neck. “I know it may seem difficult now... but I promise it will get better...”

Tiana breathed heavily against his shoulder. Her head started to pound again and the car started to spin. She felt David’s hands caress her hips as one slipped between her thighs. “I’m going to take care of you, Tiana... Don’t worry. It will just be you and me… And we’ll be happy. I promise I’ll make you happy...”

He was so soft and tender with her that it almost felt nice in stark contrast to how sick she felt from the drugs he had pumped her with. “Love makes us do crazy things...And I can’t imagine my life without you... You’re beautiful, brilliant... and perfect for me...” His words made her sick. They fucked with her mind. His sweet nothing’s were laced with violent malcontent. His unpredictability kept her on edge.

“Remember when we worked together on our course projects? How much fun we had? How happy you were with me? Our first date is still one of the best days of my life because you were so carefree. And every time you looked at me I saw want... desire... It was you that changed my whole resolve. You helped me see why this was so important.”

Tiana did remember the fun times together but even that didn’t seem real. “That’s what I want to get back to... And we will, baby. I promise.” Tiana could hardly remember the man she thought was her friend. The man she was crushing on. The man she kissed. The man who had only ever been sweet to her. Who was kind, selfless, and loving before she discovered his goal to commit genocide.

His fingers pushed her panties aside before they interlaced with her wetness. “See how you respond to me when I touch you,” he whispered against her ear. “You were made for me... We were made for each other...”

She whimpered as he pushed two fingers inside of her and used his thumb to rub against her clit. “David, please stop,” she begged. She felt unwillingly aroused by his probing and simultaneously sick from the drugs that made her want to vomit. He grabbed the back of her neck and looked at her face.

“Do you want to come for me, Tiana,” he said against her lips. “I really want you to come for me, baby. I love knowing I can make you feel like this...” He thrust his fingers deeper and faster as her body writhed on his lap. She let out desperate moans as her stomach tightened and her thighs quivered. He swallowed her moans with a domineering kiss as he pulled her orgasm from her.

After she climaxed on his hand, he directed her head to his shoulder to give her a minute to breathe. “I never imagined I’d ever want let alone have a family,” he said, stroking her head. “But with you... I find the desire to be a husband... a father. I’ll treat my children far better than my parents treated me...” Part of her felt bad for David. He was clearly a victim of his abusive upbringing. She figured his violent childhood contributed to what made him this cynical. The other part of her wanted to push him off a cliff.

“And I know you’d be an amazing mother... A better wife if you’d stop trying to fight me all the time,” he chuckled. He kissed her forehead and fixed her dress before he helped her sit back down next to him. Tiana tried to see straight as she saw several Davids in her line of sight check his phone.

“We’re here, Mr. Michaelson,” the driver said from the front.

“Just in time,” David said, looking at Tiana. He handed her a small vial. “This will help with the dizziness. I need you at your best for this,” he said. Tiana wanted to cuss him out, but she was beyond desperate to make the dizziness stop. She quickly downed the liquid and coughed at its bitter taste. Her head slowly started to clear up just as David grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the car.

She followed David to a tall, reflective skyscraper. As she walked into the building, she was surprised to see the pure respect and revere each person they came across gave David. They treated him like he was the president. She had no idea who the heck this guy was to make him so important to these people. Many, in fact, seemed like they feared him.

“Good Evening, Master Michaelson. It’s a pleasure to see you again so soon,” one man said as David walked through a pair of double doors.

David nodded. “Are they here?”

“63rd floor, Master Michaelson,” the man said with a lowered head. David grabbed Tiana’s hand again and led her to the elevator. It took everything in her not to throw up from how fast the lift shot upward.

She instinctively grabbed his arm to steady herself on the fast elevator and felt him wrap an arm around her waist to help her keep her balance. “I’ve got you, baby...” he said softly as he kissed her temple. When she heard the ding of the elevator, David grabbed her hand again leading her to a conference room.

“Mr. Michaelson!”

“Welcome, Mr. Michaelson!”

“Can I get you anything, sir?”

The greetings came like rapid fire. “Water for my partner,” David said. “And some Advil.” He led her to a chair and sat her down. Tiana was grateful to be sitting again and even more grateful for the glass of water and painkillers that was brought to her. Things started to clear up for her a little as she watched David speaking to a few men in suits. She couldn’t tell if they were politicians or businessmen... or both.

“And this is my partner,” David said, walking the men over to Tiana. “She’s brilliant. She’s one of the most skilled computer scientists and has been quite the asset to our team.”

“I’m glad to hear everything has worked out so well,” one of the men in suits said. “To be quite frank, I didn’t think you could pull it off, David.”

“You know me, Eugene. I love a challenge,” David grinned. “Once rollout has been completed, it will finally be spread out to all four corners of the globe in one of the most groundbreaking plagues in the history of the world.”

“The death toll will surely be stark. You might send us back to the Dark Ages,” the other man chuckled.

“On the contrary,” David smiled. “This is for a brighter future. Some sacrifices must be made for the betterment of us all.” Tiana tried her hardest to listen to their conversation and interpret what they were saying. She felt the thick guttural pain of dread sitting in her chest like a lethal blood clot when she started to realize David’s endgame.

“As excited as I am about this... that doctor, Gabrielle... she claims to have a cure,” the first man said.

David scoffed. “I assure you, she does not. She’s been thwarted at least four times now.”

“I heard she has a new medical practitioner,” the other man chimed in. “Some young nurse from Massachusetts.”

“An amateur,” David said flippantly. “Hardly cause for concern. However, I will use this as motivation to make sure we work quickly. Right, Tiana?” Tiana looked at David and felt her entire mouth dry up.


“Ow! Owen!” Tiana laughed.

“What?” Owen smirked mischievously. Owen propped his head on his hand as he looked down at his naked best friend cuddled up next to him. His finger trailed up her torso before twirling teasing circles on her nipple.

“Remember when Dante lost that bet and had to go streaking down East Harlem?” Tiana laughed.

“Oh god,” Owen groaned. “I felt so bad for him.”

“I didn’t. That’s what he gets for betting against me. Never bet against the best,” Tiana smirked up at him.

“Ain’t your ass cocky,” Owen grinned as he teasingly pulled at her nipple.

“Not cockier than you, clearly,” Tiana teased.

Owen grinned mischievously. “Don’t you forget it.” He leaned down and swallowed her lips in his mouth as his hungry tongue claimed hers. She moaned into his mouth, and it made him rock hard as his hand eagerly cupped her damp core.

“Mmm, Daddy,” Tiana breathed against his lips. “Come take this pussy.”

Owen shook his head. “Don’t do this to me, T. You know you’re supposed to be healing from that nasty fall you took earlier.”

“God! Why’d you have to bring that embarrassing moment back up? And you already made me so horny now!” she groaned.

“Heal first... dick later,” Owen smirked.

Tiana shook her head amused as she watched Owen gently rub her bruised hip. “That’s one of the many things I love about you,” she said to him. “You’re so thoughtful... caring. Rough with me when I want it... gentle with me when I need it... you know me so well, O.”

Owen smiled down at her. “Because I love you, baby. You will always be important to me. And I will protect you up until I take my last breath.” Owen leaned in to kiss her, but she quickly backed up and put her hand to his chest. “T?” he said, looking at her confused.

She shook her head and looked him in the eye as her voice distorted to one of panic. “Then wake the fuck up and come get me!”

Owen forced himself to open his eyes in the dimly lit room. “T- T... Tiana...” He groaned in agony at the pain that reverberated all over his body. All he felt was pain. Pure unadulterated pain.

But that pain was nothing to the pain in his heart. Tiana’s screams replayed themselves like a nightmare in his head as he remembered how David raped her. Raped his woman in front of his very eyes. It infuriated him. He shook his head vehemently as he found his resolve. He had to save his girl.

Owen cringed and groaned as he pulled his thumb hard until it made a loud *pop* and popped out of the socket. He quickly slipped the chain from off his hand as it dropped with a hard thump onto the ground. He searched for the exit and looked up suddenly when he saw the door swing open and two guys walked inside. “Nero was right... He does look like shit,” one of them smirked.

“We really have to clean this fucker up?” the other guy groaned. “Let me take a shit first, at least.”

Owen glared up at them and said nothing. While the other walked to the bathroom, one of them approached him and crouched down with a grin. “You thought you were such tough shit before,” he said menacingly. “You nearly killed my bro. And now I’m expected to clean your ass up?”

Owen just glared at him and still said nothing. “Look at you,” the man smirked. “You’re fucking pathetic. Should just let you rot here... or kill you... No one would know. Could just say you succumbed to your injur-” Owen violently butted his head against the man’s face breaking his nose. The man stumbled backward, as his nose poured blood. Owen quickly crawled forward and with his free hand wrapped the chain still attached to his other hand around the man’s neck.

He yanked hard as the guy struggled to breathe and violently twisted until he heard a sharp crack and the man’s body fell limp. Owen let his corpse go as he slid to the floor. The other guy walked out of the bathroom and barely had a minute to react before Owen tackled him to the ground. “WHERE IS SHE?!” Owen growled as he wrapped the chain around the man’s neck. “WHERE THE FUCK DID HE TAKE MY GIRL?!”

“Wh-who?!” the man said frantically.


“Y-you mean the b-black bitch-”

Owen used the chain to slam the guy’s face into the floor hard, causing him to wail in pain. “Call her a ‘bitch’ again, motherfucker,” Owen seethed.

“D-Downtown near Ch-Chelsea Piers!” the guy choked out. “They’re at Ch-Chelsea P-Piers! P-please! I barely even-”

But before he could finish pleading for his life, Owen used the chain to lift his head before he smashed the guy’s head into the ground again. The man groaned in agony as Owen dragged him by his neck to the bathroom. He pulled his head halfway in and slammed the door on his head several times until the guy stopped moving. Blood leaked from the bathroom and seeped into the carpet.

Owen deeply exhaled, trying to catch his breath as he leaned back against the sink. He could barely see out of one eye. He cringed as he popped his thumb back into place. He took a few seconds before his jaw tensed in anger. He quickly limped out the door, stepping over both dead bodies.

“I’m coming, baby.”


Tiana followed David into a dark computer lab. She watched him as he leaned over a computer and tapped several numbers. “I’ve never seen anyone break down a firewall like you,” David said, looking at the screen. “Your skill is unmatched.”

He stood up and looked at her. “You’re the missing key, Tiana. There are several governments who declined our plan. So, we will bypass their security and launch within their countries regardless. There are eight of them. Once you break down their firewalls, we’ll be launching into a new era of human evolution.”

Tiana looked at David and then at the computer displaying several different national government flags. She swallowed hard and shook her head. “I...I can’t, David,” she said. “I can’t do this.”

David furrowed his brow and walked up to her. “Tiana... Do you know the power I hold? I can make your life so much better. Easier. I can cure your mother. I can help Jason’s dad. I can have Owen and Tyler’s mother released from prison. All I need is for you to do this one thing. You’ll be a hero.”

“No,” Tiana said, shaking her head. “I will not be responsible for the deaths of millions of people! This is fucking insane!”

“It’s only a fraction of lives sacrificed for the billions of lives we’ll save in the outcome. The end justifies the means, Tiana. Don’t you get it?” David insisted. “You would choose millions of people you don’t know over your own family? The people you claim to care about?” he said annoyed.

“I can’t, David!” she blurted. “I can’t do this! Please! Please don’t make me do this! I’d rather die before I do something this horrible! I’d never be able to live with myself!” Tiana broke down into tears as she put her face in her hands. She thought being violated by him over and over again was bad, but this emotional manipulation was far worse.

David sighed impatiently as he watched her sob. He pulled her into his arms. “Alright... alright, baby, it’s okay,” David said comfortingly as he rubbed soothing circles on her back. “Don’t cry. I’ll fix it.” David touched his ear and spoke into his mic. “Alright, Cain. Kill her friends,” David said into the mic.

Tiana snapped her head up and looked at David in shock. “You said you let them go!” she blurted.

David shrugged nonchalantly. “And you said you’d do whatever I asked. I guess we both lied.” Tiana snarled, losing all her nerve and throwing caution to the wind as she jumped on David.



Anna sobbed into Darren’s chest as she clutched him tightly. “Shh! Don’t move,” Darren said, holding her. Darren looked out of the window of the car they were trapped in and saw nothing but water below them. The car swung dangerously from a suspension attached to the bridge as they hovered over the water.

“We’re gonna die. Holy shit, we’re gonna die,” Anna sobbed with anguish as she clutched Darren tighter.

“Anna,” he said, holding her arms. “We are not going to die. We’re going to get out of this. Okay?” Anna looked at him with fear in her eyes and slowly nodded. “Okay...” Darren said, looking around the car they were trapped in. “Maybe if we just... try to get out of these seat belts... we can roll down the window and climb out to the suspension above.”

“Darren! Do you hear yourself? I’m not the fucking LATINA SPIDERMAN! What are we the Avengers?! What the fuck do I look like?! ESTA LOCA!” she blurted. Darren immediately burst out laughing before cringing in pain at the stab wound in his stomach. “See? That’s what you get for laughing at my distress,” Anna snapped as she gently rubbed his wound. “I’m glad I can make you laugh right before we die.”

Darren chuckled as he wiped his eye. “Sorry, Anna.”

Anna smiled warmly at him. “Are you okay?”

Darren nodded. “For what it’s worth, there are some Hispanic and Latin superheroes. Hector Ayala as White Tiger. Renee Montoya as The Question. Victor Mancha. Bonita Juarez as Firebird. Yolanda Montez as Wildcat. America Chavez as Miss America. Jamie Reyes as Blue Beetle is my favorite. Oh, and of course Miles Morales as Spider-Man from another-”

“Darren,” Anna chuckled as she put her finger to his lips.

“What?” he asked.

“You are such a dork...” she smirked. “If these are really my last moments alive... I’m at least glad it’s with such a great guy.” Darren’s cheeks flushed pink as Anna leaned forward and softly kissed him.

They heard the radio blare before Miles’ familiar voice came through. “Sorry, lovebirds. But it seems your lives have been deemed... disposable. Better luck next time. Hope you know how to swim, cause, well... we don’t have life vests.” Anna and Darren immediately panicked as they looked at each other with terror. “Here’s some nice mood music to go with your fall,” Miles said before ‘Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty started playing on the radio.

As the music blared they heard a loud snap before the car started plummeting to the water. They screamed at the top of their lungs as they held on tightly to each other. “Anna!” Darren said, grabbing her desperately. “I love you!”

Anna looked at Darren startled as tears welled up in her eyes. She immediately pressed her lips against his in a passionate kiss before their bodies slammed against the back of the car upon impact with the water.


Jason and Tyler rolled up on their motorcycles as they got to the large river underneath the bridge. “HOLY FUCK!” Tyler shouted when he saw the car splash into the water. A race car sped around the corner before Joey flew out of the driver’s seat. He ran up to them, looking like he was ready to pull his hair out as all the color drained from his face.

“ANNA AND DARREN ARE IN THERE!” Joey shouted frantically as he grabbed a car wrench.

“Then we go get them!” Jason said, jumping off his bike. He took off his jacket and ran full speed towards the river with Tyler and Joey at his heels. The three of them jumped into the river and felt the brick cold temperature traumatize their bodies. It felt like pins and needles against their skin. It seemed like forever before they finally got near the car that was slowly sinking into the river.

Jason signaled to Tyler and Joey underneath the water before the three went in opposite directions. Jason reached one side of the door and kicked his feet against the window, but it wouldn’t break open. He looked to the side and saw Joey come next to him before he smashed the window open with the wrench. While Joey swam to the other side to help Tyler, Jason reached inside and grabbed Anna’s unconscious body. He held her tight and quickly swam to the surface.

After Joey smashed open the window on Darren’s side, Tyler struggled to free Darren from his seat belt as his unconscious body floated in the car. Tyler thought quickly as he swam into the car to help cut the seat belt with the switchblade in his pocket. But the car was slowly sinking from the weight of the water.

Suddenly, the water started to part in the car, giving Tyler and Joey a bit of air to breathe. Tyler took the opportunity to cut the belt as Joey quickly grabbed Darren’s body. Tyler swam after Joey who was holding Darren. He looked back at the water that had parted in the car and saw that it started to fill up again. It was the strangest thing he had ever seen. He quickly turned back around and swam towards the surface.

Joey and Tyler placed Darren’s unconscious body on the ground before Joey started giving him mouth-to-mouth CPR. Jason wrapped Anna in his jacket to warm her after he resuscitated her. She trembled in Jason’s embrace, shivering both from the cold and Darren’s lifeless body as she watched Joey try to bring him back. “Come on, Darren. Come on!” Joey said, hitting his chest.

“God, don’t fucking do this to me, please,” Jason pleaded, trying to hold back his tears as he looked at his friend.

“DARREN! DON’T YOU FUCKING DIE ON ME! I LOVE YOU DAMMIT!” Anna shouted angrily. Joey hit Darren hard in the chest one more time before Darren started coughing up water. Tyler, Joey, and Jason exhaled their relief. Anna ran out of Jason’s arms and fell on her knees next to Darren. “Darren!” she cried. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, hugging him tightly. Darren tried to catch his breath as he held Anna’s soaked body in his arms. She pulled back and grabbed his face between her hands and ferociously kissed him.

“Are they okay?”

The guys glanced back and saw Shae running towards them from Joey’s car. “Yea, yea, everybody’s safe. Thank God,” Jason said, breathing heavily. He looked at Tyler who had a confused look on his face. “Ty?” Jason asked.

Tyler looked at Jason. “It’s just... weird... I was terrified I wouldn’t be able to get Darren out. The water was just... but then it... it parted. Like separated or some shit. All on its own.” Joey looked up at Shae as she took a nervous step back and played with her hands.

“What? Like Moses?” Jason asked.

“No, not like fucking Moses!” Tyler blurted. “Okay... maybe a little.”

“That’s fucking weird, bro,” Jason said.

“Right? It almost seemed like someone was controlling it,” Tyler said, shaking his head. “What the fuck? Am I losing my mind?”

“It was probably just a current,” Joey said quickly. “You know New York got mad shit going on in these damn underground reservoirs and shit.”

Tyler furrowed his brow. “Yeah... maybe...” He looked at Shae. “I didn’t even know you were here.”

“I... I heard Tiana was in trouble. Of course, I would be here,” Shae said quickly.

Tyler and Jason immediately tensed up as they remembered their main goal. “We gotta go,” Tyler said, rushing to his bike.

“Joey, take care of Darren and Anna. There’s a hospital a few miles away from here,” Jason said, mounting his bike.

“Where are you going?” Shae asked frantically.

“To save my brother,” Tyler said, putting on his helmet. “And to save our girl.”

“We’re gonna show these motherfuckers what happens when you fuck with RaVage,” Jason muttered before he and Tyler took off on their bikes.


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