Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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38 - Too Far Gone

“Stahp! Dammit! Come on, Ma!”

“Boy, what did I say about cussing in front of your mother?”

“...sorry, Ma...”

“Beat his ass, Pa!”


Tiana laughed like a hyena and ran down the beach as Dante chased her. Cheryl stood with her hands on her hips, shaking her head. She watched her son run after her daughter before they were both wrestling in the sand. “Your kids stay irking my last nerves,” Cheryl said. She leaned her head to the side as her husband wrapped his arms around her waist and hugged her from behind.

“They been irking your last nerves since they walked out the womb,” James snickered as he kissed his wife’s neck.

Cheryl smirked as she held his arms against her. She breathed in softly, letting the cool breeze of the beach caress her skin. “This is nice... Why don’t we do this more often?” she asked softly.

“...I have to meet with the General Commander about-” James started.

“No,” Cheryl said, shaking her head. “I don’t wanna hear nothin’ about your unit. They done took all your time away from your family. I just wanna go one day without hearing about them, James. Just one.”

James sighed as he hugged his wife tighter. “You know that everything I do... I do for you. For this family...”

Cheryl’s jaw tensed as she looked down. “Including this sickness that just popped out of the blue, they don’t seem to know about?”

“It’s nothing, my darl-”

“Don’t, James,” Cheryl sighed with frustration. “You can’t leave me... You can’t leave this family.”

“... I won’t, honey. I promise..”


James looked up and saw his daughter wading in the water as she waved him over. James smiled and kissed his wife on the cheek. “Time for me to teach that girl how to swim,” he said.

“You’ve been saying that,” Cheryl rolled her eyes.

“Today it will come to fruition. My children will not be walking stereotypes,” he said.

“Lord, Jesus...” Cheryl smirked as she watched her husband run down the beach.

Tiana followed her father as they swam out into the water. “Remember to extend your arms all the way,” James said, holding Tiana up. “Keep paddling. Keep your head up.”

“Is this how you did it in the war?” Tiana chuckled as she moved her arms and legs in the water.

James shook his head remorsefully. “No, Tiana...”

“I bet you were like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando,” she said. “Walking out the water and taking out bad guys like PEW PEW PEW!”

“Yo, why you sound like a stormtrooper,” Dante laughed as he swam next to her. “Pops was probably killin’ them way better than that. Like an American hero, right pops?”

“No!” James snapped at them. Tiana and Dante looked at him startled. James sighed as he looked down at the water. “War is hell. It’s traumatizing. There is nothing good about killing another man for the sake of politics. I am no hero.”

Dante looked at his father confused. “But they gave you a medal...”

“And a whole ceremony,” Tiana added.

James shook his head. “A medal won’t bring back the innocent people that were needlessly killed.” Tiana and Dante frowned as they looked at their father getting lost in his own thoughts. He looked at them and quickly wiped a tear from his face. “Never mind that. Y’all need to learn to swim for yourselves,” he said. “You could be in a situation when you need it.”

“I’m good,” Dante said, flipping backward to do a backstroke.

“Show off,” Tiana sucked her teeth.

“Try it, Tiana,” James gestured with his head. Tiana took a deep breath and flipped back in the water, but quickly lost her balance. She flailed her arms, trying to turn herself upright. “Tiana, stop panicking!” her father said, trying to catch her. But Tiana swallowed more water as she felt herself start to drown.

“Tiana! Tiana, calm down!”

Tiana struggled to breathe and thrashed wildly as she scraped her nails against skin. Her eyes bulged as the pain of her trachea slowly being crushed made the blood vessels in her eyes pop. “P-please!” she choked out.

She looked up into the unwavering, cold hazel-green eyes of David as he looked down at her, unmoved. His hands around her neck were like cement. She had scratched him so much as she squirmed beneath him that his ripped skin collected underneath her nails. But he didn’t seem phased.

After she attacked him for presumably killing Darren and Anna, she had only gotten in a few kicks and punches and even a head-butt before David had subdued her and pinned her to the ground. Once his hands were around her neck, she saw all signs of humanity drain from his eyes.

Tiana swore she was going to die.

“D-David...” she choked out as tears brimmed in her bulging, bloodshot eyes. David suddenly blinked at her before he quickly removed his hands from around her neck. She painfully inhaled her first breath before she coughed violently. Her throat felt like broken glass, and she feared it had been crushed.

“Oh god...” David said, looking at her in shock as if he had just realized what he had done. “Fuck, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, baby!” Tiana looked at David, startled by the tears she saw forming in his eyes as he looked at her with deep regret. He reached for her, and she instinctively scrambled on the floor away from him. David looked at her slightly offended. “...baby, I would never hurt you. I mean... I mean I didn’t mean to hurt you, I swear.”

Tiana looked at him like he was crazy. Was he just completely unaware that he nearly ended her life just seconds ago? It hurt for her to swallow. She watched as he moved towards her and was severely confused by the tender look of remorse in his eyes. He gently grabbed her bruised arm and pulled her into his embrace.

“I promised I would never do to you what they did to me. I love you too much... You know that, right? You know I would never hurt you intentionally?” Tiana wondered if David was just messing with her, but the look of remorse and sincerity in his eyes told her he was not. “Tell me you know that, Tiana,” he said more firmly. “You know I love you too much to hurt you, right?”

Tiana didn’t even know what to say but was too tired to provoke him further. She nodded with apprehension, and he breathed a sigh of relief. Wrapping his hand around the back of her neck, he pulled her in for a possessive kiss. Tiana couldn’t believe this was her reality. She was beyond distressed knowing that Anna and Darren were dead. She fought the wrenching sobs tearing at her chest.

David wrapped his arms around her and kissed her more intensely. He nudged her head up as he nestled his face into the crook of her neck. “God, I want you...” he moaned out as he sucked on her skin. But Tiana quickly shoved him off and glared at him angrily. “Tiana-” he said tensely.

“You killed them!” she snapped at him. “You fucking killed them!”

“You forced my hand-” he started.

“Oh go fuck yourself!” she snarled at him. “I’ll never forgive you! I hate you!”

David squinted his eyes before he stalked up to her. She quickly moved back until her back met the wall as she glared up at him. A range of emotions overwhelmed her. The most prominent being anger and hatred. David imprisoned her between his arms as he looked down at her with a challenging glare.

“I can wait out your hatred, Tiana.” He leaned in and whispered against her ear. “However fucking long it takes...”


Owen breathed heavily as he stumbled down a dark corridor. His vision was slightly blurred and his shoulder was in excruciating pain. He looked at his shoulder awkwardly out of place and tensed his jaw at what he was about to do. “...come on...” he said, taking a deep breath. He took a few steps back as he looked at the wall and ran full speed before slamming his shoulder into the wall.

There was a loud pop before he screamed out in agony. He slid down against the wall as the pain shot through his body like wildfire. After taking several deep breaths, Owen gently rolled his shoulder trying to stimulate mobility again. He cringed at the soreness but was glad to finally have his arm back in action.

The sound of voices and footsteps could be heard around the corner. He slid around the corner and waited the two men out. “Cryptonic and Karma are almost done loading up the trucks before we head out to meet with Cain. Not trying to keep that crazy bitch waiting,” one man said.

“Yea, but you know Nero’s plan is fucking insane. So, really-” the other started before Owen rounded the corner and tackled the guy to the ground. Owen slammed his head against the pavement when the other guy jumped on top of him. Owen grabbed his shoulder and flipped him on his back, slamming him down hard.

Owen punched him several times in the face before the first guy took out a knife and reached for Owen. But Owen grabbed his wrist, breaking it before stabbing the guy in the chest with his own knife. He quickly grabbed the other guy’s head and lifted his chin before slitting his throat. Owen only took two seconds to catch his breath before he was back on his feet and hustling down the corridor to the loading zone of the warehouse.

He stopped when he saw a group of men loading large black cases into several trucks. Kaya was barking orders while holding an AK-47 in her hand before Roger grabbed her arm and pulled her into his embrace. As the two of them kissed heatedly, Owen took the opportunity to inconspicuously run up to the back of one of the trucks.

He saw a guy sitting in the driver’s seat playing a mobile app game. Owen quietly closed the back door of the truck locking himself inside. “Ay, Ernie, is that you, motherfuck-” the man started when Owen grabbed his head and used all his strength to quickly snap his neck. He pushed the man’s body out of the driver’s seat and onto the passenger’s seat so that he could sit behind the wheel.

“The last shipment’s been packed. Truck 247, confirm full load,” Owen heard a voice say on the radio.

Owen picked up the radio and spoke into it. “Confirmed.” He waited cautiously before he saw the warehouse’s garage door lift, and all the trucks started filing out. He seamlessly drove in line with them.

“Alright, you fucking pussies. We’re already an hour late!” came Kaya’s voice on the radio. “That bitch fucked up Plan Alpha when she backed out of dropping the firewalls. Fucking Nero was SOOOOOOOOO convinced his precious whore would do whatever the hell he wanted her to do if he just fucked her hard enough. PFFT! Who could’ve seen that shit coming?!”

Owen’s jaw tensed as he got violent flashbacks of David raping his woman. There was a cavern-sized hole in his chest that he had filled with the venom of hatred. It took everything in him not to scream his anger. He could only imagine the sweet gratification of ripping David’s head off.

“Sooooo... it’s Plan Omega, fuckers,” Kaya said.

“Ugh... Plan Omega... That’s gonna be messy as fuck...” came Roger’s voice. “Keep your gear on, folks.”

Owen furrowed his brows in confusion. “...what the fuck is Plan Omega?”


Tiana winced as David’s tongue traced the bruising he left along her collarbone. Her head was spinning wildly like she was in a washing machine on the spin cycle. Her shoulder was still sore from the needle he forcefully injected her with. The last hour was pure punishment. He called it ‘love’. Reclaiming what had always been his.

But Tiana was ready to beg for death.

She shivered slightly as he rubbed a cooling aloe gel over her ass. Her backside was red and raw from how many times he violently slapped it right before he took her from behind again. His presence behind her as she lay sideways on the large bed loomed over her like a monster watching its prey. She turned slightly and pressed her face into the pillow just so she wouldn’t have to look at him. But she immediately regretted it when she felt him spread her cheeks apart and stroke her womanhood before slipping his fingers inside her again.

Rolling on her back away from him, she covered her naked chest and stared up at him. “I need a break, David,” she said angrily. David locked eyes with her as he slowly sucked his fingers into his mouth. A grin teased the corners of his mouth before he got up from the bed. He walked over to a large window that looked out over all the industrial activities happening below. With his arms behind his back, wearing only a pair of pants, David looked out at his work progress.

“I try to make things easy for you, but you seem to only like it hard.” He glanced over his shoulder to look at her and smiled. “Literally.”

Tiana rolled her eyes and turned away from him. She came face-to-face with a steel wall. They had migrated to a completely new location that was surrounded by water. She had gotten a quick glance outside a window where she saw several airplane carriers on a dock before she was pulled into a large warehouse with several levels, all busy with activity. The place was full of people she had never seen before, all working with a purpose.

David kept her in a private room above all of the activities, where he was free to use her and drug her as much as he wanted. “I won’t do what you want,” she said, looking at the wall. “So why are you even keeping me around...” She heard him approach the bed before the mattress dipped beneath her. Goosebumps formed on her skin as his hand caressed her naked hip.

“You’re such a brilliant woman, Tiana... and yet you seem to only ask the most mundane questions.” Tiana closed her eyes in anger as she felt his lips against her shoulder. “You know exactly why I’m keeping you...” he said against her ear.

He got off the bed to put his shirt on. “Plan Alpha was a failure, unfortunately,” he sighed. “I guess I expected too much of you too soon.” Tiana heard beeping and turned her head to see David tapping on his phone. “Good. They’re nearly here,” he said, tucking his phone back into his pocket. “I would have preferred not to initiate Plan Omega but, well... always need a backup.”

Tiana sat up in bed and held the sheet to her naked chest. “What are you planning, David?” she asked.

“Planning?” he smiled at her. “Baby, it’s already set in motion.” Tiana furrowed her brow as she watched David walk to the other side of the room and look out the large window. A loud sound made her cover her ears. She glanced out the window to see a wide wall lifting as several planes rolled in. The back doors opened and men started rolling cases inside the planes.

“In 1940, the Japanese Army Air Force bombed Ningbo with ceramic bombs full of fleas carrying the bubonic plague,” David said. “They launched several operations like this, but most of them failed due to ineffective delivery.” David glanced back at Tiana with a smile. “But I’ve perfected it.”

Tiana’s mouth parted in shock once the realization hit her. “You’re planning biological warfare...”

David shook his head with a smirk. “There is no war, Tiana. I’m merely... nudging this world in the right direction.”

Tiana blinked at him incredulously. “You can’t do this!”

“But I am,” he said matter-of-factly. “In just a few hours, my biological agent bombs will be dropped over all densely populated cities who refuted my original plan. I gave them another way. I gave you another way. But you’re a disappointment, Tiana. Just like your brother.”

Tiana growled as she rushed at him, but he quickly grabbed her already sore neck and slammed her up against the wall. “Please,” she choked out. “Y-you... can’t do this, D-David. Y-you can’t.”

David shook his head vehemently. “This has always been my purpose,” he said, looking her in the eye. “Always. Sometimes it comes to me like a voice in my head telling me... I need to fulfill my purpose. I need to save this world. From itself. I can still hear her...”

Tiana caught the way David’s eyes glazed over, almost as if he were lost in thought. His hazel-green eyes quickly switched to hers and he released her from his grasp. “You’re too soft, Tiana,” he said, caressing her cheek that was wet with her tears. “The world needs people like me to make the hard decisions.”


Jason and Tyler tore up the streets of Manhattan as their bikes sped down the freeway. The two had barely spoken a word to each other since they set off to find Owen and Tiana. Their minds were racing faster than the motorcycles they rode on. They pulled up to the first location and immediately stormed the facility. Tyler took the left while Jason scouted the right.

“Shit!” Jason bellowed angrily as he kicked over an empty trash can. “Why the fuck is it that every time we find a new location they’re no longer here?! It’s like we’re always one step behind.”

“Not anymore.”

Jason glanced over at Tyler who was rubbing his fingers along the side of a wall. He jogged over and spotted a coded language. “They’re coordinates,” Tyler said. “From Owen. He’s leaving us clues to where they’re headed next.”

“That’s our fucking boy!” Jason said, clapping his hands. “Let’s go!” The two immediately jumped up and headed to their bikes before they were off again.


Tiana zipped up her sweater and threw on the hood as she stepped out onto the main platform. She still hated the guy’s guts, but she was grateful when David gave her actual clothes to change into. She thought he had reached another level of crazy when he gave her free range to roam the area.

Until she stepped out onto the platform. Then she knew why.

They were practically in the middle of nowhere. Only water surrounded them. The main platform was swarming with men in black camo suits. Several airplanes were lined up on the far east side.

“There she is. The love of my life.”

Tiana looked up and saw David in a pair of black combat pants and boots and a black muscle shirt that clung to his toned physique. His hair was perfectly coiffed and accented by the confident smile on his perfect, chiseled face. “Come, baby. I want you to see this,” he said, taking her hand.

Tiana reluctantly followed David as he led her to a group of men talking to Miles who was wearing an outfit similar to David’s. Her eyes widened when she got closer and realized that the men dressed in black combat gear were all holding automatic machine guns pointed at 8 men in suits, kneeling on the ground in front of them.

“D-David,” she said apprehensively as she tried to step back. “W-what the hell-” David wrapped a hand around her waist and pulled her close. He kissed her deeply as his lips dominated hers. She was beyond aggravated that he was kissing her again in front of these poor men who looked like they were being threatened with their lives.

“Just watch me work,” he said, kissing her temple. He let her go and turned to the men kneeling in front of him. “Cain?” David asked.

“I’ve already given them your... disclaimer,” Miles smirked as he folded his arms across his chest.

“Good,” David said, looking at them. “Then this shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m giving you one last chance. You rejected my offer the first time-”

“Because it’s outrageous!” one of the men in suits growled. “Do you know what you’re doing?! Do you know who we are?!”

David chuckled amused. “Of course I know who you are. You are the most respected and powerful government officials of your country.”

“And you’re just a bloody stupid boy! Playing with bombs because you think it’s fucking fun!” the other snarled angrily.

David raised a brow before he walked up to him and crouched down. He cocked his head to the side. “And yet you’re here... at my mercy.” The man trembled angrily as David stood to his feet. “I know what I’m doing because I’ve been working on this for years,” David said, pacing in front of them as he rubbed his chin. “It’s my life’s work. I am offering you the chance to willingly enter into a new age of mankind where you are at the forefront. A true leader of your people.” David looked up at Tiana and smiled fondly. “A savior to this rapidly dying planet.”

Tiana felt that David truly believed what he was doing was for the greater good. That’s what disturbed her the most. How do you convince a man who is sold on the idea that what he thinks is right... is actually reprehensibly wrong?

“You got our answers the first time! You’re fucking insane!” another man shouted. Tiana saw David’s smile eerily falter away as he slowly turned away from her. He looked at the angry men kneeling before him and grabbed one of his men’s guns. They all loudly inhaled when David cocked the gun.

“Genius... is often mistaken for insanity,” David said coldly. The room exploded with the sound of gunfire. Tiana quickly covered her mouth in horror as she watched David put a bullet in each of their heads.

“Clean this shit up,” David said, handing the gun back to one of his men. He turned on his heels and Tiana could see frustration and disappointment on his face. “And prepare the missiles,” he said before walking past her without so much as giving her a glance.


Tiana paced David’s private room as she tried to think. She could see David shooting those men over and over again in her head. Their brains splattering on the floor behind them. It made her want to puke. The man never failed to terrify her.

She looked out of the window as the planes were finally done being loaded. Those planes were going to drop bombs over the world’s most densely populated cities and cause the most traumatic event in the history of mankind. This felt so much bigger than what she was capable of stopping.

She heard the door open and quickly turned around to see David walking in. She watched him as he silently walked to one of the cabinets. “I’m sorry you had to see that,” he said lowly. “I thought things would go... smoother.”

“You seem to be making a lot of wrong assumptions about people lately,” she muttered.

David turned to look at her. “Yes, well... humans can be...unpredictable at times...”

Tiana eyed the syringe in his hand and backed up as he approached her. “Wait, David,” she said quickly. “Those planes-”

“I have our own,” he said, walking up to her. “To take us away from the aftermath. You will be safe. I promise.”

“I’m not worried about me, David. I’m worried about my mother,” she said quickly. “You said you would help her.”

“Tiana, we don’t have time for this,” he said irritably.

“You have hurt me so much already,” she said, looking him in the eye. “Are you sure you give a shit about me?”

“Of course I do,” he snapped. “But you don’t even know what’s good for you!”

Tiana shook her head. “David, you took my friends from me. My brother, my father-”

“That was an accident,” he said quickly. She noted there seemed to be a tinge of remorse in his voice as if the gravity of her pain was finally starting to weigh on him.

“I’m tired of fighting you, David. I just don’t have it in me anymore...” She took a deep breath and shut her eyes tight. “But, I miss her,” she said softly. “And I can’t lose her... She’s all I have left...” Tiana slowly raised her watery eyes and was surprised by the look of actual concern in David’s gaze.

She let a tear fall down her cheek before she felt David cup the side of her face and wipe it away with his thumb. “...Tiana...” he said regretfully.

“That’s all I really care about right now,” she choked out. “Can you at least do this one thing for me? Can you save her?”

David searched her eyes and slowly nodded. “...Of course, I can.”

Tiana took a deep breath and tried to muster a smile. She covered his hand with her own and held his hand pressed against her cheek. “Then fuck everything else,” she breathed out. She quickly leaned forward and hungrily pressed her lips against his. She unzipped her sweater and let it fall to the floor before she grabbed his hands and flushed it against her breasts. “Take me, David,” she breathed out against his lips.

His soft, tender kisses quickly transitioned to something more fierce as he grabbed her hips and lifted her onto his waist. She felt his bulge grow against her stomach as his hands palmed her backside. “Oh god, David,” she groaned. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pushed his face into her bosom.

“Tell me what you want, baby,” he said, cupping her pussy through her jeans. “Tell me, and I’ll give it to you.”

She nibbled on his ear. “Fuck me.”

David let out a deep, throaty groan as he grabbed her waist and flipped her on her back. He sucked on her neck as his hands scoured down her sides till he got to her pelvis. Tiana felt David tug at her jeans and looked down to see the syringe laying on the side next to him.

“Oh fuck, that’s it, baby,” she said, reaching for the syringe. He barely got her jeans open when he yelped as she jammed the syringe into his neck. Tiana kicked him off until he rolled off of the bed and onto the floor. She hopped off of the bed, buttoning her jeans back, and looked out the window. She saw the planes starting up.

“Tiana-” David stammered. She rushed over to him and kicked him several times in the stomach before kicking him in the face. She wanted to do more damage, but the alert above her let her know she had limited time to attempt to stop these planes from taking off.

“Fuck you, you psychotic piece of shit!” she said, kicking him again before she ran out of the room.


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