Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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39 - No Easy Way Out

David groaned as he ripped the syringe out of his neck. He was bleeding from the jagged way Tiana jammed the syringe into his flesh. “Dammit...” he muttered as he wiped the blood away. His sight was slightly blurred from the drugs.

Normally he would be angry. But he couldn’t be angry at Tiana. He loved her.

And clearly she was just... frightened. Still confused about his plan. He’d make her understand. One way or another...

He struggled to his feet and stumbled out of the room. “Nero?” David looked up at his men who were staring at him confused. “Sir, are you okay?” one of them asked, trying to help him.

“The girl! Find her!” he growled. “Find her now!”

Tiana ran down a bright, white corridor when suddenly she heard an alarm sound. It either meant that the planes were getting ready to depart or David had sent people to look for her. Neither of which were good. She hid in the crevice of a wall as she saw multiple men run past her. She quickly scanned the area until she noticed a computer lab just above the aircraft docking platform. She took a quick breath and ran as fast as she could, trying to stay out of sight.

“Check the cameras! Check the fucking security. I want her found!” David barked.

Tiana looked down to see everyone scrambling like ants. She jiggled the handle of the door to the office and quickly slipped inside. The man at the desk turned around and looked at her. “Hey! You’re not supposed to be in here-” he started when she punched him in the face. “OW!” he said, covering his face. “You broke my nose!”

“Sorry!” Tiana said, grabbing one of the tablets. She slapped him in the face, knocking him to the ground. “Sorry!” she said again as she kept hitting him with the tablet. “Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!” Tiana dropped the dented tablet and rushed for the computer. She clacked away running through several of David’s and Miles’ files, sending them off to different sources. Her ears perked up when she heard angry shouting.

“Where is she?! Where’s the fucking bitch?!” Tiana immediately recognized that voice and hurried up as she finished sending the last file. She quickly climbed on top of one of the desks and pulled the same move she did when Jason and Tyler first kidnapped her. She pushed open the vent cover above her and used her strength to pull herself up and inside. She quietly closed the vent just as Kaya came storming inside the office. Tiana looked wide-eyed when she noticed the gun in Kaya’s hand.

“I know you’re in here, sweetheart,” Kaya said, closing the door. She noticed the unconscious guy on the floor and scoffed. “And you beat the shit out of our camera guy? You bitch!” Kaya snapped. “I actually liked him. He had a huge dick.”

Tiana tried to be as quiet as possible as she started to move in the vent. Kaya looked up at the sound and smirked when she saw the vent. “You think you’re so smart. So clever. So… untouchable,” Kaya said. “But when I find you... oh baby, I’m gonna fucking skin your ass alive.”

Tiana tried to block her out as she desperately looked for another exit. “So all that time David wasted fucking a shit-stained slut like you... Did he ever tell you how we killed your dumb ass brother?”

Tiana immediately stopped moving as she felt her blood run cold. She swallowed hard and shook her head. “...don’t, Tiana... don’t listen to her...” she whispered to herself.

“Oh... I’m guessing he didn’t,” Kaya laughed. “You let the man stick his dick in your dirty, ghetto STD-ridden cunt and didn’t even bother to ask how we shanked your loser brother? Oh, sweetie... you’re gonna love this...”


Owen heard several people speaking on the radio as he finally pulled up to their destination. He took in the massive warehouse and immediately recognized the familiar sound of plane engines running. “Fuck,” he said frantically as he saw more trucks starting to load in. His eyes darted, looking for Tiana but no one’s face was recognizable from that distance.

He spotted one of the cranes lifting a crate and shifted the gears of the truck as he immediately sped up. Owen checked his timing and used the radio to press down on the gas pedal. He opened the truck door and leaped out, tumbling to the ground with a hard thump as the truck collided with the crane causing a huge explosion in the warehouse.


Several of the men started shouting as Owen ducked and rolled behind a few barrels. He caught one of the men off guard and knocked him to his feet. Owen grabbed the man’s gun and jammed him in the face with the butt of the gun.

Owen had never shot a gun before and with the first shot nearly gave himself a black eye from the sheer force of the kickback. He held the gun more firmly and immediately started shooting at the men heading in his direction. He hid behind one of the trucks once they started shooting back. He noticed one of the small security cameras with a cracked screen on the ground from one of the men he shot. His brows furrowed in anger at what he saw.

“David...” he growled. Cocking his gun, he immediately ran out as he started shooting again.


“These fucking RaVage animals are causing chaos!” Roger growled as he pulled out his own gun. “Knew we should have killed them when we had the chance.” Roger briskly walked as his men ran alongside him armed to the T. He saw Owen running in the other direction where David was located and aimed his gun at Owen. He was interrupted by loud screaming coming from behind him.

Roger looked over his shoulder and saw two motorcycles jump into the warehouse. They slid against the ground before pinning several of his guys to the wall with a loud crash. He looked up in shock as two of RaVage’s men stormed the area with violent fury, attacking his men with no remorse and no hesitation.

“The fuck?!” Roger growled irritably. He took aim and shot at the two intruders, but one quickly dodged as the other held one of HeaTWave’s men up as a shield. Roger watched as the intruder dropped the man he just riddled with bullets to the ground and met his infuriated blue glare. “Berserker...” Roger said snidely.

“I got this Jamie Lannister bitch,” Jason said to Tyler as he kept his angry glare locked on Roger. “Go find our girl.” Tyler glanced at Jason before he quickly ran off in the other direction without protest. Roger watched Tyler run off and went to aim his gun when Jason shouted at him. “Eyes on me, you incestuous sister-fucker!” Jason snarled at him.

Roger turned around and dodged just in time as a rock flew by his head. He went to aim his gun, but Jason had already disappeared. “Out of all the RaVage scum, you have to be the dumbest one,” Roger shouted as he searched the area for Jason. “I mean... Berserker? Really?” Roger was looking for any reaction, but Jason remained hidden. “That’s just like your kind. Fucking cowards,” Roger continued.

He jumped startled when he saw one of his men get thrown against the wall before he fell passed out on the ground. Roger quickly aimed his gun at the direction he flew from and moved forward. “Your friends are too fucking late. You’re all screwed. And you’re gonna die here,” Roger said, approaching with his gun. “And I’ll make sure their bitch mother never sees the light of day.”

Roger turned around with his gun aimed but still no Jason. “And your whore sister,” Roger mocked. “I might just fuck the bitch myself. Throw some coke at her pathetic trailer trash ass, and I’m sure she’ll be quick to suck my cock.”

Roger heard sudden movement but didn’t turn around in time to avoid the wrench that slammed across his face. He stumbled back before he felt a foot against his chest that sent him flying to the ground. He struggled to breathe and felt the sharp pain of his ribs being shattered. He heard boots walking towards him and looked up to see Jason towering over him with a car wrench in his hand.

Roger put his hand up in defense, but Jason slammed it so hard his wrist bent backward awkwardly. Roger cried out in pain, but Jason quickly silenced his cries as he beat him over and over again with the wrench. Jason tossed the bloody wrench aside and looked down at Roger’s mangled bloody form. His nostrils flared as he leaned over and picked up a pipe laying on the ground.

Roger struggled to breathe and could barely see through the blood coating his face. “P-please-” Roger choked out before Jason shoved the pipe through his mouth until it met the concrete beneath Roger’s head. Jason looked down at Roger’s corpse and hawked a huge spit on his face.

“Suck on that, bitch,” he said, wiping his mouth before running off.


Tiana felt around the vent cover, desperately trying to pull at the screws blocking her only way out. “When we found out Dante was playing us... killing him was a given,” Kaya said, looking around the room. “I mean when David told me he was secretly working for RaVage I wanted to tear his fucking throat out. But you know David. So calculated. So clean. Everything is always a strategy with him.”

Kaya looked through one of the vent openings but didn’t see Tiana. “So one day... David told Dante we had another assignment down in lower Manhattan. One that would help him figure out the access codes to those files. Honestly, if we knew Dante had stolen all those files, we probably would have planned it differently and killed him sooner but... what can you do,” she shrugged.

Kaya leaned against one of the walls and smiled as she reminisced. “David pretended it was an assignment gone wrong. Security was compromised and poor wittle Dante had no way out. So, David led him to the rooftop of one of the tallest buildings in Manhattan... and guess who was there waiting for him...”

Tiana shook her head, trying to block her out. “We all took a turn shoving a knife in his body,” Kaya sighed. “It felt good stabbing him in the back the way he stabbed us. All that blood... it was more than he deserved...”

Tiana felt hot tears streaming down her cheeks as she covered her mouth to hold back her sobs. She wanted to scream in anguish. “And then when we all got a turn turning his body into a fucking pin cushion,” Kaya laughed. “We pushed him. And he splattered like a melon on the pavement. It was fucking awesome.”

Tiana desperately covered her mouth as she started sobbing into her hands. She felt like she had suffered her own stabbing as pain tore through her chest. Kaya looked up again when she heard subtle movement. She smirked and aimed her gun. Tiana jumped startled as a bullet went through the vent just grazing her leg. She panicked and immediately started moving through the vent.

Kaya could fully hear Tiana’s movements and followed her. “Aww, sweetie. Did I hurt your pathetic little feelings?” Kaya smirked as she shot at the ceiling again. “It must feel awful knowing everyone lied to you,” Kaya said. “But honestly, it wasn’t that hard because you’re so fucking stupid.” Kaya shot at the ceiling again.

“I wish you could have seen the look on your brother’s face when David pushed him,” Kaya laughed. “It was fucking cinematic. I should have snapped a picture so you could have a nice little memoir.” Kaya saw the vent dent and immediately shot at. Tiana covered her mouth and yelped into her palm as the bullet went through her thigh. She grasped at her thigh and cried silently as blood gushed from her leg. She tried to stop the bleeding as the blood seeped between her fingers.

“Did I get you? Daddy always said I had great aim,” Kaya smirked. She grabbed a pole and knocked it against the vent. “I don’t know what David sees in you,” Kaya said snidely. “You’re not pretty. You’re not smart. So why the fuck did he choose you?!”

Tiana took a deep breath and looked down at Kaya facing the other way. She said a quick prayer and leaped out, landing on top of Kaya and knocking her to the ground. The two women wrestled as Tiana got on top and Kaya’s gun skidded. She punched Kaya in the face several times and grabbed her hair, trying to smash her head into the floor. But Kaya stuck her thumb into the bullet wound in Tiana’s thigh causing her to scream in pain.


Owen ran down a metal bridge hovering over several propellers. He was trying to find David when he heard a gunshot ring out. He quickly dodged when he heard it again followed by whistling. “Owen. Owen. Owen,” Miles said, reloading his gun. “Now, just how the fuck did your pretty ass end up here?”

Owen glanced around the corner when another gunshot went off. It bounced off one of the fan’s propellers next to his head, and he quickly pulled back. “You know, David was gonna make you his partner. Though, I still don’t know the fuck why,” Miles said, cocking his gun. “And then, just like you do with everything else... you fucked shit up. Huh... guess you and Dante had that in common.”

Miles turned the corner but saw Owen wasn’t there. He raised a brow when he fell forward as Owen tackled him to the ground. The two rolled around on the floor as Miles’ gun went skidding across the bridge. Owen mounted Miles, punching him in the face until his head knocked back against the pavement.

“WHERE’S TIANA?!” Owen growled angrily as he went to punch him again. But he screamed out in pain as Miles rammed a switchblade into his leg before knocking him off.

“Either getting her brains fucked out by David... orrrr her spleen ripped out by Kaya,” Miles smirked before he charged at Owen.


“You stupid, fucking bitch,” Kaya snarled as she mounted Tiana, trying to choke her. “How the fuck did you think this was going to end, huh? Did you really think a guy like him really wanted your ugly ass? Newsflash: he was just using you, sweetheart.”

Tiana struggled to breathe as her body ached with pain. She looked up as Kaya raised a knife above her chest. “I’m not letting another Morris hurt Daddy’s heart,” Kaya said, aiming the dagger.

A loud shot went off that startled both Tiana and Kaya. Tiana stared wide-eyed as Kaya looked down to see blood spreading throughout the front of her shirt. She looked at Tiana in shock as blood started to seep from the corners of her mouth.


Owen’s head rocked against the floor as Miles dealt him another heavy blow. All of the pain from his wounds were starting to resurface as exhaustion took over. He struggled to fight Miles off when Miles’ body went flying off of him and slammed into the metal pillar next to him.

Owen looked up and saw Tyler rushing at Miles before he could get up. He slammed him further until Miles spun off the side of the metal bridge and dangled over the edge. Owen tried to wipe the blood from his eyes. He saw Miles reach for his gun and shoot at Tyler. Tyler quickly dropped to the ground as Miles missed.

Miles struggled to hold himself up as he could hear the fast whipping wind from the propellers beneath him. His hand slipped as the gun dropped to the propellers below. Owen quickly crawled over and grabbed Miles’ hand, trying to remove his fingers. “No! Stop!” Miles growled. But Tyler slammed his fist against Miles’ other hand, and he instinctively let go before he fell another level.

Miles screamed out in pain as the propellers sliced the lower half of his legs off. He struggled to hold himself up as he could hear the metal grinding against his bones. He screamed in agony from below.

Owen rolled over on his back, trying to catch his breath. He jumped startled when he felt someone grab his arm. “Owen!” Tyler blurted as he pulled his brother’s weak body into his arms. The two brothers hugged each other tightly as Owen breathed against Tyler’s shoulder. Tyler was beyond happy and relieved as tears escaped his eyes.

Tyler held his brother’s weak body up and felt Owen squeeze him tightly. almost unsure if what he was feeling was real. He had never been so happy to see him. Owen pulled back and looked at his brother. “You’re fucking late,” Owen breathed heavily.

“Fuck you,” Tyler laughed relieved as he pulled Owen in for another hug. “I fucking missed you.”

“I missed you too, Ty,” Owen exhaled with exhaustion. “I knew you’d find us.”

A blood-curdling scream sliced through the air startling them both. They shared a look as their eyes widened.



Kaya lay on the ground, struggling to breathe as she watched David walk up to her with a gun in his hand. She touched the bullet wound in her chest and felt her blood while Tiana scrambled back. “W-why?” she struggled to speak.

David looked down at her and tilted his head to the side. “As I told you before, Kaya. You overestimate your value. It was always about her.”

Tears brimmed in Kaya’s eyes as she struggled to breathe. “B-but... I-I loved you.”

David sighed. “That was your mistake.” He pulled the trigger and shot Kaya in the head without blinking. Tiana jumped startled and covered her mouth in shock. She watched as David slowly raised his head and locked eyes with her. The dark look in his gaze made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. “You’ve been a bad girl, Tiana,” he said coldly. “I’m very… very upset.”

She swallowed hard and scrambled to her feet, trying to get away from him.


Tiana winced every time she put pressure on her leg as she tried to run away from David. He seemed to take his time following her as if he had nothing to be worried about. She got to the main control panel above the aircraft loading dock. She typed at the keyboard in a desperate attempt to stop the missiles from deploying. But the code was hard locked.

Glancing to her side, she saw David getting closer and quickly closed the glass door before he could get in. She stared at his terrifying angry glare through the glass. “Open the door, Tiana,” he demanded.

She quickly shook her head and looked back at the control panel. “Tell me how to stop it,” she said.

David chuckled. “Baby, you can’t. It’s hardcoded. You’d need to do a manual override of every single one, which you’re in no condition to do. Now open this fucking door so I can tend to that leg.”

Tiana looked back at the panel and groaned. “...manual override...” She looked at David and threw him the middle finger before she started rushing out through the door on the other side.

“TIANA!” he growled. “Get back over here!”


After knocking out the security personnel, Jason rushed behind a computer at one of the security computer labs in the warehouse and typed at the keyboard. His eyes quickly scanned the screen and his mouth parted in shock once he realized David’s plans. He clacked at the keyboard again, trying to figure out a way to stop the missiles.

“FUCK!” he shouted angrily as he banged on the table, frustrated to run into the same blockade that Tiana had. He looked at one of the security cameras and freaked out when he saw Tiana rushing into another computer room.


Tiana left David behind and limped into the next computer area when she heard a familiar voice. “TIANA!”

She quickly looked around the room, thinking she was going crazy. “... J-Jason..?”

“Tiana, baby girl, it’s me! It’s Jason, I’m here, baby! I’m in the security office!”

Tiana covered her face in shock as she sobbed into her hands. “Oh god, Jason! Jason! I can’t believe it’s you! I missed you so much!”

“I missed you too, baby! Shit, I’ve been worried sick out of my goddamn mind! Don’t worry, baby, I’m gonna get you out of there. Just hold on!”

Tiana could hear Jason typing and shook her head. “No, I-... I can’t, Jason... I have to do this,” she said.


“I have to stop him,” Tiana said, glancing back at David who was shooting at the handle of the other door. “He’s going to kill millions if not billions of people. I have to stop this.”


“I’m sorry, Jason,” she said, opening the next door over to head towards the missiles. “I love you so much.”



Tyler and Owen ran down one of the larger corridors, trying to find where they heard the scream. “I swear it came from over here,” Tyler said, looking around as he put his hands in his hair.


Tyler and Owen looked at each other confused. “Jason?” Tyler said.

“I’m in the security office, but I’m hard-locked out of the system. You have to get Tiana. She’s in section 802. She’s gonna try to stop those missiles. You have to get to her before she gets herself killed!”

“WHAT?!” Tyler shrieked.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Owen panicked. He grabbed Tyler’s arm and led him in another direction.


David could hear Jason feeding Tyler and Owen information over the radio and was irritated that these three simple men had managed to get past his entire crew. They were aggravating, and he was determined to end them once and for all. But first...

He shot at the handle of another door before it slid open. He continued to follow Tiana who was hobbling a few feet away from him. “Tiana!”

Tiana could hear David calling for her, but she ignored him. She got to the final control room lab and immediately felt the toxic heat hit her once she opened the door. She looked around and covered her eyes from the dangerously dry air when she heard David’s footsteps start running towards her as he screamed her name. But she quickly closed the last glass door.

David looked at her through the glass and aimed for the handle. But she quickly coded in another key that put 3 heavy metal bars on all sides of the door. “How did you-” he said.

“I’m a hacker,” she said, glaring at him. “Name’s Rogue. Newest member of RaVage. You might have heard of them?”

David’s jaw tensed as he leaned against the window. “Don’t do this, Tiana,” he said. “If you don’t get out now, you’ll die from the radiation. Just come to me. I’ll take care of you. I’ll put this past us. I promise. I’m not even angry anymore just... just open the fucking door!

Tiana jumped as David banged angrily on the door. His face turned red as tears slipped from his angry glare. “I can’t lose you, okay? I love you,” he pleaded. “Goddammit! Open the fucking door, Tiana! Please!”

Tiana merely shook her head. “You did this. Live with it.”

David’s mouth parted as he watched Tiana start lifting away the panel to get underneath to the hardware. He pulled back and shot at the glass several times, trying to open it when Owen jumped on him forcing him to the ground.


Tiana touched the bullet wound in her leg and winced. She looked back at the large panel scattered with buttons and switches. The room felt like a furnace as she wiped the sweat from her brow. She leaned over the dashboard, struggling to breathe in the dry air.

She looked over the switches labeled with different cities around the world and read the large warning label on top that said Warning: High Radiation Levels. She bit her lip as she debated lifting the panel, her vision blurring slightly.


Tiana blinked furiously as she looked around for who called her name. She wondered if it was Jason again. “Hello?”

“It’s me, sis.”

Tiana turned around and saw Dante’s form standing in the corner. “Dante,” she breathed out. Tears formed in her eyes and a smile came to her face. “God, I fucking miss you, D.”

“I know, sis. I miss you too. But I need you to finish what I started.”

Tiana’s brows furrowed with anxiety. “Dante, I’m... I’m so fucking scared.”

“I know, T. But, if you don’t stop this... hundreds of millions of people are going to die. Just like pops... you can’t let that happen. I tried but I...”

Tiana couldn’t stop the tears from cascading. “Dante, I might die.”

Dante smiled as he walked up to her, and she shuddered when she felt his hand on hers. “Then at least we’ll be together again. You... me... and pops.” A sad smile crossed Tiana’s face as she nodded.

“Save those people, T,” he said, kissing her forehead. “And then come home.”


Owen wrestled with David on the ground as Tyler fought off several men who had tried to bombard them. They had stumbled into an industrial area surrounded by molten rock, hot coals, and a large furnace. Owen screamed out in pain as David applied pressure to his stab wound. David pinned Owen to the ground, face-first, trying to press his face into the hot gated floor beneath them.

“We could have been partners,” David snarled as he violently kneed Owen in the back. “We both could have had her! But you’re just so fucking selfish!”

“She’s not yours!” Owen growled. “She was never meant to be yours. And she never.. will be!” Owen threw his head back, knocking David in the face as he stumbled off of him. Owen quickly rolled over and rushed at David as they clashed again. “If you needed help, you could have fucking asked!” Owen snapped. “Ever heard of fucking therapy?! You had to take the route of mass genocide?!”

Owen punched David hard in the face before he grabbed his shirt and pulled him back again. “You fucking drugged her, David! You raped her! You’re a fucking monster, and I’ll be damned if you leave here alive!” Owen said, tackling him to the floor again.

“You’re a fucking disappointment, Owen,” David said, jamming his elbow into Owen’s swollen shoulder. “I thought you of all people would understand.” He kicked Owen hard in the chest, sending him flying backward. Owen struggled to breathe when he felt David’s foot on his chest. He looked up to see David peering down at him with the gun pointed at his head. “Now I’m gonna have to permanently ruin one of my favorite faces,” David sneered.

“That’s too bad about yours,” Owen said. He grabbed David’s foot and violently twisted it until his ankle broke. David shouted in pain as he fell to the floor. Owen quickly grabbed David’s head and dragged his face against the hot coals scattered against the cement. David screamed in agony as he felt the hot coals rip away the skin on his face.

He shoved Owen off as he stumbled backward. Owen looked at David’s half-bleeding face that was nearly unrecognizable. But he felt absolutely no remorse. “Fuck... you..” David said, shakily holding up his gun to Owen again.

Owen took a deep breath, debating his next move when he saw David go flying after Tyler high-kicked him from one of the ledges. David stumbled near the edge and looked at Owen wide-eyed when he lost his balance and fell into the furnace below. They could hear him screaming in agony as he burned alive before the flames completely consumed his body.

Tyler rushed over to Owen and sighed deeply. “You okay?” Tyler asked.

“Yea,” Owen said, trying to catch his breath. “We have to get Tiana.”


Tiana worked furiously, trying to wipe the sweat out of her eyes as she tried to see through her blurred vision. She hacked away, typing rapidly. “TIANA! GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!” she heard Jason’s voice blaring through one of the intercoms.

“I’m almost done, Jason,” she coughed as she kneeled against one of the panels and started pulling out the cords. “Two more missiles to go. Just two more. Red on white. Blue on green. Yellow... where’s yellow...”

Jason slammed the radio down and rushed out of the room. He configured the quickest way to get to Tiana from where he was. He ran at full speed, jumping from one railing to the next, ignoring all the discord going on around him.

Tiana got to the last missile as she tried hacking through another code. Her brows furrowed in confusion when she got another alert: SYSTEM FAILURE

“No... no, no, no,” she said, banging on the keyboard. She frantically analyzed the panel and saw a number keypad on the side to self-detonate the missile before it launched. “Shit...” she muttered. “What the fuck is the code...” She looked back at the screen to see it flashing the city the missile was targeting.

New York

“Of course,” she muttered. “Cause why fucking not?!” She put her head in her hands as she tried to think. “Think, Tiana, think,” she said, slapping her hands against her forehead. Suddenly, she looked up as Kiara’s voice popped into her memory. She quickly rushed to the keypad and typed in the numbers. “0821,” Tiana said, before hitting enter. She heard another beep and looked at the screen: SELF DESTRUCT SEQUENCE ENGAGED

Tiana let out an excited scream as her mouth parted in shock. “I did it!” she blurted. “I fucking did it!” She leaned back against the desk and slid to the floor. She breathed out her relief and inhaled her newfound fear. “Oh, shit. I’m actually gonna die,” she laughed with disbelief. “Fuck. I wasn’t ready.”

Tiana heard banging on the glass door and looked to the side to see Owen and Tyler trying to break down the door. But it wouldn’t budge. “TIANA!” Tyler screamed as he rammed his shoulder against the glass. “TIANA, OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR!”

Tiana smiled as tears streamed down her cheeks, and she crawled on the floor to the door. Nothing brought her more joy at that moment than to see two of the faces of her lovers. Both of their faces were stricken with anger and fear, but they never looked more beautiful to her than at that moment. “Guys...” she breathed out. “Oh god...”

She saw Owen grab a metal pole and start slamming it against the glass door. But it barely splinted. “T! OPEN THE DOOR!” Owen shouted. “OPEN IT NOW!”

Tiana shook her head. “I… I can’t, Owen. It became deadlocked once I put the last missile on self-detonate.”

Tyler and Owen’s eyes bulged in shock. “WHAT?! NO! FUCK NO!!!” Tyler shrieked. He started punching the glass with all his might, his fist leaving blood stains from his bleeding knuckles.

“Tiana, baby, please!” Owen begged, sliding to the ground as he punched relentlessly at the glass. “Please, baby, you have to try! You have to try something!”

“DID YOU GET HER OUT?! IS SHE OUT?!” Jason’s voice blared through the radio again. Tiana could hear Jason running and knew he was getting closer.

But it didn’t matter. Her breathing got shorter as the air became drier and hotter.

“Baby, look at me, okay?! Just look at me, T!” Owen said, banging on the glass with more ferocity.

She looked at Owen through the glass and gave him a comforting smile, though pain and fear flooded her gaze. “I’m sorry, Owen,” she said, struggling to breathe as she put her hand against the glass. “I’m… r-really sorry.”

“No, baby, no,” Owen said. “Just look at me, T, okay? We’re gonna get you out. Just hold on. I’m not losing you. We’re not fucking losing you!”

Tiana looked up to see Tyler still punching the glass, but he was sobbing uncontrollably as his blood and tears stained the window. She had never seen him so heartbroken. And suddenly, nothing seemed to hurt more in this very moment than seeing the helpless looks on their faces.

“Ty,” Owen said, looking up at him. “What- what do we-? She-” Tyler looked down at his baby brother and saw the same fear and hopelessness in his blue eyes that he saw when their mother was taken away. It tore at his insides.


Tyler and Owen looked back to see Jason running as he pointed a gun at the door. He shot several times, but the glass merely fractured. “Target the fracture!” Jason ordered. “We have to get her out!”

Tiana watched as the three men she loved with all her heart damaged their bodies against the glass in their attempt to get her out. She looked back at the timer and took a deep breath as she saw it counting down. She looked back at the door and gave them a comforting smile. “I...I l-love y-you guys,” she breathed out.

“No! No, Tiana, no!” Owen screamed as he smacked his bloody hand against the glass. Tiana weakly put her own hand up against the glass to mirror his. “Tiana!” Owen cried.

Suddenly the floor beneath them collapsed and a huge explosion erupted on the other side of the glass. The sheer force sent the three men flying backward.


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