Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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5 - Now That You're Gone

Hacker Rule #17: Always have a backup plan.

Jason was perched on a dresser, absentmindedly twirling the drumstick that seemed to have become a part of him. He watched Tiana roam Dante’s abandoned room. Tiana’s presence was the first bit of life brought back to the room. It had become a graveyard of memories the moment Anna stopped sleeping in his bed. She often cried herself to sleep, just to smell Dante’s cologne on the pillow sheets she refused to have washed.

As Tiana walked the length of Dante’s room, admiring the posters of Kendrick Lamar, Tupac, and Malcolm X, Jason couldn’t help his eyes roaming over her features over and over again. Her wide, button nose. Her full lips. Her almond eyes. She was stunning. She also looked so much like Dante.

Watching Tiana, Jason furrowed his brow as it suddenly occurred to him just how much he truly missed his friend. His laughter. His jokes. His spontaneous tirades of ‘how difficult it was to be a black man in AmeriKKKa.’ Rantings about socioeconomic and racially politicized issues that Jason never truly understood until Dante’s leadership took reins of RaVage.

Jason’s light blue eyes averted from Tiana’s tempting form to a small picture in the corner of the wall. Purposely avoided. Just like his room. In the picture, Tyler, Jason, Dante, and Owen had their arms linked over each other’s shoulders, standing in front of the old rundown warehouse that they now called home. All sporting eager faces with bright eyes, excited to take on a world that would soon become much bigger than them.

“What’s this?” Tiana asked, breaking Jason out of his thoughts.

Jason glanced up to see Tiana holding up a flash drive. He approached her, and she instinctively took a step back, causing him to quirk an amused brow. “You still think I’m gonna hurt you?” he inquired.

“Well, only moments ago, you tossed me over your shoulder like you were freaking Colossus and threw me on the bed. What else would you expect me to think other than that you were going to rape me,” she muttered.

Jason shook his head with a smirk as he plucked the device from her fingers. “I only fuck the willing,” he said, eyeing the device. “It’s just a memory drive of our past assignments. Nothing special.”

“Can I take a look at it?” she asked, trying to grab it from him.

He immediately pulled his hand back. “Why?” he asked.

“Because I’m curious,” she said, reaching for it again. But he held it behind his back.

“You know what they say about curiosity,” he grinned. “You’re hot, babe, but I trust you about as much as you trust me.”

“How hypocritical is this bullshit?” she said annoyed. “YOU people kidnapped ME, remember?! I have a right not to trust you!”

“Fair enough,” he shrugged. “But we still have to take precaution. Unless... you wanna try wrestling it from me,” he smirked suggestively.

Tiana rolled her eyes as she turned away from him. “Asshole.” Jason grinned as he watched her continue to roam Dante’s room.

She looked at the contents of Dante’s desk that was scattered with old newspaper articles and coding notes. She moved a few papers to the side and felt her throat dry up as she picked up a worn picture with dog-eared corners. Her eyes started to water as she looked at the image of her mother hugging a young Dante in her arms. A younger version of herself was seated on her father’s lap in front of their brownstone home in Brooklyn.

Tiana couldn’t remember what life was like before her father passed away. Happy memories only came to her in fragments, but the depressing memories always seemed to outweigh them. Her father, James Morris, was her hero. Her own ‘Captain America’ she would call him because of how long he served in the United States Armed Forces. To Tiana, James was indestructible, until he turned victim to a fatal disease.

The CDC had categorized James’ illness to be one most common among war veterans. Thus, under the direction of the United States Army, James, along with several other war vets, were cared for by doctors specializing in the disease in hopes of producing a cure. But myositis had claimed her father’s body as he suffered from inflammation of the muscles, making it nearly impossible for him to move.

Tiana could still feel the tight anguish in her chest from how helpless and heartbroken she felt, watching her father’s physical and mental health deteriorate, despite how many tests he had undergone. A cure was never found. By the time her father had passed, James couldn’t even remember his own daughter’s name. She tried desperately to erase those last moments from her memory. She couldn’t bear the thought that her father didn’t even know who she was in his last moments on earth.

His death was still a blur. A nightmare that she couldn’t wake up from. Although the United States government had promised to provide a stipend to the families of the victims, the Morris’ were one of the thousands of families that were overlooked. They had plunged into poverty and were forced to sell their brownstone in Brooklyn and move to a more affordable place in Queens.

Though their mother, a devout Christian, always emphasized to her children the importance of keeping family close and trusting God, Dante only became angrier and more frustrated with their situation.

“The system was never designed for us, but against us,” Dante would always tell Tiana. Tiana was convinced that Dante’s ever-growing hatred for their country was due to the death of their father and the lack of support from the government for their family after his passing. It was in stark contrast to her father, who loved his country so much, he served for years. Tiana couldn’t blame Dante for his disdain. The political-social climate only seemed to worsen as time went on. Protests were a daily activity in New York alone as activist groups sprung up by the hundreds.

Tiana wondered if that’s why Dante moved out so soon. She always thought that it was because he couldn’t stand seeing their mother’s health start to fail her when she got sick. He had stopped visiting and instead sent checks in the mail for financial support. Not a word of what he was doing or how he was able to provide so much money. Now, all the pieces were starting to come together.

While Dante was forming RaVage, Tiana was trying to achieve her dreams. She had been hesitant to leave her sick mother, but her mother absolutely refused to allow her to pass on the opportunity that NYU was offering her. The number of black women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) studies was growing, but still fairly low. And Tiana wanted to make an impact on her community. Singing to Beyoncé’s Formation, placing emphasis on her famous “black Bill Gates” lyric, Tiana waved her acceptance letter from NYU’s School of Engineering in the air and twerked on the wall. “Bill Gates ain’t got nothin’ on you, sis,” Dante would encourage her.

Tiana suddenly felt the soul-crushing pain of loneliness and despair. First her father. Now her brother. At this rate, she would have no one left.

“You alright?” Jason asked, breaking her out of her thoughts. Jason felt a strange uncomfortable feeling in his gut when he saw the tear slip down Tiana’s face. He barely knew her, and he had already discovered that he absolutely hated seeing her cry.

“Yea, I’m fine, Oliver Queen,” she said, wiping her face. She stood from the bed and walked towards him. “But if you guys are gonna keep me in his room, then I think I’m entitled to his things as well, including that memory drive.”

Jason sighed as he leaned back against the wall with his arms folded over his chest. “That’s not my call, babe,” he said.

“Would you stop calling me that?” she said annoyed. “I’m not your ‘babe.’“

He raised an amused brow and gave her a look so challenging that it made her take a step back. “Not yet...” he smirked.

She scoffed as she pushed past him. “Not ever.”

He snickered as he followed her into the main area. Darren typed away at his keyboard until he looked over the computer screen and saw Tiana walk in. He quickly jumped to his feet. “H-hey!” he said excitedly, nervously adjusting the glasses on his face. “I’m Darren!”

Tiana looked at him strangely as he rushed to her. He took her hand between his and eagerly shook it. “...Hi?” she said confused.

“I’ve been waiting to meet you for... well, a while now. Dante always talked so much about his genius little sister, even though he never really allowed any of us to meet you. Except for Owen, of course,” Darren cheesed.

Tiana scoffed. “Yet, he completely hid from me the fact that he was living a double life.”

Darren blushed embarrassed as he let go of her hand and rubbed the back of his neck. “He didn’t want you caught up in this life,” Darren defended. “It’s pretty dangerous. He wanted to protect you. Keep you safe. That’s why he had Owen befriend you so you could-”

“Wait what?” she asked, abruptly cutting him off. “You mean Owen purposely situated himself in my life because of Dante?! They didn’t meet each other through me?!”

“Oh... um... well... I thought-” Darren stammered.

“Nice one, Darren,” Jason smirked. He sat in one of the computer chairs and kicked his feet up.

“That lying bastard!” Tiana growled. “Just when I thought his two-faced ass couldn’t get any worse.”

“What are you guys talking about?” Tyler asked, walking in with Owen. Tiana spun around when she saw Owen and on instinct tackled him to the ground.

“Is this gonna be a habit? When am I gonna get tackled next?” Jason grinned as he watched Tiana wrestle Owen to the floor.

“Seriously, Tiana?! What now?!” Owen said, flipping her on her back to hold her down.

“Tell me our friendship wasn’t a fucking fabricated lie! Tell me you didn’t just friend me because my brother asked you to!” she snapped at him. Owen felt his words get caught in his throat as he looked into her deep brown eyes. There was pure anger but also a tinge of pain. “OWEN?!” she shouted at him.

“T...” he sighed.

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed, trying to shove him off of her. “You are literally the fucking worst!” Owen groaned as he moved off of her and she struggled to her feet. “So, our entire friendship was a damn lie?!” she shouted at him. She didn’t bother waiting for an answer as she shoved him back before storming away.

“Your plan is going so well, Owen,” Tyler said sarcastically. “She’s totally receptive. Great addition to our team. Can’t wait to find out more of your brilliant ideas.”

“Shut up, Ty,” Owen muttered as he watched Tiana storm away.

“Sorry, Owen,” Darren said sheepishly. “I thought she knew...”

“Not your fault,” Owen said. “She has a right to be upset. But, she’ll eventually understand...”

“So, you think,” Jason smirked.


Tiana sat on Dante’s bed and felt an uncontrollable sob spill from her chest. Her head fell in her hands as she finally broke down and cried. She couldn’t believe Owen only friended her because of her brother. When she first met Owen, she had fallen head over heels for the guy. He was the most attractive man she had ever seen in her life. His distinct sharp blue eyes, perfectly coiffed dark brown hair, and deep dimples that made their debut whenever he smiled always made her melt. She swore he was flirting with her until he made it clear that he just wanted to be friends.

Tiana had always repressed her feelings for Owen. In her mind, she saw herself with him. He was intelligent, empathetic, funny, likable, and he just... got her. They jived so well together that sometimes she felt like she was his girl. She had tossed those thoughts away a long time ago when she first caught him in bed with another guy. It wasn’t the last time either. But Owen made it easy to be friends. Now, all she could think was that their entire friendship was pure deception. And it tore away at her.

“What did those putas do now?” Tiana looked up to see a beautiful raven-haired girl with olive skin standing at the door. She wore a short, black leather skirt with high-heeled ankle boots and a white crop top showing her flat midriff. “Sup, I’m Anna Sanchez,” the girl said, walking across the room. Tiana looked at her surprised as Anna took her hand and shook it. “I’m Dante’s girlfriend,” Anna said, stuffing her hands into her back pockets. “Well...was... mierda...” she muttered frustratingly.

Tiana noted the way Anna’s face fell as her dark brown eyes stared at the floor. “He never told me he had a girlfriend,” Tiana said.

“There’s a lot of things he didn’t tell you, chica,” Anna said, sitting on the bed next to her. Anna leaned back on the bed and stared up at the ceiling. “Dante was always so secretive. He even kept things from me, the handsome bastard.” Tiana could hear a tinge of pain in Anna’s voice despite how sarcastic she intended her comment to be. “Sorry we had to kidnap you,” Anna said, looking at her.

Tiana scoffed and shook her head. “Not an apology I’ll be accepting any time soon,” Tiana said.

Anna shrugged. “I get it... But the guys wouldn’t have done so if Dante hadn’t asked.”

“Dante told them to kidnap me?”

“Well, no. That’s just men being stupid dumb fucks. As usual,” Anna said, rolling her eyes. “In fact, Owen is usually a bit more calculated than this. This was a bit sloppy. Guess because you’re a friend.”

“We’re not friends,” Tiana said quickly. “Apparently, we never were...”

Anna peered at Tiana and sighed before she stood to her feet. “If you’re staying in here, you might want to change the sheets,” Anna said, walking to the door. “Last time your brother and I... well, you know...”

“Um... EW!” Tiana gagged.

Anna shrugged with a smirk. “Just trying to help you out, chica.” She opened the door to see Owen just about to knock.

“Hey, Anna,” Owen said, looking past her at Tiana. “I need to talk to her.”

“Good luck. And next time, you blanquitos need to consult me first before doing something this stupid,” she lectured.

“Yep. Sure. You got it,” he said, moving past her and into the room.

Tiana looked up at Owen and growled. “Get out!” she shouted at him.

“I’m not leaving until you hear me out,” he said, closing the door behind him.

“Don’t make me kick your ass, Owen,” she threatened.

“Go right ahead, T,” he shrugged.

She groaned as she turned away from him and faced the wall. “So, you knew Dante before you knew me.”

“Yes,” he said, taking a step towards her. “Dante and I had known each other for years... And he did ask me to befriend you as another means of protection for you.”

“So, it was all a lie.”

“No, Tiana.” Owen grabbed her shoulder and spun her around to face him. “I mean when we first met, yes, there were other intentions, but the relationship that we built was very much real. I love you. I have always loved you. None of what we had... have is a lie.”

Tiana looked at him curiously. The way he said he loved her was borderline romantic. But she felt she was just projecting. Owen could read the hesitation in her eyes and quickly corrected himself. “I’ve always cared about you, T. You’ve always been like... like a sister to me.” Tiana didn’t understand why she felt hurt by these words.

“Fine, Owen. But I’m going to need you to start telling me the truth from now on. No more lies. You’re giving me heart palpitations. There’s only so much caucacity my black ass can take.”

He chuckled. “That’s fair...” Owen looked at Tiana who seemed to have a war going on in her deep brown irises as she stared at him like the stranger he had become. He knew there was a rift in their relationship that would take forever to heal again, if at all.


“Tiana, this is Darren,” Owen said, gesturing to Darren who got up and walked towards Tiana.

“Better introduction,” Darren blushed. “I’m sorry about before. I know this is a lot for you to take in.”

“Yea, it is...” Tiana sighed as she glanced at the people surrounding her. “So, you’re all criminals then?”

“Depends on who you ask,” Jason shrugged, leaning back against the wall.

Tiana rolled her eyes. “I get that my brother was cool with you guys, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be the same for me. I’m nothing like him.”

“That much is obvious,” Tyler muttered.

“Ty,” Owen said with warning before he looked at Tiana. “You said you wanted to figure out what really happened to him, right? You won’t be able to do that with anyone else but us.”

Tiana sighed in resignation. “Fine... But you can’t just keep me here. I still need to go to school.”

“Of course. We don’t expect you to just drop everything,” Owen said. “But we still have to keep a close eye on you.”

“And just how exactly do you plan to do that?” Tiana asked apprehensively.


“Nice jeans,” Jason smirked. He eyed Tiana up as she walked towards him in the small garage.

“Whatever,” she said, approaching his car. She looked over the sharp details of the black vehicle and quirked a curious brow. “This looks expensive...” she said.

“It’s a 1997 McLaren F1 GT,” Jason said, rubbing the top of it. “Been riding this baby for years.”

“Stolen?” Tiana chided with her arms crossed over her chest.

Jason looked at her with a smirk. “Actually, I won her in a race. Fixed her up and made some modifications so she rides like I want her to...” He clicked a button as the door started to open. “If there’s one thing you can guarantee you’ll always get with me, babe... it’s a fun ride,” he said suggestively.

Tiana rolled her eyes. “I’m just going to school, Colossus,” she said, getting in. She sat in the low-seated, all-black, interior of the car and felt the soft, velvety material beneath her fingers. By the time they got to the school, Tiana thought she was going to puke. She had never gone so fast in a car in her life. She didn’t understand how no cop had pulled him over. But then, they were taking side streets.

“I’ll be in the area and here when your classes are over,” Jason said, going through her phone. “My number is in your phone. Call me if you need me or want me,” he said, handing the phone back.

“What the hell would I want you for?” she said, snatching her phone from him.

“I can think of a few good reasons,” he grinned at her.

She rolled her eyes and walked towards the building crowded with students. She stepped into the school building and looked behind her to see Jason wink at her before he rounded the corner. Looking down at her phone she saw his contact was saved as “My Favorite Ride??”, with the eggplant emoji. She groaned as she tucked her phone away and headed to class. She still couldn’t believe they were practically babysitting her, but she was glad for the bit of freedom she was allowed just to attend class.

She shot Shae a text, letting her know she would be busy with a school project that may keep her away from home. Owen advised her that it was best to keep Shae in the dark for her own safety. She stepped into the crowded classroom and grabbed an empty seat just as the professor started speaking. “We’ll be starting on our mid-semester projects,” the professor said. “Buddy up with the person next to you. This project will be worth 30% of your grade.”

“Tiana?” Tiana glanced to her side to see David sitting next to her with an open textbook and his glasses seated on his face.

“Hey! David, right?” she said.

“Yea,” he smiled. “Thanks again for helping me find my professor. I’m still trying to get the hang of this whole... new school.”

“Don’t sweat it. It took me a minute to figure out where all my classes were when I first started,” she chuckled. “So... I guess we’re project partners.”

David looked at the board. “Oh yeah. I mean, only if you want to. You’re not bound to me or anything.”

“Oh, you don’t want me?” she teased.

“No, I definitely do!” he said quickly. Tiana chuckled as he blushed furiously. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he stammered nervously.

“I’m just teasing,” she smirked. His shyness was absolutely adorable. “Though, I must warn you. I’m very serious about my grades.”

“That makes both of us,” he smiled. “I mean it’s the only reason why I’m here. Back in Minnesota, none of my family took my studies very seriously. But my old man finally gave way into letting me come to the city to pursue my aspirations in engineering robotics.”

“That’s sweet,” Tiana smiled. “Why robotics?”

David shrugged slightly. “Before I came to New York, I used to work with my mom at a clinic helping amputees. Many of them couldn’t afford the prosthetic just to help them stand straight, let alone move. I’m hoping to create a robotic prosthetic that will not only help with mobility but will be way more affordable.”

Tiana smiled fondly at David. “I like that. That’s noble. I’ve never really been into robotics. Computer engineering is more my thing. But I wish you the best of luck on that.”

“Thanks!” he smiled brightly. “Now about this project,” he said, eyeing the instruction sheet in front of him. “This... is going to take some time,” he sighed.

“You up for the challenge?” she elbowed him.

David glanced at her and a warm flush came to his cheeks. “I am if you are...”


Tyler leaned back against the counter of the dingy bar, watching his brother chat up another guy. He absentmindedly spun the keys around his finger as his mind went back to the annoying girl occupying the room that belonged to his best friend. He still couldn’t believe Owen thought this was a good idea. Just because they were siblings didn’t mean she was anything like Dante, nor could she ever take his place.

Tyler was still reeling from Dante’s death. It was so quick and sudden. One minute they were planning their next road trip to the West Coast and the next he’s identifying his best friend’s body. Tyler had recurring nightmares about finding Dante’s body, bloodied and mangled on the sidewalk. He knew the second he saw his corpse that it wasn’t an accident. Tyler never truly knew how to mourn properly. Instead, he just held it in as anger, convinced he’d finally have some relief once they found Dante’s killer.

“Thanks, babe.” Tyler looked up to see Owen wink at the guy he was just flirting with to get the information they needed. Despite being the youngest brother by a year, Owen was always the brains of any operation or assignment they took on. Tyler and Owen balanced each other well. While Tyler specialized in engineering and mechanics, transfiguring any machine he could get his hands on, Owen was the math whiz, the strategic genius who could look at a problem and figure out at least 4 different solutions within seconds.

Except when it came to Tiana. Tyler had never seen his brother look so destabilized. Something about this girl threw him off. And he didn’t like it. “The mainframe computer is on the 30th floor,” Owen said. He walked up to Tyler and inconspicuously slipped him a key card.

“That easy huh?” Tyler smirked. “Thought you’d at least give him your fake number.”

Owen shrugged with a grin. “He was kinda cute. A bit too innocent for my type of kinks though. I’d wreck him.” Tyler shook his head with a chuckle. Owen was about as unfiltered as Jason, which he thought was rather interesting considering Owen was also their networking guy. Owen had the skill of smooth-talking his way into anyone’s security system... and anyone’s bed. Tyler didn’t know what it was about his brother that attracted people to him like so, men and women alike. But it made their jobs considerably easier.

Owen followed Tyler out of the bar and into the lobby as they took the elevator up. “Are we sure it was a good idea to leave Jason to watch her?” Owen asked suddenly.

Tyler rolled his eyes. “She’ll be fine. Just because he wants to fuck her doesn’t mean he will. Though, maybe he should if it’ll help him get over this ridiculous infatuation he has for her.”

Owen sighed as his hands sat in his pockets. “I know you’re upset about Dante, and I know I kind of rushed into this. But it’s not her fault, and you need to stop taking your frustration out on her.”

“She shouldn’t even be here,” Tyler muttered as he watched the numbers on the elevator change. “Dante leaves you some vague ass warning and you decide to play a damn White Knight. You’ve jeopardized our entire team. Now, we have to play fucking babysitter to some random who doesn’t know shit and could blow our cover and everything we’ve built in seconds.”

“You just need to give her time,” Owen said.

“We don’t have time!” Tyler snapped. The doors opened and he pulled on his mask.

Owen sighed as he pulled on his own mask and watched his brother rush out of the elevator. They stepped into a large, dark room scattered with computers. “There’s no one here,” Owen said.

“Just stay alert. I’ll be quick,” Tyler said. He pulled out a small screwdriver and unscrewed the bolts of a large metal box that had been bolted to the wall. Years later of having worked with each other and Owen still loved watching his brother work his magic. Tyler always had a multi-tool pocket knife attached to him. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say he understood machines better than he understood people.

As Tyler reworked a few cords, Owen’s ears perked up when he heard a noise. “I’ll be back,” Owen said.

“Don’t be an idiot, Owen,” Tyler said. “I’m almost done.”

“I just want to make sure we’re good,” Owen said, walking away.

“Owen,” Tyler said after he finished with the wires and screwed the mainframe piece back on. He heard scuffling and immediately rounded the corner to see Owen punching a guy in the face. Two other guys rounded the corner that Tyler quickly ran up on. He knocked them out with two swift moves before they could get any further.

“I figured we weren’t alone,” Owen breathed as the guy fell to the ground. Tyler shook his head before he saw the guy pull out a pocket knife and slash Owen’s leg.

“Owen!” Tyler shouted as he pushed Owen out of the way and charged at his attacker.

As Owen grabbed his leg, Tyler pounced on the guy in seconds. He grabbed him by his shirt and punched him repeatedly in the face. Owen sucked his teeth as he looked at the slice in his leg when he heard a loud crack. He looked up to see Tyler still wailing on the man whose face was now a bloody mess. “Tyler! TY!” Owen said, scrambling to his brother to pull him off. “Chill the fuck out!”

Tyler stumbled backward breathing heavily, his fist covered with the blood of the man he pummeled senseless. “Ty...” Owen said cautiously. He touched Tyler’s shoulder who flinched.

“I’m fine,” Tyler muttered as he looked at the bloodied unconscious man on the ground. “Shit... did I... is he...”

Owen brought two fingers to the man’s throat. “He’s still alive,” Owen said.

Tyler breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m sorry, I-”

“I know,” Owen said, checking his phone. “Let’s just get out of here.”


Tiana had barely made it through the doors when she heard someone honking at her. She stared across the street to see Jason waiting for her in his car. She groaned and immediately started walking in the opposite direction. “I don’t need to go back right this second, right?” she said to herself. She sped past the students and back into the building. “He can wait. Or just leave without me.” She felt her phone buzz and pulled it out:

My Favorite Ride??: Do you want me to chase you? Cause I love a good chase, babe.

Tiana: Just leave without me. I can find my way back on my own. I don’t need a damn babysitter.

My Favorite Ride??: You know that’s not how this works, beautiful. You have 30 seconds to come out here before I come get you.

Tiana: Choke on a dick, Jason. #boybye

My Favorite Ride🍆: 10 seconds

Tiana: Am I supposed to be intimidated by you or something? #bitchyoutriedit

Tiana waited for another text from Jason but nothing came through. She tucked her phone back into her pocket and peeked outside to see his car was no longer there. “That asshole finally gave up,” she said with relief. She stepped outside and headed towards her favorite gyro cart. But before she could cross the street, she heard a car screeching and looked to the side to see Jason’s car rounding the corner. He pulled up on the curb and hopped out of the car, heading straight for her.

“Oh shit!” she blurted. She turned on her heels and headed straight back towards the school. She ran through the crowd and up the stairs, hoping to lose him as she rushed into the school library. She figured he would at least need access to get in, and since he wasn’t a student, he couldn’t. He wouldn’t be that crazy in broad daylight, would he?

Tiana checked her phone, but there was nothing from him. She peeked through the bookshelves but he was nowhere in sight. She breathed a sigh of relief and turned around just as someone grabbed her waist and wrapped their hand around her mouth to hush her. She muffled into his mouth and tried to pull it off, but his grip was firm and tight. This guy really was Colossus.

“I told you I would come get you,” Jason whispered in her ear. “I’m a fucking hacker, babe. I know every point of entry into this building. And for a genius... you’re not very smart.”

She could practically hear the grin in his voice. She writhed against him, trying to get out of his grasp when she suddenly felt something large and hard pressed up against her backside. She slapped his hand several times until he finally let go. She spun around on him. “Are you erect?!” she whispered angrily.

“What do you expect when your ass is moving on me like that?” he chuckled, stuffing his hands into his pockets. “And what an ass it is...”

You’re an ass!” she snarled, shoving him back.

Jason shrugged as he looked at her with a teasing gaze. “Are you going to come nicely or do I need to embarrass you in front of all these people?”

“You even touch me and I swear I’ll-” But before Tiana could finish, Jason was already lifting her by her waist and throwing her over his shoulder. “PUT ME DOWN, YOU ASSHOLE!” she shouted at him. Jason chuckled as he walked out from the aisle and headed towards the exit. Several people looked at them strangely as Tiana kept yelling. “OH MY GOD! SOMEONE HELP ME!” she screamed.

“Don’t mind my fiancé,” Jason said, walking up to security. “She’s just freaked out that she has to meet the in-laws.”

“Are you crazy?!” Tiana screamed. He nonchalantly walked out of the library, carrying her over his shoulder. He carried her to his car and placed her inside. He kept his hand on her thighs to keep her still as he pulled the seat belt over her chest.

“See?” he said with his head in her face. “If you had just obeyed the first time, this wouldn’t have been necessar- damn, your thighs are thick,” he said, giving them a squeeze.

“Get off of me!” she said, shoving him. He laughed as he pulled back and closed the door shut. He got in on the driver’s side as his phone went off and clicked the button to see Darren’s face came up.

“What is it?” Jason asked, starting the engine.

“Tyler and Owen just called in a 316. They need you,” Darren said frantically.

“I have Tiana with me though,” Jason said.

“No time to drop her back. You have to go!” Darren said. “Sending you their coordinates.”

Jason sighed. “Got it.”

“Go where?” Tiana asked frantically as she tugged at her seat belt.

“Hold on tight, beautiful,” Jason said as he pressed down on the gas pedal and sped off.


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