Hackers with(out) Remorse - (Book 4 of the Marvelous 3 Saga)

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44 - Endgame III


Jason woke up startled to the sound of balloons popping and party streamers in his room. He sat up in his bed and barely had time to brace himself as Tiana jumped on top of him. “Wait... it’s my birthday?” Jason asked, confused as Tiana peppered his face with kisses.

“This guy,” Tyler smirked as he placed a party hat on Jason’s head.

“Yes, it’s your birthday,” Owen said, holding out the cake. “Now blow out these motherfucking candles before the fire alarm goes off.”

“Shit, okay,” Jason muttered as he leaned over.

“Don’t forget to make a wish!” Tiana said quickly.

Jason looked at her and smiled. “My wish already came true, baby girl...” he said. Tiana’s cheeks warmed over as he squeezed her hand.

“BOOOOOOO! LAAAME! 0 OUT OF 10!” Owen shouted.

“Gave me high fucking cholesterol with that cheesy ass line,” Tyler teased.

“Fuck you guys,” Jason laughed as he flipped them off. He blew out the candles as everyone in the room cheered him on.

“Nice, nice,” Owen said. “I made the cake. Obviously.”

“I helped!” Tiana cheesed.

“I didn’t,” Tyler shrugged.

Jason smirked as he swiped some of the frosting and licked it from his finger. “Where’s my birthday gift?”

“Downstairs,” Tyler said. “Get your lazy ass up so you can open them.”

“Wait, wait! I have one for him right now,” Tiana said, getting off the bed. The boys watched as Tiana slowly untied her black silk robe and let it fall to the floor, revealing her in a sexy red lace lingerie set. The deep red complimented her rich dark skin.

“Fuck...” Tyler said as his eyes wandered hungrily over her body.

“You like?” Tiana smiled. She turned around, showing them her ass.

“Holy fucking shit... are you kidding?” Jason croaked as his Adam’s apple bobbed.

“Goddamn, T...” Owen said, putting the cake down. He grabbed her waist and palmed her ass. “Where the hell have you been hiding this little number?”

“And how does it come off?” Tyler asked, pulling at the straps holding up her breasts.

“HEY! HEY! HEY!” Jason barked. “This is my birthday gift. You motherfuckers can go!”

“But-” Owen started.

“He’s right, guys,” Tiana grinned as she shoved Owen and Tyler off of her. “I’ll make sure to do something equally as nice when your birthdays come up. Promise.”

“Fuck that. Just ride me ass naked-” Tyler started.

“Get out!” Jason demanded. He grabbed Tiana’s waist and pulled her down onto his lap.

“Don’t you want your cake?” Owen grinned.

“I got my cake right here,” Jason said, smacking Tiana’s ass. “Now get out so I can eat it.”

“Happy Birthday, you asshole,” Tyler grinned as he walked out of the room with Owen.

Tiana knelt on the bed with a knee on each side of Jason’s lap. She removed the party hat from his head and tossed it. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she eagerly pushed her lips against his. She felt his hands roam down her waist and over the curve of her hips before they impatiently grabbed her ass. “God, you look so fucking good, baby,” Jason groaned as he looked up at her. “Is that pussy wet for me?”

“It’s always wet for you, Daddy,” she moaned, pushing her pelvis into his face.

“That’s my fucking girl,” Jason grinned. Gripping her hips, he flipped on her back and pushed her back on the bed as he quickly mounted her.

Tiana bit her lip as she felt Jason slide between her thighs and tug at the lace underwear just barely covering her lower half. Her mouth parted as she felt his tongue slide down her slit all the way to the crack of her ass. “Oh fuck, Daddy!” she gasped as he eagerly thrust his finger into her cunt. Her hands grabbed the back of his head as her fingers sifted into his hair. She slowly opened her eyes only to see the shadow of a man looking down at her. She immediately screamed at the top of her lungs.

Jason quickly moved off of her as Tiana started hyperventilating. “Baby?! Baby girl, what’s wrong?” Jason asked frantically as he pulled her up. Tiana moved into Jason’s arms and looked around the room with wide-eyes for the man she saw standing above her.

But there was no one there.

“Baby girl,” Jason said again.

“I… I just...” she said, looking around frantically. “S-sorry, I... I thought I... s-saw something...”

Jason looked at her confused before he looked around the room. “There’s no one here but us, babe.”

Tiana tore her eyes from its frantic search and looked at Jason. “Right,” she said, giving him a sheepish smile. “Sorry, baby. Where were we?”

“Your sweet, wet pussy in my face,” Jason grinned as he pushed her on her back again.


Tiana giggled as Jason carried her on his back downstairs. “’Bout time,” Owen said, sitting on the couch next to Tyler.

“Sorry. Had to make my baby come at least three times,” Jason grinned.

“Weak,” Tyler teased.

“Fuck off,” Jason said, throwing a pillow at Tyler’s face.

“Come on, Jason. You gotta open your gifts,” Tiana said, plopping down on the couch between Owen and Tyler.

“This one’s from Leo, Kiara, and Alex,” Tyler said, handing him a box.

Jason ripped open the box and found a pair of boxing gloves with his name engraved on it. “Badass,” Jason said, eyeballing them. “Now I can knock your ass out, Ty.”

“Yea, okay,” Tyler smirked.

“This one’s from Gabby and her husbands,” Tiana said, handing Jason a smaller box.

“Oh snap! Really?” Jason said, unwrapping the small box. He pulled out a pair of keys. “Are these...?”

“Technically, they got us all new bikes. But apparently, yours comes with a job offer,” Owen said.

“You’re fucking lying!” Jason said shocked.

“Charlie wants you to work for him,” Owen said, handing him a card. “Said to call him when you get a chance.”

“Shut the fuck up! The Blonde Lycan is trying to hire my ass?! Fuck yea!” Jason said.

“Okay, just don’t call him that on your first day,” Tiana laughed.

Jason smirked as he put the card in his pocket. He went through the rest of his gifts until the entire place was covered with gift wrap. “These headphones are dope,” he said, letting the pair hang around his neck. “This was fucking awesome, guys. Thank you.”

“There’s one more thing,” Tiana said, eagerly clapping her hands. “Owen, can I? Can I? Can I??”

Owen rolled his eyes with a smirk. “Go ’head, babe...”

Tiana squealed as she jumped off of the couch and ran out of the room. Jason’s eyes widened when he saw her walk in with a large black husky. “NO FUCKING WAY! YOU GUYS GOT ME A DOG!?” Jason blurted.

“He’s a rescue dog! His name is Deku cause he’s so freaking cute!” Tiana beamed.

Jason wrapped his arms around the dog and hugged him. “Effectively the best gift I’ve ever received.”

“Excuse me?” Tiana pretended to scoff.

“After you, babe,” Jason grinned as Tiana laughed.


Several days had passed as Tiana, Jason, Tyler, and Owen started to settle into their new life together. Tiana walked down the stairs, sipping her tea when her eyes bulged at her cellphone. “What in the black Jesus?!” she blurted as she ran down the stairs.

“She saw it,” Jason yelled. He tossed the ball and watched Deku chase after it.

Owen walked out of the kitchen and looked at Tiana who was freaking out. “Tiana-” Owen said cautiously.

“Why the fuck am I trending on Twitter?!” she blurted.

“Might have something to do with you saving half the planet,” Tyler said, biting into an apple. He plopped down on the couch. “Just a guess though.”

“I thought they were going to keep our identities private?” Tiana said.

“That was until Berelia shouted you out,” Owen said.

“Oh yea, that did happen,” Tiana mused. “But shit... I didn’t expect to become internet famous.”

“Just famous,” Owen said. “They’re calling you a hero, T.”

“That’s entirely way too much,” Tiana said.

“But it’s true,” Tyler said. “Be proud, Tiana. You deserve the recognition.” She smiled apprehensively, not sure what to make of her newfound status.

“Don’t worry about that,” Owen said, wrapping his arms around her. “Today’s a big day.”

Tiana looked at Owen and smiled nervously. “What if she doesn’t like me?” she asked.

Jason burst out laughing as Tyler shook his head. “She’ll love you, T,” Owen said, kissing her cheek.


“How do I look?”

“You look fine. Stop fussing,” Owen said, smacking Tyler’s hand away from his collar. The brothers stood near the door of the courthouse, waiting anxiously for their mother to emerge. Tyler and Owen were both still on a high when the lawyer, Tanya Johansson, that Chris connected them with informed them of their mother’s official release date.

“Shit! We forgot to bring snacks,” Tyler said abruptly.

“What the hell?” Owen said. “Why the hell would we bring snacks?!”

“What if she’s hungry?”

“This isn’t a road trip, Ty!”


“We’re taking her out to eat remember?”

“BUT WHERE?!” Tyler asked, freaking out. “SHIT! WE’RE ALREADY FUCKING UP AND-”

“Bitch, if you don’t calm the hell down!” Owen said, putting his brother in a headlock. They suddenly heard the door open and froze with Tyler’s head locked in Owen’s arm.

“Wow. My boys still act like children,” Sarah smirked as she stared at the two of them.


Sarah nearly fell to the ground as her two sons immediately rushed her and wrapped her up in a suffocating hug. She laughed hysterically as she tried to hold them both in her arms. It had been years since Sarah could hold her sons. She buried her face into Tyler’s neck and inhaled his scent. Her long fingers entangled themselves in Owen’s hair as she pulled him closer against her.

Tyler had planned a whole speech for when he’d finally be able to hold his mother again, but that all disintegrated once he actually saw her.

“My god, you two got BIG!” she said. “Let me look at you.” Owen and Tyler stood back. Both of their faces were a wet, red mess but with grins spanning from ear-to-ear. “Tyler, you never stop growing, do you?” she smiled. “And Owen, what is going on with your hair here? Did you dye it darker? I like it!”


Tiana chewed rabidly at her bottom lip as she paced behind the tall brick wall. “Baby, stop freaking out,” Jason grinned. He leaned back against the wall with his hands in his pockets.

“I can’t help it! I don’t have a good track record with alabasters, so of course, I’m gonna be anxious! What if she’s one of those American women who are like ‘I don’t want my son datin’ no darkie’! Oh god! That’s it, bro! If she come out her face, it’s gonna be a problem. Cause on god-”

“How did your mind just manage to jump seven levels?” Jason laughed.

“Bitch, I’m black in America! It just happens!” she blurted. “Forget it. I’m leaving. The ancestors are callin-”

She went to turn the other direction when Jason quickly grabbed her. “Youuuuu neeeed to relaaaaaax,” Jason said, grabbing her shoulders. “Sarah is cool. She’ll like you.”

“Or lynch me-” she started when suddenly the gate opened. Owen and Tyler walked through with their mother.

“Sarah!” Jason beamed.

“Is that little ol’ Jason Davis!” Sarah smiled. She opened her arms as Jason immediately flew into them. “Oh my! Not really so little! Jeezus! What have you boys been eating?!” she said, feeling his biceps.

Jason grinned mischievously and went to make a dirty joke when Owen pinched him hard in the arm. “Don’t you fucking dare,” Owen threatened.

Sarah shook her head with a grin. “Never change, Jason. How’s Chuck? Still getting into trouble?”

“Always,” Jason grinned.

“Like father, like son,” Sarah winked. “How’s the recovery?”

“He’s actually done with his treatment,” Jason smiled. “He’ll be released in a few days. He can’t wait to see you again.”

“Oh, I bet! Can’t wait to see his goofy face,” Sarah chuckled. Her eyes switched over to the young dark-skinned woman standing a few feet from them, shaking like a leaf. “Is this my future daughter-in-law?” Sarah asked, letting Jason go. Tiana felt her mouth dry up as she forgot how to speak.

“Yes,” Tyler said. “That’s our fiancé, mom. The one we told you about.” Tiana wanted to react to Tyler’s bold declaration, not even knowing when he even told his mother. But she was already trying not to freak out as the beautiful red-haired woman walked up to her.

“You must be Tiana,” Sarah smiled warmly.

Tiana eventually found her words as she struggled to speak. “H-hi. Yes. Tiana, I am.”

“Okay, Yoda,” Owen snickered. Tiana glared at Owen when Sarah suddenly moved in to hug her.

“Gosh, the boys did not tell me how beautiful you are!” Sarah said, rubbing her hand over her back. Tiana felt frozen as she glanced at her men who were smiling proudly. Sarah pulled back and held Tiana’s shoulders in her grasp. “And you’re marrying both of them? Sweetie, you’re already so beautiful. You sure you want to age yourself that quickly? I have a couple of greys that might convince you otherwise,” Sarah teased.

“Mom! You’re supposed to be on our side!” Tyler shouted.

“Screw your side. I need to make sure this poor girl knows what she’s getting herself into,” Sarah grinned. “It’s not too late to save yourself, hun. I swear. Let me show you a couple of home videos, and you might wanna rethink this whole ‘marriage’ thing.”

“Wow, okay. You know what? No pancakes for you,” Owen said, grabbing his mother’s arm.

“What? Noooo! I love pancakes! Wait, you mean the pancakes from Benny’s or the crappy ones Tyler tried to make when he was like 12 and nearly gave me food poisoning?” Sarah asked.

“MOM!” Tyler blurted as Jason and Tiana started laughing.

“Benny’s, obviously,” Owen smirked.

“Nooooo! I like Benny’s!” Sarah whined. “Oh, Tiana! They have the fluffiest pancakes, and they smother them with Benny’s homemade raspberry marmalade! I can’t believe they’re still open after all these years!”

“That’s too bad, cause you’re not getting any,” Owen smirked as he pulled his mother to the car.

“So ungrateful! Push your big, oversized heads out of my vagina, and this is what I get?” Sarah gasped with fake shock.

“Fucking hell, mom,” Tyler groaned, covering his face.

“I’m remembering why I love your mom so much,” Jason said, doubling over with laughter.

“You’re just full of jokes today, aren’t you,” Owen grinned.

“I’m a free woman, and I demand some pancakes!” Sarah pouted. “See what I mean, Tiana? You sure you wanna marry into this madness? Save yourself!” Tiana chuckled amused as Owen escorted his mother into the backseat.


“Watch your step, old man.”

“Boy, I swear if you call me an old man one more goddamn time,” Chuck said, swinging his arms at Jason as he walked out of the hospital clinic.

Jason laughed as he quickly dodged his father. He rushed up behind him and grabbed his father by the waist, hugging him tightly. “I fucking missed you, Pops,” Jason said, pushing his face into his father’s back.

Chuck smiled as he wrapped his arms around himself and felt his son’s arms. “I missed you too, champ...” Jason wiped his face as his dad turned around to face him. “You crying over me, boy?” Chuck grinned.

“No! What the fuck do I look like crying and shit over- course, I’m crying, old man! It’s your goddamn fault!” Jason shoved him as his father laughed.

Chuck grinned. “Now where the hell is this mystery girl? I been dyin’ to meet her more than I been looking forward to seeing your cocky ass mug.”

“Don’t be rude. I got these fine-ass looks from you!” Jason mocked as he sent a quick text on his phone.

“Let’s hope, cause I’m tryna get back in the game. You know your old man ain’t had some in God knows how long-” Chuck started when he immediately paused. He saw Tiana turn the corner as Jason ran up to her.

“Hey, baby girl,” Jason said excitedly as he hugged her. “I can’t wait for you to meet my po-”


Tiana looked past Jason and saw a rather handsome older gentleman. With deep-set brown eyes and a neat black and white peppered beard, he looked ever so similar to her fiancé.

“I know your basic, cocky, pale ass ain’t nab a gorgeous dame like her! Stop your damn lies, boy! Sweetheart, how much this here liar payin’ you to masquerade as his fiancé? It’s okay now, you can be honest with me,” Chuck said, walking up to her.

“Wow, Pops! You’re fucking cold as ice!” Jason laughed. “This here gorgeous dame is my fiancé.”

“Uh-huh. And Marilyn Monroe was my mistress,” Chuck grinned. He grabbed Tiana’s hand. “What’s he got on you, sweetheart? He blackmailing you? You doin’ this poor boy a favor? He kidnap your ass or somethin’?”

“Funny you should say that,” Tiana smirked.

“Them fightin’ words, Pops,” Jason grinned as he playfully shoved his father back. “Stop ragging on me for two seconds and say ‘hi’ to your future daughter-in-law.”

Chuck raised a brow as he lifted Tiana’s hand to his lips. “Well, I’ll be. Either I’ve been locked up in that damn clinic for too long, or you’re just about the prettiest little thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

“Okay, you’re doing too much. Stop trying to hit on my future wife, old man,” Jason said, grabbing Tiana possessively by the waist.

“Why not? Sweetheart, let me tell you this ‘old man’ done taught that little boy everything he knows,” Chuck smirked.

“Oh… god... I don’t know what to do with that information,” Tiana said, flushing over.

“You ain’t taught me shit!” Jason laughed out loud.

“Aren’t you the one who called me a DILF?” Chuck smirked at his son before he looked at Tiana again. “How old are you, gorgeous? You like older men?”

“If you don’t get the fuck out of here!” Jason said, tackling his father as Tiana burst out laughing.

“Ah, my hip! Mercy!” Chuck laughed. “Don’t hurt me. I’m just a fragile old man!”

“Oh now you’re an old man,” Jason scoffed. Tiana had never seen Jason so playful in all her time knowing him. He seemed even more lively with his father than he was with Owen and Tyler.

“Where them Evans boys at?” Chuck asked, pushing his son off of him. “I still can’t believe you greedy little assholes are monopolizing this goddess.”

“They’re on their way,” Jason said, helping his dad off the ground. “Stop being a grumpy old fart. You get back in the game, and you’ll be swimming in pussy in no time,” Jason said, patting his father on the back.

“Lord, please. I hope this boy is right. Cause I swear I haven’t been with a woman in so damn long, I don’t know if my little man even works anymore,” Chuck sighed.

“I can’t believe they’re having this conversation,” Tiana said stunned. “Like... out loud.”

“Worry about your junk later,” Jason said. “I got another surprise for you before we go visit Mikayla.”

“Is it an older replica of your pretty young thing over here?” Chuck snickered.

“Don’t make me fight your wrinkly ass,” Jason smirked. Chuck let out a deep belly laugh.

“I hope I’m not late.”

Chuck stopped laughing as he set his eyes on a young man standing near the corner of the building. He had on a fitted polo and jeans with flowers in his hand. His brown hair had been neatly coiffed to the side, and his face was a little sweaty.

“Jeremy, why the hell do you look like you’re going on a date?” Jason laughed.

“I didn’t know what else to do!” Jeremy freaked. “Is it too much?! Shit, it’s too much! Uh- here, Tiana.” Jeremy shoved the bouquet of roses at Tiana as she grabbed them startled.

“Why this boy look familiar?” Chuck asked curiously.

“Pops, this is Jeremy Gibson,” Jason said. He grabbed a nervous Jeremy by the shoulder and pulled him close. “He’s my half-brother.”

“Half-brother?” Chuck said, surprised. “You mean... your mother’s-”

“Yea,” Jason said. “We found each other. Well, he found me. We’re brothers now. Look at us. Isn’t he cute? I’mma get us matching sweaters and shit.”

Jeremy was sweating bullets as he looked up at Chuck, fully expecting this man to backhand him into next week. “Goddamn, y’all got the same smile,” Chuck smiled brightly. “He’s cuter than you though, Jason.”

“Alright, I’m just gonna leave your rude ass here,” Jason said, punching his father in the arm.

“Ow! Respect your elders, boy!” Chuck said, feigning offense as he rubbed his arm. Jason rolled his eyes with a smirk when he saw Jeremy approach his father.

“I’m... I’m really s-sorry for-” Jeremy stammered.

“Why are you apologizing?” Chuck asked, confused.

“Because...” Jeremy said, shaking his head. “My mom... your ex-wife... she-”

Chuck tilted his head to the side and smiled. “You look like her. That’s a good thing. I try to remember your mother in the good times, not the bad. She had her reasons for leaving.”

Jeremy lowered his head with remorse. “It wasn’t right. It was selfish.”

Chuck shrugged. “She’s human. And I was a pain in the ass.”

Was?” Jason teased.

Chuck grinned as he set his eyes back on Jeremy. “It’s not all that bad. She made a kickass like you, didn’t she?” Jeremy’s cheeks flushed a bright pink. He didn’t expect Chuck to be so warm let alone welcoming. It really was like father, like son. “You a genius like this knucklehead?” Chuck asked.

“Kinda,” Jeremy smiled.

“Good. I need you to set me up on this thing called... Tinder... so I can find me a girl that looks like her,” Chuck said, pointing to Tiana.

“Alright, fuck your hip,” Jason said, tackling his father again.

Tiana laughed and jumped back as Jason wrestled his father to the ground. “Are they always like this?” Jeremy asked, confused.

“I’m gonna say ‘yes’,” Tiana grinned. “Welcome to the family?”

A huge grin spread across Jeremy’s face.


Tiana smiled as she looked down at her crimson red nails. She blew on them lightly before she rested her head back against the recliner and relaxed as her feet continued to soak in the small bubbling tub. “Oooh. Yes, Lord. This is nice,” Cheryl said next to Tiana as she breathed out. “I can’t remember the last time I got my nails done.”

“I never get my nails done,” Shae said, admiring her fresh manicure. “I can get used to this.”

Tiana smirked as she leaned forward and glanced at her mother a few feet across from her. Cheryl was still admiring her new hairstyle in the mirror. “Aight, mama, I see you! Go ’head with your bad self,” Tiana teased.

“Chile, please. I’m just glad I could save my edges, cause Jesus...” Cheryl said, patting the side of her head.

“Are you gonna wear that style for the wedding?” Shae asked.

“Maybe,” Cheryl said. “I don’t know... might experiment. Try curls... maybe extensions.”

“And dye it blonde,” Tiana winked.

“Okay, now, don’t get too crazy,” Cheryl said, looking at her daughter. “I mean you already done lost your mind, marrying three men.”

“Ma...” Tiana sighed.

“God created one man for one woman, Tiana. Not three men for one. Lord Jesus, this generation, I swear, y’all have no boundaries,” Cheryl said, sucking her teeth.

“The Bible is literally full of polyamorous relationships,” Shae said. “Abraham, Jacob, Solomon...”

“Ooh girl, preach,” Tiana said, waving her hand.

“Didn’t David have like 50 wives,” Shae added.

“David was blessed by God,” Cheryl defended.

“Yea... blessed with multiple side chicks,” Shae muttered.

“Shae Nichols!” Cheryl gasped.

Shae cringed. “Sorry, ma’am,” she snickered. She looked at Tiana to make a teasing joke when she noticed a bit of color drained from Tiana’s face. “T?” Shae asked.

Tiana snapped out of it and looked at Shae. “S-sorry... you said... you said his name, and I...” Tiana trailed off.

“Shit, sorry, T,” Shae whispered with a frown.

“I still wanna take you to speak to Pastor Ken,” Cheryl continued.

Tiana rolled her eyes. “Is that before or after communion and marriage counseling?”

“Both,” Cheryl said. “Your father and I did the same thing when we got married. It was beautiful.”

Tiana shared an amused look with Shae. The three women had spent their day shopping and getting manicures and pedicures. They talked about the details surrounding Tiana’s upcoming engagement party and wedding. Despite her mother’s lack of understanding of her unconventional relationship with Jason, Tyler, and Owen, it didn’t seem to stop Cheryl from adoring the three men who were unapologetic in how they loved her daughter.

Tiana found happiness she hadn’t felt in a while in the time that she spent with her mother and Shae. She couldn’t remember the last time she was able to spend quality time with either of them like this. Tiana made Shae swear not to tell her mother what had happened to her. At least not for a while. Much healing needed to be done first.

Tiana looped her arm around her mother’s as they walked across the grass. A gentle breeze gently caressed her face as they walked up to the two tombstones that read Dante Morris and James Morris. “My baby boy...” Cheryl sniffled as she wiped a tear from her eye. “He’s with his earthly father... and his Heavenly Father now.”

Tiana squeezed her mother’s arm tightly as she tried to keep her own tears at bay. She never expected her family to be reunited like this. It made her heart ache. But.. it also gave her a bit of peace.

Shae stood a few feet behind them to give them the privacy they needed. She was thankful that her best friend was finally able to find closure for her brother’s death. She looked up when she suddenly felt a strange presence. Glancing to her side, Shae immediately spotted Dante standing a bit far off watching his sister and mother. A sad smile sat on his face. “...he’s here, T...” Shae said warmly to herself.


Shae’s head spun around. She saw Tiana staring wide-eyed, looking in the same direction where Dante’s spirit was. “I know, sweetie,” Cheryl said, patting Tiana’s hand as she kept her eyes on the tombstone.

Shae looked from Tiana to Dante who had disappeared. She quickly walked up to Tiana and grabbed her hand. “What did you just say?” Shae asked.

Tiana slowly snapped out of it and looked at Shae. “N-nothing,” Tiana said quickly. “Sorry, I... nothing...”


Tiana’s adjustment to her new life not only included preparing for a wedding and working for one of the most in-demand doctors in the world, but also navigating the unexpected fame that came with stopping global genocide.

Dr. Gabrielle Beaumont-Richardson’s vaccine that had been manufactured by the lead medical practitioner, Kiara LaFleur was dispersed to millions of people around the globe to prevent another attempt at biological warfare like the one that was created by David Michaelson.

Gabrielle, Kiara, and Tiana were soon branded The Marvelous 3 for the part each woman played in stopping what could have been a catastrophic world event. While Gabrielle was rather used to the fame considering her history and her husbands, Kiara and Tiana had a more challenging time adjusting to the never-ending limelight.

“That’s enough! Get the hell out!”

Jason waved his bat like a maniac while Tiana stumbled into the empty stairwell of their loft. She had just managed to dodge a mob of paparazzi. She put her hands on her knees to catch her breath. “You okay, baby girl?” Jason asked, concerned as he walked her to their apartment.

“Define okay!” she blurted. “God, what is wrong with these people?! I can’t even go to the freakin bodega in peace?” She walked into their loft to see Tyler playing with Deku while Owen typed on his laptop.

“You made it,” Owen said, looking up.

“Barely,” Jason muttered as he put his bat down. “Freaking vultures out there.”

“Did you remember the milk?” Tyler asked.

Tiana’s eyes widened. “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she blurted angrily.

“Woah, babe, chill,” Tyler said quickly.

“I can’t chill! I can’t! I wouldn’t have forgotten the damn milk if I didn’t have freaking TMZ on my damn ass every time I walked out of the fucking house!” she barked.

“Hate TMZ,” Owen said, shaking his head. “They never use flattering pictures.”

Tiana glanced at Owen’s laptop and nearly shrieked. “AM I WEARING A BONNET IN THAT PICTURE?! JEEZUS HAVE MERCY! AND LOOK HOW ASHY I AM! GAWD!”

“Baby, relax,” Owen said. “It’s not like these articles are saying anything bad about you. They just wanna know about one of The Marvelous 3 who helped save the world.”

“Well, this ‘MARVELOUS 1’ misses the days when she could run to the store in some baggy ass sweats and a scarf without having to worry about my random picture being thrown up next to a fucking goddess like Normani, making me look like a sewer rat! Like what the fuck! Bitches won’t let me be great!” Tiana blurted. She threw herself on the couch and stuffed her face into a pillow.

Owen, Tyler, and Jason exchanged looks with each other before Tyler spoke up. “Guess we better speed up those plans,” he said. “Tiana, go pack.”

“Whyyyyy,” she whined.

“Don’t ask questions! Get your cute ass upstairs and go pack,” Owen said, slapping her ass. Tiana sucked her teeth as she pulled herself off the couch and walked up to her room.

“Make sure to pack a couple of swimsuits,” Jason grinned.

Tiana spun around on the stairs and looked at them in shock. “Wait, really? We leaving cold-ass funky New York?” she squealed.

“You’ll find out,” Tyler smirked. “Now go.”


The creaking of the bed echoed around the room as the headboard repetitively smashed against the wall. “Fuck. Fuck. Daddy! Fuck!” Tiana panted with each thrust.

Owen firmly gripped Tiana’s thick dark brown thighs in each hand and aggressively pulled her hips back until she was slamming down on his dick. He knelt between her legs that were spread wide in front of him. Her large, perfect round ass right in his face. He raised a hand and smacked it hard, watching her fat ass jiggle as she let out a squeal.

“You like that, baby girl, don’t you,” Owen groaned as he bit his lip. Tiana muffled her answer as her face pressed into the pillow. Owen wrapped her ponytail around his hand and yanked her head back until she gasped. “I asked you a fucking question, Tiana,” he snarled.

“Fuck yes!” she screamed. Owen gripped her thigh more firmly and pushed her forward. He watched his hard shaft coated in her juices slide out of her wet pussy before he slammed into her again. Her walls immediately tightened around him like a glove. It was enough to make him come undone.

“You like the way daddy fucks his pussy, don’t you baby girl,” Owen groaned as his pelvis slapped into her ass over and over again. Tiana struggled to speak as Owen yanked her head back and she gasped for air. His thickness spread her wider with each thrust. “Tell daddy how hard you want it, baby,” Owen groaned. His hand slid from the top of her thigh up to her ass and firmly grabbed one of her cheeks. He spread her cheeks apart and eagerly pushed his thumb into her puckered star.

“Fuck! Fuck, Daddy, I-” Tiana panted.

“Tell daddy you want him to fuck it up, baby.” Owen was practically salivating as his thumb slipped in and out of her rosette. “Say it, baby girl.”

“Oh fuck it up, Daddy!” Tiana moaned. She felt Owen forcefully push her face into the pillow as he spread her legs wider. She swore this guy was going to kill her.

Owen’s tongue hung out of his mouth as he gripped her thighs again and violently slapped into her backside. Her ass jiggled in his face provoking him to play with it. He spread her cheeks again when suddenly he heard the quick patter of feet run into the room.

Tiana lifted her head from the pillow that was damp with her saliva and saw Deku cock his head to the side as he watched her in confusion. “Deku, go away!” Tiana said, swatting at him.

“Ignore him,” Owen said, sliding his finger between her cheeks.

“Bitch! He’s killing my vibe!” Tiana whined.

Owen sucked his teeth before yelling. “JASON!”

In seconds, Jason walked into the room. “Oh hello! Is this an invite? Cause damn,” he grinned.

“No!” Owen said. “Grab Deku and get out.”

Tiana gasped loudly as Owen’s head hit her vulnerable spot, and she nearly collapsed on the bed. “Damn, baby girl,” Jason said, crouching down. He looked her in the eye with a grin. “He’s fucking up your guts.”

“JASON! Get the fuck out!” Owen snapped.

Jason snickered as he grabbed Deku’s collar and nudged him to the door. “Come on, Deku. He’s not actually killing her. Just the pussy,” Jason grinned. He walked out and closed the door behind them.


Tiana fixed her short black skirt and white crop top that revealed her inviting waist as she checked herself out in the mirror. It was the perfect outfit to wear to match the vibes of Havana, Cuba. She was grateful that despite her cancer disappearing, the guys were still open to visiting places on her bucket list. They had been in Cuba for the past couple of days to get away from the harassment back in the United States. And she was having the time of her life. Just her and her men.

She reapplied her lip gloss and fixed her ponytail as she heard another song starting up in the club that the guys had taken her to for dinner. She opened the door to be hit with the delicious aroma of Cuban food and a wave of loud music from the band playing at the front of the club. Tiana’s heels clacked on the hardwood floor as she made her way back to the table. She could feel all eyes on her, even in the dimly-lit club. But only a particular set of eyes had intrigued her the most.

“The dessert came! That was quick!” she said, walking up to the table that Jason, Owen, and Tyler were sitting at. Jason sported a pair of black shorts and a white button-down shirt that he left open, exposing his entire chest. Owen wore a fitted blue tank and white linen pants. And Tyler sat in a casual pair of black pants and a fitted black muscle shirt.

“You sure you have room for dessert?” Owen asked. “You wolfed that food down like an animal.”

“Always room for dessert,” Tiana smirked as she perched herself on Jason’s lap. Jason wrapped his arm around her waist and widened his legs. His fingers grazed against her exposed skin, and she immediately felt him harden beneath her. “Any preferences for dessert, Jason?” she asked innocently.

“Is that a trick question?” Jason said, pushing his face into her back. He nibbled at the hem of her crop top.

“The pie is good,” Tyler said, lifting the fork to her mouth. Tiana leaned over and eagerly ate the piece off of the utensil.

“Oh my gosh,” she groaned. “Can we order a whole one to go?”

“This girl,” Owen smirked.

“What about the velvet cake?” Tiana asked. “Shae recommended it, and I can’t leave without trying it.”

“Jason ate it all,” Tyler shrugged.

“Jason!” Tiana snapped.

“Oh what? Come on, you were taking so long,” Jason said.

“Your greedy ass!” she said, slapping him in the chest.

“Here. You can have some of the remaining cream,” Jason smirked as he swiped some from the empty plate.

“What do I look like? Oliver Twist?” she scowled. Jason grinned at her until she looked at the cream on his finger. She grabbed his hand and slowly sucked his finger into her mouth. Jason shuddered from her lips around his finger as his mouth parted in want.

“See... this is why we can’t take her ass anywhere because she pulls shit like this knowing it’s pure torture,” Tyler said annoyed.

“Whaaa?” Tiana said, feigning innocence.

“Don’t play dumb, T. You know exactly what you’re doing,” Owen smirked. “Keep playing around like that. You’re gonna find yourself getting fucked.”

Tiana shook her head. “I don’t know what you guys are talking about.”

“Uh-huh...” Jason said, bringing his finger to her lips again. “Sure you don’t...”

Tiana smirked as she sucked his finger into her mouth again when she felt his hand slide against the inside of her thigh and graze against her panties. “Jason-” she started. He shushed her as his fingers slipped past her panties and between her wet lips, stroking her clit.

“This is what I mean,” Tyler said, shaking his head.

Tiana pulled Jason’s finger out of her mouth and grabbed his shoulders for balance as he pushed two fingers inside of her cunt. “She just wanted a taste, that’s all,” Jason grinned as he watched Tiana pant breathlessly on his lap. “Right, baby girl? Just a taste...”

Tiana bit down on her bottom lip and grabbed his wrist as his fingers continued to work at her core. “You can’t make her come here, J,” Owen smirked.

“Is that a challenge?” Jason grinned.

“No. The waitress is coming back,” Owen snickered. Jason reluctantly removed his fingers as Tiana nearly fell off of his lap.

“Buenas Noches. How was your dinner this evening?” the woman asked.

“Muy bueno,” Jason said, licking his fingers as Owen rolled his eyes.

“Can we get the check?” Tyler sighed.

“Actually, dinner is on us tonight,” the waitress said.

“Oh?” Owen asked, surprised.

“Some of the workers noticed that you are... that music band from America? Dark Riot, si?” she smiled.

“Uh...” Owen said surprised.

“Shit, they know about you guys out in Cuba?” Tyler asked.

“They were wondering if... you could perform? One of your songs?” the waitress asked.

Jason and Owen looked at each other. “We don’t have any of our instruments,” Jason said.

“You can borrow from the band on stage. Drums and base, si?” she said, nodding eagerly.

“Uh.... sure,” Jason said, shrugging at Owen. “Free dinner?”

Tiana stood from Jason’s lap and sat down next to Tyler as she watched Owen and Jason walk up to the stage. Several people cheered with excitement much to their surprise. They started playing one of their first songs as the club became more lively. People got up and started dancing as the lights flickered above them. “This is nice,” Tiana said. “And... unexpected.”

“I’m just surprised they recognized us,” Tyler said. Tiana glanced at Tyler tapping his fingers on the table and stood to her feet. He looked at her curiously. “What?”

“Dance with me,” she said, holding out her hand.

“Babe... we’ve been through this,” he sighed.

“Come on, Tyler! We’re in CUBA! Dance with your fiancé!” She grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. Tyler smirked as Tiana started dancing to the music. She moved her body playfully against his as he rocked in rhythm with her.

He took a step back as she turned around and pushed her ass against his crotch. “Tiana...” he said with warning.

“Come on, white boy, shake that booty,” she said, grabbing his hands and wrapping them around her waist. Tiana sensually moved her ass against Tyler’s groin until she felt his erection nearly poked a hole in her backside. “Ooh, Daddy,” she laughed teasingly as she moved to the music.

“Tiana, stop!” he snapped at her as he grabbed her roughly by the arm. Tiana looked at him startled as his chestnut brown eyes switched from the stage to her. Almost as if he were arguing with himself. “Dammit,” he muttered. He pulled her out of the main area and dragged her to the hallway towards the bathroom.

Tyler pushed Tiana into an empty bathroom stall and slammed her back against the wall. He hiked up her skirt and tore her panties off in one swift motion. “Fuck!” she screamed as Tyler plunged deep into her with no warning. He wrapped his hand around her thigh and hiked it up to his waist as he banged her into the wall. He buried his face in her neck and growled uncontrollably. “T- Ty- Ty-ler!” she panted as her body jumped with each thrust.

“Shut up!” he growled into her neck. “Fuck, Tiana. The fuck you do to me. Shut up and tell me how badly you want this dick. God, you’re such a fucking tease. You make me wanna destroy this pussy. Shit!”

Tyler’s words jumbled together as he pounded her into the stall so loudly Tiana couldn’t hear if anyone walked in or not. She was certain that if they did then they immediately walked the hell back out. She wrapped her arms around him as her nails dragged down his back. Considering how close Jason had gotten her before, it didn’t take but a few strokes before she was moaning so loudly she was certain the people outside could hear her.

“That’s it, baby. That’s what you fucking wanted all along, didn’t you? You wanted me to fuck you senseless. Fucking break this pussy,” Tyler growled. Tiana had to constantly remind herself which of her men to be more cautious about teasing. For teasing often resulted in punishment.

A few minutes later, Tiana stumbled out of the bathroom. Her ponytail was gone as her hair frayed out around her face. Her skirt was twisted and her shirt was slightly lopsided. She had no clue where her panties were as she held her heels in her hands.

She felt Tyler grab her hand as he led her back to the main area. “Tyler, I can’t go out there like this,” she whined, pulling back.

“It’s fine. We’re leaving anyway,” he said. He motioned to Owen and Jason who were signing autographs.

“You guys left like halfway during the-” Jason started when he noticed Tiana’s haphazard appearance. “OH! NOW I SEE! Now, who’s greedy,” he said, sucking his teeth.

“Let’s just go,” Tyler said, rolling his eyes as he led them out.


When they got back to their hotel, Tiana thought she’d have at least a minute to rest. But she was gravely mistaken.

Jason had carried her into the bathroom to finish what Tyler had started. She nearly gagged on Jason’s erection that she could barely get her whole mouth around. The water pouring down on her from the showerhead provided the ease she needed to swallow him in. But before she could finish getting him off, an impatient Jason entangled his fingers in her hair and pulled her to her feet. He cupped the back of her neck and captured her tongue with his lips.

Tiana panted breathlessly as Jason turned her around and pushed her up against the bathroom wall. The cold tiles pressed up against her breast, hardening her nipples as she felt Jason widen her legs. He lifted her thigh with one hand as he eased his hardened manhood into her from behind. Tiana gasped as she felt Jason wrap his hand around her throat from behind and suck on her earlobe.

“Shit, baby girl. I swear your pussy is a fucking addiction,” Jason groaned into her ear.

Tiana’s body had gone completely limp by the time she and Jason had met their release. He cleaned her off and carried her naked body into the master bedroom where Owen was watching TV while Tyler was working on a circuit board. “Can I have a shirt, Jason?” Tiana asked after he put her on the bed.

“I guess...” Jason pouted. She rolled her eyes. He grabbed one of his shirts and handed it to her before pulling out his phone.

“What are you working on?” Tiana asked Tyler as she pulled the shirt over her head.

“Rewiring this circuit board,” Tyler said while laser-focused.

Tiana leaned over and glanced at the small piece of metal. “You have to reattach the white wire to the blue one,” she said.

Tyler scoffed annoyed. “No, I don’t.”

“Yes, you do,” she said. “Otherwise, it’ll fizzle out.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about. Mind your business,” Tyler said, pushing her away.

“You’re gonna fuck it up, Tyler. Stop being so stubborn with your dumb ass,” Tiana said, trying to grab it.

“Get outta here! Nobody asked you!” Tyler said, moving away from her.

“Tyler! Okay, watch you break it, don’t come crying to me,” Tiana said, jumping on his back.

“Tiana!” Tyler growled as he spun around and grabbed her. He threw her on the bed and she bounced on the bed next to Owen.

Owen looked down at her to see a scowl on her face. “I hate your brother,” she said to him. “He’s got a big fat head, and he’s stubborn as fuck.”

“Well, you’ve got a big fat ass, and you’re annoying as fuck,” Tyler said, slapping her bare backside. Tiana tried to kick him, but Tyler crawled on top of her. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her deeply.

She breathed against his lips as she felt him raise her arms above her head. “Tyler...” she sighed when suddenly she felt something latch onto her wrists. Tyler crawled off of her and Tiana looked up to see Jason had latched fuzzy handcuffs to her wrists, locking them together. “Ummmmmm....?” she said confused.

“It’s another gift,” Jason grinned as he picked her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

“What? No, Jason!” Tiana screamed as she kicked her feet.

Owen smirked as he watched Jason carry Tiana out into the common area. “Now I feel kinda bad,” Tyler chuckled. “Maybe we should give her a break and let her sleep.”

Owen scoffed. “Please. We’ll sleep when we’re dead. Time for some fun.”


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