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Immune (Alpha, BloodHound & Human romance)

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Madeleine Cross -one of the few humans immune to the deadly virus Zion- after an unfortunate turn of events such as the loss of her last remaining parental figure finds herself captured by a BloodHound, a genetically enhanced being, designed to identify and retrieve the last remaining Negatives. She gets thrown into a sterile room to be subjected to various tests, under the pretext that her blood would be the key to develop an antidote against the deadly virus... Warning: contains dark erotica themes such as non-consensual and/or violent sex Enter at your own risk!

Erotica / Scifi
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The Earth
African Continent, Johannesburg
Year: 2071

A deadly and extremely contagious synthetized virus breaks out into the world, swiftly taking the lives of millions...

The entire society of the planet fastly collapses into a pit of constant war and chaos, reduced to their early ancestors’ primal behavior...

Maddened by the fear of facing a violent and excruciatingly painful death caused by the novel virus, Earth’s inhabitants immediately succumb to a reality of savagery, guided by the basic instinct of survival.

American Continent, New York State
Year: 2072

Soon enough after the outbreak, with the help of their extraterrestrial guests from the neighboring solar system, Alpha Centauri, one of the few last standing organizations makes the first discovery of a certain type of biologically different humans, revealing that besides the fact that they are completely immune to the deadly virus, their DNA presents a certain match with a long-lost alien civilization. And because all discovered subjects seem to hold a single shared trait; the absence of the Rh(D) antigen on the surface of their red blood cells, they are called the Negatives.

Predictably enough, the forementioned organization, also known as ERA begins a research program on the said subjects, under the pretense of hopefully developing an antidote for the deadly virus.

However, it all backfires as soon as every single Negative joining the program simply disappeares off of the face of The Earth, each disappearance raising question after question within the gravely dwindled human population.

More fear and hatred is instilled as ERA eventually resorts to drastic measures and starts to hunt down and forcefully capture every single Negative they could get their hands on, finally showing their true colors for the whole human world to see.

American Continent, New York State
Year: 2073

Using the genetical engineering and a few hundreds of subjects belonging to their fellow neighbors from planet Proxima Centauri, commonly known as Laxian, ERA lastly creates an army of genetically enhanced individuals, called the BloodHounds, designed to search and retrieve the last remaining Negatives.

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