The Others

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"You need to stop doing this, female" he growls at me as his hands runs through his hair in frustration, but his insecure anger is a warm heat radiating towards me. "Do what?" I whisper silently. What does he mean? What is it I'm doing? He is the one who wants me to pay him with myself! Suddenly he reaches for me again and this time I'm not getting away. His huge hand grabs my arm and he pulls me into him as he grabs my other arm too. His grip is hard and dominant. "Assume that I'll play the good male because it's you who's asking" he growls at me, as his grip on my arms tightens. I'm so not getting away this time. I can see the determination in those steel grey eyes and his powerful body is almost shaking with his lust for me. * TRIGGER WARNING!!! This story contains sexual abuse and violence, including rape and murder. CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT! Do not say I didn't warn you ...! It's like 50 Shades meet The Black Dagger Brotherhood - or so I would like to imagine ;) *Cover-photo is a no-rights/free-to-use by photographer Emiliano Vittoriosi*

Erotica / Romance
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“So?” he taunts provokingly, letting his hands fall to my shoulders, “would you still let me touch you?”

“Yes” I whisper so silently, that the word isn’t audible to even myself. I clear my throat.

“Yes, I would” I repeat forcefully. One word. One damn word and my whole world falls into place.

I’ve lived my whole life with a constant feeling of not fitting in or belonging anywhere. As an orphan and with no other family, I’ve fought my way through life alone, always felt insecure and never dared to trust anyone or love anyone – because those you love die. Apparently.

When I was pulled into a strange world of power, sex, death and survival, you would think that I would be terrified and feel like a stranger. But it was like coming home. That’s the world I’ve always belonged in but never knew even existed. The man of my dreams revealed himself in the most peculiar way, and even though the road to happiness is long and filled with obstacles, love is worth fighting for.

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