Dangerous Marriage

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Aurora: As my father, who is the pastor of our church, speaks of my mother, I feel warm liquid run down my face. I am at my mother's funeral. It is beautiful; her casket is light pink with roses painted on it.   She is gorgeous looks like herself in her Sunday dress.  She was the one person who understood me to let me have freedom. One man I do know who owns most Of the women's shelters is my boss. We do catch the eye. I have always had this crazy connection to him when I do see him. Vincenzo: What am I doing? Aurora is a beautiful woman.  She has the vibrant color purple eyes I have ever seen with long thick natural eyelashes. Her face is so angelic. Aurora had a rough upbringing, and her mom, best friend, Like we're the only ones who knew who she truly is. Everything changes for Aurora to fall in love with her boss. Vincenzo is dangerous; he is the most feared man; when you hear his name, you get cold chills that run through your body. But he lights Aurora on fire helps her break free. He, already a father, though he only had room for her in his cold heart. That all changes when he grows an obsession with Aurora falls in love. What happens when Aurora is in a Dangerous Marriage? Vincznos family is in danger, how far will he go doe them? Auroa will do anythinh to protect her family. They will face many dangers will tgey saty strong through it all?

Erotica / Action
Crystal love
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" I love you" means that I accept you for the person that you are, that I do not wish to change you into someone else.


The year 2004

As my father, who is the pastor of our church, speaks of my mother, I feel warm liquid run down my face. I am at my mother's funeral. It is beautiful; her casket is light pink with roses painted on it. She is gorgeous looks like herself in her Sunday dress. She was the one person who understood me, allowed me to have freedom. What will I do without you, momma? I say to myself.

I don't want to leave her. I sit on the worn brown benches in the church. I look around the big old church. It needs a makeover bad. The paint is fading off the windows, and the walls could use an excellent paint job. Will he ever stop talking? He has been talking for a long time that is my father taking forever and repeating himself, probably drunk, my guess. I resent him.

"You okay, baby." I hear David. My boyfriend asks me as he has his arm wrapped around me, holding me close.

I cringe at his touch. This man makes bile rise in my throat. When did that happen? I use to love this man with all my heart, or was it lust? I want away from him; I try to get away with no luck. I feel like I am suffocating from him being by me. I can say I hate this man if I am honest.

"I lost my mother. How do you think I am David," I say to him sarcastically. I roll my eyes at him.

He gets on my nerves lately; as I keep moving, he moves in on me, making me feel trapped. He removed his arm, grabs my thigh hard, digging his fingers into my flash. This man is evil. He thinks a women's job is to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen, and I should know my place. He never hits me, grabs my arm hard or thigh like he is doing now with my thigh.

I despise this man. I use to have some love for him. Too most women, he is good-looking with blonde hair, a nice build, baby blue eyes, and you know that pretty boy next door look? To me, he is not good-looking; I am not attracted to him anymore. I met him back home two years ago. His family got my dad a place here in this old church.

My mom ended up getting a job that she was doing back home, working in shelters. They did it because of David; he asked them to make it happen. My dad was pleased to take the offer. This pays more money for him, bigger house. He has to fix the place up as well; he won't fix it up he too big of a drunk.

"Aurora. Would you like to come up here and say some words for momma?" My father finally asks me. Of course, I do. Why wouldn't I?

I get off the old dusty squeaky bench with my crumpled paper in my hand. My dear father told me to write my eulogy. I know what to say about my mother. I am not reading anything off the paper he practically wrote for me.

I make my way to the stage. I adjust the microphone, which slips from my sweaty hands. I look around, and I see people I don't even know here. I know the one man who is here well, who owns most of the women's shelters my mom, and I started working five months ago is my boss. We make eye contact.

I have always had this crazy connection to him when I do see him. He is a big man, his eyes blood orange, strong jawline, neatly trimmed beard, tattoos. He looks out of place. I have known him for six months now. He is a Greek God! The scar going down his left eye makes him even sexier and dangerous. He was making eye contact with me.

I can't breathe. That is what the man does to me. I take a deep breath. I pull my damn self together. This is my mother's funeral, and I am losing myself over the mystery man who came into my life unexpectedly. I blame the lack of sleep for days, all these different emotions.

But what does it for me is the strange man who sits and backs. I can’t see his face, but his eyes look familiar as mine, like they feel at home. Am I hallucinating this man? I don’t know.

"What I can tell those of you who don't know my mother' she was beautiful, kind; she would do anything for you. My mothers' passion was running homes for batter women and children. I plan to do the same keep it going in honor of my mother." Once again, the warm liquid run's down my face.

My father rubs my arm, acting affectionate, stinks like alcohol; how pathetic! I hold my head up high continue to talk. He makes me cringe. I never could bond with this man; he doesn’t feel like a father to me; never once could I say we had a bond. I continue to speak of my mother.

"I have many special memories of you the way you smiled that lit up a room. If only I could see that smile just for a little while. I wish I could sit and talk to you again like we use to for hours. You mean so much to me, momma. How will I ever get over the loss of you?" My vision is blurry. I taste the saltiness of my tears. I get down. I can't speak anymore.

I focus my vision, and my eyes lock with Vincenzo with eyes that light my soul on fire. The man that talked to me for hours when mom passed, I stayed in her office for a few days. I smile big at him; to my surprise, he smiles back. I feel this odd energy in here. I grab my throat, and I feel like I can't breathe. My breathing is heavy, and my hands are clammy.

My chest hurts like I will a heart attack. I have this strong feeling to fight or flight. What what is happening to me? I can’t breathe or think I am going crazy my chest hurts bad.

"Aurora Rose Ricci." I hear my father yell.

I am running out of the church, welcoming the cold crisp air that hits my face. I am standing on the red velvet steps. Losing all control as I hold my chest, hyperventilating.

“Aurora!!" I hear my childhood best friend Lily call me. She is rubbing my back. When did that happen?

"Breathe in and out slowly. Relax, you are having a panic attack. Shh! you are okay." She stays rubbing my back.

I don't know how or when, but we are sitting on the steps. I feel much better. It is gloomy and snowing out freezing temperatures in New York. I feel calm on this step my mother looked beautiful but she didn’t look like her or fell like her smelled like her is that normal?

“W-what is going on with me, Lily?" I got tripped on what I wanted to say.

I can't think or speak. So much is going on in my head was like my mom was in there; she always said I should be with Vincenzo. When you know, know don't lose a chance on love as she did." I am rubbing my throbbing down head talking fast and frantically to Lily.

This day has been crazy. Overwhelmed with people saying all damn day, “sorry for your loss" Same words over and over with some real and most of them fake, half the people here are for my father, few for my mother. Don't you think it is overwhelming when people are in your face or calling to keep saying sorry for your loss? Then Things have been happening with Vincenzo and me. Those feeling are overwhelming. Maybe I will move back home with my nana and papa. They are my mothers' parents and live in Russia.

"We better get in there, Aurora; you are having a bad day. This is hard for everyone but even harder for you. Just overwhelmed with stress and grief. I saw you look at him, and then you ran off."

Lily knows me well. She knows my feelings for Vincenzo. He is dangerous but the kind of man that makes me feel human in this messed-up life. He and his father are great people; my mom became great friends with his father, Giovanni. We all had great times and shared many laughs. We all have a passion for saving people. We mainly deal with sex trafficking victims.

" I lost it. Just stressed out is all. Vincenzo has this effect on me. I don't know. I got frantic, couldn't breathe." I put my head in my hands and cry.

I am tired of this. I don't want to hear another person say 'sorry for your loss' I am not in the mood. My mothers' death was suspicious. Why did they stop the investigation of her death? That thought always stays with me. I can feel it; I think my dad killed my mom. Stop it, Aurora your being crazy. I tell myself I blame the lack of sleep.

"AURORA ROSE!!" My father is yelling at me loudly outside.

He is a shitty father, and his famous excuse was the 'bible says to spare the rod' If I did not do well in school, I brought home a B or lower grade, I got the belt. He would beat me to my bottom, was red and bleeding. He would slap me in the face. He calls it tough love. I call it a drunken, abusive asshole.

"Father," I don't bother to look at him.

I know he is mad at me for running out on my mothers' service. It not like I care what strangers have to say about her when they don't even know her. People spoke of my mother for another hour, finally heading to the burial now.

“Aurora, what is the matter with you?" I hear my father and ignore him. Make sure I stay away from David and him.

The burial was beautiful. Was everything momma' wanted? Her casket, Sunday dress, makeup was done how she loved it. Her favorite songs played as we buried her. Once the dirt-covered her, it hit me hard. It became real. I don't have my beautiful mother anymore. I stay behind a little longer. I feel hands on my shoulders; I know them hands; they always set me on fire.

"Are you feeling okay, Aurora?" I hear Vincenzo as he speaks in his soft thick accent with genuine emotion of concern for me.

"I am fine. I probably should get in the limo head to the hall for her wake with my dad." I sigh. I stroll to the limo with my dad and David, both giving me an all-knowing look.

I look in the mirror. I look like my mother. Expect the Long raven hair, the purple eyes my mom said they come from her side only a few had them. I have high cheekbones, and I got her figure too. I look tired; all I see are sad eyes looking back at me. I hope with time, and I can move on and be happy. I feel trap in this life.

I walk out into the hall for mom's wake. I head for Lily, Vincenzo, Luca, where they are sitting. I don't want to be by David after what he did. My father is too overbearing and acts as if he can still control my life.

“Glad you are Joining us, Aurora. I hear Lily say with a half sad smile on her face.

I can feel the Energy charging in the room. I don't know how you explain it, but this man always does this to me. He is important to me. He brings calmness to me; I want him. I don’t care I want him to burn me, make me feel.

"My father gives his condolences as he couldn't attend. He is back home with Ariel.” He said in a sexy husky voice

I don't even think he was trying to be sexy. I am interpreting it that way. Arial is his daughter; he rises alone, has custody of her I admire the man he is, father he amazing you can’t find many man like him now days.

"I understand. I want to start working on the project with you guys that mom was doing too. I want to take her place if you allow me?" He smiles big at me, exposing his beautiful white straight teeth.

This man is Handsome. No-scratch-that he is dangerously hot! I am on fire hearing him being close to him I am thinking naughty things and this is my mothers’ wake I need to get a grip.

"You know I would do anything for you, Aurora; the job was always going to be yours. Ivanna built these shelters; she made them what they are with her knowledge. I know you will make her proud." He says in a sweet voice.

This man proves to me he cares about me every-time we are together. We can talk about anything. I always find him and his family a mystery, like they are hiding something. I should be with my family, but here I am, where I feel the most comfortable.

"Means a lot to have your support. I look forward to working together." I smile big at him. He reached for my hand; I feel the electricity flow through my body.

"Come over for drinks later, Aurora; we can talk about work and take your mind off today; you need to breathe and relax. That was a bad panic attack. I have seen what David did. That made me pissed off." He is clenching his jaw at the mention of David's name.

I feel embarrassed by what he saw. I need to get away from him. I am about to go against my better judgment. I can’t take this I need to hurry and get away from here before I expose myself of how I feel about Vincenzo.

"That sounds good; after this is over, I can come over. I do need a break. I have to go to mingle. Lily, you okay over here?" She smiles big at me as she looks at Luca. She is very sexual and what you call a submissive. She likes to have a master.

"I am perfect. I am with my new friend Luca." I smile big at her.

I make my way over to David and my father. I don't want to piss them off more than I did already. They look upset as I come over. I can care less if I am being honest.

"I see you are thinking of working with your mothers' associates. I forbid you they are not good men, Aurora." my father says to me.

I roll my eyes, glad I don't live with him. I do have to get my mom personal things; She said she has a small box with essential items inside. There I will know the truth. I want that and out of both these men’s life fast as possible.

"They are great friends and doing good things; why would I stop working with them? They are giving me moms' job." He is giving me the evil eye. David is giving me a questionable look as well.

Oh well, I cannot be bothered with either one. Done with the night, don't want to talk to anyone. I want to get to that box and shower hangout with Vincenzo.
Ding, I hear my phone go off. I grab it out of my purse, seeing it is Lily texting.

Hey, bitch!! I am going to stay at Lucas. Aurora, let yourself; feel free, even if that is to allow Vincenzo to take the pain away.

She is right, is crazy; what the hell does that mean let Vincenzo take the pain away? Who am I kidding? I know what she means, and I even know why I am going there for him to numb my pain. I want to feel again. I hadn't felt alive since I was thirteen when dad first took the belt to me.

We are just talking about work. Come on, you know I am with David.

I am lying to her and myself. She replied with an eye-rolling emoji. I am nervous. I know this doesn't seem right I should go home and go to bed, not hang out with him. I know exactly what I want him.

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