Dangerous Marriage

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Club And Fantasies


It has been two months since everything has happened with Aurora, myself. Tonight we are going to my club; she is about to have all her fantasies come true, and mine will come true as well, something I have wanted to see since I had her. She texts Brent to let him know she found her birth father. Nothing more became of the David situation. All is clear. I did have Aurora go to the memorial to make it look good.

Enzo was more than happy to meet her he needed a few months to take care of some personal things before we came. He knew exactly who Ivanna was more than willing to meet Aurora, he was shocked to learn the news.

"You ready, Kitten?" I whisper in her ear. She has no idea what is to come tonight.

"I am ready but going to miss Ariel, but I can’t wait to try what we have talked about. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous.” She smiles as she rubs her arm as she always dose when nervous.

"You will be just fine. After tonight we will be in Italy to meet Enzo. Things will be okay.” I say in a soft voice as I kiss her hand and rub it. That calms her every time.

"Yea, I guess.” She shrugs her shoulders.

I am in a better place with my mom, my father has been extra happy with her around we know what they are doing my father just can’t quiet my mother. He should really leave Maria. Don’t judge my him he not a bad person he is the best father I could ever ask for. He is a great papa to Ariel. He is a well respected fair man. I love him.

I have a surprise for Aurora, this was what she wanted. I invited Luca and Lily out. Then two are close. Me and Luca have always shared are women. I have to know what it’s like for Aurora to be fucked by Luca I need to see it. This is where fantasies come alive with no judgment.

We are leaving for the club now I play music as we we make the drive she is magnificent in her outfit she looks more at ease happy. Not the broke lost souls I first meant this is a new chapter for her, she will always miss her mom can’t get over that but she will move on it will get easier.

We arrive at the club. Aurora is wearing a sheer red dress told her don't wear panties or a bra. Men know not to look at my women I have with me. She had a beautiful body and it shows with this dress on, my cock is hard thinking about her.

"Relax, you are fucking beautiful. All mine, no matter what, keep an open mind about what goes on here. When we are in the room, it's about pleasure. This is about trust." I tell her in her ear as we walk through the door. Trying to calm her nerves.

"Capo." The head security of the club acknowledges me with a nod.

"Andy," I say with a nod.

We walk through the club with red lighting, jail cells with couples, swingers having sex out in the open for others to watch. I am too greedy to let anyone but Luca watch Aurora. We make our way to my room, where Luca, Lily are already waiting. Lily is wearing a black lace dress; she is beautiful, she is confident, strong she has had a rough life as well. I guide Aurora to the leather couch across from Luca and Lily.

"Remember what this is about tonight. We are free here this is where I will make your fantasies, mine come true. I want to watch Luca have you I want to hear you scream. I am going to fuck you like a whore.” I say in her seductive as I kiss her neck and bite it.

"Vin, I-I don't think I can do that." She is nervous looking all around but at any of us.

"Yes, he will only touch you it’s about fantasies, Kitten. See in this room is only where a man will touch and that man is only Luca. I know how deep are bond is. You ever do this behind my back I will probably kill you both.” I say with a growl as I cut my eyes at her with my jaw clenched.

I reach over, pulling her dress down, exposing her beautiful breast. I can't get over her red wine color nipples. How fucking perfect she is. I lean over and take her left nipple in my mouth as I suck and swirl my tongue around, leaving it with a hard bite to cause pain. She lets out a small moan.

"I am going to tie you up and show them how good I make you feel,” I whisper in her ear as I lick her ear lobe she shivers.

I lied. I will be angry watching Luca touching her; I will want to kill but that makes my cock hard because I have sick twisted mind.

“You are changing me. But I want to watch him lick that beautiful pussy.” I whisper in her ear as I rub her pussy under the dress she is soaked as always for me.

"Kitten, on the bed now!" I say in a commanding voice as I give her a hard look.”

"Yes, sir..." she tells me in a nervous voice as she obeys me.

This is about pushing her boundaries and limits. She knows she has say if she don’t want them here; I would make them leave. I am giving her this choice. She doesn't get all options but some. I grab her wrist, cuffing it to the post as I do the same, I cuff her ankles. Fucking majestic. Made for a sick man like me. I rip her dress off, causing her to gasp. I have a new outfit for her, but she doesn't know that.

“Vin... I mean, sir, why would you rip my dress?" She questions me as she looks angry, I smile.

"Don't ask questions. Trust me, just do as you are told you understand me, Kitten?” Power comes off me as I speck to her I am in the role.

"Yes, sir...” she says with seductive voice as she smiles at me she playing with fire.

I go to my drawer. This room is only for me, and Luca we use to share women. Aurora is different he knows that I made it clear. He is the only one I trust to protect us. I love the thrill of others watching; well... I did. With Aurora it is different. I look over to see Luca watching, rubbing Lily's pussy. She is bare down there, I can see how wet she is. She is enjoyable to look at.

I have everything I need, she will have no power it is all taking away. I put the blindfold on here. I run my fingers down her stomach to her pussy. I grab the nipple clamps these you don't pull. They keep the pressure on them with hard punch I have it set on a timer they will pinch and release with the timer they are very expensive and made for me.

This is about pain and pleasure. I love her, but we are in the dom and sub role. I am going to treat her like a whore fill her with my cum. I put the clamp on her right nipple she hisses out. I do the same to the left. I have the lube we used the first time I tied her up. I love this lube so dose Luca.

"Sir, Fuck...." she moans as I pour the lube on her nipples, body, pussy, her little hole that I am going to fuck.

"Tell us how wet are you, kitten?" I ask in a husky growl and demand she tells us.

I look over, seeing Luca watching as he has Lily sucking him off. He is watching Aurora. I should be mad. But I am not, I love that he can see what I get every night, how beautiful she is, how fucking wet she gets for me. I am crazed with pleasure. I turn on the duel suction toy setting it at a ten the highest, place it inside her tight pussy, the top part is on her sensitive clit that will suck hard . She shivers, moans loud. Not using a butt plug tonight as I am going to fuck her ass.

“Oh shit...yes, sir!" She screams out.

"Luca, why don't you bring Lily closer in the sex swing," I smile at him as we watch the toys work my ‘Kitten.’ So damn magnificent.

That is closer. I want her to watch how good I make her friend feel. I want them to have a closer look shit I want to see how wet Lily gets thinking about her friend. I am fucked up.

I love her, I can say I like this moment with us all in the here enjoying the pleasure. I like having my ‘Kitten’ exposed and open with them watching.

"Ask to cum." I demand her she knows to do as she is told.

"Sir, can I cum?” She scrams out. I can see she is building up ready to climax hard.

She shakes and thrust screaming loud as her climax hits her hard.

"Cum as long as that toy is in you. After that, you will cum only when I say understand?" I say in a demanding voice.

"Oh... shit, sir... ahhh... yes!" She yells out; as she climaxes, I can see the juices dripping. Fucking amazing.

I look over at Luca he has Lily rubbing herself to Aurora, he strokes his cock. They watch Aurora.




The flogger makes a whipping sound as it hits her flesh making her turn a beautiful shade red. My cock is so hard it fucking hurts.

I hit her all over with the flogger causing her to moan out with each hit. She has wave after wave of pleasure from the toy, pain and pleasure. I lean in taking the clamps off her beautiful nipples. I want them in my mouth, shit, Luca's mouth.

“Aurora, listin to me, use the word purple; if you don't want something, we won't force you, that means if you don't want me touching Lily use the word Understand?" He says in harsh tone.

"Yes, I understand. I love them watching me!" She confesses as she climax's again. Losing all control.

"Luca is going to suck them beautiful nipples. I say in the voice that she knows I am serious. I do want to watch Luca touch her have her taste her make her cum.

I motion for Luca to come over. I bite back the anger; this is something I want for her and for me. No I fucking need to watch this.

"Oh my god!" She screams out as I watch her thrust into the cuffs, as she reaches her climax.

She screams out, she is soaked, the bed is soaked from her climaxing. I decide the toy is enough. Taking it out, she sighs as the toy leaves. No Luca will take over.

"Kitten, can Luca have a taste? I need to watch him taste you." She nods

"Can I finger Lily while Luca tastes you?" I ask her this is where trust comes in; I want her to learn to trust and never be jealous. I will always want her no other women dose it only Aurora dose it for me.

"Yes, sir..." she said, panting. She can feel the difference between Luca and me; she can't see us or know what we are doing. Lily is watching Luca likes his his to watch.

Luca leans down he don’t waste time as he works in tongue and fingers she know the difference between us. She is shaking and enjoying his assaults. I go over to Lily as I insert two digits thrusting them hard and fast as I watch Aurora take everything he is giving her.

"Luca, you can decide if she can cum or not." I permit him.

He starts to lick her slowly. With circles she is thrusting into his mouth as she enjoys what he is doing yo her I am in bliss as Lily is skilled with her mouth.
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