Dangerous Marriage

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Club And Fantasy Part Two


I am not how I feel, but I wanted to do this for me, not for anyone else. Vincenzo and I have talked about this. Fantasies call him what he would like what I like to try. Just weird doing this with my best friend and Luca. How will we all face one another?

Luca is licking my aching pussy, and I wish to see Vincenzo's face as he does, but I can't. I can hear him moaning and talking, the sound of Lily’s gagging. I know she is sucking his cock. I want to rip her throat out, and I am turned on at the same time. I want to see her doing it.

"Don't be scared to let him make you cum, Kitten. Lily is deep, throating my big hard cock. Feels good!" He moans out with his sexy husky voice.

I relax and enjoy Luca; it is a different feeling; it feels delicious, but there is not the same emotion or connection; there is something I can’t explain. This is just a pleasure. I am so turned on now, knowing Vincenzo is watching me. Off to me, I am coming. I start to see stars as Luca licks my clit thrusting his finger in and out, hitting that spot.

"Aurora, don't cum yet." I hear Luca. I am not sure what to call him? So I go with his first name seems right to do.

"I understand, Luca!” I say, panting; it is hard to hold back after what that toy and the lube are doing to me.

He applies more pressure. I hear them both growl. I am almost ready to climax without permission; he is as good as Vin in that department. For some reason, I want to feel him or someone for friction. I need it so bad.

"Please... Luca, can I cum?" I ask, almost crying. As I am edging as Vin has made me so many times.

"Cum, Aurora." He demands me.

I let myself go as I climax hard convulsive all over his tongue. I am hit with wave after wave of pleasure. I almost forget to breathe. I heard them all say that is it. Luca is growling, saying how delicious I am.

"Shit, Kitten, so damn good," Vin has a harsh tone as he speaks to me.

I feel a hard slam. Before I can react, I know it's Vincenzo. You wanted me didn't you, Kitten,
Did you think of me when you came?" He asks with a growl.

"Yes, sir... I only want you." I say in truth, but I can't lie. I enjoyed the thrill of Luca doing what he did.

He pulls out of me, leaving me feeling empty. I just got him. He takes my blindfold off. I adjust my eyes; as I look around, I see Luca and Lily; he is fingering her hard and fast, holy shit! He is fit, big as Vin. Lily is moaning; we make eye contact, and she winks at me, causing me to blush. I am all of a sudden embarrassed and feel so exposed we are last that now.

"I am going to fuck your ass, Kitten." He tells me as he takes the cuffs off. Vin has never done that. We only use the butt plug.

He has me flipped over; he pours more of that lube that makes me feel amazing. I already feel like I am on fire all over my little hole that was never touched in a way I let him touch me there. I can feel him; I am so aroused.

"Relax." He smacks my ass hard.

I breathe in and out slowly as it burns; as he pushes his way in fuck does he makes me feel so full. I take my mind off the pain and look over at Luca, watching him licking his lips as he entered Lily in a sex swing. This is erotic as hell. This releases endorphins that are healthy for the body.

He reaches around, rubbing my clit as he thrust in and out of my ass hard. I see Luca giving it to Lily hard. Luca and I make eye contact, and he winks at me. I must be different shades of red that do something to me. I start to enjoy the feel of Vin.

“Count for me and thank me after each spanking, understand." He is very dominating in his tone.

"Yes, I understand... sir..." I say, panting and moaning from feeling so full fuck I am so turned on my body is ready to explode. I can hear Lily moaning, saying, sir.


One and thank you, sir." I say with the pain of the smack.


Two and thank you, sir." I count again with even more pain.

He doses this about twenty times with each thrust. The pain and pleasure make me even wetter I climax hard without even thinking I should have asked, but... I am too far gone.

“V-sir, shit, I love it!” I scream out.

"You came without asking.” His tone is dark and thick. He turns me on even more.

“Don’t fucking cum again to I say.” He yells as he pounds harder into be than before. I was even wetter and ready to climax. I am in tears I need to release.

I want to cum, so this is painful; it hurts so well. He pounds into me as he rubs my clit hard and fast, and Lily and Luca fade away. It feels like it’s just us two.

"I am begging you to let me cum, please..." I say, pleading with him.

"Yea, cum for me, kitten." He tells me as he rubs my clit. I climax hard my legs give out. I fall to the bed, but Vincenzo brings it back to him as he pulls out of me.

He flips me over on my back and spreads my legs; as she slams into me, I cry out. He gives it to me hard. I feel excellent and raw. I can't think of anyone else in the room but Vin.

"I want to watch Luca fuck you. I want to see you come undone from another man." Can you do that for me, Aurora?" He asks me, and I know the answer I can't let Luca do that, not yet or ever.

"If that is what you need, will you touch Lilly?" I ask in a jealous tone.

"Her ass." He tells me.

He pounds hard and fast, not letting up as he slaps my breast hard, causing me to yell out.

"You are so good, sir..." I say seductively.

As he pounds into me, I lose it. I scrape my fingers down his back; sure, he is bleeding as I see stars dance around. I climax hard, grabbing his cock like a vice. He holds my throat tenaciously, slamming into as he leans down, kissing me hard and biting my bottom lip. He lets go with a growl as he spills his seed inside me, taking me with him.

"Fucking so good. I Watch Luca with Lily warm up to him." He tells me more demanding me.

I watch Luca slam into Lilly hard and fast as he rubs her clit, watching her rub her breast hard. She is moaning and loving everything Luca is giving her, but I don't see the love there. They don't seem to look the way Vincenzo and I look at one another. But we are moving fast. Vincenzo is stroking his cock; as he watches them, I find myself getting aroused.

“Touch yourself, Kitten.” He demands

I take my two fingers and rub my clit hard with pressure as I watch all around. This is something I would have never thought about doing, but Vincenzo, I trust him with every choice he makes for us. He wanted me to feel alive. I am shaking. Tears are at the brim of my eyes; I want to cum. I am watching Luca slam into Lily and pulls out, disappearing with a condom.

“Aurora, Luca will fuck you when he is was done cleaning up. Vincenzo tells me as we both cum together.

I hope I can handle more. I am sore already; Vincenzo has disappeared to the bathroom. I wonder what they are talking about; it’s just Lily and me; now I am having a hard time facing her.

"Aurora is not a good girl anymore, are you?"Lily teases as she winks at me.

“This is who I was born to me. I was made Vincenzo, and I love that we can do something like this. I feel free, Lily, like I am healing.” I tell with so much emotion as the tears fall down my face.

"You have to know I would never betray you. This is just about pleasure, and I don't build connections, you know that. Aurora." Lily felt the need to tell me because she knows how my mind works.

She is right; she doesn't like being tied down; she is free-spirited. I hope Luca knows that many men get attached, then she breaks their hearts. I have a feeling Luca not into emotions or attachments either. Vincenzo and Luca both appear solid and proud, and prominent.

“Kitten, this will be the only time a man ever touches you. I want this for you, and I have a beast who needs to feed; I need to watch him with you. I am trying to change for you; I can't make you do anything you don’t want; it’s your choice." He tells me as he leans close to me are lips almost touching.

"I want for me, and for I do,” I say seductively as I lick my lips.

"This is just pleasure for me, and I would never betray anyone. You can trust me, Aurora, I promise.” Luca tells me as he gets close to me too.

He rips the foil ,and Vincenzo waves a hand up at him and stops what he is doing.

"No, bare Luca cum on her tits I want to see her dripping.” Vins strong powerful voice is all I need to make me wet and ready for whatever he going to give me.

Luca gives him a questionable look. He throws the condom down; he is hard. ahe starts to rub his big monster along my folds. I gasp. I was so sensitive I don't how much more I can take. Luca grabs my wrist so fast he cuffing them. He spreads my legs apart lining himself up at my entrance. His eyes are looking into my soul, oh no!! "Shit he is like Vincenzo I am connecting with you but it’s different.

“Vincenzo, she is a dream. You are lucky.” He says in a sexy husky voice.

I look over, watching Vincenzo flip Lily over in a chair they are in our view I can see how wet a Lily is I see Vincenzo rubbing his cock along her ass. I watch as he works his way in her ass slowly as she seems to enjoy it knowing what to do as she go right die her pussy with her fingers.

"Relax, Aurora?" I hear Luca pulling me away from Vincenzo. I had no idea I was tensing up.

He starts in slow, teasing me as I enjoy the feel he is not Vincenzo. He is same size and makes me feel good. I have to remember this is for pleasure only, where I can be whoever I want to be with Vincenzo. I want to be a naughty girl who gets fucked by his brother. Call me what you want I know this is messed up and may not seem normal to most.

"Fuck you are so damn tight." He tells me as he thrust into me, slamming into me hard, not letting up as his balls slap into me hard. I want to grab him, and I can't.

"Luca.." I cry out a means that feels weird, not Vin or sir but Luca.

I look over as Vincenzo is pounding into Lily with fire and anger behind his eyes as he is rubbing her clit hard. She is calling his name fuck id this isn't hot. Vincenzo and I hold eye contact. Luca is making me feel so good. As he rubs my clit, thrust in and out. I grab him like a vice as my orgasm is building up. Luca goes harder on that spot. I am shaking hard and climax all over his cock; he pulls out fast as he cum's all over my tits. Vincenzo is still going.

"Shit, Aurora." Vincenzo throws his head back and moans sexy as he cums in my best friend's ass.

They tells us to clean up and undo my cuffs. I like jelly and so sore as I make my way to the shower. We make are way to the shower and Lily is flushed. We shower and there no words shared between us I need to process this and not feel embarrassed like I am right now.

We all are having drinks in the room. I am spent and thankful there is a hot tub we are soaking in. Things are not as awkward as I thought they would be. Vin told me I was terrific. Will this ever happen again? I won’t say no but I definitely not want it to a all the time thing either.

"Aurora, I am glad you agreed to this. I did this for you. Luca and Me are going our separate ways we are not made to be a couple. Think he is bored of me as I am him." She smiles, Luca agrees smiling back.

"Good times. I knew this would be a one-time thing why I brought Lily. Unlike Vincenzo, I am not a man who likes to be monogamous." He laughs, and Vin threatens to kill him as we share a laugh as they wrestle around.

Drinks are flowing we are having a good time. I will be bruised all over tomorrow; I am anxious to get back to Ariel.

"I love you," Vin tells me. I am in shock he just said he loved me.

"I love you more.” I say as I kiss him softly.
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