Dangerous Marriage

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Surprised and Italy


We will be leaving for Italy in a few hours. I have been sick lately and think it’s my nerves to meet my father. Lily’s dumb ass bought me a pregnancy test. Because I am late ever since Vincenzo and I went back to the club eight weeks ago, I haven't had my period. I think it’s just stress. I read that stress can cause your period to be late.

Lily went back home; she moved into the penthouse that Vincenzo is letting her rent for real cheap. She refused to live for free. He ends up putting it back in her an account he has ways. Whelp, I better in the cup and dip yen stick out my mind at ease. I pee in the cup and set it down. Wipe myself opening all the tests, and dipping them. When down, I wash my hands and wait.

I set the timer on my phone wait to see what these damn things say. I start to rub my arm nervously. I don’t care what they say; I will embrace it to the fullest am I young to be a mom? Yes, but that doesn’t mean I will be a bad mother.

Just as the timer goes off, I hear the door open. I stand there frozen, not know what to say or do. I haven’t even looked at the pregnancy test to see if I am pregnant or not. Damn! Vincenzo looks over at the trial, and he looks at me with a smile. I look at all of them have two lines.

“Are you upset?” I look anywhere but at him as I still run my arm.

"No. Aurora, changed things we have to marry because you are a big target now may seem crazy I would go to all lengths for now, but you will full support and protection with us being married. Will you marry me?” He asks with a smile as she searches my eyes. I don’t know what to say.

I should say no, I should run. Normal women would run fast as they can, but I love this man. He is my soulmate. I can feel it, his daughter, who I think of as mine. Without thinking about it, I know the answer.

"Yes, Vincenzo, I understand this was what I agreed to when I said I would be with you," I lean into him, hugging him as he kisses the top of my head.

"We will go ring shopping in Italy." All he says as he walks out, I follow his lead.

I am heading into a dangerous marriage with him. I know that he has many enemies. Now my babies and Ariel, me, whoever else is important to Vincenzo will be a target. He picks me up in the and spins me around, kissing me. We both laugh. Hearing him laugh is the best feeling.

"We need to set up a doctor appointment as soon as we land after We meet with Enzo. I need to know everything is okay.” His accent is much thicker he sounds happy.

"Okay. I nervous about the baby about meeting my dad this is a lot. I say as I feel like I may throw up.

"Mommy, daddy. Me ready to go." Ariel yells in excitement as she claps her hands. She smiles wide with a cute dress she picked out on her own. Vincenzo's dad is coming too, his mom, that should be interesting.

"Yes, we are the ready, princess." I hear Vin tell her as he picks her up.

We make the drive to the airport where Vincenzo’s private jet is. I hope I can handle flying because I threw up all my food from breakfast and then some. Finally at the jet. We load the jet, Vin has me and Ariel lay down in the bed. He could tell I don't feel well. He comes and lays beside me as Ariel sleeps. He wraps his arm around me, inhaling me like he always does. I am happy to have him, Ariel, now the baby. I am finally part of a real family. I love Luca, not in a romantic way, but I feel connected to him on a best friend level would it be weird to say brother level after what we done? Probably.

"Vin, think he will accept me?" I scoot closer as I feel scars and nervous to meet Enzo.

"He is a hard man, but family is everything to him. I think he will love you.” He tells me in a calming voice as he kisses my check.

I don't know how long I slept for we are still flying; I had no idea I was even tired. I feel nauseous now. I hurry to run to the bathroom; hurling in the porcelain rim. I keep throwing up I hate being sick and throwing up is the worse I get scared thinking about it or when I do.

I feel my stomach grumble again; it fucking hurts. I am now dry heaving. I hear a door open I know it's him. I wave my hand at him, not wanting him to see me this was. He don’t leave he steps closer to he gets down on knees rubbing my back gently.

“Just go, please!" I tell him as I throw up more.

"We are in this together. I am not leaving. You need to eat something and drink water." He tells me has he rubs my back his scent calms me I can’t get enough of him.

"I need to clean up first. I am sick, Vin. I don't think the long flights are good for the baby." I tell with him with worry in my voice. We walk out together.

I feel wiped out as we have landed in Italy. We are heading to Sicily I looked up the weather and phew! it’s going to be hot as hell I am not looking for to hot weather and feeling like shit! I haven’t thought much of my old life much besides my mother like Brent and everyone never existed well besides my sister, Lily can never forget her.

"Aurora. Mom and dad are taking Ariel. I know it was a long flight, you are probably tired but he would like to meet you in a couple of hours he has some bad things going on you know how this life works?” Vincenzo tells me this now short notice with thy damn sexy voice.

"You couldn't have given me notice. I look like hell and need to fix myself up." I say in an aggravated tone as I roll my eyes.

He grabs my throat, sending a chill through my body. I suddenly need him now more than ever, and we don't have time. He leans down to my ear. Sending chills through my body always lites my soul on fire.

“Just because you are pregnant doesn't mean I will be easy on you. Sass me again, and I will punish you; Aurora don’t tempt me I will make us late." He tells me with a stern voice that makes me so wet and excited I hope he keeps that promise.

"Vin..." I say, panting; he shakes his head, letting me know not right now we need to go.

We drive as the music plays I just need time to my thoughts and Vincenzo understands. I don’t want to be rejected by him I think it may put me in depression. I finally have a chance at a real father that means a lot to me so he can’t deny me I won’t let him. I can’t believe how much we look alike as I keep looking at the pictures I screenshot on my phone.

We are sitting outside his big mansion not as big as Vincenzo's villa. This place has beauty love the flowers and landscaping. The house is giving me old vintage vibes that I love. I am old school at heart love pinups and the hair and the makeup. My mom use to tease me about how I would spend hours before school doing my hair and make up in 50’s styles.

“Ready. Aurora, I will be by your side every step of the way." Vin tells me as he kisses my hand.

I wait for him to open my door. He comes around opening my door grabbing my hand Before we knock, a man opens the door nodding at Vincenzo. Big man are these Maifa men built huge? I just stand here quiet waiting to see what Vin dose and follow his lead he the one that set this all up.

“Vin, nice to see you again if you guys will follow me to the formal room." We both nod at him and flow the door man. I didn't get his name.

We make our way to the formal room. Woke is it beautiful fifties style. I am in love with it already. I see him and a women next to him. Our same exact exotic purple eyes connect. I see it I have his nose his eyes. I am definitely his daughter the same raven color hair.

“Aurora, look how beautiful you are. You are mine damn look just like me and your brothers.” Enzo says as his hand is in mine my shaking it. I am so caught up in the moment.

"T-thank you. Enzo." I say nervously. He chuckles.

"We have a lot to catch up on. I want to know everything about you. Aurora. Thank you for the meeting. Vincenzo great to see you." He shakes his hand as he sits next to a woman who gives me a raised eyebrow look.

"Oh... this is my wife Eva." He tells me as we shake hands, giving each other a dirty look. I won't take shit from another bully again.

"Nice to finally meet you, Aurora." She says with fake joyful voice.

"Yea. Same!" I say in a sarcastic way that I think Enzo, Vin both caught on as they smile.

"I am so sorry about Ivanna. Is there anything like to know about us," He asked with his eyes glistening; he is sincere? I hate talking about my mom it’s painful but at the same time after I do I am okay.

"How did you guys meet? She wrote in a letter you were her true love, things happened and you left never coming back leaving her heart broken.”

"I was twenty-year-old man going to a hick town to take care of a man. And my uncle lived there after he retired under the radar. I ran across the most captivating women she was fifteen-years-old forbidden she was from Russia living with her grandma and her American husband her step grandfather. We just clicked and were so good together. We spent everyday together I made sure to make thing slow just to have more time. I was going to take her back with me but did not go that way. I loved her and still do.” He tells this with wet eyes.

"If you love someone you don’t let them go. You should fight for them.” I have tears and feel angry.

"There was a war my father was killed, and I had to take over the family; Eva told me she was pregnant and I was trying to do the right thing by her. I am not in love with Eva I can admit that. Things happen I went back to look for her a few times and she was not in Carolina anymore.” He tells me with sadness I should give him a chance. He didn’t know.

“How was she threw the years, how was your relationship with Ivanna? Did she ever get her own shelter going? That was her dream.” He keeps asking me I don’t know how to answer it.

Vin grabs my hand gives it a kiss as he rubs it soft letting me know it’s okay. I don’t know where to start should I give the longer version or the shorter? I will try my best I have been avoiding talking about her all together. Dose pain ever get easier?

"She never got a chance to open her own shelter. She did work in them was a manger for years. She was happy as she could be. Being with Brent brought her down he wasn’t a good man got very abusive with us both. Just don’t make sense you know? She was healthy then gets this mysterious illness like a toxic in her body.” I say as tears run down my face I don’t want to talk about Brent.

“Brent hurt you guys physically or mentally or both? Why did she have the go to that fucker? I would see him watch her he was not right back then and sounds like he now.” Enzo is clenching his jaw as he makes a fist he is angry.

"Yes he was both but mom would save me from most beatings and she would take the blows. She saved me was my hero. She helped me have freedom would lie for me so I could go out with friends be somewhat of a normal kid. Brent has a saying the Bible tells him to beat his wife and kids he calls it house order.” I say with hate when mention of Brent and the pass.

I hate telling our dirty little secret drunk pastor husband, father beats his wife and daughter. Well, his step technically, if he knew? I feel sick again and lean my head into Vincenzo, who is deep in the conversation now. I heard Enzo asking if he was handling Brent. I have to remember what I am dealing with. By deal he probably means killing him.

"I am sorry I wasn't there; if I knew, I would have saved you both. I am going to kill him. I wish I never gave up on her and knew about you. I am here now you are my daughter. I already have this bond like I have knew you since you were a baby.” He says with a soft warm smile.

“I like to get to know you and be part of your life.” He says as he looks nervous.

“I would love that.” I say with a smile.

We talked more about my life, me and David and Vincenzo explained to him what he has done to David. I feel he is my father; without a doubt, I don't need a DNA test to prove it. I want to know more, but it will be hard living far away. I feel like I am right where I belong.

"I want to know you as well. I agree we have that connection like we never were apart.” I say with pride and a real hearth-felt smile.

"Great, we can do a family dinner if guys are free tomorrow. I would love for you to meet your brothers and catch up more.” He looks from Vincenzo to me with a soft half smile and Eva looks like she is pissed off.

"That will be great. I can bring my father along, my mom they would love to see you. Plus, I have some things to talk to you about. We have a big announcement we can do that here then." Vincenzo tells my father or Enzo what do I call him? Dad feels so right.

"Can I hug you?" He come to me with arms stretched out and I nod yes.

We hug one another and I embrace it we just hold each-others tight. This feels great having a real loving father. I want to cry because I got ripped off I bet he would of kissed all my boo boos and tucked me in at night. Read me bedtime stories.

"I am thankful for you; Aurora have no idea what your mother’s passing truly hurts me but I got you. I hope you stay in my life.
Don't worry about Eva. She is bitter, we are on the verge of divorce right now.

"I want to be in your life. I feel like I have a true family. Vincenzo has been amazing and saved me more way then he will ever know. He brought me to you." I say with a shaky voice as he kisses my forehead.

We said our goodbyes, and tomorrow at dinner will announce we are having a baby. Vincenzo got me in with doctor money talks around here, I guess. I can't wait to see our baby.
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