Dangerous Marriage

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Enzo And Ivannas’ Past

Enzo: Nineteen years old.

I am in South Carolina, a small hick town. A. True American dream here. Finally ready to handle a prick who thought he could hide here. I have my men taking care of an enemy. I have been here almost a year going to Chicago and New York, back here. I meant this beautiful exotic-looking woman. I have never seen a woman as pure as her; she is gorgeous blonde hair with grey eyes and a porcelain doll-like face and skin. It's wrong; she is young, fifteen Turning sixteen soon. She is new to the county, and her accent is so... damn sexy.

She is the one I can feel. I want her. I will take her back home with me. I don't care what anyone says about our age difference. I don’t fucking care. She brings me happiness and calm. We are connecting; we just bond and click. We can talk for hours. I won't touch her yet, not to she is legal. How do you fall in love so fast with someone? Her little grandma lets me in with a smile; she has broken English. I make my way into her room.

"Sunshine," I say as she turns around screaming and hits me. I laugh, holding my arm.

"Damn!" She yells as she holds her heart, and I laugh again.

My lips crash down on hers, I take away her breath, I move my hands under her panties, working her clit. I need her so bad I have waited so long. This doesn't seem right, but I can't stop, or do I care. This woman is not real. She tastes good and smells good. She is addictive.

"I have missed you." She tells me between kisses as I go between her thighs for the first time.

"Enzo..." she says my name as she comes undone for me. I push her on the bed, ripping her bra and panties off.

"I need you, my sunshine. I want to have you can I?" I ask with need.

"Yes... I want you to Enzo." She brings me down, kissing her as I line up and push in, going past that barrier.

I thrust into bliss. I can't think she feels so good and so tight. Fuck, our souls are connecting. I feel like they are. She is doing so well taking me as she digs her nails down my back, causing a burning sensation. I know that means she in some pain, but she starts to encourage me, and l lose it. I take us both into pleasure.

"Ivanna so damn tight," I said, panting and losing myself in her.

We have been sleeping together like wild animals for weeks tonight. I am taking her somewhere special for her birthday to a drive-in movie I have set up under the stars. I want to give her a ring letting her know she has me and my love only. I hope she will move with me.

I get to her house; she is outside already; she is beautiful in her long blue dress that looks great with her complication. I should have told her not to wear that type of clothing, but I am too selfish to say take it off.

"You are stunning sunshine," I say as I kiss her, and she gives me that smile that makes me the luckiest mother-fucker right now.

"Thank you. Where are we going?" She asks with an impatient voice making me laugh.

"I told you it is a surprise. Be patient, sunshine." I tell her as I swat her ass, causing her to giggle.

We make it to the destination. I have food that I made sure was carter and warm, wine and table set up with a movie's giant projector. We will be under the stars. My mom gave the advice said women love romance.

"Wow, Enzo, this is beautiful." She tells me as she sees the table and only the headlights giving us light.

"Wanted something personal for us. I have something for you." I pull out the ring, grabbing her finger slipping it on her finger.

"Enzo, is this?" I cut her off.

"Marry me, Ivanna," I say more than asking.

"Yes, of course, I will, Enzo." She comes over kissing me.

We ate dinner now lay on the hood of the car as we hold one another, watching a movie. She keeps me tight this feels like I might not ever see her again; why do I have that nagging feeling in the back of my head?

The night was excellent; we fucked in the car. I had her bent over, screaming my name as my fiancé. I know she is young; it's not right, but I don't give a fuck what is right or wrong. It's the middle of the night. I lay awake thinking about Ivanna as the phone rings.

"Hello." I groggily say into the phone.

"Enzo... Where have you been?" I hear my mom on the phone.

"Out with Ivanna," I tell her.

“Enzo, I am calling to tell You dad passed away. He was killed ambushed. We need you home right away." I hang up in anger.

It feels like my world is crashing down on me as I hang the phone up. I rush to my car, knowing where I have to go.

I make my way to Ivanna's; grandma was mad at me coming so late but let me in. She is a nice woman but can be a mean Russian lady.

"Enzo, what is wrong?" She asks with a look of concern.

"I have to go home. My father was killed, and I have other things. I don't know how long I will be gone or if I will ever come back. I am sorry, Ivanna. I was a fool to think we could last." I tell her, hating that I am hurting her; she is crying, throwing the ring at me; I pick it up and place it on her dresser. I kiss her on the head and hug her tight.

"I will try like hell to come back for you. I love you, never will stop loving you. Goodbye, Ivanna." I kiss her once more, leading us to make love.

"Goodbye, Ivanna. I came back for you, but you are gone. I am sorry I saw her, our daughter. I wanted to go to her but felt it wasn't a good time. I know she is mine; her eyes told me it all. I say as I kiss her headstone, leaving a pink rose.

"Ivanna!" I yell out, jumping out of bed in a cold sweat going to my office I need a fucking drink.

Fucked up part is I knew about Ivanna, I saw her I was with a week before she passed and I was at the hospital with her. I knew Aurora was mine. I hid in the back of the church and a soon as her eyes landed on me I knew. She was so sad when she ran with panic I wanted to go to her but I couldn’t. I wish I did I would have protected her from this life.

When Vincenzo called me about Aurora, I was happy to meet her have her in my life finally. Vincenzo lead me to Ivanna. Vincenzo brought me my baby girl and let’s just say her and my boys all could pass as triplets. I drink down the amber liquid not giving a shit what time it is I am having a hard time I am mad all the time and depressed. I wish Eva would get a hint and leave.

Eva not even a mother or a wife she is nothing not needed. I am forty-years-old I have plenty of time to find a women id who maybe can live a broken soul like me. Eva don’t understand me or the pain I carry. I am so fucking twisted. I hear the door open not even caring to hear her or talk to her. Fuck her.

"Enzo, what the hell go back to bed why are you drinking at two A.M? This is about a dead women she bit coming back she never wanted you.” She is mean and has a nasty look on her face she crossed a lot of fucking lines.

"Eva leave why are you here? Not even the boys mother. I can’t stand you that dead women was my world she loved me just as much I loved her. You are a bitch and have a black heart I thought I was cold damn you are frozen.” I say with anger as I drink for the bottle Alamo it down.

"You could of went back I never stoped you. I am leaving don’t worry now you have your daughter and who the hell ever else. You forgot everything I done for you. I loved you while you were in love with someone else.” She has tears running down her face I wish I cared but I don’t.

She is right. I could have gone back; I could have saved her and Aurora. I am fucked up. What she doesn't know is I stayed for my kids. If I would of went back, I could... I stop my self fuck this shit. I keep drinking. I am drunk. I get up, punching walls and throwing things, going on a rampage. I haven't done this since I found out about my Ivanna being gone... my sunshine is gone... I failed my daughter. I allowed a man to hurt them both because I couldn't go back.

The truth is I visited Ivanna before her grave. Her family had left the hospital they were about to take her, and I asked if I could see her, they agreed. I held her hand. I inhaled her scent. She felt like my Sunshine, smelled like my Sunshine. She was gone. I couldn't hear her yell at me or laugh. I kissed her lips like a sick ass, hoping for a miracle. I left hurting and drinking and beat a few people up. Then hid in the back at her grave. When everyone was gone, I went and said goodbye to her again, my Sunshine. Sweet, beautiful Ivanna, she still looked like a porcelain doll. She was beautiful.

There is my truth; I have many secrets. When Aurora knows the facts, will she forgive me? Fuck what I have done? All I do is cause pain with everyone who I love. Eva is right. I love Ivanna still when she died. I can't accept not having her alive in the same world as me. Fuck this. I sit down to start to think of my sunshine, her beautiful smile that lit a room when she walked in her selfish act of kindness she did die women at shelters. Her bravery for taking the beatings more for Aurora.

"Ivanna, Sunshine, tell me what to do. I need you." I say out loud.

I wake up on the ground in my office; my head is pounding, and my knuckles hurt. I look to see dry blood, and things are broken and holes in walls. Fuck I need to pull myself together going to be having dinner with Aurora tonight. I feel and look like hell. I look at the clock; it is one P.M. What the fuck? I have never slept into that time. I did drink at five in the morning.

I make my way to the kitchen, all eyes on me as I make some coffee. My sons are giving me a dirty look, and I return the watch, letting them know don't fuck with me, and Eva is upset she has been crying.

"What the hell is wrong with you, dad!?" My son Enzo JR ask me more like shouts at me.

"Why does it matter? I can't change the past now, can I? I hope you will treat Aurora with respect." I tell them more or less demand it.

"Why wouldn't we? Your upset over her mother. We all know it we heard you last night. Want her to see you mess on the second day and chase her off." My other son Matteo tells me with concern.

"No. Once she knows I saw Ivanna the day she died, I held her hand, was at the cemetery think she is going to forgive, the fact I knew she was mine when I saw her and didn't say anything?" I say with aggression.

"She told you she found out in a letter, so what the hell man grow a pair man up and be there for her now do not worry about the past." Matteo is challenging me.

"Don't you fuckers understand I got Ivanna beat and killed I got Aurora beat maybe almost killed now look, she ran into a dangerous man who is far too old for, and I can't even tell her to leave him because it is not my place!!" I yell at them all, and they shake their heads.

"Vincenzo is a good man for her. He may be dangerous, but if anyone can protect her, it's him. You are right can't tell her what to do, but we can be here for now, like I said. I will take over today while you get it together, old man." He tells me seriously to end it with light humor.

I nod what is left to say at this point, and Eva is silent. That is not a good sign. Fuck I don't even care if I am honest. I don't love her either.
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