Dangerous Marriage

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Oh Babies


I am feeling anxious as we have a doctor's appointment. I can’t believe how I found unconditional love with my father, Ariel, Vincenzo, my unborn baby. This can’t be real. I am feeling overwhelmed with so many emotions I don’t know if I want to laugh or cry or what. Today willer everyone knows we are having a baby. I wish mom were here to share this news and journey with me.

"Aurora, can we talk before we go?" I hear Vincenzo ask me. I had no idea he was in here; he scared me, causing me to jump and slap him. He laughed.

"Asshole, you scared me. What is going on?” I raised my eyebrow as I am sarcastic with him.

"New York was temporary for me. This is my main home for us. My cousins Damon and Lorenzo run things back in New York. I do go there for a few weeks at a time I stayed because of you, Manny. I do go there to make sure my clubs and running smooth, other illegal stuff. What I am saying is that we have to move here.” He says with a stone-cold stare. He didn’t ask. He demands.

I know I don’t have a choice. I love him; I am not living without him. I will miss Lily and other friends; what about my mom? Will she be there alone? I was having a good day now. I am starting to feel sad. I don’t id I could be away from Lily; she has always been there for me, and now I was leaving her. The shelters who will run them? Maybe I can figure a way to save money and move my mom to Russia; she wants that. Brent is the one who set everything up.

"I am with you and love you. Maybe this will be a good thing, and I can build something with Enzo, start fresh. I will miss Lily like hell and other friends, and I will miss the shelter. I was going to save up to get my mom over to Russia." I say this with sadness, and I am just looking everywhere but at him.

"Aurora, we can do that now. I can make calls have her sent over to Russia. I am going to be your husband; never be shy to ask me for anything. You can even set things up without asking, Kitten...” He tells me as he rubs my face with a soothing voice. He always is so kind as. Sweet.

“I love you more. We are going to be late probably should get going.” I say as I look at the time on my phone.

“Let’s go before we don’t leave the house. Been a few days. I miss you.” He tells me with a devilish voice as she slaps my ass.

“Been sick,” I say as I follow him out.

We are in an exam room without any waiting. Vincenzo told me things are different here; people either fear him or want to fuck him; they know who he is what he is part of. I have seen that today with all the women drooling, some men cowering. He is powerful and gets respect where ever he goes.

"Aurora Ricci, Vincenzo Basilischi. I am doctor Elizabeth. She smiles big at is very professional, or I thought she is eyeing Vincenzo.

“How are you feeling?" She is very professional now, as she shakes our hand and gets suitable to the business.

"I have been sick. I can't hold anything down for a few weeks now, and I was stressed out. I took a lot of tests, all positive." I tell her matching her tone and business-like manner.

"So I need you to pee in this cup, take some blood, and after that do an ultrasound. She hands me a cup, and a nurse who doesn't know how to act professionally is eyeing Vincenzo. He was not looking at her; he was more interested in then the doctor and me.

I handle everything that needed to be done. I'm not too fond of needles, but not when I get ink done. I hate getting my blood taking it makes me feel sick, and I almost faint.

"Are you happy, Vin?" I ask him as I kiss his cheek and hold his hand.

"Yes. For the first time besides Ariel, I am happy." He tells me as he kisses my hand, and the doctor's overly friendly nurse is here to wreck our moment.

"You are pregnant congratulations. So let's get an ultrasound and heartbeat. See how far you and get some pictures." She announces hard to read her.

I lay down, and she puts the gel on my stomach, starts clicking on the keypad, and pointing with the nurse. I want to see my baby. I am feeling nervous and looking at Vincenzo with concern; he knows me. She rubs my hand, bringing it to his lips with a soft kiss, trying to relax me; somehow, he thinks it works for kissing my hand and rubbing it.

"Okay, we have great news or bad; however, you want to take it. You are having twins, ready to see them, hear their heartbeats?" She asks with a beautiful smile; she an attractive older woman.

“Hell yes!” I say with a big smile, ecstatic voice as Vincenzo kisses my hand and smiles.

She turns the screen, and I can see two babies, and their faces almost look a little bit like an alien. I am in love with them already; she pointing showing us baby A and baby B said they were going to be identical twins share the same sack. I started crying our babies. Twins how crazy not really a shock they run on both sides. But a shock of that makes since?

"This is amazing. Oh my lord!!" I say to Vincenzo overly excited.

"Damn I do it big. I was a mess with Ariel, shit taking care of two babies well be hell.” He says as I laugh.

“I don’t recommend flying need to relax. You have a lower uterus this is really no uncommon so don’t panic.” She tells me with confidence.

We are sitting in the car looking at the sonogram pictures of the babies we are going to tell everyone tonight. I can't wait to share with my family. My family. I am just happy I get to share this all with Vincenzo. I am happy I have a real father and people who love me. I am sad that I don’t have my mom, she missing out on all of this but I know she is with me.

“What do think babies will be boys or girls? I ask as I look out the window.

"Boys, I have a feeling. I don't care a boy would be nice; I can't handle four women." He tells me jokingly with a smile. I love this side. I keep saying it, but I do.

"I want one of each. I don't care; either way, I will be happy. I pray you will be happy with all girls." I say as I slap his arm. I am not joking; he will probably go on a killing spree living with all girls.

We arrive home I plan to spend time with Ariel and get ready for the dinner. Me and Vincenzo got some alone time in. I am not as nervous as I was earlier today.

"Violet you are glowing. Look happy it looks good on you.” Giovanni says to be as he pulls me in for a hug.

"I am thrilled I have you all on my team now I have a real family. Thank you for everything Gio, I mean it. I love you." I tell him as we still hug one another.

"You are my daughter now, and Violet, you are stuck with my old ass." He laughs. I just shake my head.

We all getting in the bigger SUV safe for traveling and can fit us all inside I am quiet taking it all in I notice how close Gio and Anna are. I notice how happy Ariel is as she talks to her daddy about a movie. I just smile Vincenzo notice and he winks at me. I give him a wink back.

We arrived to Enzo's house. I am nervous about meeting my brothers. Definitely happy at the same time. We all greeted by the same doorman, I need to get his name. We do the same thing we follow him, but to the formal dining that is even more impressive. I love the vintage vibes. I wonder if Vin will allow me to do this? Who cares!? He can punish me if he doesn't. I laugh at that thought who would of thought I love being punished?

"Aurora." Enzo comes to me, hugging me; he looks rough. I notice his knuckles are busted up. Hair out of place, I decided to not ask him questions no my place I hope I was not the cause of his pain.

"Can I call you dad?" I exclaim, not caring.

"Of course you can. I am your dad I am here now for you, Aurora. I will never let anyone hurt you I promise.” He tells me as I see pain in his eyes he looks tortured.

I see the boys who are my age, maybe a little younger, with the same color eyes looking at me, and I see it we could be triplets Wow!

“Aurora, this is Enzo Jr or we like to call him E. This is Matteo. Your brothers, you guys are only two months apart." He tells me happily as I expect a handshake, but they get up and hug me. I hug them back just as tight. Like we never were apart.

"Nice to meet you guys," I say nervously but happy.

"Well damn we have a lot of work protecting you, I bet Vincenzo will be good at that you are definitely in good hands. This is crazy I can’t believe I have a big sister.” Matteo says with laughter he seems to be the more relaxed one.

"You are right about that. Great to meet you and see you again, Vin, Gio, Anna right?" I hear Matteo say, and I think yes, that is him; he has darker purple; I will have to remember that.

"Nice to meet you. This is a lot to take in but I feel like we will get along just fine.” Enzo says with a very powerful tone.

We were served food and I have to say dinner is delicious or maybe it’s the babies I have been really hungry and eating everything! Don’t judge me haha...! Vincenzo clears his voice.
Oh we are doing it now? I guess we are.

"Me and Aurora have some good news to share with everyone now is probably a good time since the whole family is here well most. Let me say things before interrupting I know you all. We are having twins.” He says with pride and a smile that reaches his eyes.

"Damn, I gained a daughter and grandkids in two days. At least I am in my prime to still take care of kids at least." He tells us jokingly, and the boys both call him old man and punching him. They all share a laugh.

"Congratulations, Aurora, now Enzo has what he wants he we are no longer together. He made that clear last night while he was drinking as he always dose.” Eva says coldly as she gives me a dirty look I just brush it off shrugging.

I can’t really say anything he probably is just feeling guilty die not being in my life and not saving my mother I can’t control his emotions it’s clear he loves my mother so what more can I say or do to make Eva happy? She clearly not happy with me or the babies. I can’t be bothered or let her wreck this day for me.

“Aurora, I have been a mess, and I won't lie.’let me get this off my chest I did find your mom and I was a week before she passed away, visited her in hospital after you guys left and when I saw you I knew but I wasn’t sure what to say or do. She told me she wrote you a letter she wanted it to come from her. I am Sorry. I was at the church and cemetery I hid in the back.

He saw my mom; he was there with her; he knew about me? I understand why he didn't blurt that out at a ceremony; how did I miss him. Wait a minute! When I Locked eyes with Vincenzo, there was another man I seen with darker eyes A man I thought I was hallucinating but he was my father. I felt like I was going crazy but I wasn’t it was my dad. My emotions are raw and I don’t like this but this has to be done.

"The man with the black eyes you were hiding I felt it I went into a panic I thought I was hallucinating." I say with a shaky voice I am not mad at all I am just upset and hurt I mean I don’t know what I am.

"I am upset at all; I understand why you did what you did. This had to be said right? I like talking about her, but it is hard sometimes; she was my best friend. But I have all you now my family my home and fresh start. I am moving mom back home with grandpa and grandma.” I say as I cry hard now thinking about her hurts still.

“Relax, Kitten, remember not to stress this is all good things and your mom would be happy you did what she wanted you found your dad and now look at us. She is proud of you.” Vincenzo whispers in my ear rubbing my hand.

"Hell, I am happy for more grandbabies to spoil; maybe Anna will stay and experience all this with us. Giovanni says jokingly changing our conversation.

"I am going to be around for these babies. This exciting we need to start planning a wedding. She tells us with excitement. As she smiles big at me.

My mom should be here for this, my babies, wedding helping me out. I don't have her. I feel the emotions build up. I start to cry again, leaning back into Vin, I am a sobbing mess. I can’t help it she won’t be here for any of this. My first wedding and only wedding. Her first grandchildren. It hurts a lot, won’t lie.

"I am sorry, Aurora, I didn't think," Anna says as she comes over, rubbing my back. It's not her fault at all.

"Just my hormones, wishing my mom was here for all of this you did nothing wrong. Let's have our a game night change the mood.” I say as Vincenzo holds me tight.
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