Dangerous Marriage

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We are having a fun time playing games and sharing laughter, and making memories. Eva is hiding in the background somewhere. I feel bad, but she seems to be doing this to herself. We are playing some fighting game. I am on a team with my brothers. Vincenzo, Giovanni, and Enzo. Anna is with Ariel playing their own little game and laughing. I have no idea what I am doing; hit the A button, hit the B, they yell at me, and I hit random buttons. I guess I won. Matteo and E are screaming and giving me a high five.

"Look at that. Me and Aurora, E make a great team kicking your old asses." Matteo yells out with laughter.

Vincenzo looks out of place doing this, but I know he is doing it for me, but he is happy, truly happy he needs to relax and take a step back and realize he has a family who loves him and needs his time. I love him more than he will ever know.

As we take a break, I look down at my phone, wishing I never did. I want to change my number going to ask Vin if we can because change my phone number because Brent is texting me, and I don’t want to hear from him; he is nothing to me, literally nothing. I open them up anyways.

Aurora Ricci, where the hell are you? I have been texting you and calling you. I better hear from you or so help me, God!

I decide to block him for now. I will deal with him another day; he was not wrecking this for me. My happy time I am finally having fun with my family. I feel like things are great right now. I want to focus on this happiness and be calm for the babies. This is a fresh start that I needed. Brent doesn’t desire a word from me.

"Who the hell do you keep calling an old ass? I can still kick your ass, boy." Dad says sarcastically to Matteo as he punches his arm hard, causing him to rub it and laugh. They are still on the old thing!

"I am pretty sure I am more fit than anyone. I hear E say. They laugh Vincenzo is more fit than them all. I think they all know it.

"I will have to challenge that." I hear Vincenzo say with laughter. I would love to see him challenge that. Take that damn shirt off for me, baby! Damn my hormones, and I have been honey a lot.

"Anytime you want to spur man!" I hear E can't tell if he is joking or crazy. Vincenzo laughs, and I hear dad say that is not wise. We all laugh because Vincenzo towers over them all and like a monster.

The men keep joking around and laughing. We watch them as we laugh. Ariel is even laughing as she is standing close to me. The energy is nothing but good vibes. Vincenzo comes by me, kissing my cheek, as he rubs my back.

"I am glad you found us," E tells me, and I smile and nod in agreement.

"Enzo, I need to talk with you, my father, about Manny Romano. He is becoming a big problem.." I hear Vincenzo tell my dad as he clinches his jaw at that name. Fun is over just like that.

He tells them to follow, leaving me with Eva and Anna. Arial is still by my side. Maybe I should abort this; say Ariel needs to use the bathroom or something.

"I should take Ariel to bed," I say nervously.

"Nonsense, she is fine," Anna tells me with a smile. I don't like the vibe all of sudden maybe it just my anxiety.

"You have all the men loving you," Eva tells me. I don't know if she is trying to make conversation or being rude about it.

"Just want to have a loving family, Eva," I say with an angry tone.

Anna breaks the tension by talking about some show. I want to ask her what the issue is. She acts okay, then crazy the next. I can't keep up with her mood swings or have an enemy in this country, my dads' wife at that.

"Eva, what is issue?” I don't want us to be unfriendly or enemies here. I can't change the past or undo it or help that I am Enzo's daughter." I say in an angry tone, I want the damn truth.

"Just Enzo is so in love with Ivanna, and she is not even here. Now you come along he all about you and boys he always puts me last. He wants me gone he has for years. I gave him my love and everything. I realize he doesn't love me, never did. I am going to give him what he wants and leave it’s for the best for us both.” She sighs as she looks hurt I can see the pain.

"I don’t know what to say I am sorry for your pain.” I sigh with her not knowing what else to say.

“Think we should watch a a show to the ken are done talking or a movie with Ariel. This is a lot and everyone’s emotions are high.” Anna says as she tried to work the remote.

We talked, and Eva said she would call it a night. The men finally came out laughing and I can smell the alcohol. They even sound drunk. I don't think I have seen Vincenzo this drunk.

“Sweetheart you got to drive us back home. Giovanni says to Anna, and I think nothing of it. But Vincenzo is giving his dad a look. Now I see it.

"I will have to get Ariels things together and get her in the seat.” I say to Giovanni and Vincenzo.

"You guys can stay here." Enzo offers.

"No, I would like to, but I want to be home in bed. I have to visit more before then. I hope you understand?" I tell Enzo, not wanting to say to him Eva makes me uncomfortable and plus I want to be with Vincenzo alone at home.

“I understand. We had a great time." He and the boys come over and hug me at once. I laugh as I hug them back.

We make it to the SUV as Anna gets in to drive us home, see Gio rubbing her leg in sexual way. I think of Maria and Vincenzo shakes his head.

“This is what they do. They always find their way back and love each other.” He says as she shakes his head again.

We are home now. I had to rock Arial to sleep. It is little after midnight. What a ride home! They decided to drink more when they got home. I choose to step in a hot shower relaxing my muscles; what a fantastic night and lots of emotions. Good and bad ones. I let the water run down on me. I hear the door open. I smell him, Vincenzo. I hope he doesn't think he was getting luck? Who am I kidding he is all I have been thinking about.

"Kitten, I am proud of you. Handle everything like a queen." Says as he whispers in my ear.

He bends down to my stomach, kissing my stomach. He rubs between my aching core. I can't deny his touch that I crave so bad. All I have been thinking about.

“Tell me what do want a beach or courthouse wedding." He asks as he rubs my clit. I can't even think of how to answer him.

"I want it at the beach that way we have just the family. Definitely before the babies are born before I get big would be idea," I say breathlessly as he works my core with his fingers; he pushes two digits inside me, I am a goner.

He thrust them in fast and deep, hitting that spot that I love so much he knows what to do that drives me wild. I watch him as he works his magic; we don't break eye contact. He keeps going faster; as I feel the build-up, I start to see spots dance around.

"Vin... feels so good!" I yell out as I climax hard around his fingers; as I come down, he brings his fingers to his mouth, licking them clean.

"So damn good, Kitten. Let's clean up and get some sleep." He tells me as he kisses my head.

I get down to my knees as he watches me and grabs his length as I take his head and start to swirl and lick work him in my mouth as I pump the rest I can't fit in the mouth. He grips my hair hard with his hand; hehe, thrust deep, causing me to gag, but I relax breathe through my nose as I work him. He is moaning so sexy. I swirl my tongue around with pressure and sucking him hard.

"Kitten, so damn good you drive me wild!" He tells me as he thrust into my mouth, he losing control.

I know he was going to cum, and I keep working him with my eyes watering from how big he is, and hard he thrusting I take my free hand and play with his balls. He pushed faster. "I am going to cum in that pretty mouth!" He tells me as I keep going, as he coats my throat with cum. I swallow all of him.

"Damn!" He tells me as he helps me up, bringing me to his chest.

I wake up, seeing it's six in the morning. I know Ariel will be up. Vin will probably feel like shit. I get out of bed, heading to Ariel, and start the day. I will let Vincenzo sleep in. I make my way to Ariel seeing her pop up. She runs to me fast as she giggles, and I pick her up.

"Baby girl. Want to make breakfast together?" I ask her with a hug.

"Yea, want daddy." She tells me with a smile.

"Let's let daddy sleep in today; how about we make him a surprise? How to does that sound?" I ask her, hoping she agrees on she a tough negotiator.

"Okay, we make him a picture?" She asks, and I tell her, of course, we make way to the kitchen.

We have kids pop going dancing and singing. We made pancakes with fruit and eggs and sausage and my mom's homemade recipe for muffins. I put on coffee for the house. I will have a tiny bit of coffee. This is going to be hard; I love my coffee. Ariel is making pictures for everyone, and that gives me a great idea fathers day is coming up. Maybe I can get her pictures done and add the ultrasound pictures in.

"Good morning." I hear Anna; she looks like she had a wild night.

"Morning," I say as I make her plate of food.

"You look like you are tired. The men keep you up?" I ask with curiosity Gio would not cheat on Maria, would he?

"I did, but it was Gio. He was drunk, kept talking my ear off, and we laid everything ok the table had a great talk, that needed to be done. I deserved it all that he has held in. I love my family. I just left because Gio's life was dangerous I was kidnapped twice. I broke down." She tells me with a defeated look.

"I understand I won't judge everyone handles things differently," I say with empathy for her.

We all let it go and go back to music and Arial, making us all laugh. I start to think Ariel gets revenge, but I would never leave, or would I don't know?
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