Dangerous Marriage

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Things have been great! I am trying to pull off a surprise wedding for Aurora. We found out the sex of the babies, and I could not be happier we will tell everyone knows at the wedding. I am planning with my mom and hope like hell we can pull this off. I want to do something for Aurora and show her that I do love her a lot.

Saturday is when I plan to marry her. She has been busy visiting her dad and brothers a lot since I am busy with work. Enzo said he is happy Eva left; he feels free. Crazy shit that has been going on in her life and mine. That is why I am sure she is the one. We are two fucked up people who fit as one.

My phone won't stop ringing. Luca is calling. He better be calling me to let me know he on the damn jet with everyone and on the way. I need them here and on fucking time. He knows this is a big deal for me.

“Luca, you flying out now?" I say in an aggravated tone.

"Damn no, hello, how are you.," He said sarcastically.

"Don’t fucking start right me.” I huff into the phone as I clench my jaw. They are testing my patience.

"Word Manny is coming back to Italy. The rats are bad." He tells me I am fucking pissed off.

“You on the fucking hey?” I ask in an aggravated tone.

“Yea, I brought a date. She may be the one.” He says, and I can’t believe it.

Fuck he was supposed to be handling shit in America. The places we took down with sex trades I blew up probably pissed off Manny enough to take him out his hole. I had my men take care of it. I am not to be fucked with; he thinks he will hurt Aurora or anyone I love. I will start chopping heads off I can be the fucking cold Devil. Watch me!

My cousins, who are like brothers to me Marco and Franco, the twins, can track anyone, but Manny he good at hiding. We get close; he will slip through our fingers. I will kill anyone who is or may be necessary to him. That is a promise. I see a text from my mom

We got the dress told her we have a surprise planned a pre-wedding look; we said the bride always gets her hair styled, makeup and wear the dress to the location. It's a tradition of the family. I hope this works out Vin, thank you for trusting me.

I am glad she thought of something because I want to give Aurora her dream wedding. I will talk with Enzo and go over more things about Manny. The wedding, and a few details with Ivanna. I know what happened to Ivanna he has more information about her. I can’t say anything to Aurora right now I hate keeping this from her.

Enzo is on his way here. Luca just got here with the others. He left earlier and felt like fucking with me if I was not having a wedding I would of beat his ass. I look around at pictures of my family and wondered what I did to deserve them? Lucan and the men are all laughing and wonder where he dropped his girl off at?

“Where is your date? I ask Luca with a sigh.

“She is with Gia they are doing things. I did not want her here.” He shrugs as he goes back to talking with Marco. Fucking rude prick.

Enzo comes in with a bottle of whiskey and has a big smile on his face as him and the boys take a seat. He looks a lot happier now. It looks good on him.

“Enzo.” I say with a nod.

“Think Aurora will be suspicious about this wedding?" Enzo asks happy fucker.

"I hope not. We have to have as much security as we can because Manny knows about Aurora we can’t risk it. There is chance he knows about the twins. When should we tell her about Ivanna? I am trying keep this all in. I hate lying to her.” I ask Enzo with concern because I don't know what she would do if she found out that I knew this information and kept it from her.

"Soon after you get back from honeymoon, we will tell her. I agree she needs to know, but I have to keep this a secret, I promised Ivanna when we spoke in hospital. I need Brent dead like now. I promised her.” Enzo tells me with anger in his eyes he wants to Kill Brent; he is out for blood.

Fuck, this is so crazy. Ivanna and Enzo spoke about a lot of things she asked him to promise her he would take care of Aurora. He said he would do what it’s takes to protect her. Ivanna wanted Aurora to find him through the letters why? We don’t know her reasoning. I am livid as well. Manny wants my ‘Kitten’ Brent is involved in heavy shit! Enzo is going to kill Brent himself. This is personal. I see my dad come in shaking his head he was dealing with Maria; she did not want to be around my mom, I told him too damn bad, then she don’t have to come this is my wedding and family.

We talked more, and we are all now focusing on the security and having some drinks in my bar down stairs. I paid for an all-night spa for the women. Lily flew in a few days ago. I wonder who the mysterious girl is of Lucas he has hardly said a work about her?

"Look at you. Vin fucking in love and marriage and twins. Are you going soft on us now?" I hear Marco ask sarcastically with a big ass goofy smile.

“I can show you soft when I fucking shoot you.” I say with a smile as he laughs and shirts his shoulders.

"Twins damn!!" Franco yells, laughing at me. He has twin girls, son, he knows the struggle. He was a single father, his wife. He was killed in a car accident, nothing to do with Mafia at all. She was drinking she hit a pole at high speed. Gia stepped in and raised the kids with him they have been married a year now.

"I mean, they run in the family, not a surprise.” I say sardonically. I joke around but I still have to be firm with them; we can't be weak in my position ever.

We are all drinking and laughing, talking about the security for the wedding. I have body guard's with them, watching over them, making sure they are safe. I am nervous. I am always worried about Aurora, and I don't know why I hate this shit I feel like a damn pussy.

"Come on tell us what you are having man. We know you know.” I hear Luca ask. I am going to be in trouble but fuck it, I am too happy or maybe drunk to keep it in. I will blame the drinks we had, but she doesn't have to know right?

"We are having boys," I say with a smile fucking happy less women to deal with in the house.

"Damn, you got boys. How will you pick to have a leader?" Enzo asks me with pride and happiness.

"I think both should lead together they well be trained hard once they are four Aurora was furious, but I explained to her we train young have to in this life we live. I can't give names. She will kill me." I say with my hands up.

“Same I picked both to lead.” He says as she shakes his head at the two passes out. I just laugh.

"Son, I am happy for you. I am happy to have more babies I can spoil with Ariel. I am glad Aurora agreed to move here. Maria is jealous of Ariel's bond with Anna, the babies, you know how much she loves Ariel. I told her it would happen they will be closer to Anna, don't mean the kids will love her less." He tells us with emotion that he quickly blocks and gets his hard look back on his face.

I understand her being jealous. My dad is a tough man; he told her the truth even if it hurts. My mom is their real grandma. I don't think there will be different love, just an extra grandparent for them. Enzo said to cherish the ones you love especially the women who is your soulmate. He admitted to Ivanna asked him for sex well make love to her that was too much info for us. I understand why she asked why he did it. He was giving her happiness, that feeling of love she missed out on for years.

I don't know how long we have been drinking and talking. I look and see it is after two A.M. I let them know I was going to the room to shower. I remember being young I was fucking different women daily. I knew I was Dom at very young age always had that feeling that is part of me who I am. I love that Aurora loves it just as much as I do.

I head to my room, making way to the shower. I have my new tux out and ready to go hoping we can pull this off. Aurora thinks we are getting married in four weeks, but I am not waiting. I get in the shower with a great buzz going, I think of my beautiful women. Her warm mouth wrapped around my cock. I can't wait to be fucking her hard when I take her to Bora Bora for our honeymoon. I pump my cock hard, thinking about my Kitten. Purple eyes looking into my soul and we are connecting. Fuck I lose myself into my thoughts as I pump harder and faster, the pleasure going from my balls to toes, and I shoot off in my hand and all over the place. "Fuck!!" I moan loud.

I don't know what time it's, but I lay here anxious for tomorrow; my eyes feel heavy, and sleep takes over.

"Vincenzo!!" I hear Aurora screaming for me. I can't get to her. Where is she?

I walk along the house looking for her. I hear her screams; she is being hurt. What is going on? I have my gun. I run to her screams; she keeps getting further away. "Vincenzo, the babies help me. They are cutting the babies out of me!!" She yells again in pain. They are hurting her and my babies. I run down this hall that seems like it will never end trying to get to Aurora. "Daddy, help me!!" Ariel is screaming from another direction. I have to save them, but they are separate.

I am in a panic, and tears are running down my face. I have to choose between all the ones I love, Aurora, babies, my daughter. What the fuck this hall? Why the fuck is not ending? I hear them. Am I close? No, I am still so far away. "Aerial, Aurora, stay strong. I am coming to save you guys, I promise!!" I yell as I hear their cries and evil laughs if men who are hurting my wife, unborn children, my daughter. Please let me get to them.

I am on a beach with Aurora and Ariel, and I see her holding babies. They are smiling all in the white-run to them as I reach them. They fade away with laughter. "Where are you guys going?" I ask with panic.

"You didn't save us, daddy. You lied to us." Ariel tells me, now covered in blood.

"Aurora!!" I yell. She turns with blood all over her and stomach cut open and babies with blood all over them.

"You never saved us, Vincenzo. Save us? Please help us Vincenzo before it's too late." She tells me with tears reaching for me, and they seem so far away again.

"Aurora, Ariel!!" I scream out with sweat dripping now on my face and tears. That dream felt so real fuck, and I have had dreams like that before.

I pick my phone, seeing it is seven in the morning, we have to start getting ready.
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