Dangerous Marriage

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Surprised Wedding


Early in the morning, Vincenzo paid for us to have a girls spa With Lily; Maria is here, Luca fling Kelsey is here with us she came with Gia. She seems nice, very shy, but we got her to open up, knowing Luca is a freak in the room, can't be too scared! I think to myself, laughing. Anna said it's tradition to wear my dress and makeup to the spot where we will marry the day we pick the dress out. Odd! I got my nails done, and my hair was done too. We are arriving where I plan to marry, and we practice where we will stand; other things seem sketchy, but then again, the Mafia have different traditions than ordinary people.

"Ready to go. They have the beach done up for us to give us examples. Anna says as she touches up a few things on her face.

"Look at you, a happy life. You deserve it; I hope my happiness will come soon. Mom got worse.” Lily tells me with sad eyes. We hug each other tightly.

I am glad she is here. She is all I have left from back home. I am not thrilled Jenelle and Monica came here. They are great friends. I just had not kept in touch when I moved. I am a little annoyed Lily invited them. This was for close family and friends; they are not my best friends maybe hers.

"Why did they come? They are not my good friends like they are yours.” I ask Lily annoyed as I sighed.

"Damn, I had no idea you did not feel the same as they do about you. Maybe we will chalk it up to your hormones." She laughs as she tells me that, but I am serious it’s not my hormones.

"You are beautiful." Lily tells me, everyone agrees. She is wearing the dress I picked out for as my bridesmaids, and I see Maria and Anna, Luca's new girlfriend crap. What is her name? Kelsey, right, that is it.

I am wearing a strapless dress that is low cut showing my cleavage beautiful lace over silk with floral print and real diamonds. The back is long and I have a my veil with a crown with real diamond. It’s sensual and elegant. I am starting to realize that this may be Vincenzo doing. We arrived to the beach, they push me behind a building. I am starting to wonder what the hell is going on here? This is so damn odd I have heard of crazy traditions guess there is definitely out crazy.

"This is where you will be once the big day comes, and you will follow the white carpet down," Anna tells me with a smile.

"Okay," I say in confusion.

As I go to say something else, Enzo comes around looking handsome in his suit. I give him a look, and he smiles at me.

“Ready, baby girl?" He hooks his arm around my arm tears want to fall but I hold them back.

"What is going on?" I ask as he smiles at me.

"You are so beautiful, Aurora. I can't believe you are my little girl, this is my honor to walk you down the aisle." He tells me with tears in his eyes as I start to tear up and yell at him not to wreck my makeup.

I see Aril run to me from Luca wearing a little white floral dress with her hair curled, carrying flowers. She is beautiful this confirms it Vincenzo was behind this he did the unthinkable he gave me a surprise wedding.

“I love you, mommy." She tells me as she hugs me, and I bend down, kissing her. She walks off when Lily tells her it’s time.

I see Luca come around and wink at me as he grabs Lily's arm. I see other men holding Maria, Anna as they walk ahead of me. Ariel walks down tossing rose petals on the ground. I watch as they walk off, and I hear Ruelle. I get to love you. Come on. I told Anna that I wanted to walk down the aisle to this song. As we make our way closer, I see him with glossy eyes. My father told the Priest he is giving me away. I kiss my father on the cheek as he hands me to Vincenzo.

"You are amazing, and I love you, Vincenzo. This is beautiful." I tell him as we hold hands facing each other.

"You are beautiful, Aurora. I love you." He tells me as he kisses my hand. I smile big at him.

"We are gathered here today to watch Vincenzo Massimo Basilischi and Aurora Rose Ricci join in matrimony. I understand you are going to say your vows? He asks. Vincenzo nods, and I nod as well. I told him I had mine written, but they are not with me, but I don't need paper to tell me how to feel.

"Vincenzo, go ahead." He tells him.

" Aurora Rose Ricci, I love you with every beat of my heart. I never imagined I would find love or marry a woman I truly love. I never knew I would be in a place where I would look in the eyes of my soulmate. You are the strongest, loving, kind woman you gave me a gift of love, a chance to be a father to beautiful boys; you love Ariel as your own I love watching the bond you two have. You believe in the good in me. We are bonded together; we are unbreakable. I love you, it is my pleasure to take you as my wife." Vincenzo has tears in his eyes as he tells me his vows.

I cried while he spoke as he pouring out his genuine emotions in front of everyone. The priest had Luca gave him a ring; he placed the ring on my finger, saying he does want me as his wife. Now it's on me. What can I say?

"Vincenzo Massimo Basilischi, I choose you for life. I take you to be my husband, a best friend, my lover; you saved me. You showed me what a real family is, and love is. You brought me to my father and brothers, accepted me with my flaws while you think I am showing you how to love and what love means with another person. It was you who showed me how to love. I prayed for you, and I have you. You encourage me to be the woman I am today. I found my soulmate with you. I knew it the day you walked in the shelter, I knew the day we made love, I felt our souls connect and tie as one. You made me a mother to three beautiful kids. I take you as my husband." I tell him as I cry through half the vows. Every word is true.

I said I do as I placed the ring on his finger, and the priest told Vincenzo you may kiss the bride. As he leaned down and kissed me, everyone around me disappeared, and it was just him and me. This kiss was everything so powerful. We are now husband, wife bonded by God and family and each other as one. Everyone is clapping and cheering bringing me to reality. We both walk down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Basilischi.

"I have the whole beach to ourselves, and we have reception setup, and I have a surprise honeymoon planned. I asked Emila if you could fly she said yes." He tells me as he kisses my hand.

We make our way to the other side of the beach it's beautiful there is lots of food, drinks a DJ there.

"What about Ariel?" I ask I hate to leave her behind.

"She will have my mom, dad, Maria, Enzo; she has everyone under her spell, so don't worry." He tells me he is right; she is well-loved.

Everyone has been cheering for us and clinking their glass for us to kiss. I watch as Lily flirts with my dad as they dance. She wants him and I told her I did not care don't even tell me about it. I know my dad would never go for it with her. He loves my mom, just left Eva. I love watching her flirt and make him blush and fell uncomfortable it’s kind of cute who knows she may break him.

"Ladies and gentlemen, can I get your attention?" The DJ announces over the specker.

"Time for the bride and groom to dance as husband and wife." Vin and I make our way to the dance floor. Can he dance?

A song by Ruelle War of hearts come on. I told Anna she was one of my favorite artists. This song is fitting; she has done good. We dance as we both sway and to my surprise, he can dance very well.

"Vincenzo, this is amazing. I love it you made my dream wedding come alive. I am lucky to have you." I tell him in his ear I lick it lightly, teasing him.

"Playing with fire, I will lift this dress up and fuck you in the restroom. With all our guests here if that is what you want?" As he whispers, making me so wet, as he asks me as I turn all shades of red.

"I wouldn't object to that. I miss you." I tell him as I whisper in his ear. He smiles, twirls me around as the song had ended.

The DJ announces the time for the dad and daughter dance. My dad grabs me as some country song that comes on daddy's' girl. We dance to the music. My father is handsome; he is still young. He can dance really good. I love him I love this.

“Sorry about Lily; she is very forward and sexual," I tell with a laugh.

"I don't mind it at makes me feel good and not so old." He tells me with a small laugh and I roll my eyes.

"This is amazing. I am glad you have Vincenzo worried me before, but I see he loves you a lot." He tells me as he smiles

We dance as my brothers and Lily have their phones on us, and someone is taking pictures. Vincenzo said he hired a photographer. Lily is now comfortable with them, oh my lord! Please no, I know how they are; they shared stories, they share there women. I shake that image out.

We danced, he hugged and kissed me on the cheek, we shared some tears, and I can't help but feel my mom is here with us. I know she is watching over me; she is here, and I smile. I don't feel sad; I think I am learning to live without her; it hurts me not to have her in my life anymore, but she truly is never gone. She is memories and dear to my heart.

The night is beautiful, and we had fantastic food; the cake was delicious chocolate, my favorite. I am with all my loved ones and couldn't be happier. Vincenzo has made this night magical, and I can't believe he calls himself ruthless monster; in my eyes, he is my hero. He sweet and soft with me well not soft all the time get what I mean?

"Can I have everyone's attention? We wanted to let you all know the gender of the babies." I want to melt; I told the women what we are having. Something tells me he probably told the guys. He starts to speck again now that everyone is on him.

"We are having boys, and I wanted to let guys know the names as well-baby A is going to be named Vittorio Enzo Basilischi, and baby B is Massimo Giovanni Basilischi," Vincenzo says with pride.

Everyone claps, and I see Enzo and Giovanni smiling with pride. I wanted them to have their grandparents. If it were, a girl would have been named after my mom. We have two wonderful baby boys. I am full of happiness.
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