Dangerous Marriage

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Honeymoon Bora Bora


"Where are we going?" She asks as we bored the jet.

"Bora Bora, I have a house off the beach; you will love it. I haven't got to fuck you hard as you like, have I?" I whisper in her ear as I grab her hand taking her to the bed to earn her high miles.

As we make it to the bedroom, I kiss her neck, sucking and licking as I leave my mark. I kiss down to her dress, unzipping it and letting it pool to her feet. It pleases me to see she has no bra and panties on.

"Naughty kitty, wearing nothing under the dress for me?" As I suck her right nipple hard, causing a scream out, there are more sensitive I am going straight for it. I line my cock at her slit as she is dripping for me.

"Vincenzo, I been waiting for this." She tells me in a moaning voice.

I thrust inside her hard and fast. Still so tight like fucking paradise, every time I enter her, I can never get enough of this woman, the way she moans as she scratches her nails down my back. I flip her over; she is on all fours as I grab her hips, thrusting into her hard as she screams out.

“Vin!" She screams my name, and it drives me wild.

“Is this what you wanted?” I ask in her ear as I pound her; she nods. That is not good enough for me.

"I need words," I tell her in a demanding tone.

"Yes, I have wanted this. I miss this." She tells me while moaning.

I keep her in place, thrusting in and out of her as I find my way to her throat. I grab hold of her throat to control her how I love an authentic doms way, and I keep my grasp as I feel myself building up my pleasure, but I am holding back.

“Cum for me, now kitten!" I demand in a loud tone, almost growling like an animal.

"Vin... oh my... shit!!" She screams out as she grabs my cock like a vise; as she climax's complicated around me, I feel her gushing, and I get sloppy feel myself let go with her.

"Fuck!" I say loud with a growl as I am still going; I always have the most intense orgasm with her.

I pull out of her as her sex latches, not wanting to let go of me. I lay down next to her, bringing her on top of me.

"Now you earned your mile-high club," I tell her with a smile.

"I am glad it was with you.” She winks at me, ready for round two little minxes.

We arrived at the house off the beach; she was in love and smiling big we got cleaned up, I told her to get dressed, we are going to dinner, then I am going to do what I have been craving I haven't had her tied up in awhile my beast is craving that controls over her body.

"I am ready." I hear her as she come out; she is magnificent.

She is wearing light purple eyeshadow bringing her eyes out, a short, tiny white dress that I want to tell her to go and change her bump shows, and this woman is even more beautiful knowing she is carrying my babies. Fuck the age difference or what people think can't help who you love.

"Magnificent as always, Kitten. I want to rip that dress off you and keep you here all night." I tell her as I make my way to her, kissing her lips; we kiss hard and stealing each other breath.

"I would love that, but you're babies are hungry, so we need to eat." She tells me with a smile as she grabs my cock.

"Don't tempt me," I tell her with a voice she knows well. It's my dominant tone; she knows I have wanted to play for a while.

We make our way to the beach. I own a restaurant here, so I had them come and cater our dinner tonight; we are sitting by the ocean. I have a little place with a room, oversized tub, shower, and a bed outside that sits right in the sea; it's so beautiful like glass can see the reflection off the water. This is where I have my things where I will dominate her; no one can see or hear us.

"This is so beautiful. She tells me with a big smile.

"This is our place. I own part of this beach, which houses many anchors so that no one will hear us. I am going to fuck you out here and dominate you.” I tell her with a seductive smile, deep tone, letting her know she will do as I say we are in the role.

"Okay, sir..." she tells me in a soft voice, obeying me, understanding the role she is in.

"Good evening, sir. I have the dinner you requested." The waitress says I haven't seen her before. Her eyes stay on me too long, and I dismiss it as I look at my Kitten.

"Thank you, bring my bottle, t water. You guys can be excused as I want privacy with my wife. The tip will be added to your pay." I tell her, dismissing her. She sighed in an aggravating tone.

"Is there a problem?" I ask her in an aggravated tone.

"I thought you would want us to stay to serve you. We get paid by the hour.” She tells me in a timed voice.

"I own the restaurant, and the tip was going to be more than enough; if you want to be fired, I suggest you leave now!" I yell at her; she hurries off.

The other women gave us our food, my whisky, water for Aurora as she can't drink and stopped caffeine; she has been, let’s say, a bitch without it hate to say it, she gets fucking mean as hell now. Mainly with me.

"Vincenzo, that was harsh," Aurora tells me with a severe look.

"This is business. I can't have my staff acting unprofessionally; she was hoping for more than a tip I read her face." I tell Aurora with a severe tone.

"Why are you overstepping your rules here? I am going to punish you for being a bad girl." I tell her with a harsh tone as I give her a look she knows well. We are husband and wife, but right now, I am the dom she the sub, not about what she wants; it's about me.

"Sorry, sir, I can't promise it won't happen again., she tells me sarcastically with a smile. She is playing with fire; she wants me to punish her, but it not always right I can make it to where she can't cum. She has no idea what she is doing; she will learn I don't still spank.

"Aurora, I can deny you the sexual pleasure where I won't allow you to cum; it's not always spankings, so do you want to misbehave more?" I ask in a loud voice, making it known who the boss is.

"N-no, sir... I will behave." She tells me as she looks down.

"Eyes on me never look away or down, I mean it!" I yell at her as she nods; she knows I want words. I give her a look.

"I understand, sir..." she tells me with a small smile.

We start to eat or food. I drink my warm amber liquid as I watch her like a predator going after prey. She is all mine; what was I thinking sharing her before? I loved it was a big turn-on for me pushing her limits and making her fantasies come true with me. Maybe I may want it again after babies. Luca will always be it no one else. Who am I kidding? Now she my wife no fucking way hell no!

"Vincenzo, do you ever think what life would be like if you weren't in the Mafia?" She asks me as she looks me in the eyes as she was told.

"Sometimes, if you are asking me to leave, I won't; this is who I am and my duty," I say defensively.

"I won't, and I was asking because your mom said she left because she was kidnapped more than once, and I am worried it could happen to me, the babies, or Ariel. I am not leaving as your mom did, I promise." She tells me with sad eyes.

This brings me back to the dream my mom was taking; she has many scars from her last, why I choose to forgive her, and I can't be soft with her.

"Yes, it's possible why after the babies, I am going to train you hard to learn how to defend yourself. As well as Ariel. I have thought about it." I tell with a truth I will be as honest as I can with her always.

"Change of conversion, get your ass on that bed, naked and ready for me, Kitten. Daddy wants to play." I tell her with hungrier in my voice.

I watch as she takes the dress off. Once again, she has to bra or panties on. She is trying my patience. I go to the drawer inside to grab what I want to use. I will not use it too much while pregnant, just using flogger and my hands but have her tied up. I am not sure if her having too many orgasms will harm her. I read it wouldn't, but I am a powerful and big man. I decide to use the toy.

I head back out as she lays on the bed, with the sun shining on her beautiful body, making her sun kiss skin even more magnificent. I grab the rope reaching over as I tie her wrist to the bed. As I take her right nipple with my teeth, biting it hard as she hisses out, I do the same with her right. I lick slowly down the middle of her body as I swirl my tongue around her belly button, make my way to her ankles and tie them both.

"Look at you back at my mercy. I am not going easy on you, Kitten." I tell her with a harsh tone as I look her in her now dark eyes filled with lust.

I love her, and when I make the pain get intense for her, I want it to feel good for her and me. She wanted a man to fuck her soul, and I am the man for her to do just that, she wanted a man to taste her thought processes, I am the man to do that read her like a book, unravel her riddles with my tongue as I watch her words turn into moans that speck so much to me.

"Sir, I am asking ahead of time, so please let me cum? I am already so wet and turned on for you." She tells me, panting she wants me to give in. She knows what is coming.

I lean down, and I start to taste her pussy, licking and sucking her clit hard with pressure. I can't help myself. She tastes so good, like her taste has gotten sweeter. I thrust two fingers inside her.

"You are not going to cum unless I say understand? This is about me, not you."

"Yes, sir, I-I understand!" She yells out in frustration.

I keep up my assault and replace my fingers and tongue with the new toy I bought for us, and this is even stronger than the last one I used. She is shaking and moaning loud; she wants to cum, but I have different plans.

“You sassed me. I may not let you cum at today." I tell her with a harsh tone as I smile big at her taunting her.

Vin, I can't hold off!" She yells out.

"You can, and you fucking well," I tell her in a harsh tone.
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