Dangerous Marriage

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Bora Bora And Babies


As the toy is working on her, she becomes more and more frustrated, and I take the flogger as her eyes roll in the back of her head, trying to watch me.

"Look at me at all times. kitten, I may let you cum; don't be a bad girl." I coo to her like a child being in trouble.

"Please...sir, please!!" She is screaming out to me, begging me.




I smack each of her breasts hard; they are now a shade red. I avoid her stomach; as I hit her thighs, she moans out, loving it, causing her to yell out and beg me to let her cum. I reach down, pulling the toy out, feeling she ready for what will be next. I take my finger, thrusting them inside her now sensitive pussy. She is so wet for me. I am fucking going crazy trying not to explode right now. This woman is driving me crazy.

I remove my fingers as she sighs with frustration. I lean over her body, not saying anything but looking her in the eyes as I line my cock up, thrusting hard into her; she moans, wanting to touch me, but she can't. I chuckle at her as I keep pounding hard into her.

“Do not cum, to I say." I remind her again with a stern voice.

I reach down, rubbing her clit with my thumb just right. I know she is close. She wants that release bad as tears fall her face. She hasn't used her word, so I am not giving in. I rock inside her moving in circular motions as I keep hitting her spot. I lean down, biting her nipple hard.

"Sir... shit!" She yells out.

I grab her throat hard. I fucking love this with is the control the way she slows my beast to feed off her. She welcomes my dark side and is my little Kitten. I will kill anyone for her. She is my world; I will go to any lengths for her.

"I am so glad you are not fragile, Kitten. I love the red wine nipples, and your lips have a taste to match." I whisper in her ear. She starts to shake, begging me with please.

“Sir...” I hold tight and I keep slamming into her.

“Cum with me now, Kitten," I whisper; she doesn't hold back.

"Vincenzo... oh my God!!" She yells as she convulses, climaxing hard as her juices go all over my cock.

I lose my mind and cum with her saying her name. I lose myself in her this always feels like a first when we have done this many times. I untie her wrist as she is still coming down. I pull out slowly, causing her to sigh as I leave her pussy. I get up untied her ankles.

“Are you okay? I hope I did not hurt you or them? I am trying to be a gentle as I can." I tell as I worry I may have been too rough.

"Babies are well protected, I am sore, but a good sore; we have not done this in a few weeks. I loved it was the most intense feeling ever. You always amaze me." She tells me with a smile and seductive look. My ‘Kitten’ wants more greed.

"Let go get in the bath and clean up," I had the bath filled before we came here; it’s warm rig he off the ocean, very relaxing.

I set her in the tub; she sighs in a relaxing tone; she is beautiful and all mine. I stay to look at her as I get in the tub. I sit across from her. She is lovely. My lover flushed, and she is glowing pregnancy looks good on her. I want to keep her pregnant all the time. But we talked about this all for her, and I agree three is a good number.

"Vincenzo, I love you. I don't want to be a downer. I am not as upset anymore; I want closure. I think Brent killed my mom; maybe there was more to him than we know?" She tells me with sad eyes. I feel guilty for knowing what I know and not sharing the new information.

"I am not sure. We are looking into thinking he killed her, but I am not sure if he was part of bigger things. I wish I had a solid answer for you.” I say as I look away because I am fucking lying, and I hate it.

"True. Anyways we should start planning for a room for the boys. I have the theme already picked out. I can have their names above those beds. I think Ariel needs a room makeover too." She tells me as her eyes light up.

Perfect because I bought us a bigger private beach house with a fenced-in yard with a lock for kids. I know her mind. She will worry about them running off. She thinks I don't know her well enough, but I do like she wants the home in fifties decor that is her favorite era.

"That is perfect. I bought us a new house, and I think you it will go with the fifties decor you want to do." I tell her with a smile as I go over to her kiss her forehead.

"You let me do the house like that; why did you buy a new house, when?" She asks me all these questions in the same sentence with a big smile and excitement in her voice. I love making my queen happy.

"Yes, I have my ways, you know that. The house is my dad's home he bought. I never had a reason to buy my own to now. We have our own family, and you know that daddy likes to play." I say as I laugh in her ear, kissing her neck. She laughs, slapping my arm.

I love it when I can be a different man and relax more around her, I don't have to be a monster like I was before, but deep down, it will always be a part of me I have to be for this life. I will always be on high alert, never let my guard down for a second can be a mistake; I know how Manny works; I understand how all enemies work. I am no fool, and I know how I work. I would take a man down in a weak moment if that were my only chance.

"What are you thinking about?" Aurora says, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"How I love being with you. How I can feel normal not have to worry about the stress that comes with being a boss here with you." I tell her in a half-truth, not that I am scared of her or Ariel being kidnapped. That dream constantly replays in my mind; it felt so real and could be a reality.

"Come fuck me, Daddy." She tells me in a seductive voice. As she gets up and bends over for me over the tub ledge fuck she is killing me.

"I get behind her already hard for her. I run my cock up and down her slit; she is soaked as always.

I thrust into pure bliss, a feeling I fucking love with her as her tight pussy clinches my cock. This part is where I don't have to control. I am fucking her as my wife and sub. I lose myself in her I don't know when or how, but I am pounding into her as she moans for me. She climax's hard around me, taking me with her without holding her throat; this is so raw and a new feeling I want more of. I was going to miss this place when we have to leave.

We left Bora Bora seven months ago. The new house is almost done the way she envisioned it. I had to pay a lot of money to get it done in time for the babies and pay many contractors and deal with many ups and downs. Things have been crazy. The recent problem has Been Manny; he has an obsession with Aurora. Word is he wants to claim her as his. He put a hit on her alive with my babies. Two million and many people will fucking accept that, but that better realize who they are going up against.

I have been on the alert and ready to kill him; she goes nowhere without anyone. I have to have Marco and Franco here; my best friend Angelo is running things at the warehouse in New York. He knows what to do when I need Marco and Franco. We are having a family day on our beach as Ariel and Aurora play in the water. She is much bigger now can't run after Ariel as she did before. I snap pictures of them playing and laughing, capturing the moments that have been making me happy. As they laugh and play, I see Aurora holding her stomach, and I feel something wrong I run to her.

"Vincenzo!!" She yells for me, and I see blood.

I grab her, holding, her making sure to tell Arial to stay by us, not the by water. I grab my phone, calling my dad, ask him to hurry, and grab Ariel that Aurora is bleeding all over something is wrong. I rub her back as we lay on the blanket. I am panicking never happens, but the thought of losing her of my babies pains me.

“Vincenzo, if it is the babies or me, you always choose the babies." She tells me with a worried look.

"Aurora, you will be fine, baby. The doctor said they could come early; don't think of the worse." I tell her in a soothing voice. Am I trying to convince her or me? I keep feeling like something terrible is going on, like a dream; the blood she was covered in on the beach was that a sign?

“Vincenzo, I got Ariel to go now.” My said says as he grabs Arial; he has a worried look.

"I will call Marco and Franco to watch Ariel and get Enzo." I hear my dad say while I focus on Aurora.

I grab her, running with her to the car in a panic. I put her on the back seat so she can lay down.

"Relax, you and babies will be okay, Aurora. I am here." I tell her as I kiss her cheek

I am driving fast to the hospital. I am worried and sweating and thinking the worse. I am weaving in out of traffic. The hospital is not far. We pull into the hospital. I hand my keys over as I rush to get Aurora out, and someone comes with the wheelchair. We run to a desk. Fast I need her taking care of now; they better not make me wait.

"My wife Aurora is a little over seven months pregnant. She is bleeding, needs to see her doctor now. Please don’t make me wait. I am Vincenzo Basilischi." I tell the receptionist with a threatening voice she realizes my name fast; she gets on the phone, looking at Aurora.

"Doctor Emilia is waiting for you. Take the elevator to the fourth floor, birthing and delivery." She tells me as I wheel off with Aurora fast as she is holding her stomach and crying, I want to take the pain away.

We make our way to the floor. I see our doctor and her team.

"Get these on, daddy. We have to do a c-section now. Don't worry, and she will be in safe hands. Dress fast. I will take her to the OR." She tells me as the rush off with Aurora, and I have scrubs to change into.

I hurry with her dressed. I run out to the desk, demand they take me now to Aurora. The staff at the desk are taking me to where Aurora is. They have her out her clothes in a gown, a cap on, putting a blue sheet up, and pulling lights down. I see a man behind Aurora giving her a big shoot in her back. As she screams out, I run over, holding her hand, wanting to punch the man.

"Okay, we are going to do a c-section. You got her here in time; we can get the babies and stop the bleeding. I hear the doctor not bothering to look. I am focused on Aurora.

I don’t know how long they have been working on Aurora. I look over, and I feel sick. I have seen far worse, but this is different. All the blood and pain waiting to here my babies cry I don’t hear it I am getting furious now with the team.

"Are you scared of little blood.,” Aurora jokes while tears run down her face.

I watch as they pull a tiny baby out, and they doing something, and I hear a cry my son, and I feel tears run down my face.

“Baby A is here." I listen to her say. I am so happy now I want to hear my other little man.

I hold Aurora's hand tighter as I watch them cut more, and what seems like forever is driving me crazy I kiss Aurora and let her know how great she is doing and how much I love her. I see my second baby, and they do the same thing as they did my first son. I hear a loud furious cry of a worrier. I cry because this is love with Aurora, Ariel and my boys.

"Come look at the babies, daddy." I hear a nurse.

I walk over and see my baby one has his eyes open, he looks at me with blood orange eyes almost red just like me, same eye color, and the other one looks like me as well but has blood orange eyes with little bit of purple crazy.

"We have to take they are on smaller side baby A 3 lbs and 2 oz and baby B is 3lbs even they need to be 5 lbs before they leave.” The nurse tells me as he take them both away.

Before they go, they take the babies to show Aurora; she starts to cry. This is a beautiful moment my wife and my babies feels good, I am in awe of my wife, kids. I feel tears run down my face that doesn’t happen. Here I stand in the joy of happiness. Most I have ever cried.
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