Dangerous Marriage

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What Am I Doing


I had to sneak away. I made my way to my parents. I have to hurry before my father catches me. I feel like a child again. My father had a bad temper when he saw me doing the things he did not like. My goal is to get all the essential things I am not concerned about her clothes.

To the outside world, people thought we were the perfect family. No one knew how broken we were or still are. It makes me sad that we had to live with this pain and abuse; why didn’t we leave? A question I ask a lot.

I start to run to the bedroom, get the box from under the bed, grab more personal things shoving them into a big duffel bag. Once I got the package, other things. I rush as fast as I can to my car with the box, jewelry, other vital items making sure I got all in the duffle bag. I M hurrying. As I get in, I crank the engine, I panic as I see headlights, and I am worried it may be my dad. I back out the driveway, causing the vehicle to hit the brakes, and I hear screeching tires as I speed away, thanking God I did not get hit.

“Sorry,” I say as I peel off like crazy lunatic flying down the street.

I am nervous. I am not thinking straight as I make my way to Vincenzo's home. What do I want from him? Not to talk about work, I know that “come on, you know what you want from him, naughty girl!” I say to myself. I know what I want for him to fuck me makes me numb takes the pain away.

My mom was healthy, thirty-six- years old, and she then gets sick. The mysterious illness was suspicious. The doctors could not treat her for it; they were baffled. One day she was happy working and laughing and dancing with me the next day on her death bed, then gone. It just doesn’t make sense.

As I turn into Vincenzo's driveway after he buzzed me in, I am nervous. Breathe in and breathe out; hold your head up you got this, Aurora! I chant to myself over and over. I have been here before. His home is big and modern, and the windows tinted black can’t see in but can see out. The inside is immaculate, with beautiful paintings and art pieces throughout the house.

The outside is a dark charcoal brick. I am in awe of the landscape. Okay, here we go, breathe in and breathe out. You got this; he is not a stranger. I keep reminding myself to relax. I know him. As I reach the door, before I could hit the doorbell, he is opening the door. I wonder how he knew I was there? I saw the camera, so there is my answer, why am I talking to myself in my head like a lunatic!?

"Aurora. I am glad you came." He was smiling at me with his beautiful teeth.

That not fair this man can be so handsome and very rare like him. This man makes me hot and bothered; he makes me want to feel I can be free with him. He can use me and throw me away; I don’t care.

"Thank you for inviting me over," I say nervously as I rub my arm, entering the home following him.

This man always makes me this way has me panting, wondering what it is like to be with him. I have always wanted to trace his tattoos with my tongue and my fingers. I want to explore his body so bad, do bad things. Let him dominate me. He has told me he loves to dominate me make me feel. “Bad Aurora!” Fuck, if I am so damn wet already thinking about him, I should not stay as I have a boyfriend, but I really can care less. I am nervous, yes, but that will not stop me from having him.

As I follow him nervously into the oversized living room with white leather furniture, a black plush rug under the white coffee table. He has the fireplace going, music playing. He motions for me to sit on the couch, and I do. He is burning me, and he not even touching me yet!

"Want anything to drink?" He was asking me as he touches my thigh: shit Goodbye, panties. I will miss you!

I am so wet from his touch; what the hell is wrong with me? I will tell you what is wrong with me; the devil himself touched me and burned me and took me to hell with him! I want to have him now; he can do whatever he pleases with me. I will obey and submit to him, be his good girl or bad girl anything I am so horny right now.

"Yea, I will have whatever you are having," I tell him with a smile—now intertwining my fingers together nervously.

I watch him as he gets my drink. Maybe I should leave. This was a mistake. We have to work together. I am eighteen, and he is thirty-four years old. This seems forbidden. I am with someone I don't cheat, but I don’t even love David. How can I be cheating on a man I hate? Deep down, I am a bad girl.

I snuck out to parties with Lily to feel free. Still, I never allowed a man to touch me; only a few times did I let David. That was the worse time of my life he lacked in the bedroom. There were no fireworks or anything that people talk about; it was dull and boring vanilla, you can say!

"Aurora. I hate to bring this up after the day you had, but I am pissed off at what David did to you." I see his eyes go dark. I don't see any emotion there. He clenched his jaw tight; he might crack his beautiful teeth.

"H-he was just holding my thigh, making sure I was okay." I try to make myself sound believable.

Was I trying to convince him or maybe convince myself? He looks upset, not happy with my reply. But I don’t want to talk about that with him; I don’t want to feel that exposure. It’s embarrassing for me to say I am weak and allow a man to hurt me. I can’t stop him; I let it happen. I am not the outgoing and sarcastic person I once was because David and my father sucked the life out of me.

"Bullshit, Aurora, you know that is a lie. He was digging his fingers into you're flesh hard. I am good at reading body language; he was doing it in an abusive way! You are making an excuse for him. Do you hear yourself sound like the women we help! " He is shouting, and I am becoming uneasy.

"Please drop it. Not today. I want you. I- I am sorry... you are right about him. But please, let’s drop it.” I look into his eyes. I am searching for something. I am burning for his touch right now!!

I do something bold; I get on top of him, rubbing his face, looking deep into his eyes. I almost jump off his lap because I swear he can see into my soul. I know he felt it because he breaks eye contact. This man, without a doubt, is my soulmate. I understand and feel it; he knows it too, I can tell. There is something about him and me when we are in a room. Like I am at home and peace with him.

"Please kiss me; make me feel better, Vincenzo. We know we both want this." I see him fighting with emotion. Hoping he doesn’t push me away.

He better not pull away now, especially now that I am feeling brave. I rub his arm, tracing his tattoo with my fingers softly as I lean in and kiss his neck, licking and sucking, leaving my mark on him. He is breathing heavily as he allows me to have this control.

"Aurora... I think you should get off my lap; I don't want to take advantage of you when you are vulnerable and just lost your mom." He was saying one thing, but his erection tells me differently.

I don't know what has come over me; I lift his shirt over his head, he doesn't stop me. His breathing is hitched. I trace his tattoos with my fingertips, slow and soft. I feel him shudder under my touch. The tattoo on his chest is a big lion with red eyes. I lean over, taking my tongue, tracing the tattoo, making sure I blow on the skin as I lick him; he shivers as I do this; I know I got him. Damn his body; his whole body is covered in tattoos so hot!!

I reach his nipples, and I do the unthinkable, swirl my tongue around one and bite it. He pulls on my hair hard, and I do the same to his other nipple. I lick his chest a blow on him, causing him to shiver. I am going crazy with lust how fucking wet he makes me.

"You are driving me wild, Kitten. Fuck, this feels good. You are the only women ever to do this." I smile at him. He never called me a kitten before, and I like it. I feel myself become a damper.

I trace his arm tattoos so sensual. Decide to be brave and rub my hands down his hard body. I rub his cock through his jeans. I gasp at his size through his pants. I pull them off with his help. He lifts sits back down on the couch with his big beautiful body, exposing his giant monster. My eyes must be looking like saucers. He grabs my hand, bringing it to his very big cock.

He starts to pump my hand up and down his velvet hard cock. He is breathing heavy. This is it? I am going to sleep with Vincenzo. I always thought about this moment. It is perfect, even if it just for one night. He gave me what I need, and something tells me this will be forever.

"Are you sure, Aurora? Once we do this, I don't think I can stop, and there is no going back." He said with his deep husky voice as he breathes heavily, his chest going up and down.

"I want this. I have thought about this moment many times." I tell him as I reach down, taking his lips into mine.

I feel him pick me up in one swift move walking fast to the closet room. He throws me on the bed. He is kissing me hard, sucking and biting my lips. I am sure they will be swollen and bruised like he sucking the life right out of me with this kiss, dominating me.

"I need you, Vincenzo," I say with so much need.

I don’t care what he does to me; he can dominate me. I want to be stretched by this man and have him fuck me hard, taking all the evil pain away leaving me with sexual desire. He can make me feel so good; he is numbing me like a drug.

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