Dangerous Marriage

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Manny POV:

I stalk around. I watch Aurora, Vincezino's wife. He is lucky to have a woman as beautiful as she is. I will have her. I had some changes done to my face that allow me to hide more easily from Vincezino; he is powerful, I will give him that I am not stupid I know what he can do; he took the men that I loved, only fair I take his women and make her my slave.

She just had the babies. I will have to wait for the hospital is not the right place to take her; I have been watching her for a while. I think next month will be the right time to attack and grab her; I have the plan. People are too scared to take my two million hits. The ones that did are not here. I hear my phone ring; my older son Manny Jr.

"What is it, boy," I say as he is interrupting my thoughts.

"Enzo Rossi. He is Aurora's biological father. He put a hit on all Romano's heads, dad, and the hitman is Dark knights." My son sigh's through the phone.

"Are you sure?" I ask in panic. Fuck, this is not good.

"I am sure it's the real deal. She will be heavily secure, and Vincenzo has a hit on us as well. Marco and Franco will be hunting us. We need to move." He tells me in a worried tone as he hangs up.

Nights never miss a target, and when Enzo orders a hit, you are dead. That means his boys are her brothers. They will skin you alive they all say I am evil because I take women and train them to be obedient and do as the man says and sell them for money. I only kill them if they are out of line, but a little beating keeps them in line. Vincenzo and I could have been excellent. He turned my daughter down, said he don't work with scum like me, punched me in the face breaking my nose.

I love my kids, I loved my cousins who he killed, and I loved my father and mother that Giovanni killed years ago when I was eighteen. I was hoping they take the bait, but I went another direction got my rat to make one of his close men fall in love, and convince Vincenzo to have her work near him. My daughter was going to kill Vincenzo. I thought he go for it.

I watch Aurora and babies and Vincenzo get into a black SUV. There are so many men and Enzo, her brothers, Marco and Franco. I can't risk it now. Marco and Franco scare me a little. I can admit that they are very unstable, probably worse than I am. They are cold monsters. Vincenzo likes to gut you alive make you bleed out; he is a scary, ruthless monster. I will say that he doesn't go easy on you. I am also scared because I don't feeL. With no feelings, how can I fear these men no matter how powerful they are because, in the end, I have a secret that will make me number one. I have something they don't. I am a sociopath; I love to kill for sport. As I said, I love only a few.

My cock is hard thinking about Aurora; soon, she will be home where she belongs. Angel, I am coming for you. I pump my cock thinking about her, those eyes looking at me being very obedient and following all rules she will be my head woman and help me run the sex clubs. I will break her and make her bend to my will.

I pump harder and faster as I watch them all take-off. I am lost in thinking about how I am going to suck the light from her. I cum all over my hand, grabbing a tissue to wipe myself clean. Time to start planning for my angel, my sweet, beautiful angel who will be broken and all mine.

It has been two months, and I am watching Aurora as she walks with her friend. She won't have the babies, or Vincenzo's daughter now would be a good time as I go in for the take. Marco and Franco walk over to them, and they look at me; we lock eyes, and I know I have been made or maybe not; I got a new eye lift, the nose I dyed my hair black from gray. Changing my appearance was what I had to do to hide better, how I have been going under Vincenzo's radar.

"We can't get her today, son," I tell my son Manny Jr who I brought along with me. Will he take over; he needs to learn how to run the sex trafficking side more. Get what he wants.

"They made us; you may have changed yourself, but I haven't. This hat will do nothing, and driving a cheap car did nothing you underestimate them, dad, you are getting careless over this woman." My son tells me, holding the bridge of his nose.

He is right; I am careless, not thinking right the day I laid my eyes on her I knew she would be mine and I would break Vincenzo he would do anything that means he will fall directly into the trap my informant said he was not giving any more plans to them he only working with few people. He knows he has a rat, he smart, but I am smarter; how do you think I am alive still and do what I do, good at hiding?

“Five months, my people are right; they are going to New York. That is when I will attack. I will have more power,” I tell my son in an optimistic tone.

“That is not a good idea; figure out another way to hit Vincenzo. This is going to be bad, and you know I am going to be boss by then, and you need to trust me more.” My son tells in an aggressive tone.

“You will be boss after I get what I want; I want her and to kill Vincezino,” I tell him and a serious tone.

We drive off. As we go, I feel a brutal hit to my car, causing us to lose control. The car is spinning, and I hear screeching tires; my eyes got big as we go over the edge of a small cliff. As we fall, I look over to see my son's face of terror. I feel a hard hit and loud noise as we flip over in the woods. I can taste copper, smell the blood. I look over; my son is bleeding badly from his stomach and face.

“Fuck, M, you okay talk to me?” I ask my son in a panic. He the only one that I think I may love the most.

“I-I am hurt bad. Call someone fast.” My son tells me in pain had he groans in pain.

I pick my phone up, and it smashed. There no way to call anyone, and I can’t get my seatbelt off to look for my son's phone. I see my son fading away fast, and I am losing my mind as I manage to rip my shirt fuck I keep messing with my seatbelt. Somehow I tend to get it off, and I feel pain as I slide off out of the broken widow fighting the pain as I see flames. I know there is no time to save my son. I run with pain.

“Come on, boy, stay with me. I am going to get you out of here!” I yell at him as he looks, pal.

The first time I am scared to lose someone, I never cared or feared anything but my... my... kids. I don’t want ever to lose them. I survive, and my son doesn’t. I know who will pay for this as Franco and Marco made us. I will make Vincenzo suffer in the worse way possible I suddenly want his kids, all three of them make them mine raise them, and make them turn against him, his kids murdering him, Enzo’s family as well how brilliant. Would that be? I laugh in my head.

I am pulling him out of the car. We almost there, and in the clear, I feel beat and loud explosion and feel like I am throwing in the air. I know I feel pain and black...
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