Dangerous Marriage

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Blast From The Pass


It's been four months since Aurora gave birth. Just last week, Marco and Franco spotted Manny again. He watched my wife; when they called me to tell me about the vehicle he was driving, I found him and smashed into them with my big truck hard. Hoping I killed them.

I watched as the car went over the cliff and watched from above as they struggled, enjoying it with a laugh as he tried to save his son and the car blowing up; I left I could care less if they lived or didn't because his whole bloodline and crew is going to be wiped out plans are in works now.

He pissed off two families. In a few days, we will get Aurora's mom's body and ship her to Russia. Her grandparents were thrilled to have her home. We put the wrong date out so the rat would give Manny incorrect info, but I doubt he will care now if he is even alive, but he had five boys who all hate me as much as him. I am waiting for war and prepare.

"Vito, how are you, baby boy?" I ask my screaming red face boy.

I changed his diaper, got him to dress. He is still upset and wants his momma. Aurora is nursing and pumping milk for the boys. She is taking to being a mom very well. I can finally be deep inside her; I have been going crazy with lots of self-care and her surprising me with blow job here and there. I make way to Aurora, who has Massimo.

"Want to switch this little guy is pissed off. I ask. She shakes her head no; as she grabs him, I help her place him on the other breast.

"Massimo just started eating. They can eat together." She tells me with a big beautiful smile.

"I can't wait to have you to myself soon," I tell her with a smirk, and I see her flush. She still shy and pure with me.

"When is my dad bringing Ariel home?" She asks. She misses her girl.

Enzo and my father and mother all have been going crazy by spoiling her and coming over and spoiling the boys. Aurora adopted Ariel. I made Vicky sign off on her years ago because I knew damn well she would never be a mother. It worked out for us, went through courts, which was not a long process with a few bribes. She is named the mother of Ariel. Enzo accepted that and treated her as his granddaughter. He and Aurora are close and have a tremendous bond, and I hope the secret he holds won't change that.

I had to stop, and I watch as Aurora gets dressed; she is beautiful; her body looks even more magnificent; her scare doesn’t bother me; she is always worried, but I told her there is a sexy as hell; she is badass. She did not get any stretch marks. Her tits are still firm and even more impressive. She hasn’t let me get them beautiful nipples in my mouth, worried I will get milk or some shit. I want to lick them and bite them, not drink milk. I am a lot of things, but that is not on my to-do list.

"Hey, beautiful, later today, mom said she would help us pack the kids for New York. I have to go to work. Take care of things at the club. Mom is coming to babysit for us a night in New York before heading to Russia. This is going to be a very long flight; sure, don’t want to pump and keep them here; it’s only for a few days?” I ask as I kiss her neck, inhaling her. I have missed out on time; the boys are cock blockers.

“I think they should stay, but I am nervous about leaving them, but this is a bit of a trip for babies and Ariel. I can pump more. I have plenty now. I can keep pumping while gone to keep my milk going.” She says with sad eyes, but she was making the right choice. I feel more at ease with them here. They will be with Enzo and my mom.

“I have to get to the club and get some things done before we leave and make sure I leave a trail showing I am working. Have to throw them off,” I tell as she looks pissed off. She hated the club here.

I know she hates when I go to the club here because of the women there. I have a few ex-subs who work there; she doesn't like it; she says she trusts me but not them because she watches the way they look at us. This will be a sex club like New York not there yet right now. This is where legit women who want to be there work as escorts, not sex. I mean, that is their choice. They go to events with lonely men or men who need eyes candy fast. I keep them safe. I tell them I like it if they did not sleep with the client, keep it platonic.

“Hate that place; those women don’t know their place. They hang all over you and forget you are married and have a family. One day I will hurt them, I swear.” She says with anger and a red face as her nose scrunches up, and my cock is hard. Fucking magnificent.

"You are beautiful, Kitten. Nothing or nobody can compare to you. I love you, and you need to trust me more. I am not going to fuck anyone. I put them in their place." I tell her in her ear as I kiss her lips before walking off.

I drive to the club feeling like something will happen; things have been too calm. I was waiting for something big to happen. I just have this eerie feeling. Typically my feelings are on point when I get these vibes. I get in my car, heading to the club before we leave. I am glad she has the babies, and Ariel stays behind; it works out for me.

It's been four hours. I have been at the club getting everything in order. It will be a late-night; the books are fucked need to get things in order before we leave. I am fucking sick and tired of this shit, but I can’t just up and leave after killing the rest of the Romanos. I was taking my family on a long fucking vacation. I hear a loud knock on the door.

"Come in!!" I yell out.

As the door opens, I look, and I am shocked as hell as a beautiful redhead who looks healthy makes her way over and walking seductive her walk and shape dose nothing for me to think no small ass boobs, not that is wrong I have a type that is my purple eye ‘Kitten’ she dose it for me.

“Vincenzo, shocked to see me?” Vicky says in a seductive voice as she takes a seat.

"Vicky, what the fuck are you doing here?" I ask in a harsh tone.

She is quiet as she looks around; she looks right at Arial and me and boys and Aurora; we got our family photos done, and you can see I am pleased, so are Aurora and Arial. I am holding a boy in the air as she is, and Ariel we take turns holding us all together. I have many photos of them. We almost look normal.

“Are you married, them your boys? You look pleased. Ariel looks happy. You know I am clean a year, just liked you asked. I miss her, Vin.” She looks at me with sad eyes as she keeps looking at the photos.

I am sick of this, but I don’t want her in my life or Ariel’s. She is old enough to make that choice; you can’t trust Vicky; she always gets clean then fucks up again. I don’t know what I want to do about this. We don’t have much to even talk about other than Ariel.

“Yes, I am married, then our my twin boys. Ariel is happy she has a real family, and her father is happy for once.” I say coldly as I work on my file, not giving her eye contact.

“She looks young. How old is she? Stunning women. Why would she wear contacts for a beautiful photoshoot?” Vicky is calm and making conversation, but I know how this will all go.”

“Turns nineteen next week. Those are her real eyes she is Enzo’s daughter. She adopted Ariel. They have a great bond. She is happy I can’t let you come in here and take that from her. When she is older, come back.” I say coldly again, showing no emotion.

Her face is red as tears fall her face. She gets up, walking around the table. As she gets in my lap, she clings to me. I try to push her, but she is hiding my neck and asking for a hug.

“Vincenzo, it’s me. You know you want me never to turn me down; come on for old times. Let me show how bad I want to see Ariel. She was going for my pants as I go to push her down. The door flys open.

I see Aurora come in, yanking Vicky off me as she throws her to the ground hard next thing I feel, a sting from where she hit me she fucking got me good she goes for another hit I grab her wrist.

“Enough not what you think. I was pushing her off. This is Vicky. You know Ariel’s junky mother.” I say with anger as I am beyond furious.

Vicky gets up with tears as she fixes her dress, and she doesn’t even dare touch Aurora. She has her fist balled up, ready to Vicky. I smile fucking wild thing. She has come a long way; she was a natural. I have been training her. She can shoot always carries. Everyone is quiet to fucking quiet.

“You married a child, and she is raising my daughter. What you marry her because you knocked her up? We know you can’t love.” She says with venom and hurt.

“I fucking love her more than anything. She is it for me. You were nothing and still nothing. No one wants a junky around.” I say in a harsh tone.

I haven't changed because she is not coming around my daughter until Arial can make a choice. I am not having her come and go. She probably will only want to stick around because I am married and have kids with someone else. She will prove she is good, then go right back down. She was on drugs off and on for years; her father said since she was fifteen, she was wild and partying. Well, she can leave. I will be the asshole.

"When Arial is older, you can see her if she wants that; for now, I don't want you around my family. I don't trust you at all and never will. Now get the fuck out of here before I lose my shit. I don't feel like getting messy and cleaning up!" I yell at her, pointing to the door.

She looks hurt. She doesn’t leave. She sits down on the couch with a hurt expression. Aurora will say something. I know her. I shake my head at her. She will offer to see Ariel see who she is, kind, and wants to help everyone, but some can’t be allowed.

"Vicky, leave now. I am having you band from everything you come around Ariel or me again. I will kill you. I am not joking. You cause me nothing but problems when you come around!” I yell at her in a harsh tone.

"Fuck you and your child bride, go ahead, kill me because I am not giving up on my daughter; she is mine, not hers." She tells me with tears coming down as she walks out, slamming the door.

"Calm the fuck down now, Aurora. She came here and was trying to fuck me, not me fucking her; if I wanted to fuck her, I would have, and I don't damn it!" I tell her in a stern tone, letting her go.

She catches me off guard, smacking me again in the face. I grab her hair hard, pulling her close to my body. As anger builds up inside me, I throw her over the chair hard as she screams out, and I pull her pants and panties down, exposing her ass.



I lose it. I keep spanking her ass, she yells out, and I hear her cries and whimpers. I am sure she is going to bruise. I pull my pants down, and I shove my cock inside her hard, causing her to scream out. I lose it fucking her hard and not being gentle with her.

"Don't ever put your hands on me again when I tell you it's not what you think; you need to believe me and trust me more. I am the fucking boss of this family; you do as I say you understand me?" I ask her in a harsh tone as I hold her throat.

"Y-yes, Vincenzo, I understand." She tells me in a shaky voice as I keep fucking her hard and feel my stomach go tight.

I thrust inside her harder and harder. The chair is moving, almost falling over. I keep my paste-up and had around her throat. She screams out in pain and pleasure as I feel her go tight like a vice around my cock and climax's rigid around me as her juices leave everywhere and takes me with her. I lose myself shooting my load inside her.

I pull out of her picking her up, having her wrapped in my arms as I sit down, rubbing her head, kissing her lightly. I realized what I have done. I lost my anger with her. I was scared this would happen to her. I never wanted that beast to come out, but this is who I am. When she is out of line, she needs to learn.

"Are you okay?" I ask her with concern.

"Yes and no, okay to say?" She asks me with a hurt tone.

“I am sorry, but you can't come in here hitting me and going to a bad place in your head. This will happen a lot, I won't lie, but I need your trust. Vicky will one day see Ariel, and we will talk about that when the time comes." I tell her in truth and in a soothing voice.

"I understand what you did was unexpected, but it turned me on, scared me as to how turned on I was by it." She tells me I know she is telling the truth fuck we are messed up people.

This won't be the last of Vicky; I know one day we will have to allow her to see Arial. I realize that Vicky hasn’t come around in years, so maybe she is clean finally. I am in love have enough that I would never fuck around. I will never give in. There have and will be plenty of women that will want to fuck me.

"Let's go home. We need to get ready to fly out.
I am sorry for losing my temper." I tell her, kissing her head.

I have a terrible feeling about traveling to New York; now my dream is coming home; my family, all in a pool of blood, can’t help but feel something terrible is going to happen.
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