Dangerous Marriage

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We are on the way to get my momma, bring her home where she belongs. I would have loved to have her in Italy, but that is not where she wants to be. I know her well enough she would like to be with her mom and dad. Vin has been on edge the whole flight; after the club with Vicky, Manny. I miss the babies and my daughter like crazy.

“Vincenzo, come sit by me, please,” I ask him as he pastes back n forth. He comes and sits by me.

“Touch me,” I say, wanting to relax him. Hoping this relaxes.

“Not now. But I will sit by you while I drink.” I am disappointed, but I get it. I am on edge and worried too.

Vincenzo and I went out to eat and had a few drinks; we are trying to make the best of this situation. We even saw a movie together. Of course, he has the place shut down for us. They have drinks here. I find myself getting a little buzz.

“Let me eat that pussy.” He tells me as he lifts my dress, and I don’t have panties on. He smiles as he doesn’t even kiss my thigh as he always does. He dives right in.

His tongue works in swirls and motion as he rubs my clit. He is so good that I feel my stomach go tight as I see him working me and taking me on high, helping me relax. I feel myself dripping and panting as I call his name. I climax hard, my juices draining down his throat. He gets up, wiping his mouth as he pulls my dress down. I go for his pants; he shakes his head.

“At home, we will have fun. I just haven’t tasted you. I needed that.” He whispers in my ear.

I don’t remember being tired. He said I was out. I drank a little too much at the movies. I feel like crap. I need to push through because we are on the way to the cemetery to get this done and bring mom home where she belongs, not here with Brent.

“We are here,” Vincenzo tells me, taking pulling me out of my thoughts.

We arrive at the cemetery, where my mother is buried. We make our way there, and my heart stops as I see Brent and yelling at the men, and my mom’s casket is halfway up. I can hear him demanding to put her back, and Vincenzo walks ahead of me. I follow behind.

“What is the problem here?” Vincenzo asks the men in a harsh tone as power radiates off him.

“We can’t move the body unless we have consent from Mr. Ricci. Well… he said no.” The man tells us nervously. My father is looking at me.

“Well, better go talk to your boss now because her daughter is in charge of Ivanna Ricci; it’s all on the paperwork we faxed over; her mother made sure. So what the fuck are we paying you for? I will make things very difficult, and you don’t want that trusts me!” Vincenzo yells in the man’s face, and they hurry away.

Brent makes his way over to us. He is a red face. I can tell he will start his threading and abusive shit. I stand close to Vincenzo; he knows why and holds me close. Brent is not going ever to hurt me or affect me again. I won’t allow it. I take my stand, ready to fight him; he no longer part of my life or welcome in my life.

“Aurora, what the hell is wrong with you, I haven’t seen you in over a year, and you come here taking your mom to who knows where without talking to me. Did you come with this man?” He as with a disgusted face.

“He is my husband. I have kids, and guess what I have a Dad Enzo Rossi; does that ring a bell?” I ask sarcastically as I want to shoot him. I hate him.

He laughs like a lunatic. He is looking around as I see David SE walking towards us; what the hell is he up to? I stay close, not wanting Vincenzo to let me go. I look at him, unsure what to do next.

“Let’s go time to stop with this silly act and come home now; David’s family have been worried sick about you said they would help me get guardianship of you.” He tells me in an evil tone. He thinks he can control me.

Time to tell him the truth. He doesn’t deserve a word from me. What a joke guardianship over me. This man is crazy. Little does he know my mom never put him on the birth certificate. I always wonder why? She said they were not married at the time. I got my name changed to Rossi; my father adopted me was added my birth certificate. Money talks about making things happen fast.

“Did you miss the part where I said Enzo is my father he on the birth certificate, I am married?” I sigh hard as I roll my eyes at him.

He is quiet and looking around as his jaw clenches, and I see the anger; I dare him to do something with Vincenzo here. He will revert ever trying to hurt me, and I promise that. He seems like he can’t accept the truth. He is just looking around like he is waiting for someone or something, and Vincenzo catches him he goes on alert. Something is off, but what?

“Enzo is your father? Sure! This is why I need guardianship over you lost your way of the lord and your damn mind!” He tells me with an evil smile.

“Mom wrote me a letter telling me everything. You see, Enzo is on the birth certificate. You can get nothing. Go tell David’s family to fuck off. David was an abusive prick like you. I will prove you killed my mom; she hinted a lot of things about you, Brent!” I am yelling at him with anger. I hate him. I am so upset I can’t see straight.

“She promised me she would never take you away from me that the truth would stay between her and me. I have David’s father on the way now; you are coming home, and your mother will not leave now; get over here!” He was yelling, and Vincenzo has him by the throat.

“Brent, don’t talk to my wife like that. Aurora is mine now, and I think you have an idea who I am, don’t you?” He yells as Brent scratches at his hands, and Vincenzo pulls his gun out, shoving it in his mouth.

Vincenzo pulls the gun away and yells at Brent, who now pissed his pants, not a big bad man, now is he? I hear voices around me, and I see Vincenzo stand even taller as David’s father and the men from earlier approach us. Vincenzo is rubbing my back, calming me. These people are all insane.

“What is going on here? Do you want the police here, Brent?” David's father asks with anger.

“Call them please so we can get on with this shit, my wife Aurora has all rights to Ivanna and can do as she pleases, and she is not Brents's child. I want to see proof. Another thing she is my wife. No one will be getting guardianship over her. I am getting furious!” Vincenzo yells in their face.

Suddenly, I hear a loud pop! As I watch, David’s father is riddled with bullets as his body shakes with each shot and blood coming out of his mouth and nose. I see Brent run fast, holding his arm. Vincenzo is grabbing me as we run with me.

“Vincenzo, what is going on?” I ask with panic.

“We were made Aurora stay by me at all times; help will be here for us soon!!” He yells as we run and duck behind headstones.

We keep running the gun noises are closer
And louder. Pop! Pop! My ears are ringing. I am in tears the first time I see Vincenzo worried as he was shouting, shooting at people. The next thing I see Vincenzo go down, there is so much blood I fear the worse. This can’t happen. I fall to my knees by him.

“Vincenzo... please, baby, stay with me. Please don’t leave me. I am scared and need you.” I say with my body lying on his as I cry hard.

“A-Aurora, run, please... I... Lo... love you.” He yells at me in pain as blood is coming out of his mouth.

I can’t move; I can’t leave him. This is my soulmate. We did not have enough time together; we have beautiful kids to raise together. How can I live in a world that he doesn’t exist in anymore? I can’t take this pain; I was healing; he has to live. I am not leaving Him. I can’t, and I won’t. He needs me, and I need him.

“I am not leaving you. I can’t. I love you, and please stay with me... please. I cry and whipper as tears flow down my face.

I hear yelling and guns. I hear a familiar voice. I see Luca yelling in Italian. I see a man grabbing Vincenzo, pulling me away from him. I am crying hard and screaming out for him as Luca grabs me. I can’t move. He was telling me to move, why can’t I move. What is going on? Everyone is fading away. Did I get shot?

“Aurora, he is in good hands; he will be a safe move; come on, we need to get to safety.”

I am trying to figure out how he is here. Am I dreaming he didn’t fly with us? What the hell? I feel for blood and look around. Am I dreaming? Were we really on the plane? I am having a hard time making out anything or what people are saying.

“H-how are you here?” I ask with cries

“We flew on a different jet. Vincenzo felt something was going to happen; he never travels without us; we are always close by now fucking move, please, Aurora.” He is pleading, and I move. I snap out of and carry.

We run out of the cemetery as I see them drive off fast with Vincenzo. I need to be with him; he can’t be without me; he needs me, I need him. I push myself to make it to the Suv, and I feel something hit me hard. I am feeling lightheaded and nauseous.

“LUCA, HELP ME!” I scream out in pain; his eyes and face have fear.

I see him shooting and fighting men along with Marco and Franco, glad to see them. I am trying to keep myself awake I am in terrible pain; what is going on? I feel arms around me; they drag me away as Luca is running and screaming for us; my eyes are heavy; he is yelling. I can’t hear him; I am sleepy. Black...

I try and open my eyes is blurry. My head hurts. I can’t move as I focus my eyes. I look around and try to move. I am chained to a bed. I look around I see a man with a scarred face like he was in a fire looking at me; he gives me a bad chill. There is another man with a big scar on his face. I start to panic and thrust against the chains.

“Aurora, Welcome home, ‘Baby’ I glad I finally got you. Vincenzo tried to keep us apart. We won’t have to worry about him anymore; he can’t take you back from me.” The man says in an evil tone. My blood runs cold I have been taking. Vincenzo may be dead; he needs me.

My kids... my husband.... oh my god!! Do they have my kids? Why didn’t Luca save me? What happens? How did they know we would be there? Fuck this, and I need to plan to get out of here. I will kill them if I have this is kill or be killed. I choose to kill to make it to my kids. I will never be weak again.

“Do you have my kids?” I ask the ugly man with panic.

“No, but soon love, I will get them for us. I will be nice let you keep the girl I was going to sell her for millions.” He tells me as he laughs.

I have to get out of here; to do that, I have to pretend to obey be nice. This is kill. How will I leave? I feel the bile rise as I throw up all over myself, almost choking on my vomit, and I can hear laughs; these men are sick. I see one come over to me. I puke again. I am now covered in my vomit. The man laughs and shakes his head.

“I am going to take the chains off and clean you up, and you try anything, I will have your kids killed, Vincenzo killed my source text me said that fucker is fighting on life support. My inside man is waiting for the call. So behave for me, baby, maybe I will get a little taste.” He tells me, laughing as he licks his lips.

“I will behave; just don’t hurt them, please,” I say in a pleading voice. Vincenzo is alive. I am happy now he will fight for me and find me.

He takes the chains off me; he gives me a shot that makes me feel weird right away. I feel drowsy and can’t think straight; my head is all foggy, but I am awake and fighting it. He takes me to a tub; as he rips my clothes off, I cover what I can up. I am weak. He picks me up, putting me in the bathtub, touching me. I am trying to push his hands away.

“You are at my mercy. I will make you forget all about Vincenzo; you belong to me now.” The man tells me. I am nodding, holding back my vomit.

He starts to rub my breast and then tried to touch my pussy and stroking it, I am weak. I try to move his hand; he holds my wrist; no use whatever he gave me, I can’t move. I keep myself tight as I can. I somehow find strength and bit his arm hard, causing him to smack me hard in the face, and I see black...
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