Dangerous Marriage

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I fucking failed my brother. I tried to save Aurora, and I couldn’t get to her. I dropped the hat as I was worried about my brother and trying to get us all out of danger. They called her the mother-fuckers got her. I keep telling myself I couldn't we were ambushed, taking by surprise I have many men in lockup, Vincenzo is fighting for his life on life support right now. He doesn't know Aurora is gone. Fuck what will I do without him? I had to call Enzo to let him see what happens. He is furious ready for blood.

“Luca, what the hell, man? Get it together. He would want you looking it fucking sulking.” Marco tells me anger as he slaps the back of my head.

He is right; I need to start stepping up and stop thinking about what I did wrong or what I could have done differently. The goal is to get Aurora back home safe. Vincenzo would be distraught with me if he knew I was sitting here doing nothing. Nothing will get done by hating myself for not doing more. I don’t see how Vincenzo holds all emotions while running this family because of this shit hard work. I am emotionally drained.

“Sure, the kids. Anna is safe.” I ask Marco with worry in my voice.

"They are safe in the safe house," He tells me
assuring me for whatever number we are now.

I make my way to the built-in hospital. We have the best doctors around and will take good care of him. I will go and see his progress and then take care shit like he would want me to do. He would be fucking fuming if he knew I was sitting around on my ass. I am in charge now. It’s on me to make sure our family is safe and secure. We get Aurora back safe and untouched. I make my way to his room. The machines are beeping, and it pains me to see him helpless. Fuck man!

"Vincenzo, we are going to get her back. We need you alive I know you will get her back, so wake up, brother. We need you! Everyone is a mess without you and Aurora. Your kids are safe. Brother, come on. I am going to start finding her; you do your part and heal and wake the fuck up." I tell him with a shaky voice as I kiss his head.

I head out of the hospital ready for blood; a lot of people underestimate me; they think I am cold and ruthless, but the truth I am crazier than Marco and Franco put together I am a hitman that no even knows but Vincenzo, Enzo, those close to me, of course, my bothers know. I am the nights. I make it seem like two people are working together, but it’s just me now will see me coming, but Manny, his mean and women are fucking good at hiding.

Something happens to Vincenzo. Giovanni will lose it; he lost his brother and many other close people but losing his son will destroy him. I can't picture being without him. Aurora won't handle it when we get here without him. I saw her break, and I saw the horror on her face.

I make my way to the warehouse where we got seven men. One of the fuckers has to talk. I will break them. I am not going easy on them; I am in charge. I am the temporary capo; this is not an easy fucking job. I walk down the halls, make my way down the cells, and pay number one a visit. Marco is with one and Franco another we are going hard and ready to take heads. Manny will pay. I thought Vincenzo killed the fucker, and I guess not. It could be his sons, but I am sure it was him.

"Good afternoon.," I say sarcastically with a laugh.

"See these knives; each one is crafted to cut through different bones. Don't worry, and I have a doctor on standby." I am talking sarcastically. With a smile, we have to scare these fuckers and hope it’s enough to break them.

He is a damn mute, but his eyes worry.
He is thinking hard about what to do if he tells me the truth, I may show mercy on him, but I am not in a forgiving mood or showing mercy. I want to cut his throat watch him bleed out. He was one of the first shooters to arrive and catch Vincenzo off guard. Vincenzo was shot in his back and side, and his stomach is in an induced coma; it is up to him to heal and make it. He is strong; I know he will.

“Eliana gave Manny details on where you would be, and she is his stepdaughter.” He tells me with an s harsh tone as he laughs.

Eliana, she been with us for a year Angelo swore by her. He is deeply in love, and they work very closely with us; they know a lot of shit; I know he was telling the truth. Angelo better not be part of this shit. I pick my phone up, calling Angelo.

“Hey, we are on the way fuck man!” I hear him say right when he answers with concern.

“Come to the warehouse. You and Eliana, we have new plans in order.” I say to him as I hang up.

I don’t say a word to this punk. I shut the door heading to where Marco is, and see the man is pretty messed up and missing fingers; the doctor is in with him. I am shaking with anger; if she is behind this, I have to kill her; we don’t let rats go; we make an example of them in front of the men and women. That is what I will do call her out. I know it’s true. I can fucking feel a fucking spy for Manny, his stepdaughter; how the fuck did we miss that?

“Marco, get Franco, we have a rat; my guy said Eliana was the rat,” I say with anger. The man who is in pain is now groaning.

“Just kill him, man, let’s go,” I say in anger as I walk out.

“I thought Vincenzo would want him for himself.” I hear Marco yell out to me.

“No, he would want us to kill him in his honor show respect. Tell Franco to take care of his I need mine a little longer he was willing to talk to he gets more time.” I say, walking out.

I sent out a text for all members to be here. Eliana better hopes she not the rat for her sake. Angelo better fucking not be a rat; he is our best friend, a brother. Angelo was there for Marco and me Franco when we lose dad, Giovanni’s little brother, the underboss. Shit is fucked up. Pain and sadness, and anger are all I feel.

It's been a while, and everyone is here Franco, and Marco, who are temporary underboss. I choose both to be underboss together; they work well together and are the only ones that know what is going on. I called Gia, James, Angelo, Eliana are the eyes and ears as they work on tracking down people, help set up the jobs and run security and the warehouses. Gia and Franco are married. She stepped in allowed him to ride his kids after his wife died in a tragic car accident.

“I wanted to inform everyone Aurora was taking things went bad fast in New York we have a rat. I look around, and I see you sit now. Eliana worries her eyes. Our first priory is to find her fast; Vincenzo is fighting for his life; we want revenge for him, and we got the shooter he is alive for now very chatty to stay alive.” I say with anger, and I watch everyone’s faces; and Gia and James have tears with Angelo, but Eliana looks scared. She nervous she still knows I know I bet money on it. I smile at her.

“Who is the rat? ” I hear Gia ask with concern and anger.

Gia has a great love for Vincenzo. He saved her from an abusive past; they had something going on; she was his sub, but she fell in love with my brother Franco. They married fast. They fit perfectly. She grew close to Eliana, no telling what she was telling her. I am furious the bitch got past us. She knew that we changed the date to throw people off in New York. It makes sense now that Eliana was giving out information on us.

“The rat was made; it was Eliana,” I say in anger, and Gia looks shocked. She pulls her gun out. It’s trained on Eliana’s head.

“What, no, this is wrong. Eliana, he is wrong. Tell him, please.” Angelo is begging her to tell me she is not the rat. But she is going to plead with me.

“Eliana is Manny’s secret stepdaughter. She knew we were going to the cemetery. Everything that has happened was when Gia was confined to someone she thought was a best friend. Things we put Eliana on with Angelo. It’s the truth and fact can’t fucking lie your way out of this shit.” I say with anger watching to see if Gia pulls the trigger. She has hurt tears run down her face.

“Luca, You don’t understand he has my mom and daughter captive. He promised to keep them alive if I did this one job for him. I did what I had to do to save her. Her name is Layla. If you run across her, please keep her. I will take what you give me. I swear I never told them about the cemetery. There is more than just me who are spying.

“I want to know everything you know about Manny. I won’t be killing you; it will be up to Vincenzo when he wakes up, so better be honest and have a good case why you should live.” I say with anger as Gia hits her good, knocking her out. I chuckle.

Vincenzo needs to wake up this to decide what to do with her, and I will have to follow up more on her mother and daughter to see if the story is true. Angelo looks happy with what I have done, but deep down, he knows why and what could happen. Vincenzo may not care; I know he won’t care, but he changes since Aurora he is fair.

“Luca, you have to believe me, I would never endanger us; she came clean to me long ago; I have maps and everything we can work on now where. I may have an idea where Aurora can be; he has an underground house that is not easy to get to.” He tells me with the guilt he knew, and he betrayed us and me.

“Angelo, you lied for her? I want him in cells he no longer can be trusted, or part of the family treat him as a prisoner and rat.” I say in anger as I see myself killing him. He looks hurt, but he fucking knows the deal.

I walk away; we have Vincenzo in the hospital. Here top doctors and different types of medical equipment it’s a mini-hospital. I am fucking upset my goal is Aurora. He will kill me if I am sitting with him, not finding Aurora. I am trying, damn it, I am trying. This is the hard part of this life; they go after the ones we love. They want us weak and broken, so they can catch you and attack and take you down. But not us; we shut the shit off we become very dangerous.

“Get me everything and give Marco and Franco information; they will go with a team; we are going to burn all his locations and clubs anything. Please get me a number from Eliana now. I want to try and call him; we need to play this right.” I say with a harsh tone as I clench my jaw walking away, ready to cut heads off.

I walk out and head to the hospital area to check on Vincenzo; before I head out with my team, I forgot about my girlfriend; she hasn’t even been on my mind; I don’t even trust her now. You can’t trust anyone in this lifestyle dose that to you makes you paranoid. I cannot let anyone in. I want to fucking cry and scream. I don’t know, man! I am just fucking lost. But I can’t allow these emotions to show I have a job.

I make way to the room. I hear the machines and see him with the fucking tubes down his throat he doesn’t look like Vincenzo. I lose him, and I fucking will lose myself. Vincenzo and I are so much alike. If Aurora is dead or anything goes wrong with her, I will never forgive myself. I love her, not in a romantic relationship, but I love her hard not to love her. Fuck.

“Vincenzo, I am going to work for you; I need your ass up, brother. We need you; this job you do is fucking hard, man.” I say to him as I hold his hand.

I don’t do these mushy fucking feelings, but damn, if the past few days haven’t brought that out of me, I need to get those kids to safety. I don’t particularly appreciate where they are now; something happens to my girl, boys, I won’t take it well. My other main focus is the kids, Aurora. I can’t do much here; it’s up to him to make it and wake up; this right here is out of my hands, and it fucking hurts me that I can’t do anything to help him. But I will fucking take all Romano’s down and all who work for him the eye for eye mother-fucker bloodthirsty now time for a war a lot will die lots of blood will shed. This has to happen.

I head out to make some calls to get kids, and my mom moves here. It’s very secure here we can create rooms they can stay in Vincenzo room this place is highly safe the best around. I will find Aurora for Vincenzo, and I promise that.
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