Dangerous Marriage

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Luca And War


I am close to finding Aurora. It's been a week, Vincezino still is not awake. We burned down most of his clubs found many women we are close to his underground home. Enzo is losing his mind. He is out searching hasn’t slept or hardly ate. Shit is not feeling right, man I can’t shake these feelings; I am never liked this, but fuck, I am on edge. I hear someone walk in without knocking better be fucking important. I look up to see the doctor.

"Hello," I say in a harsh tone, clenching my jaw. I may break a fucking tooth.

"Luca, we have great news. Vincenzo is awake; he is asking for Aurora.” What should I say?” She asks with worry fuck this is not good. I need to handle this.

I rush, taking two steps at a time, running to the hospital room. I get in see Vincenzo giving them a hard time, and that makes me fucking happy. What do I tell him about Aurora? This is fucked. I make my way to the room. Dr. Mel stops me. I forgot I left Elizabeth back in the office. Sure his other doctor is in the room with him.

"Vincenzo is in shock, keeps wanting his wife and kids and telling me I need to get you to bring them. I don't know what to say." He tells me with concern.

"I will talk to him, don't worry. I head into the room. I see his red face. He is not happy.

"Where the fuck is my wife and kids? I wanted them, not you." He tells me in a nasty tone.

"Vincenzo, do you remember that day you were shot?" I ask a dumb question. He cuts his eyes at me, ready to go off.

"I remember fighting with Brent and David's father and hearing loud shooting and being hit and Aurora crying on me, then it was a blur I might have passed out. Where is Aurora?" He was asking with even more anger than before.

"She is is not here, but we will get her,” I say with worry. Why didn’t I tell him?

“No shit, go get her. I shocked she isn’t sleeping here; something is off.” He says as he keeps cutting his red eyes at me.

“She was kidnapped; we are working on getting her now; we are very close, and Enzo hasn’t stopped,” I say as I look anywhere but him. I feel like shit.

He is very calm, too damn quiet. I'm not too fond of this side. This is dangerous with him being quiet; this is the old Vincenzo that is scary. He is not talking to me now, I worried. This means shit will go down; he is barbaric when he like this. No one is safe, and there isn’t anything we can do to stop his rampage. I don’t blame him that his wife, the love of his life, the person who helped see his worth, that he wasn’t just a monster.

"Why the fuck you here and not out looking for my wife? I told you something happens to me. She is your priority. I am not important when I down fuck! I will kill them and all of you if something happens to my ‘Kitten’ you hear me?” He shuts as the machines start going crazy.

"We are close, and I have been looking and took down many of the locations and saved many women and looking hard for her. But Vincenzo, we found the rat.” I say with a sigh as I hold the bridge of my nose, taking a seat for a few minutes.

“Who is the rat?” He asks with that scary calm tone.

“Eliana, she is Manny’s stepdaughter; we have Angelo locked up; he can’t be trusted; he knew,” I say with a loud sigh as I had to break it to him that Angelo could have been a traitor.

He says nothing; he starts typing on his phone. He looks like he wants to cry but holding in all his emotions; as I said, his job is hard; I hate being in shoes because they are big ones to fill. All the pain and agony is a lot on him on us. I can’t imagine what he is going through right now why I stay the fuck away from love.

"Leave and find her I can't leave this hospital room, so I am useless. I want Marco and Franco to have Eliana brought to me tomorrow. I want my wife, Luca!" He yells at me. I nod and walk off.

What the fuck can I do? I am trying to find Aurora. I look in the window. I see him with his head in his hands, and he is crying. I can hear him out here. I have never seen this man cry like that. I can feel his pain. He wants his soulmate. He is broken and defeated; they are cruel peoples who have Aurora. We are brutal but not heartless like them. I can almost feel his pain. He is in pain. A tear falls from my eye as I look at him once more. He looks up at me with tears and bloodshot eyes, and we nod at one another.

I make my way out past the bar where Damon, Lorenzo is at. Finally, they were on vacation and had issues getting here from France. They are the most trusted men who work underneath Marco and Franco Vincenzo, only really trust me and my brothers' and Damon, Lorenzo, our childhood best friends who are brothers. They have many connections with the underground.

"Vincenzo is up. He very calm and said, we need to look for Aurora. He gave orders he wants Marco and Franco to bring Eliana to him. He is reticent said we visit him, he will kill us.

“We made progress we manage to get a spy in the club, and my sources said that Manny's home is deep in the woods on an island off the sea, off the grid,” Dame tells me as he has all kinds of maps in front of him.

“We will get to that island. Gia is the best around. She can find anything for us off the grid and underground. Vin is out for blood, and Eliana may not live past tomorrow when he is this calm. No one is safe. The love he has for Aurora runs deep. Manny is a dead man walking.” I say as they all nod with agreement.

"Luca, I have my men working close with Gia, James. I don't fucking like Eliana alive. She is my daughter. I have to say with this too. I am not going to sit back and allow you guys to run things without me.” Enzo bust in, giving demands, and he looks like hell hair a mess, dark circles and clothes a mess.

"I got it, I am already on thin ice with Vin, and I don't need your shit too. Everyone is under stress, and I got word that Aurora is on an island off the grid." I tell him as I sigh with anger.

"She my daughter, Luca. I just got her I can't lose her again." He tells me with sadness in his voice.

I need to fuck Angelo up; my best friend since pre-school, Vincenzo, would agree with Enzo. I wanted to tell him he can't bark orders. He, not my boss. This is our war, but it's not our war now; it's him as well. That is his daughter; he has just as much power as Vincenzo when it comes to her. I make my way to a distraught Angelo in the cells.

“Luca comes on, man, it’s me. I would never do anything to harm our family.” He pleads with me, but I don’t care.

"You have no family anymore. Angelo, Vincenzo wants to see Eliana tomorrow; Enzo wants you dead. I am sorry, bro, but he is right; you could be working with Eliana." I keep my face emotionless you can't allow them to show.

"You think I would do that to betray the family? I knew what Eliana was doing made sure Gia and everyone never told her a thing, and I looked into it. She does have a daughter. I don’t know how they found Vincenzo, I swear.” He looks at me with sad eyes.

This is messed up, man if I could leave this life, I would, but I can't be born into this life. I was trained to be an underboss always to protect my family. I can’t let any break me or allow me to lose because, in the end, it’s then or me or my family. We will kill or take a bullet for each other.

I see Gia, who still looks hurt from Eliana’s betrayal. Angelo was her best friend, to they all shared years of working together. They are a team now. Lies break it, and I can’t trust anyone.

"Luca, what is going on now? Any word for us." Gia asks with a concerned look on her face

"Angelo is locked in cells. Make sure he gets good treatment. We have a lead Manny has a home on an island off the sea of the grid. We need to locate that as soon as possible. It's been a week. The longer the time, the less chance we have. Vincenzo is up. He is very calm. I wouldn't say I like it puts me even more on edge. Any of us can be killed by him; I am fucking." I tell her with a threatening voice.

I sit and drink whisky as Gia works on finding Aurora. James is setting up maps she pulls up, getting plans to tunnels underground where a lot of shit goes down. I am not bothering Vincenzo again. He needs his space he has broken. But I am sure he wants to know what is going on, right? But this drink is excellent tasting.

"Luca." Uncle Giovanni is demanding my attention.

"Yea," I say in a slurred voice.

"I am taking the kids to see Vincenzo. They need him. They are all uneasy and crying a lot. They are missing him. I don't care about his damn mood; he needs to suck it up and be the damn boss. You get your shit together too. You are in charge of all these fucking idiots. Get to work on finding Aurora now!" He shouts at me. I nod, finishing the rest of my bottle. He is still a powerful man.

I am just sitting here numb and drunk what more can we do but wait on Gia getting me a damn location or something. Manny better hopes he hasn't touched Aurora, so help him when he feels the wrath of Vincenzo. We have crazy twins, Enzo on the loose, and now Vincenzo. Aurora's brothers have been out searching non-stop in woods and everywhere they are underground. This is a dysfunctional team. I lie a little, Marco; he can’t feel the pain. Does he love to kill for sport? Who wants to admit that they have a sociopath brother? He and Franco are dangerous together.

"You look like shit, bro," Franco says, shaking his head as he grabs the bottle from me.

"I don't know what the fuck do you think? I
think Gia is leaving. Get the fuck out of my face. I need to believe and wait for word when we can search for Aurora. Tell Gia and James hurry the fuck up.

"Gia is not leaving you to know how she is when on a job. I came with food for both of us. It would be best if you cleaned up because we are getting the yacht ready for take-off. Enzo wants to go to sea. Gia can bring what she needs." He tells me with anger throwing a sub at me.

"Vincenzo, give the okay, or did I for that?" I ask in anger.

"Enzo told Vincenzo that is what he was going to do when he heals he can join. Vincenzo agreed, and Enzo is in charge. You are still acting boss for this family, but Enzo is in the lead." He tells me with anger in his voice he hind of disappointment I can see why. I care why Enzo took the lead look like me?

It makes sense that Enzo is taking a lead that is his daughter, I would do the same for my family, and I will look for Aurora; I am losing focus sick of this shit. The same thing happened when my dad was taking and killing. I lost it. I drank the pain away, say locked in a room for days. Vincenzo never gave up. He pushed me to be stronger and better. I need to be doing the same for him.

"When do we leave?" I ask him with my head in my hands.

"After we sort Eliana in a few hours. Clean up, don't let him see you like this man. I know you love Aurora, where your head is going me and Marco I are feeling it too with it being four years without a dad." He tells me with concern and sorrow in his voice.

I got cleaned up and made sure to sober up and not let Vincenzo know how fucked up I am right now. I need to pull myself together and find the courage and be there for Vincenzo and find his wife. I need to make sure I don’t step on Enzo’s toes. That man may appear excellent and look like a pretty boy for his age, but he dangerous unpredictable. His father trained us all together to be the hit and fighters we are today. Crazy, he not much older than us. Seven years difference.

We enter the room. I see Franco with Angelo and Eliana. I don't know what will happen. That was weighing down on me locking our childhood best friend up in a damn cell because no one can trust a fucking person right now. Vincenzo looks; he knows what I have been doing, and I nod and stay quiet. It’s for the best.

"Luca, what the fuck is wrong with you?" Vincenzo asks me in anger. He is distraught.

"Trying to find Aurora, had to lock up Angelo that hit me hard, four years without a dad. You know the fact we can't trust anyone right now; this feels like my dad's situation all over again." I say in a defeated voice.

"I have heard Eliana and Angelo's side, and I saw all proof Angelo has, but as you know, we can't have rats in the family. Eliana tells the truth I will spare her life if we get what I want and destroy all Romano blood. If she was lying. I find out she was giving me wrong information; she is dead so is Angelo." He tells us all in a harsh tone, with power radiating off him.

"Go take them to the same cell," Vincenzo tells Franco.

"You see the kids?" I ask, trying to see where he is at in his head.

"Yes, I needed that because it gave me strength and the power I need. I will bring their mother home. I am going, and I am taking a doctor on the yacht. I am not staying behind. Dame and Lorenzo are staying here to guard the kids." He tells me I know he serious I will not fight him to stay and heal; I understand.

I nod and walk away to meet Enzo. See what the hell is going what our plan is? Are we going to go out into the sea limit without a clue where the fuck to go? Fuck me, man, what a damn nightmare. I left my new girl told her she couldn't be in my life. I can't have a woman in this shit. I refuse. Who wants this pain?
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