Dangerous Marriage

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Old Vincenzo Is Back


I am fucking hurt and lost. I can't believe my Kitten was taking. They want a war. They got one; they wanted old Vincenzo to come out and play here I am. Do they want to see how ruthless I am? They took my beautiful Kitten. They will get just all the above with me. I am ready to do what I have to do to protect my family. I am prepared to go to probably one of the biggest wars we had in a very long time. I dropped the ball. I got soft with the enemies.

I am not sitting in this hospital bed and not do anything. I will die for her. I don't care what the cost is; I will end it all for her. They almost broke me when I saw my Kitten holding me tight and screaming my name as I thought it was the end. But now they woke a beast. I am burning with anger. I want blood; I can’t almost taste it. That is how bad I want blood. Here I come mother-fucker-tik-fucking-to time up.

Come out and play, Mr. devil; they took your wife and trying to break your family. I say to myself with a laugh as I lose my mind. Here I am, the devil himself, ready for the biggest war my men have faced. There will be lots of life lost, and lots of blood will be shed. I want Manny’s head; I want to be the one to take him out. All I enjoy most right now I want my ‘Kitten’ back. I need her back. I am breaking slowly without her, but I have to cut the emotions off to do my job and get her home safely.

"Vincenzo, I don't think traveling is a good idea right now. You need to heal. Dr. Ava tells me with concern.

"Do not ever address me as my first name. I said, pack your shit whatever we need for the yacht. My wife is gone. You think I am laying here and doing fucking nothing!" I shout at her as she flinches.

"Understand." I hear her say as she walks away.

I pick the phone up, calling Luca. I hope he has his shit together. My children are coming, and I have a panic room who only I and few know the code to my kids are not leaving my side. I can protect them better with me than without me. Plus, they are my comfort. They help me remember why I am putting my life at risk. I love them and will do anything for them.

"Vin, how are you feeling, bro?" Luca asks me, feeling my mood out.

"Let's go. Gia can work on the yacht I am not waiting for another second all men and women, my dad, mom, and kids are going that is an order!" I shout through the phone, hanging up.

I got myself dressed, not feeling the pain from my recent incident. That is nothing compared to the pain I feel without my soul. My other half, I feel empty inside. Can I push my emotions aside because I think they are winning? I may be breaking. I fucking know I am dying how can I not what if… no I can’t let myself go there she is a strong woman. We are on the way to the yacht now.

We bored the yacht; only my most trusted people are with me. I have many others on the water following behind. I have my kids here with me by my side. Ariel is laying my shoulder as I hold my boys. I have to get their mommy back safe they better pray she is untouched on the hair on her head is even touched; I will lose it.

"Daddy, where is mommy?" Ariel cries, asking for Aurora. That does it; my heart is fucking broke, and I allow the tears to spill. I am even more furious.

"She is with a doctor; she will be home when she is better," I tell her in a calm, soothing voice.

I have not let anyone touch my kids; I want them close to me; they calm me; I can feel at home and feel Aurora when I am with them. How far will I go for my family? As far as it takes, I will lay my life down for them. I don’t care if I go in. They kill me as long as my ‘kitten’ and kids are safe.

"Vin, you doing okay, bro? Talk to me, man it's me." Luca asks me with his calm voice that is dangerous. He exactly likes me on edge.

Luca can be more dangerous than his brothers when he is pushed. I know times like this, and he is forced to his limit he loves Aurora. He has the same mindset as me when he is hurt and upset. I have no words for him. I don’t fucking know where my mind is at. I don’t know anything right now, to be honest. I am lost, but I need to suck it up. Do you think I am weak for wanting to cry more? Can’t you be strong all the time, right?

My mother put the kids to bed for me. I have to plan more as much as it pains me to leave them. I have to find ‘Kitten’ I can’t do that by feeling sorry for myself and crying; I need to suck it up to be strong. There is one thing I know Manny is obsessed with her so that he won’t kill but what I am not sure of is if he hit her or worse, that gets me going. I am furious the monster is coming out. I have to keep that in mind of what he could have done because that is what he does to women. Luca can read me he knows me. He stands by me.

"If anything happens to me, I want you to raise my kids, be with Aurora if we get her alive. I fucking hope I can't be without her. Man, I will probably take myself out." I say with sadness. I am not lying; if she is gone, I will take myself out.

"Aurora is strong and alive. I will do as you ask; you go in the line of fire. We go in with you, and you know that." He tells me, patting my arm.

"Let's get some work done. I can't sleep, and I want my wife back. I want results, and I will stop at nothing. The devil is out in me, Luca. I am ready for a bloody war, and I hope our people are ready too." I tell him with a harsh tone.

After hours we found a few locations to stop on the yacht, so we can smoothly attack them without causing a lot of casualties. I found one of manny’s leading sex trafficking clubs, and few main men are there. The women there will have to try and run free we will what we need to attack. I can’t put them in cars and send them to shelters when I have men to kill and my wife to find. I brought my favorite weapon; my sword can do a clean cut to the throat take your head right off; it’s made for Manny.

We have many men everywhere, I have cars waiting, it’s about four A.M, the best time to attack, and I have all guards in positions as the rat is giving all entail on her stepfather. She can rot in the damn cell. I almost fell for her sob story. I don’t have sympathy for the bitch. I am kind to women, but if they are part of this life, I do what I have to do because they won’t hesitate to kill me, like kill or be killed. We make our way to the cars and get ready for the attack. This has to be done right because I need to plot and get as much information as possible. We only have one shot at this. No time for fuck ups with this, I told them and myself this is life or death.

As we pull up to a club that looks like an old abandon building from the outside, but the inside is a prominent human trafficking auction for women and children. We all have our headpiece on as Gia unlocks the main gate with no issue; we pull in; there are about five men easy. We get out of the car. The men are shouting, asking who we are. I make my way to one man making sure to knock him out. I have Lorenzo making sure the ones we don’t kill are put in a van. I need to keep as many alive in hopes someone will talk.

I see men with a gun, and I grab my sword, and I make a clean cut to his neck, severing it from his body as blood sprays on me and I go to the next man he was looking at me frozen. I do the same before he could run.

“Who are you? Think you will make it out alive.” He asks in an evil tone with a laugh.

“Vincenzo Basilischi, Manny’s and everyone in this Mafia family worse nightmare I want what belongs to me,” I tell him, wishing he could see my face as I see him turn pale.

Dame comes around, knocking him out. I hear gunshots and screaming as I run through. I see none of my men, and I feel great we got them off guard. They all underestimate me by now. Manny may have got a call. I hope he did so he knows the monster is out.

“Vincenzo, I am grabbing these kids. I can’t leave them.” I hear Franco. I say. I nod.

I cut man after man’s head off, and I see them all in a pool of blood. My men are capturing who they can, blowing others’ brains all over the place; this is not for the faint heart. My adrenaline is high, and I am ready to get my wife back. This feels good in some sick way. Because I am letting off anger and pain. We hurry around as we Release women, telling them to run. We are not here to protect them. I hope like hell they live. As we approach, a smile appears on my face. As Manny’s second-oldest son is here, he puts up a good fight with men as I come after him.

I take my sword to his throat. He is trying to fight against me. I am much bigger and stronger. I hear Luca. He has some shots that can put you out for a day or two. He quickly shoots it in his neck, and I watch as he falls to the ground. This can’t be true. Why would he have his kids here?

This makes me on edge on how smooth things are going, and I have a small cabin under a boat big enough for killing and chopping a body up throw it in the sea. This is far from a victory. We keep moving, and this time. I see my men lying dead on the ground, and I am furious, but I can’t be bothered at this moment. I will have them sent to their loved ones with a nice amount of money.

“Who are they?” I ask him with anger.

“It’s the recruits,” Luca tells me as he lifts the mask up.

We move forward, and I see the cells are empty, no sign of any more women or kids. We cleared all floors went through them again. I had my other men, like myself, Franco, Marco, Dame, Lorenzo, Luca head to the basement where things can be horrid.

We sneak in as we see women lined up with dresses and chains around their wrists and ankles in a room. I text Gia to send men down here to free these women. They are going to have an auction. We keep walking as we make our way to a big room and stage where they auction women. I hear gunshots ring as men come out; I have to use my gun. As I pull it out, I start to shoot, hitting men in the head. We are ducking and dodging bullets.

This is it. We are outnumbered. I am worried I won’t see Aurora again, my kids will never have their mother back, but I push back the worry get the devil back within myself; I start to shoot, never missing a shot as I hit them the head.

We stay focus on the mission as we keep walking through the building. My men let me know all rooms and women are accessible on other floors, we walk, clear this floor. We hurry and make our way out of her. As we leave, I see women frantic and running around, and I hear my men are working to free the other women.

“Franco, how many kids?” I ask with worry for them.

“Ten and Vincenzo one is twelve claims to be Eliana's daughter.” He tells me fuck she was telling the truth damn!

“Get them all somewhere safe, and we will deal with them later once I get Aurora back. Give out orders, get ready to start some fucking torturing to get my answers. If I don’t, they die.

We make our way to another building that I made some calls on. I don’t think the yacht is the right choice. I thought about it; this is my country; I fear none, it’s all my territory Manny’s son AJ is who I want the most eye for an eye. We make our way into the room of a few men we have; they are in bad shape already from Luca. The others are working on information with others. We got thirty. Someone has to cave, right?

“Hello, gentlemen.,” I say sarcastically. Without my mask on, they are looking at me some scared. Some were trying to be complicated.

I walk over with my sword to the one who is acting hard. I look him in my eyes that turn redder when I am upset or angry, even fucking because that is the beast inside me. That is why I am called the devil or monster. Whatever you want to contact me, I am convinced I was born the devil.

“How long have you been working with Manny?” I ask the basics first.

“I don’t need to say shit to you!” He shouts in my face. I laugh.

“HA... you are going to act tough with me, the fucking devil himself? I want to know how long so I know if you are valuable or not. I am a Basilischi. Do you know the name?” I laugh evilly as I talk to him.

His throat is bobbing up and down when I look him in the eyes like a beast. I am waiting for his pray. He shakes now with fear after hearing my name.

“Look, I have only been with him a year. I get the women ready for the sales, and I don’t know anything else. He doesn’t tell us anything, only a few. They are closed mouth.” He tells me as I search his eyes, he seems to be speaking the truth.

“Well, I don’t let anyone walk free out of here; you seem young I will let you sit here for a while in case something comes up,” I say to him.

Before he can react, he smiles at me. I cut his head off as the other man makes a noise, and blood is all sprays all over as his body moves. I don’t give second chances to scum that hurt women and children.

“You have anything that is value?” I ask the other man as I wipe the blood from my hands and face. All are quiet.
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