Dangerous Marriage

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Vincenzo Is Back Part Two


I feel weak, but I am fighting through the pain. I can't worry about myself. We got this far, and I am closing in on Manny. I can feel. I have his son. Is som going to leave here alive no, he is going to be chopped into pieces? I will get a fucker to talk one way or another out of these people someone has to budge.

"Do you want to make a deal or end up like your friend over there?" I say to the tough guy who has a smirk on his ugly face.

“What is there to tell we got orders we get the women and children. We don’t see the head boss; we only work with AJ. I know my fate get the fuck on with it.” He says, very cocky.

I give him his wish and slit his throat; his head is half off. I can’t be bothered to finish the job; I have to keep it moving to the next man. I need to move fast as I can. I need to weed out the useless ones. I know the one who holds value. He won't give me what I want; his loyalty is with his dad unless I get what he loves. He has a daughter, fourteen. I don't particularly appreciate doing this; I won't hurt her, but he doesn't know that, so I can have Franco and Marco get his wife and daughter. This is what I have to do to get Aurora, my sweet, beautiful’ kitten’ back.

"Luca, tell Marco, and Franco gets me AJ's wife and daughter no harm done. I have the perfect plan,” I say with big smile emotions are shut off here. I move on to the next man.

"You know anything?" I ask him with a smile still on my face.

"I know nothing as I just started. I do cleanups for the family. I don't ask questions. Just clean and get paid." I nod and walk away; he is young; I think he may hold value to me. I can use him for cleanups if he is telling the truth.

I text Luca to let him know to tell Marco and Franco I want them by midnight. No later, I like the doctor to check me over. I need a couple of hours of sleep for energy, or I will kill my damn self.

I have been home a few hours the doctor checked me over. I have the kids in the room with me. Boys are sleeping, and Ariel is snuggled up to me sleeping. All I can do is keep thinking about Aurora. I can't live without her. The love I have for her is strong. The bond we have can't break. Manny did hurt me in a way. Having Aurora away from me is killing me more and more.

Enzo and his team took down the other warehouse. He back on sea looking for Aurora; he has people working on tracking all islands off the grid; he can't be too far out. If he is a damn island, but it is a solid lead, I have to believe it. Aurora is alive and safe; I can feel it. I can't explain it, and I understand Enzo staying on the sea with his boys and crew that is his daughter. I would do the same for my daughter.

Is he touching her, hurting her? I feel the anger build up as I think of what that sick fuck could be doing to her. I stay calm as my kids are in this room. I want to scream and hit the walls; I want to lose it. I hear my phone going off. It's

"Gia," I say in a harsh tone.

"I got word from underground this source is very accurate. He not on an island. His private jet took off heading to the UK, and we have seven places they could be; I am running checks now." She tells me, and I am fucking happy I can find her easier this way.

"Get to work," I tell her in a harsh tone, hang up. I call Enzo.

"Vin, get anything?" He asks with a worried tone.

"Turn around, meet me at the house I rented. They are in the UK. His jet took off. We have a reliable source. I trust Gia's word; she works with a lot of people underground who will get you anything you want to know for the right price." I tell him in a confident voice.

"Okay, I will still keep some men out here searching as you should, too, just in case have it all covered." He tells me, hanging up.

We don't stay on the phone long. It could be tapped. Never know who is trying to get you. Why can't I sleep? Damn it, and I need to. I toss and turn, my eyes finally closing.

I don't know what time it is. I hear a knocking on my door, and the boys and Arial are gone. I start to panic and run to the door seeing Luca there; he looks concerned as I breathe heavily.

"We have his daughter and wife; we tried reaching you; uncle Giovanni said you were out didn't hear the babies or Arial; he has them; we need to go now." He tells me in a demanding tone good results I like it.

I throw on my clothes, not caring what I wear, have my weapons and bulletproof vest and armor on. I am always prepared; even my hat I have on is bulletproof. Have to shoot me in for head or face to take me out. We end up at the warehouse I got here. I will bring his daughter and wife in. I will explain to them that I won't hurt them that I am doing. If his wife knows anything, she needs to tell me with a promise of protection.

I see the daughter and wife sacred and crying. I don't blame them for a rough nights, and they are pawns in this fucked up life. I am not proud of this moment, but I want to get Aurora. I have to do what I feel will break him or the wife to get her back.

"Mrs. Romano... I am sorry to do this; it's not my style. I like to save the women from your husband, Manny." I say in a reassuring voice.

"You save women from AJ? They own a dance club. The women I spoke to who are not there against their free will must be mistaking. Why are we here? Where is AJ?" She asks with a shaky voice.

Poor woman, she either lying or she doesn't know what her husband's and his family does; how can she not? I am going to be very upset if she is lying. I am not fucking playing around anymore. I feel she was trained to lie to protect them. I have to be the bad guy and break her.

"You are telling me you don't know they run a human trafficking biggest ones at that? Manny took my wife, you have to know they are Mafia, and you know how this life works. Let’s start with truth, or should I kill him now?" I say in a harsh tone demanding the truth.

She is searching my face that is stone-cold; her daughter is quiet, and looking around, she is in shock and shutting down I can see it in her eyes. I can show zero empathy for them right now. Because if I do, it can make things a lot harder.

"I know they are Mafia. I honestly don't know about the women I would never agree with that I was in sex trafficking, and AJ saved me." She tells me she has been brainwashed. I can see that.

His family probably took her; she was trained and had Stockholm syndrome. I hate what I am about to do; see if AJ has a heart in there. I order them to be moved where AJ is; we killed all but three men. The rest were not giving us info or had none to offer, and the young one I have a feeling about him.

We have talked about protection and have a solid plan; she believes me, and she ended up admitting to knowing who he was that she was with him out of fear and to protect her daughter they are both on board with the plan; they know the deal. We walk to the room where AJ is; he is looking at his wife and daughter; his eyes are big as he looks at me; he knows what will happen; he has to understand, right? I am getting aggravated, and my emotions are all over the place. I can't think, but I have to play the devil, or I will break, and I can't break.

"AJ, as you see, I have your wife and daughter. I want to get what is mine back." I say with an evil voice and renin stone cold.

"You wouldn't hurt them, not what you do." He tells me with a smirk as he challenges me. I smile at him. He has no idea what I am doing.

"AJ, you don't know what I will do right now. Eye for an eye, I want my wife, or I will kill your wife right now!! I scream in his face, pull out my sword. The woman screams.

He worried; he now knows that I might kill them; I know I won't, but he doesn't; he needs to know I am not joking around; I want all the information.

"Where is the house in the UK?" I ask in a demanding tone as I am in his face kneel level.

"I am not telling you shit." He screams back at me.

"Franco, you know what to do," I say in a calm tone with a smirk knowing the plan.

He grabs the wife and slits her throat as AJ cries out, and the daughter screams and cries there is so much blood. Her throat is not slit; we made a deal; it an act. Gia is very creative. She works in horror; this plan took a long time to do with a fake knife that looks real.

"You still doubt how far I will go now for my wife?" I say, keeping a straight face that he can't read. I see anger and fear in his eyes.

"Shame I liked the one, but I have more." He tells me with a smirk.

"You don't love your daughter?" I ask him, now worried I won't get info. This man is cruel, as they say, like his father. This plan is failing me here; what a dumb idea, but it was Gia’s.

"I love my daughter, but I know you will not kill a child. I am not dumb; kill me already. I am not a rat." He tells me with a smirk.

"Nah, I want to keep you around a while," I say with anger and a laugh.

Let's hope this last attempt works. I hope it does because if it doesn't, I will not find Aurora as fast as I would like. I nod to Marco, who pulls out a fake knife that looks real; I don't even question Franco and Gia why they have all this cosplay shit if she is done with horror films.

Marco puts the knife to her throat. She smiles at AJ and has the saddest look, and this is believable shit. Suppose this was once done to me. I would think it was real and lose my shit and break, but this man is cruel; he may be crazier than his father. He should have got his name, not his younger brother.

"AJ wants Marco to kill your baby girl?" I ask him once more, hoping for something.

He is looking at her and Marco, and back to me, he is fighting with something inside himself. I hope he will give me anything I will take, even just a little.

"Rocky Romano, my father's brother who never wanted anything of this he knows my dad's affairs you find him you may find your wife. All I will give, I won't give anymore." He tells me with an emotion of guilt. He must care for his daughter.

"Marco, take her to a safe place, and we will protect her. Luca and I will take care of him and get a clean crew ready. This one is going to be messy. Make sure Gia does search for this rocky. Who I am assuming is Victor Romano; he left the family years ago." I say with anger as I am ready to end this fucker.

He takes the girl out. I will be taking both women to the safe house, and I think Marco is a liking to the daughter. Luca is by me, I nod, and Luca unties him. He looks confused. I have the door locked. He can try and take me down.

"If you can beat mine and Lucas's ass, you can walk out of here free," I say with a smile.

He doesn't waste time going after Luca; he dived dodged the punch, he starts to punch AJ hard. It's all over once Luca gets going. His death will be brutal. Luca has him down and kicking his sides and slapping his face. I can hear bones crushing, him screaming in pain, still trying to fight Luca. He is no match for him; he gasping for air as blood is splattered all over Luca and the floor. One final blow to the head as we hear loud cracking noise and blood is pouring out, and we know he has done.

We get clean up and leave the room as Luca goes to the washroom to take care of the mess. I smile as I see the women are cleaned up. The wife, who I know as Stacey, smiles she can be free, daughter Daisy seems more relaxed, not as upset as a girl her age should be. Time to bring Aurora home. I will find her, and I will do what it takes. I have to get more creative.
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