Dangerous Marriage

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Hope For Escape


I don't know how long I have been here. I heard him on the phone saying we were in the UK; he gives me a shot to make me sleep every time we move. I am holding on to hope. My babies, girl, Vincenzo are keeping me alive. I have so far managed to keep the creep with the ugly face away from me; he only touched me that one time. I am planning my escape; I cannot stay here.

I have been playing nice. I watch their moves. I pretend to sleep when they come in, and I eat when they leave. I see things in here I can easily use, like the heels he wants me to put on can be easily used as a weapon. I will do what I have to escape and get back to my family. I know they are going crazy, and Vincenzo is looking for if he is alive. I have to believe he is; I can feel it. There was so much blood, but he strong; he can’t be brought down that easy.

I have the dress on at his request, and I do not put the heels on. I will pretend to put them on when he comes in, and I will attack him with the heel, hope like hell this will work; it has to work I am going to escape this man. Kill or be killed, Vincenzo taught me. I have trained hard with him.

I hear the door unlock, and I get ready for the attack. Manny makes bike rise in my throat; he always tells me he loves me, that I will be his we will rule one day, that my kids will grow into warriors and kill their own family. That will never happen. They are true Basilischi blood and Rossi blood born to be warriors. Far more dangerous than these people.

"The dress looks beautiful. Let's get those heels on a doll. I have a surprise for you; we will marry today, and you will be my wife. This will be the best day. I promise I will get your children there was a bit of an issue. It seems like Vincenzo is alive. We have to get him out of the picture.” He tells me a small laugh as he rubs my face making me cringe.

I cringe. I can’t help but be happy Vincenzo is alive, and he is looking for me; he out for blood. I know it. I bet he was killing everyone in his path he is probably the devil he always claims to be, but I have never seen it myself besides in the bedroom. I am happy to hear that, but I to keep it together.

"Sir, I had no idea we were getting married; how can we marry if I am already am married with Vin being alive?" I ask him with a fake smile, give him a seductive look.

"He won't be for long. I have it all planned out." He tells me with a smile and laughter. Sick sadistic fuck.

I bend down, putting my heel. As he watches me, he turns down, rubbing my leg. I feel bile rise ''okay. One. Two. Three." I say to myself, and I take my heel in my hand, smashing it through his eye.

Blood is everywhere as he stumbles back, falling. I look to see if he is alive; he is breathing. He is trying to grab me; as he pulls the heel out, I want to throw up at the site of his now missing eye and blood everywhere. I see him holding his eye the fucker won’t go down

"You bitch, how could you do this? I will kill you now!!" He shouts.

How is he still breathing? I take my other foot with the heel doing a 540 kick that takes him to get ground, and I keep kicking him. I can't stop thinking of him taking me from my babies and daughter, Vincenzo, my family. I have rage. I can't stop blood is just going everywhere. I stomp his face in to he is no longer moving.

I force myself to calm, and I look around, realizing his son can come at any moment. Is there more people here? I search his body to find two guns, and I grab them hoping like hell they are loaded. It's going to be a fight. I run out the door. The hallway is dark. I have the guns in my hands. I am shaking and praying like hell to get home I want to me home I miss my family. Tears start to fall but I keep moving.

I creep down the hall, looking around, making sure no one is watching or can see me. I see stairs where I walk down, then slowly hiding the guns behind my bloody dress. I am breathing heavily.





My heart is pounding in my chest as I look around. I make it to the bottom. I don't see a door. This place is prominent. I don't know where I would turn. I just guess and make a turn being quiet as I can be. I stop to take the heel off it’s slowing me down, I take the dress off I have other clothes on tank top and shorts. I was hoping this would work out.

I hear a voice, it's woman, men they are laughing I can hear them all saying how Manny finally did it he got Vincenzo to break the women are mocking and laughing. I know they are not captive. I hold the guns ready to shoot. I hope I don't have to do that because it will draw attention. I don’t need that.

As I decided to turn left where it's lighter, I walk as quietly as I can. I am scared and have adrenaline at the same time. I creep around the corner, being careful that I don't get caught. I hear the voice getting closer; my hands are clammy as I hold the trigger. I see it's his son and a few other men and women hanging around.

I have to back away, hoping I don't get caught as they see me they all smile; it's a little dark; can they not see my blood. Okay they will know I have no shoes and not in the dress sure to have his blood on my feet and hands. It was splattering all over.

"Father, let you walk alone to the ceremony." I hear his son. I think Manny Jr is his name.

I am ready to pull the trigger. As they look at me, the women gasp, and the men are looking at me with worry or furry and see me holding the guns on them, and the one laughs. I am shaking should I run or shoot? I am fucking frozen now I can’t move why can’t I move? “Move Aurora” I say but I can’t move.

"How did you get my dad's guns? Why are you bleeding?" Manny Jr asks me, knowing the answer already.

"Stay away, I don't want to kill you all, but I will. I want to be home with my kids and husband. Just let me leave!!" I shout, shaking with the guns in my hands.

"No can do I am in charge now; you will marry me. You are outnumbered. We have men everywhere. Can't escape me, baby." He tells me with a smile.

I lose myself, I cry, but it's with rage, and I start to shoot.



I hit the women and men killing them or wounding them. I run the other way as fast as I can. I keep going, and passing hall after hall seems like it will never end. I can hear people closing in on me. I keep going. I remember Vincenzo telling me how I have a great shot.

I see a glass door. I open the handle nervously. As I open, I feel the cool air hit my face, and I run out the door as fast as I can. I run, not knowing where I am going. I am losing my breathe; my side is hurting real bad from the running. If I get out of here alive, I may reconsider my life in this world, but I can't imagine my life without Vincenzo, but I will forever fear being taking or my kids. Poor Ariel will be even a more prominent target being a girl. I need to stop thinking like that and keep going.

I am running, and running seems like I not even making it to a gate, and I hear a voice of a woman yelling at me to stop, or she would shot, and I turn to see the blonde from earlier with her arm wrapped in a ripped shirt.

"I am not stopping!!" I shout as we both have guns trained on one another.

We don't speak as we both stare at one another with no emotions. I am shut down, and I feel cold inside. What am I turning into? Why am I feeling like this? I point the gun and shoot her in the knee caps and runoff. I don't want to kill more than I already had to. I am not a helpless woman; I can survive and do what I have to do to make it to my kids give me the strength.

I keep going, and I see a big fence. I don't know how I will get out of this; how will I make it over the big fence? I am starting to think I have no way out. I keep looking, trying to figure this all out. Okay, I see a branch. I host myself up on the branch as I lift myself, I seem to have trouble trying to get over the fence. I am almost there. I climb more using my feet and hands with all my strength I have in me. I am praying that I can make it over this fence and find help to call Vincenzo.

I can see I am close to the top. I keep pushing myself to keep going, and I am to the top as I make my way over. I fall hard to the ground, hearing my arm crack; I am in terrible pain. I am sure I dislocated my shoulder or broke it. I push myself up keep going as I fight through the pain. I need to keep going walk as fast as I can. I am tired and in pain I want to give up, but I manage to pull through and move more quickly. I am sick and weak. I don't even know what day it is or how long I have been gone.

As I walk further, I can see a road. I am so close This looks like London from the movies and pictures I have seen. I am sure I can find someone with a phone to help. I somehow mange to remember Vincenzo's number. I need to call him, let him know where I am. I know he will get me once I call. Is he on his way? I am getting worried I start to panic and seem to be frozen. Why the hell can't I move.

I feel something. The hair on my neck is standing up. I have an eerie feeling, this sharp pain in my shoulder I feel a hard pinch in my neck. I rub my neck try to move, just stuck my eyes are a blur. Fuck no. No. No. They got me! I am doing everything to force myself to stay awake I am walking but seems slow, like I am in slow motion. Like time it standing still, I can't understand what is going on? I keep having this eerie feeling, and I feel bile rise, and I throw up all over the place and myself. Ugh... I don't feel well but have to keep moving.

Suddenly I see dark I can't focus on anything and I am trying hard is this it? No, this can't be. I push myself to keep my eyes open, upset that I had to leave the guns behind. Move now damn it.

I keep focusing my eyes, and I fall to the ground as I keep my eyes half way open trying to see what is going on around me, and then...
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