Dangerous Marriage

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I try hard to focus on the face in front of me. Am I dreaming as he picks me up? I start to panic, but I can't move. My eyes won't focus on anything or anyone.

"W-what are you doing?" I ask in a groggy voice, and I am apprehensive about what is happening to me. Am I alive?

"Shh... I am here. I got you to relax; you are losing a lot of blood." I hear the familiar voice tell me as I start to feel weak but will keep my eyes open and try and focus.

"You drive as fast as you can with her. Don't fuck this up. I have to make sure everyone is taking care to see if Manny is dead!" The voice is very authoritative reminds me of Vincenzo.

"Vincenzo..." I say in a whisper tone as I can't get words out loud enough. I start to feel relaxed; this feeling is excellent; why the hell does I feel at ease? My side is so wet; what the hell. Am I bleeding? Am I dreaming of Vincenzo?

"Go take her now! I love you. Kitten, remember you are mine now and forever." I hear the voice that feels so far away...

I am on a lake with the boys and Arial and Vincenzo and my dad and family, my mom, is there everyone is laughing having a good time my mom is holding the twins even has Ariel in her lap she smiles big at me that beautiful smile that I have missed so much. I try to reach her, but she seems so far. The kids and everyone fades away; it is just my mom and me standing in the middle of water looking at one another.

"M-mom, what is going on?" I ask with worry and shaking bad.

"You did great; the boys are beautiful, and Ariel she is going to be something, watch and see. I knew Vincenzo was for you, and you found Enzo. I am not gone, Aurora. I am always with you in your dreams, even when you are awake. I am not gone. You hear me, and I am not gone... stop crying over me and move on. I am happy!" She tells me with her beautiful voice. She is happy I hear it in her voice.

"Aurora, I love you." She tells me with a smile,
I can't get to her; she is fading away from me. Where is she going?

"I love you too, mom, come back!!" I am screaming for her to come back as she fades away, now I am alone, and I hear beeping and people talking.

Wake up, ‘Baby girl’ I just got you." I hear my dad. I am trying to open my eyes. Okay, here I go, one. Two. Three. I count.

I open my eyes, focussing them around, and see my dad and brothers and Luca and Lily. My eyes lock on him, Vinczino am I dreaming? I keep focusing but I don't see my kids; where are they? I start to panic, and the beeping is louder.

"Kitten, it's okay. I got you now, relax, a doctor is coming." I hear his soothing voice very confused why I am here then I see I am in a hospital how?

"What happen to be me? I saw her, my mom she said to move on it felt real she wouldn't let me follow her said go be happy!" I say with worry and confusion.

"We got location we reached you, when we found you you were badly beaten and were shot in the side they removed the bullet no damage. No broken bones in the face, but ribs are broken you have a head fractured. They had to take swollen down. We have you now; you fought hard; you killed Manny and many others," Vincenzo tells me as he grabs my hand, kissing it like he has many times.

I Can't I remember the attack at all? Is this normal? I am relaxing and looking around, seeing this is all real, but what happened to Vincenzo? He is all bruised and has bandages around him. I see my dad is hurt and Luca, my brothers

"What happened to you all? How long have I been here?" I ask with worry looking at all of them, trying not to have a panic attack.

"Three weeks, we took care of it, we ended the war we are safe for now we need you better, so we get you back to the boys, Ariel she has been missing her mother," Vincenzo tells me with a beautiful smile, making me feel calmer.

"Why can't I remember the attack?" I ask with worry, and I hear a strange voice.

"I am Doctor Levi, and I am happy to answer that question when a person goes through something traumatic as you . PTSD happens and can cause trauma slight amnesia you block it out. They will come back to you slowly or fast depends. You have been through a lot the last past month." The doctor tells me in a calm, professional voice as he checks me over.

I am lost in my thoughts, I hear everyone talking to me; my brothers hugged me, I felt relaxed, they said they had loose ends to handle. My dad gave me a kiss leaving as well—just me, Vincenzo, and Luca.

"Tiger, I will leave you to Vincenzo; he has wanted us all to gone for days now. You gave us all I scare but glad we found you. Get some rest ‘Tiger.” He leans down, kissing my cheek. I feel a tingle as he does. We have a love but it’s not what you think at all.

"Can't get rid of me. Who will keep your ass in check help you find a woman?" I joke and give him a small smile. I see Vincenzo clenching his jaw as Luca leaves.

"He loves you, Aurora. He was losing his mind without you. He kept me going helping me look for you as I had to heal myself." He tells me with an aggravated tone.

"Stop, he does not; we are just good friends; he is my family. We are all family. I am okay, and you are okay. I want to see my kids, Vincenzo. Can you bring them?" I ask with a pleading and hurt in my voice.

"Tomorrow, you need rest, for now, had a hard fight last few weeks here scared everyone." He tells me, kissing my lips soft I craved this man his lips, his touch.

"What about you? You need to relax and get back in your room; I see the wrist band on you; how bad are you hurt?” I ask with concern and confusion.

“I am not delicate Aurora, see the bed we are in my hospital I am staying with you. When we took care of the other people, things got ugly, and we handled it. Just focus on getting better and being with kids at home. It’s over, Kitten. I love you; get some sleep. “ He tells me as he smashes his lips into mine, kissing me hard but not with the need of sex but with love we missed eachother.

I can't help but wonder what it would be like if I left all this behind. I am scared of this happening again! I need to make sure next time I can protect myself and my kids. I need to train when I heal. I need to know how to prevent it from is happening again I will train even harder.

Vincenzo is sleeping next to me in his bed wish I could sleep, but I can’t. I keep trying to remember what happened to me how I got here. I know I was taking by Manny; what happened after that? My mom that dream she kept saying she not gone what was that about? I was overthinking things. Sleep does take me over as my eyes feel heavy.

Look at you now pathetic begging for your life on your knees; Manny may not have the balls to hurt you or rape you, but I do!” The dark figure yells as his voice echoes. I am trying to see his face, but he seems far away!

“Stop, don’t touch me!” I shout as the man trying to lift my dress. I am so cold...

I fight and kick my foot up, making contact with his face. I can’t see him; I hear him yell.

He chuckles hard. Bitch you are going to pay for this.” He shots as I feel something hit me hard; my ears are ringing; this is painful. I am starting to see...

“Ahhh... h-help me...!!” I yell with panic in my voice feels like everything is closing in on me.

Aurora. You are okay relax breath in and hold it count to four, and exhale, slowly counting to seven. Do this a few times for me, okay?” Vincenzo asks with a soothing voice as he looks at with a worried look; he seems helpless. I do as he tells me do to I relax it’s working.

“What happened , Kitten?” He asks me with worry, he is searching my face. I see tears in his eyes; he is hurt; he vulnerable right now. This was probably hard on him.

“I had a dream of a man h-he hitting but... he... I... his face was dark. I couldn’t see him.” I say while stuttering and hiccuping from crying hard from being scared.

“Shh... I will never let you get hurt again. I will die for you. I will always find you and risk my life. Maybe these dreams will lead to your memory while you were gone.” His voice is laced with anger and sadness. I am breaking once again, and Vincenzo is trying to heal me all over. I should be healing him.

“Stay with me, please I need you by me; I want my kids Vincenzo.” I plead with him in a hurt tone.

He doesn’t say anything; he holds me; his familiar scent soothes me as I inhale him. I am calm, but I can’t relax; my anxiety is high. I want to be home.

“Aurora relax. Everything will be fine, and I got you. Just relax, think positive about the boys, Ariel our family.” He tells me in a soothing voice as he rubs my back. I start to whine down and feel my eyes heavy but still fighting it. I am scared to sleep. I don’t want to dram of what happened to me; I want to forget it altogether.

Come on, is that all you got bitch!!” The voice is yelling loud at me as I feel a hard hit to my face, taste cooper as I am knocked to the ground.

I get up and grab a big rock-throwing it at him hiring him in the face hard; he falls to the ground, and I run. I can feel all the blood as I run. I don’t get far before being yanked by my hair, and I see the face; it’s the man who was with Manny, his son; his face is burned bad. Before I can fight, my head is slammed hard, and I hear voices as I am lying on the ground. I see Vincenzo looking down at me as he picks me up before the world goes black.

I remember everything from killing Manny to being caught and held captive and escaping again, almost dying, but Vincenzo found me; he saved me. He is my hero. Soulmate

“Vincenzo, are you awake,” I ask with my voice cracking as I shake him.

“I am, Kitten, another bad nightmare?” He ask with a groggy voice and concern.

“Yes, I remember Manny’s older son did this to me; he said it was revenge for his brother and sister. He hit away he is out there; what if he comes back? We have to get the kids to please!” I shout and going inside as I cry hard with worry this is not over.

“He will be taking care there are not many of the Romano’s left stop worrying, Kitten trust me okay...?” He tells me with a calm and soothing tone laced with some harshness.
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