Dangerous Marriage

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What am I doing? Aurora is a beautiful woman. She has the vibrant color purple eyes I have ever seen with long thick natural eyelashes. Her face is so angelic. She is perfect. She has an hourglass figure. I love women with bigger ass like her; she keeps in shape. I have always wanted her from the moment I saw her. I know it's wrong, but now I don't fucking care.

It Not just her beauty, but her innocent she is so pure, brilliant. She looks like Marylin Monroe, and she is far more exotic. She has a tattoo of Marylin Monroe with a quote saying. "sometimes things fall apart so that better things can fall together." on her side. Here she is, pumping my cock, looking at me with much darker eyes filled with lust.

“Fuck, Kitten!" I say as she looks me in the eyes. I am so stiff, ready to bust wide open.

Aurora starts to pump my cock with her tiny hand; I throw my head back. It feels so good, and I know this doesn't seem right; I am too far gone to care. We are too late to turn around. Fuck if I even want to, I can’t. I am not right; I am a dangerous, cold-hearted killer. She can't be in my world. Will that stop me? Fuck no!

“Vin... touch me please..." she looks up at through her long lashes. Begging me, she has no idea what her words are doing to me.

"Aurora. You are amazing. So flawless." I hiss as she takes me in her mouth.

She was begging me to touch her, but now she was taking me in her mouth. She slides her mouth down further, gagging. I am not small, and I am over eleven inches thick. I feel like this is my first blow job. I love the feel of her warm mouth, breath, and tongue running up and down my cock. I look into her eyes filled with lust; her eyes are damped. Her beautiful lips are swollen; I want to grab her and kiss those lips.

I am too far gone in pleasure. I lose it. I grab my 'Kittens' hair thrusting deep into bliss in her warm mouth, hitting the back of her throat. Fuck she is killing me with her mouth and moans. She can’t be honest; I don’t deserve a woman as beautiful as her. Fuck she is young, but I don’t even care because I am not a good man or a hero she thinks I am.

"Relax, breathe through your nose. Your mouth feels so damn good. You are magnificent." I encourage her as she keeps going.

I slide her off me, and her mouth leaves with a loud pop. I lift Aurora to me, bringing her lips to mine. I kiss her deep and hard with urgency. I bite and suck her bottom lip. I pull down her dress, bra revealing her round tits with light red wine nipples hard, begging for me to suck. I have seen many tits, none as perfect as Aurora.

"look at these tits, Kitten. You can't be real; you are perfect. Are you sure you want this?" She smiles big at me, which does something to me. I want her she mine now.

"Yea, Vincenzo, I am sure I want this; you make me feel alive." I grab her and lay her down on the bed.

I rip her dress and bra and panties off, leaving her in only her heels. I get a good look at her body: beautiful light golden skin. I grab her right nipple. I lick and swirl my tongue around her pretty nipple as I bite it hard. She moans, causing me to want to jet off without even being inside her beautiful paradise yet. I make the same assault to her left one.

"I am going to make you see stars, Kitten. After tonight I will teach you how to be mine. I own a sex club we will have a lot of fun there. That is a place where fantasies come true." I tell her as I look her in the eyes. She smiles as she throws her head back so beautiful.

I Inhale her coconut-vanilla, in even her smell is exotic. She doesn't understand what she agreed to. She wants to be free and alive, and I knew she wanted me as wrong as it is. I want her. But now I own her, and she will obey me and do as I say. I have to have power and control; it’s in my blood gentle is not my thing. I can't help myself; when I see her little glistening pussy. I go straight for her honey core.

"Look at this beautiful pussy say breathlessly, inhaling the sweet nectar.

"No man has ever touched me like you," she tells
me. I lose myself, knowing I will be the first.

I smile at her. I want to taste her. I want to make her scream and beg me to stop and never leave her alone at the same time. I want to push her to all limits. I find myself wanting to kill every person who has ever hurt her. She will be my downfall. I want to watch a man fuck her; as I watch her cum. I am twisted there a lot about me she doesn’t know.

"Aurora. It would be best if you were ready for me. If anything I do tonight is too much, please tell me. Remember, I will never hurt you." I tell her before going back to her sweet-tasting pussy.

"I will. I am just nervous. I don't understand my feelings." I dip my head and work her little clit with my tongue as I push two fingers inside her.

Holy fuck is she tight! I cruel my fingers. I begin to work my finger reaching that spot. I thrust fast and deep, and hard I can hear her juices as I pump my fingers, making my cock hard, ready to cum fuck this woman is going to turn my world upside down; I can feel it.

"Watch me, Kitten. I want you to watch me make you cum. You feel good best pussy I have ever felt." I tell her in a demanding tone.

I pump my fingers in and out of her hard and fast as I lick and swirl my tongue on her clit, working both of her spots. She is screaming my name and saying, please. I keep going holding her in place with my free hand as I keep working her. She tastes like honey, and her silk walls wrap tight around my fingers; she is close. My cock is hard; it hurts, leaking with a need for this woman. Aurora's breathing is hitched as I move my fingers and work my tongue on her clit. She moans as she reaches her climax

"Vincenzo. Please!!" She screams as I don’t let up.

Gripping my fingers like a vice, her legs shake her juices flow out of her pretty tiny pussy, and I lapped up every drop of her sweet honey and love every taste and feel of her body; she is rare; she doesn't see she is diamond. She doesn't see her beauty the way others see her the way I see her.

“Fuck...!” I say while I eat her out more.

I want her to beg me to stop. I shove my tongue in her, move it all around with different emotions as I work her sensitive clit wanting to coax another orgasm from her before I fuck her. I move up and done all over her, dip my tongue inside, tasting her, enjoying her tight pussy that is mine.

“P-please...!” She yells out.

"Please what, Kitten?" In a demanding tone, I need her to use her words to tell me what she wants.

Aurora is fisting the sheets with her fingers, moaning loud as I keep my assault on her. She is going to climax for me again, and I feel her getting close. I enjoy her moans, asking me for more. I keep going as she shakes and pulls my hair hard, shoving my face into her harder.

"You taste so good, Kitten, like honey. I say to her as I kept the assault on her to she cums hard.

She is asking me to fuck her. I am a greedy man; I always get what I want. I know I said I would be gentle with her. I can't stop my dominant ways. She has to be prepared as my sub. I will fuck her into submission. She will never allow a man to touch her and leave that boy she is with. I already have a plan.

"Vin, p-please... I need you to be inside me..." There they are. She used her words for Daddy.'

"cum for me, Kitten, say my name. always be vocal with me." I tell her as I keep going.

"V-Vin... Oh, my God!" She screams. I feel her let go and release all of her juices that go down my throat. I lap all her juices up as she is coming down from her high.

I never had a woman as good as her. I need to watch her. I can't have feelings for a woman. I only have them for one girl in my life. I flipped her over made her get on all fours. I need my control. I grabbed her hips hard and entered her roughly. Her breathing is shallow. I hold her in place as I speed up my paste, thrusting deeply and hard. The headboard is slamming off the wall. I slap her ass hard. I was rewarded with a loud moan.

“Was that okay for you?" I ask her.

"Y-yes... I liked it a lot."

I am like a man who never had pussy before, trying not to cum already. I rock inside her hard and slap her ass again. She falls to the mattress. I grip her up by the hair, bringing her back up to me. I kiss and lick the back of her neck, suck hard. shit, she moaning but is this too much for her? I don't care; I am far gone.

“Is this okay with me being rough?" I ask her, still pounding into her.

“Y-yes, I love it; keep going!” She yells out as she moans with her words.

I pound into her with an even harder thrust. I force her back to be close to my body, reach around, grabbing her throat she can breathe. I know she will bruise; this is what I like to feel women bend to my will. I am the beast who needs to feed. I drive harder and harder into her keeping her close to my body.

"You drive me wild, Kitten..." I say, panting.

I move with a fast rhythm in and out of her sweet tight pussy. I am in paradise. I never want to leave her. I want to be in her forever. I am lost in her soul as I thrust my eyes are rolling. I am growling like a beast. She was crying for me. I love it. Daddy’ is here for his kitten.

"D-don't stop Vin!” She screams out to me.

She is begging me not to stop. Fuck! she doesn't understand what that does to me. This is new to me; I have always had a woman tied up in the submissive role. I never allow them to use my name or touch me the way she did. This is all new for me too. We both are being taken out of our comfort zone. I flip her over, bringing her on top of me.

“Ride me hard, Kitten." She sinks on me.
As soon as she got on me, she bounced up and down on me with my help of guiding her. I am admiring her beauty. The way her now dark purple eyes are looking at me. We are connecting. I feel like she reached my cold soul. I shake that feeling away.

"Fuck.Kitten, you feel so good riding my big hard cock." I say as she goes harder on me.

Euphoria is what I am feeling. I am allowing this woman has power over me right now. Yup, she cast a damn spell on me. I am heading to bliss. I feel my stomach and balls go tight. I have a crazy body sensation. What is happening to me? This is crazy. Is this real? She bounces harder, her tits moving with her body; her head is throwing back. She reaches for her nipples, keeping her balance on me.

“I need you to cum with me. Kitten scream my name." I say as I am ready to explode.

I thrust into her as she bounces up and down, both of us moving in rhythm together. I feel her go tight; I know she is close. I feel intense pleasure as my stomach goes all the way to my balls, which go near, going to my toes.

"Vin!" she is clawing my chest. I can feel the blood from her scratching me and a burning sensation that turns me on more.

I can feel her as she climaxes hard all over me. I don't remember saying her name. she took me with her. I think the most intense pleasure as I pulsate deep inside her. I feel like I can't stop. She lays on top of me, both of us panting and coming down from the best fuck I have ever had in my life. I know her not on birth control, and I don’t even fucking care.

We both are panting; she lays next to me with her head on my chest.

I watch her sleep. She is magnificent, and I am still am trying to wrap my mind around what happened. We were one as we fucked. I cannot stop thinking about it when our eyes looked, and I felt her soul connecting with mine. I will never let her go; I am keeping her. This is so fucked up. I will do anything to make her happy. Once she finds out who I am, she might not want me.

I wake up with the sun shining in; I inhale the beautiful woman next to me. I can never get enough of her coconut vanilla. I have her sent all over as I rub my hands down my face. I took her a lot last night. I keep hearing one of our phones going off. I look, it is not mine. I get up and go over to the dresser where she plugged her phone in, and I should not look, sure she has a passcode.

I grab her phone a lot of miss calls, texts from David. From the first half of one text that is showing on her phone. He was making threats; I want to rip him apart limb by limb. I will kill him; it has to be done!

She is not going back. I own her now! For him, his day is coming. I am going to kill him; I have to.
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