Dangerous Marriage

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See How Beautiful You Are?


Mother-fucker, I fall into the damn mirror, and it comes crashing down. Things have been so crazy this past few weeks Aurora and I have been arguing a lot. I went to my club. I got drunk; my attention was not to cheat; I just wanted to watch the women dance get drunk with my boys. When she told me what I already know, it hurt me.

I was not expecting her to slap the shit out of me, accusing me of cheating. I thought it was for me to leave her when she needed me the most after reviling her true feelings. We are going to our favorite place, levering tomorrow tonight. I text Enzo to babysit the kids; he agreed I would reconnect with Aurora, show her how beautiful she is, how much I love her.

This was the first time she let me touch her sexually. I want more of her; I need her; I crave her more than anything. I think she will like it just as much as I like it. Aurora picks in, asking me if I am okay to let her know I am refined, and motion for her to leave. She understands. I hope she does. I can’t wait to have her the way I want her begging me like she has so many times before; most of all, I want her love. I carve that the most he touch her sent all of it.

I move around the bed, my head pounding. I feel all dizzy. I see water and pills on a nightstand next to the bed. Fuck I feel like shit. I remember the club and drinking coming home, fighting with Aurora, touching her after that a blank. I look at my phone, checking a few emails. I see I text Enzo asking him to take the kids a few nights to take Aurora to New York for us to have alone time. Sex club I remember I want to take her there.

I make my way to the kitchen as I hear Arial laughing, the twins laughing as she plays peek-a-boo with them, and I see Aurora sitting down; she looks tired and sad. I don’t like what is happening to my kitten. I walk over to her, unsure if I should touch her or kiss her what to say. We have been in a horrible spot for a little bit like I am walking on eggshells, which is not me to be like this. I fear nothing, but I fear losing her, my family.

“Kitten, I am taking you to the club back in New York. Your dad will watch the kids it’s only for four days you think you can do this for me. I want us to be back in a good place; we need this alone time, don’t you agree?” I ask her with soft voice grabbing her had to kiss it, that is my favorite thing it calms me and her down. I search her face for anything.

She looks up at me with a smile; as she pulls me closer, hugs me. I hug her back, inhaling her scent that I will never get enough of. She drives me crazy still. I am obsessed and possessive over her.

“I think that is a great idea we could use that I hate leaving kids; what if Arial thinks I am leaving her again?” She tells me with worry in her voice.

I sat down talking to Ariel told he we had to leave for a few nights to get her a surprise witch is half truth she wants a horse I am going to get her that horse she wants she deserves it she been through a lot. My boys are giggling they are so happy and innocent. Vittorio don’t laugh as much as Massimo I see a lot of me in him already. I make my way to help Aurora with the dishes.

“We will buy her a horse for her birthday. I promised her a surprise when we get back and explained it was only for a few days.” I tell her with a reassuring voice and half-smile as I kiss her hands and rub her cheek as I always do.

“I love you, Vincenzo. I want to connect with you as well. I never stopped loving you. I feel the same; you are my soulmate, no one else for me. That club is where we can live our fantasies be free for a few days. We can explore each-others bodies. I want that more than anything.” Aurora tells me so much passion, and her eyes are so bright with happiness.

We decided to pack the kids up and leave now after all I own a private jet and the boss we can come and go as we please. So why the hell not we both want this more than ever. I need her just as bad and she needs me she craves the demon inside me. I love giving her that side of me.

“Ready.” I whisper in Aurora’s ear as she smiles we leave to bored the jet.

We arrived in New York. I have Luca and Marco, and Franco with me on this trip. I am on high alert. I know the Romano’s are out there. They are hiding. They are waiting for the right moment to attack, but this time we will be ready for them. I wouldn’t say I like killing women, but if I get my hands on Eliana, she will suffer and pay as for Angelo, he will pay a very slow… and painful.

“Crazy coming back here. My mom is no longer here; Brent is gone. Everyone is gone, this is where I was taking this gives me anxiety, but I enjoy the club. This is where I meant you.” She tells me with fear in her voice.

“Brent survived; he made it. The bullet grazed him and made him bleed a lot. Enzo requested he takes care of him he has something planned for him. David’s father did not survive.” I tell her no sadness she did not care for Brent, but I know she felt guilty thinking he was dead. That will happen it’a in Enzo's plan, and she will have to understand.

“Oh... I don’t care. I wasn’t hurt well in way I was. I don’t want bad to happen to anyone, but I put him behind me he is not my problem or family I wrote him off.” She is serious I don’t blame her.

We make our way to the sex club we will be staying in; my room is still here. She is wearing only a bra and thong purple; it has become my favorite color on her. Everyone looks. I see my old fling here, Alley; she smiles. I ignore her. This is where we can be whatever we want. But I am not here for these women I am only here for one.

I have a surprise for her tomorrow tonight; she is mine, all mine tomorrow; we will meet with a few people. I know she will be happy to see them and what I have in store for her. We enter the room as there are mirrors everywhere. I grab a silk tie.

“Kneel in front of the mirror for me look at yourself, how beautiful you are, how strong you are. This body, your soul, mind I want forever; you are all I need; I love everything about you.” I tell her with a soft voice as I wrap the silk tie around her eyes.

“I want you to hear me and feel me, but you can’t touch me. I will make you feel so good, Kitten. I own you; every inch of this body is mine. I rub her face as kiss her neck softly. You wanted to know how much I love you if I still want to touch you after what happened.” I tell her in a whisper as I unhook her bra as her breast are free and so beautiful.

“I want you. I think you are so magnificent. I can’t stop inhaling your scent or feeling your soft skin; every scar is beautiful; you complete me. I will go as far as it takes for you. I would take more bullets for you. I won’t let anyone touch you or hurt you again.” I tell her as I lean down on my knees.

I capture her right nipple in my mouth. I look up to see tears run down her beautiful face. I swirl my tongue around her nipple, leaving it with a hard bite.

“Vincenzo...!” She yells out, my name, my cock is hard; it hurts.

“Kitten, I am going to eat this pretty little pussy, and fuck you so good. You have wanted my big cock inside you, haven’t you, Kitten?” I say in a demanding, harsh tone.

“Yes... sir... I missed you.” She tells me while panting, and I can see her panties are wet; she is ready for me.

I pull her panties off, laying her down on the plush carpet. I don’t want to be rough with her right now; I want to make her feel good. I want to worship her body explore her love for her. I have to get down to her glistening little pussy.

I inhale her scent that I have missed. I dive right into her tiny hole with my tongue, tasting her swirling my tongue in a circular motion, tasting her sweet honey drinking up her juices.

I work her clit with my finger hitting the right spot as she shakes; she moans loud for me as she is bouncing hard; her walls still so tight grip my tongue she climaxes so hard as her juices go all over my face and tongue.

“Shit... Vincenzo... I-I... yes, don’t stop!” She yells out as I keep my assault on her pussy.

I remove my tongue and replace mg two digits inside her tight pussy, thrusting my fingers as I hit her G-spot. I am ready to cum just watching her cum for me; I work her pussy as I lick her sensitive clit hard with pressure.

“Fuck, the kitten, I can’t get enough of you,” I say, panting as I pull my cock out of my pants. I didn’t wear anything under my dress pants.

I work my way out of my pants, still working her clit; as I stop, I hover over her, I press my cock to her lips as she opens for me, I start to thrust into her warm mouth as she gags, taking all of me. I tried to be gentle, but fuck, my beast takes over.

I thrust. I watch her pretty red lips swell up as she sucks my cock hard and swirls her tongue around my cock, and moves it in motion just right. I can explode now. I am bliss. I am lost in her I fucking losing all control as I feel my stomach and balls go tight, pleasure going to my toes. I pull out fast, stopping myself from spilling my seed in her mouth.

I get above her, grabbing her legs above my shoulder as I line my cock at her entrance. Fuck I missed this; as I inch my way in, I hiss out with pleasure. I can’t believe how her pussy is still small and tight she too perfect.

“Hands stay down, don’t touch, just let me fuck you, don’t cum unless I say. Understand me, Kitten?” I say in a harsh, loud tone with authority.

“Yes... I understand!” She yells out with a bit a hint of frustration in her voice.

“Mmm... damn so tight for me and wet. I want to cum deep inside you make you scream my name.” I whisper to her as I thrust hard and fast in and out of her.

I thrust into bliss hard I pond into her I don’t let up as she screams for me to keep going how she missed this, I am trying like hell to hold back from not exploding.

“Cum now with me, Kitten!” I shut with a demanding tone.

She doesn’t hold back; she clamps down on my cock hard she shakes, and eyes roll in the back of her head. I lose myself in her as my watch is now moving in the back of my head; as I feel my cock spill my seed deep inside her, it pulsates still inside her, I am dripping sweat.

“I love you, Kitten; let’s soak in a hot tub and talk and cuddle. I have another surprise tomorrow for this time; we will be playing the way I like it, rough and hard.” I tell her as I take the blindfold off her.

“I love you, and I want that I needed this with you. This was good. I feel like we finally connected again. I can’t get enough of you; I never will.” She tells me as she gets in my lap cuddling up to me.

We ended up in the hot tub soaking and talking like we have before everything that happens. I realized I have to do more of a better job keeping my family safe that means taking out loose ends. In a few weeks, she is going to a safe house; we will hunt down the rest of these mother-fuckers.

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