Dangerous Marriage

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My Kitten


I hear my name as she sleeps, and I grab her bringing her to me as she cries into my chest. She still has night terrors; they have been getting better. I have her lying on my chest as I rub her back softly. I wish I could help her why I brought her here, hoping this would help her shot help us both.

"You okay, Kitten?" I ask her in a soft, soothing voice.

"I had a dream I was losing you. It's my fear of losing you when you leave the house. I always wait for your safe return. This life is hard, but I am in it with you. I don't want to lose you." She tells me in a cracking voice as she shuts her eyes.

I rub her back, relaxing her, so she goes back to sleep. I find myself feeling tired as my eyes feel heavy. I love this woman, and it's clear we don't want to lose each other her fears are legit as anything can happen when I leave the house.

We are having dinner. I can't wait for her to get her surprise. I know I said I wasn't going to let anyone touch her again, but I think she will enjoy this person I watch as they have a very close bond; it doesn't bother me as they know the rules outside this club. I want to have her feel alive, just like the last time we were here.

I hope you will like what I have planned tonight for us; to feel alive like the last time we were here. I need this for you, Kitten. I crave it; my beast has been waiting too long to play with my little Kitten; he is ready.” I tell her in a sexy harsh tone as I lick her neck, sending chills through her body. I smile big at her.

We are having some drinks as Luca walks in with no girl. This will be different from anything before I know they love each other. I understand how Luca feels about her. I know it's not what we have outside this club. They would never be together; what we have is unbreakable.

What I am going to let him do is control her the way he likes to hold his submissive women. We will take her to a place she hasn't been. I mean, this will never happen again. I want her to be out of her comfort zone and build her back up; to show how wanted she is. This is twisted. I know this is how we are. This is how we offer the women we love how beautiful they are desired they are.

"Vincenzo, are you going to do what we did last time? Where is his girl." She asks as she looks around. She is happy, which makes me love her more than ever. Again I know twisted!

"No, Kitten, we are doing something different, way different; I want you to trust again. I want you to allow Luca to control you the way he likes, and I will watch and touch you with him. Remember, this is the only time this will happen at this club. Outside of here, I will kill you both. That is a promise, not a threat." I tell her in a harsh tone making sure I get my point across.

I sit as I nod to Luca, who is getting drinks for him and Aurora, me. He joins us at the bar as he sits next to Aurora. Luca grabs the strawberry in a glass and grabs Aurora's face feeding her the strawberry; she eats it sensually as my cock goes hard. She licks her lips with eyes going from him to me with a seductive smile.

She is only wearing a sheer white dress. Her nipples are hard against the fabric she is turned on by him. I grab her right nipple through the material, rubbing it slowly as Luca rub his hand up her thigh, caressing her. Luca pulls her dress down, exposing her beautiful tits. I can never get enough of her rose nipples; having kids definitely made her breast bigger, and they are still lifted; she is too good to be true. Luca and I take a nipple in our mouth; working her nipples together, we make different motions.

She is breathing heavy and squirming as if she wants to run away, but we hold her in place. I swirl my tongue around, sucking hard and grazing my teeth over her nipple. Luca is doing his magic o her other nipple; she hangs on the counter as she is losing control.

"Luca is going to take charge. For now, this is going to be a night of pleasure and pain for you. I want to make sure you are okay with all this?" I say to her in a soft tone I don't want her to feel like she has to do this.

"I want to do this. I like when we come here and can be whatever we want. I want it, I promise." She tells me, panting.

"Remember your safe word purple, can call Luca master or sir never 'Daddy' that is only for me, Kitten," I tell her in a dominant tone as I lick her nipple.

"I-I understand." She tells me in a shaky voice as Luca is now between her legs.

I watch them as I get up and take my boxer off, stroking my cock as Luca eats her little pussy; she is watching him the way she does me. I go over to her, and I work my fingers on her clit as Luca tastes her honey core. I suck on her left nipple. She screams out with pleasure. My cock is painfully hard. She is almost falling off the chair. I hold her in place as Luca keeps his assault on her.

"Aurora, I want to be called, sir. I don't want you to cum. I like my women to edge a lot for me. You are fucking beautiful with me and Vincenzo touching you." Luca tells her in his dominant tone she agrees, and I make sure she knows I am 'Daddy' tonight.

He works her pussy with his tongue. I can see it on her face as she is holding back as her eyes are damp. I keep working her clit and playing with her nipples. She is moaning and pleading with us both to let her cum, but Luca won't, and I am not either. I want to see how far we can push her limits. Fuck how can a woman like her exist?

Luca is fucking taking advantage of this; he is greedy as I allow him to have her pussy any way he wants. I keep working her soaked pussy; she looks up at me with her beautiful dark purple eyes, and I smile big at her taking her lips to mine as I kiss her hard, not letting her breathe. Fuck not allowing us both to live.

"Cum for us now!" Luca demands. No way am I missing out on this. I stand back, stroking my cock as she shakes.

"Shit...sir!!" She screams out as her eyes roll in the back of her head, and her pussy is clinching as he works her with his tongue and fingers, I see her juices pouring out, and I can't help myself as I walk over, leaning down licking her clit wanting a taste.

Fuck, she tastes so good. I keep licking her clit; what Luca and I do is not awkward at all; we have fucked a girl at once many times. I am OK with him; we don't touch one another or tongues together or rub cocks together. We focus on the women.

Luca goes to the drawers; he is like me in a lot of ways. As he was getting things, I lean down, licking her sensitive clit; as I insert two digits and lick her clit. I work her hard, wanting to get another orgasm from her. I go hard. I know exactly what she likes, what will make her cum fast for me again. I work her hard and well. I want to drop my load right now.

"Vin...!!" She yells out as I work here with a steady motion of my tongue, thrust hard and deep, hitting her spot.

"Cum for me, Kitten; let me taste you more. I can never get enough of your honey." I say as lick her clit hard with pleasure.

She shakes and clinches my fingers tight as she climaxes hard. I drink up all her honey as she has wave after wave of pleasure screaming for me. She is magnificent like this. I drink her juices.

"Daddy... shit, please...!!" She yells out. As she keeps climaxing for me just the way I love her.

"Damn... that was beautiful to watch," Luca says with that damn smirk as he has chains and toys in his hands.

As he picks Aurora up from the chair, I wonder how she kept herself in that chair without falling off the way she was moving around. He lays her on the bed, blindfolding her eyes. I watch him chain each wrist and ankle with a bar; it opens the women's legs wide, with each thrust of her legs helps them open wide.

I have a great view of my kitten's pussy. I stroke my cock that is leaking pre-cum as she is helpless. Luca is placing a toy inside her pussy. I am pleased it's the new one I bought that gets her going hitting her g-spot and clit just right. She is shaking with a need; she is crying for us. Does she know how sexy she is? Does she know how bad I crave her? How bad I love her?

"She is beautiful; you are lucky to have magnificent women with a tight small pussy." Luca tells me with his all-knowing, overly excited tone. Bastard.

"She is all mine, so don't get any ideas outside this club. I hate to fucking kill you." I tell him with an evil chuckle he knows me well to know I am not joking.

Luca takes his clothes off his cock is standing proud, ready for my Kitten. I watch as he turns the toy on high he is using my favorite TCH lube; we love to smoke marijuana only drug we do we use to do others, but that was long ago. I love the lube best feeling. I bet it makes women feel good as well.

He pours the lube all over here; it's edible with different flavors to lick, give you a good buzz. I did a lot of research on it for the body's senses, especially a women's. He pours a lot on his cock, stroking himself. I head over to run it on my cock. Damn, that feels good; I throw my head back, stroking my cock.

I just stroke my cock to her moans and screams as the toy is doing the job; he allows her cum; he is like me; we love them to the edge, but we also like them to cum to where it hurts so good.
She is thrusting into the toys, and her legs are spreading more; her beautiful ass is on display; easily slip my cock in her little ass and fuck it. Luca has a whip. I smirk as I get ready to watch my kitten bend to his will. I go over to her as I need to touch that ass of hers. I get next to her, kissing her neck and licking and biting. I insert my middle finger in her ass, thrusting it in and out.

"Please!!" She is yelling. I don't think she knows why she is saying please.

I watch as she climaxes hard with the toy.




He hits her tits hard with the toy and her thighs. I watch her skin turn bright red as she screams out, her tight ass clenching my finger as she keeps climaxing. Screaming she loves this pain. She has told me many times I was worried she would handle this, but she can my beautiful ‘Kitten’ can take everything I give.

"Sir... 'Daddy'... please someone oh shit!!" She cries out to us both. As she shakes and screams, I smile as I reach down, stroking my cock as Luca keeps his assault up.

"You fucking like having Luca and me to yourself? Are you our fucking naughty kitty?" I say into her ear as I lick her neck and pinch her nipple hard. I can explode fast as I watch how turned on she is with my words.

"Yes... I fucking love it!!" She screams out as she is thrusting, wanting to grab for me. I laugh at her attempt.

"Awe, She wants to touch her ‘Daddy’ too damn bad you can't. this is not about you, is it Aurora?" Luca monks her while laughing sexually.

She climaxes more, and her flesh is bright red. Luca takes the toy out of her; she hisses as the toy leaves her pussy. She soaked the bed is soaked with her juices. She is panting and sweating from all the orgasms she had. I wonder if she is okay; she knows damn well to use her word; if she can’t, we keep going. I love this part of the control.

Luca pours lube on her pussy and nipples. I remove my finger from her ass as I lick her nipple hard with pressure. I watch as Luca starts to work her pussy.

"Can't come to Luca tells you," I tell her in a harsh voice. I go back to her nipples.
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