Dangerous Marriage

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Pushing Limits


I am laying her exposed this hurts so damn good they are pushing me to my limits. I can't touch them or see them, but I know the difference in their touch, but both light me on fire. I do love Luca, but not in a way that I do, Vincenzo. I would never want him outside of this room; we connect. I love this moment, and I won’t lie.

Vincenzo has my nipples, and Luca licks my so sensitive pussy hard I need to cum; since I am empathetic, they both demand I don't cum unless I am told I like edging call me crazy. I wonder if they both will have me at once that is something I can't do seems like it would be uncomfortable. I like the idea of them taking turns with me. I don't mind them both touching me like this. I do have limits, I guess, but I bet they still will try and push my boundaries.

I have watched porn. I see where women are fucked in ass and pussy. I don't know about that. I know this is where fantasies are meant to be made; who knows, maybe I will. I don’t think that if they try, I will most likely use my safe word in that situation. I like them touching and fingers in different places, but two cocks in me at once, I don’t know?

"Shit, you guys are driving me wild with this. I-I... don't know if I can hold back!" I shut out as I feel my body get tense, stomach muscles tight as I have that sensation that feels so good.

"You can and you will, Aurora; we say when you can and can't cum." Luca tells me in that tone I know well from Vincenzo; they are so much alike it's crazy.

I feel Vincenzo get above me. He puts his cock by my mouth; my head is turned as he shoves his cock deep, hitting my throat. I gag at how hard he is going and thrusting deep as my eyes water, and I feel tears run down my cheeks. I love sucking his cock; I do. I love making him feel how he makes me.

"So damn good..." Vincenzo tells me as he thrust harder. My lips are swollen. I swirl my tongue around his cock and work it the best I can without my hands.

"Cum for me now!" Luca demands, and just like that, on cue, as I suck Vin's cock I climax hard into Luca's mouth as he works my clit and pussy, and my moans vibrate around Vin's cock as he tells me what a good girl I am and his moans are so sexy.

I feel Luca above me, more relaxed and excited about what is to come as. His head is at my entrance; he takes his time entering me as Vincenzo slows his pastedown. I can feel him watching Luca. He joins me inch by inch, driving me crazy with need. I never thought I could be so turned on by another man other than Vincenzo, but I am so ready for Luca, turned on by him as he is already to the hilt, I gasp around Vincenzo's cock. He starts to pound into me hard and fast; I lose myself, not expecting it.

Vincenzo takes his cock from my mouth, leaving it with a pop; he goes down starts to play with my clit with his two fingers applying pressure as Luca pounds me hard. I don't know what to do if I should let myself go and cum or wait for them to tell me to cum?

"Shit, this feels so good!" I say aloud as they work my pussy.

I feel Vincenzo leave me, but I enjoy the pounding Luca is giving me as the bed slams off the floor and hits the wall hard. I think something is by my ass as Vincenzo inserts a plug, making me even more turned on as that hits the spot in my ass; who knew ass play would turn me on as it does.

"Please can I cum... sir?" I ask Luca begging him I need release so bad.

"No, not yet hold it." He demands me as I get wetter if that is possible?

Vincenzo is biting my nipples hard, making me gasp as he works them. Luca is moaning so damn sexy with a husky growl. Both men were growling like wild animals with their pray that is what I feel like. I am ready to let go shit. I need to cum. I need it so bad, don’t. Will they hear my pleads and let me cum?

"I am stroking my cock to Luca fucking you kitten. Watch me." He tells me softly as he takes the blindfold off takes a few minutes to adjust my eyes. I look at two beautiful men loving on my body.

Luca and I make eye contact; as he smirks, something changes inside me; this is a different feeling. We are connecting more than we did last time. I am not sure how I feel about this? I look at Vincenzo, who was stroking his monster, watching us, and getting wetter thinking about how turned on he is watching us. To most, this would be wrong; I would be a whore. That is okay. I am not normal; I knew that long ago.

"Mmm... so good, Aurora so damn good," Luca tells me as he slows down his paste.

"Fuck!" I say loud all I can get out.

He starts to work my clit with his fingers; as Vincenzo is pumping his cock; my eyes go back n forth. I decide to feel Luca and watch Vincenzo. He is throwing his head around as I know he is close to letting go.

"Watch me fuck you, Aurora. I want you to cum. I can't hang on any longer. Luca demands me I do as he tells me.

I let myself go with him as I watch him, and I feel Vincenzo's eyes on me. As I climax, I hear Luca and Vincenzo both say my name. I think Luca loses himself inside me as Vincenzo cums all over; my tits this feels so hot. I am thankful I started birth control a few weeks ago. I am sure he knew that from Vincenzo.

I am sore. I am out of breath. I can't believe how far they pushed my limits. They undo the chains. Vincenzo told me to clean up that they were not done with me yet. I don't know how much more I can take of this.

As I walk out of the shower, both men smile at me as I am not shy. I don't have a towel on. Vincenzo comes over to me, pushing me on the bed on all fours as Luca comes over with his monster standing proud.

"My turn to fuck you now. Stay on your hands and knees." Vincenzo demands with a harsh tone.

"Daddy...Yes...!" I feel him pour that fantastic lube over my body, not that we need it. I get wet enough, but this stuff does something to me that I can't explain.

I feel him at my entrance as he pushes his way into my hot wet tight pussy. He doesn't go easy; he pounds into me, holding on to my hair tight; the sting pleases me as Luca gets on the bed laying down pumping his cock. Making me so wet. Vincenzo grips me by the throat as he pounds into me. I know I will be bruised and sore for sure after all the pleasure they are giving me. Luca watches as Vincenzo makes me feel so damn good no man can ever top him. My body is fire; this man makes me crazy with need like a drug. Sex with him is so amazing my soul connects with him even when he is rough.

He thrust so deep and hard I have to try to focus on Luca's eyes. We lock eyes and watching each other. I don't know how I am now passed out for all this pain and pleasure. As I am still on a high, I climax hard around his cock, losing myself screaming his name. I am in pure ecstasy with them both.

I take Vin with me as we both call out our names as we both climax into pure bliss as Luca sprays his cum all over himself. I am spent ready to sleep the rest of the night away, but I know that will not happen with these two. They are still hungry for their prey.

I don't when or how it all stopped, I manage to look at my phones as it's after one A.M they showered, and both are sleeping. I needed to soak in the hot tub; I am so sore. Sleep is starting to take over me.

I open my eyes, trying to focus. I see Luca up with coffee smiling at me. I wonder where Vin is? I get up, stretching my sore muscles. I am hurting in places I did not know was possible. I can barely walk. They said I would not be walking for a week. I think they made good on that promise.

"Moring, where is Vin?" I ask in a groggy voice.

"It's four in the afternoon, and he went to get food. I made coffee for us. Things are different now, but we did this for you with our sick twisted way of showing you how loved and protected you are. I meant someone like for you to meet her soon." Luca tells me with the same smile and sexy eyes as Vincenzo.

I feel a ping of jealousy. Where is that coming from? Maybe because of what we did, you build a connection. We always had one. I am happy that he deserves his comfortable life and soulmate love to see him with a family. He was so good with the kids. They love him; he a natural.

"I am happy to hope she is the one to tie your crazy ass down. Mr. I am not a monogamous man." I say to him, sarcastically laughing and hitting his arm. He gives me a small smile.

I hear the door open as I see Vincenzo walk in with food for us; he smiles at me. I smile back as I take a sip of my coffee, smelling delicious tacos that I love authentic ones too.

"Is that from my favorite taco truck?" I ask with a big smile, one thing I do miss here. He gives me a big smile as he sets my food down.

Vincenzo told me we would be going shopping, and I am excited to do something with him. Luca will bring his new girl here later; we are not fooling around; I almost feel lousy. Does she know what we have done? Is she okay? He said they are not official. I don't see Luca as a cheating type; I think he has been hurt before.

We are at the mall Density USA biggest mall in New York. As we shop, I get things for me and the kids. Vincenzo texts men; they come out of nowhere, grab our bags deliver them where ever he tells him. I sometimes forget we always have bodyguards around us everywhere.

As we make our way to a store for Vincenzo, he claims he needs more suits and shoes. This man has more clothes than me, costly taste as we enter my jaw drops as I see no other than Ivy, Kelly, Dale, and Steven. I want to run out and hide? It's too late they spot us as I hold Vincenzo's hand.

I see them head my way, and I am dreading the conversation they will have. I have last seen them; it was awkward; they asked me at David’s funeral how I get away with murder. I laughed at them and ignored them. Now here we are once more.

"Aurora, what a pleasure to see you.” I hear Kelly’s fake voice as she smiles at me, just as affected.

“I can’t say the same. My husband and I are just leaving; we have a busy day and night.” As I want to walk away out, she puts a finger up for hold on a minute.

“I want to see if you are okay, not being brainwashed by this new husband.” She says with a smile checking Vincenzo out with a smile. I roll my eyes

“Me, Ivy, were you wondering what happen to you? We have seen your dad at church; he said you disowned him. He looked hurt. He said, you are married, have kids, moved your mom to another country so he can’t visit her. What is even crazier is how David’s father was found killed.” Kelly says with a bitchy tone as she more or less saying I killed him too.

"Well... it's not your concern, is it?” I ask in an angry tone.
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