Dangerous Marriage

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His Turn


I am uncomfortable, and Vincenzo holds me close. The men don't open their mouths as Vin towers over them, but... Is Kelly another story they were talking about with Brent? Who cares.

"Let's go, Kitten. Don't even worry about these fools. They are jealous you escaped. They can't." He tells me as he chuckles and rubs my cheek and now pushing me to walk. Kelly scoffs. I laugh.

We got more shopping done. I have this eerie feeling we are being watched. Maybe it’s just in my head after running into Kelly. Her words play in my head. I know Vincenzo had files changed around to make it look like there was never a cemetery shoot-out.

Brent was in a robbery by possibly the same people that robbed David. David Sr killed himself; he could not handle the pain of his son being gone. I know it’s not the truth. Vincenzo covers his tracks. Way of this life in his world well... now my world.

We decide to stop at a restaurant that he owns for dinner; we go straight to the VIP area. I have to say I miss the kids; I check in on them regularly; I am enjoying this trip with Vincenzo, connecting with him. We needed this; he gave me what I have been craving them some last night. Fuck, that was crazy, but man, was it hit having two men? I mean, two very hot rare men touch me at once.

“Vincenzo, I think you should be with a woman tonight. I want to watch you.” I tell him as I feel it’s only right after what he has done for me and let’s me sleep with Luca.

“Kitten, I don’t need to do that if this is because of you and Luca. I like stuff like that watching you come undone for him. If that is what you truly want, I can make it happen. Only if that is what you truly want?” He tells me as he is not convinced.

“I do, but I want to pick her,” I tell him as I am not joking. I want it to be fair; it will be hard to watch, but he said the club is only where we play out fantasies.

I look around the restaurant I notice the waitress she is a beautiful thick girl perfect. I see how she flirts with Vincenzo, looks and looks at him; like they know each other. Would she agree?

“The waitress Cassie I want her,” I say, smiling.

“Cassie, hmmm... I mean, I see why you are picking her. He smiles at me; extensive see, Vincenzo may be a lot of things, but he doesn’t have it in him to go out of his way to be mean to innocent women. I know why I picked her as well.

She is average, not what you say the most beautiful women, but she is not ugly. She has attractive features, and most of all, she doesn’t seem shy at all. She is very confident seems to know what she likes and what she wants.

We are having a great time laughing and talking, and now Vincenzo will make his move. I know I should enjoy us alone as this is our last night in New York, but it’s my turn to do something for him. I don’t think I will touch her. I never thought about women that way.

“We do this my way, Kitten, we do this, then I want to play. I will be a dominant man with her and you. Do you understand me?” He tells me in a stern tone as his eyes burn into my soul.

“That is fine, and I understand now get the girl,” I say in a seductive tone with a slay smile.

As Cassie approaches us, I watch as Vin flirts with her, he whispers in her ear making her laugh and blush. I see how he use to get women; I watch as she blushes. He has her leaned down to him as he whispers in her ear even more. She looks at me with a smile I give her a seductive big smile.

“I would love that I will meet you guys soon.” She tells him with a smile as she gives me a look.

I push it to the side because once she comes, I am making rules of my own like Vincenzo does with Luca and me. I will kill her if she thinks she will be with him. I know that much. I understand how Vincenzo feels now; it’s exciting, but there is a hint of jealousy and anger. That makes this all even more exciting and turns me on I can feel myself getting wet.

“You can back out if you want just say the word.” He smiles, challenging me; he thinks I will back out, and I am not going to.

“Nope, I want it,” I smirk at him.

As we leave the restaurant, I see Cassie waiting at the door, curious what he said. I will ask him later.

“Hello, Cassie. I am Aurora, his wife.” I say with a passive-aggressive tone.

“Nice to meet you.” She says as she extends her hand out; we shakes hands with a smile.

We all enter the limo; as I sit next to Vincenzo, I asked Cassie to sit across from us. I have my reasons. She dose as I say. Things are quiet so here it goes I am going to give my rules out.

“I want to make one thing very clear. Vincenzo isn’t licking your pussy that is off-limits. You catch feeling push them out because Vincenzo is mine.” I say aggressively, making sure my point is across.

“You giving me rules now, Kitten?” Vincenzo smirks with a raised eyebrow as he sensually rubs my thigh.

He leans into my ear as he licks it and licks down my neck, sucking and biting it. I am wet. This man will always light me on fire. He smashed his lips into mine we kiss passionately. As Cassie watches us. I like it makes me feel great alive.

“I like this side of you. I will respect your wishes, but I am big, so one of us has to get her ready.” He tells me in my ear as he licks my neck again, looking at me with a seductive smile.

Cassie is licking her lips as she watched the interaction between us. There is no way I am going down on her. I give him an evil eye as he chuckles at me as if he can read my thoughts. We make our way to the club as Vincenzo holds both of our hands leading us to what I thought would be our room, but we go somewhere different I watch as he pulls his keys out of his pockets and unlocks the door.

As we enter, there are all purple walls and purple lights on; he has a cage and bed with chains and whips and toys, his favorite editable lubes the THC ones.

“This is for you, Kitten, my new favorite color purple.” He winks at me, and I love it.

“Kitten, I want you to strip out of your clothes, go pick a toy and lube, and I want you to get the cage you are going to be locked in there. Watch me with our new friend here. Understand me?” He tells me in a demanding tone as he smirks at me.

“Understand, ‘Daddy’ I love you.” I say as he winks at me. She calls him that I will kill her.

I go over, and I pick the toys out that Vincenzo loves to use on me, and I pick the strawberry haze lube. As I walk over to the stuff. I undress out of my dress and bra and panties; his eyes look my body over as he comes over, kissing me hard, taking my breath away. He grabs my hand, leading me to the cage, picking me up putting me inside. He locks the door I am locked in with the toy and lube he throws in here with me.

“Cassie, do you want this?” He asks her as he hands her a paper and pen.

“Yes, I do.” She says in a seductive voice; as she reads the paper, signs it. Wonder what that is about?

“Undress Cassie, you will call me master. You do as I say.” He tells her in command as she nods.

She takes her clothes off slowly as her clothes are off her; she works her bra, and her big breast comes out. I must say they are nice to look at, and I am a little turned on. I want to touch them both, and I can’t. Never thought I want a girl but I do in this moment. She is going to feel what I feel. She works out of her pants and panties, leaving her pussy on display. She doesn’t shave, but she trims, it works for her; I must say her body is beautiful. She has tattoos a lot of them.

“Lay down.” He tells her with a seductive voice.

“Yes, ‘Master’... she says as she lays down on the bed.

He starts to chain her wrist and ankles. I wish that was me because he was touching that like that, me who was getting excited for what he was about to do. He leans over her as he rubs her pussy with his fingers. He doesn’t look at me. He looks at her she locks eyes with him as she moans from his touch them magical finger. Oh fuck!

He gets up, taking his clothes off; his monster is standing proud and ready. He goes over to the drawer he gets a toy, lube, and condoms out. He strokes his cock. I see her looking at him. He looks over at me, winking. I give him a smile as my pussy is wet and wide open for him to see how turned on I am for him.

“Start playing with that beautiful pussy,
kitten. I want to see you work that toy as you watch me fuck Cassie hard the way you like it. He tells me so damn sexy and demanding.

I grab the lube pouring it on my nipples and pussy. I rub my pussy with two fingers as I work my nipples with my other free hand. He is watching me as I feel myself losing control already, just his eyes on me alone make me climax I shake and lose myself. I grab the toy putting it on the highest setting. I watch him as I insert the toy into my sensitive pussy, feeling so good as vibrations shoot through my pussy and body. I move the toy in and out to i get my G-spot and hit my clit just right. Letting the toy go, I pinch my nipples hard.

I am moaning and screaming as I feel so good; he is still watching me, but then he moves to Cassie. Pouring lube all over her tits and pussy. He starts to rub her breast sensual as she moans. I see her dripping. He watches me as I watch him as he leans down. He takes her nipple in his mouth. I know what he was doing to her; I know the touch of his mouth and tongue and teeth. I start to see stars as my orgasm hits me. I climax hard, watching him screaming what his name.

He works her other nipple, then licks his way down her stomach. Will she eat her? I know I said no, but part of me wants him to. What the hell is wrong with me? He gets to her pussy. I watch him insert three fingers, and he does it. He licks her clit. I want to be mad. I want to say I will kill you, but I am so lost in pleasure that I don’t care what he does as long as I can watch him. He works her pussy as she moans out loud, saying yes, ‘Master’ she is shaking; I see her cum. He pulls his tongue away as he works her pussy, thrusting in and out of her hard and fast I can hear the sound of the toys and his fingers sliding in out of her wetness. I start to cum with her. I am lost in my pleasure. I almost forget to breathe. I have passed out before failing to do that.

He pulls his fingers out as he grabs the toy. He placed it in her pussy. I know that toy it’s compelling. He goes over to her mouth, shoving his cock down her throat; I hear her gag as he thrust in her mouth. Hard and fast deep making her gag with that big velvet cock. Yes… yes… I want his cock!

“You like this kitten. Is this what you wanted to watch? How wet are you tell me?” He says in a seductive sexy husky voice as he looks me in the eyes.

“Yes, I am so wet my juices are pouring out for you, baby,” I say in a raspy voice as I feel my next climax hit me so strongly.

She is enjoying his cock and toy; she moans around his cock he throws his head back. I know he is close, but he pulls out, and he goes and takes the toy out of her. I see him open the foil wrapper as he takes the condom out. He rolls the condom over his big cock while looking at her with a smile, not me; he leans down, saying something. She nods.

He comes over to me opens the cage. He moved my hand, and he takes the toy out of me. He grabs me, I will do whatever he wants. He gets me out of the cage.

“Sit on her face, let her eat the beautiful pussy as I fuck her hard I need to see you, Kitten. He demands me I am nervous. I have never done that. I will do it why? Because I want it more then anything.

I head over to the bed. Cassie smiles at me she looks eager to eat my pussy that is so wet and dripping. I hope she can handle all my juices. I get on top of her face as her tongue goes straight to work. She knows what she is doing. She is skilled. I will give her that. I move on her tongue for friction. I watch him line himself up then he slams into her, causing me to almost fall off her face. He starts to pound into her hard and fast I don’t have to move. He was making me move on her face with his hard thrust.

She moans loud into my pussy, sending vibrations. He looks me in the eyes as he fucks her as he doses me hard and fasts. He throws his head back. He tells us to both cum. I lose myself not even paying attention to her, as I watch Vins face with pleasure as he lets himself go.

I don’t know when we all came because I was lost in Vincenzo’s face and eyes and my own pleasure.

We all messed around more. I don’t know what time it is, but that was fun. I loved watching him with her.
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