Dangerous Marriage

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Truth Is Out


We have been home for three days as I promised I got Ariel her surprise. Today is her birthday day party. Aurora worked hard on planning this; she denied any help said she missed out on many before that she needed to do this. I will do anything to make her happy. She is my queen to my home, my heart, my empire.

It shocked the hell out of me when she let me sleep with another woman that did nothing for me. I had to think of her body and tight little pussy to get off. I loved how aroused she was watching. I was jealous and mad when Luca was with her. My twisted mind wanted him to be with her again wanted us to have few nights of living in fantasies because the real-life world is complicated and dangerous. Things are about to be emotional for Aurora because we have news on Ivanna. Enzo knows the truth. Will he tell her everything or half-truth.

I am so sick of hiding the information from her, but I promised Enzo man to man, this is a mess, and family to take care of Ivanna was his to get revenge for. If it were me, Brent would be six feet under now. But Enzo has a reason for not blowing his brains out.

"Vincenzo, what are you doing? We have to be down there now guests are arriving." She tells me in an aggravated tone as she walks out.

I laugh at her attempt to yell at me. I am not phased; it does the opposite makes me want her, but I can't be late for my princess party. And I don’t want to be cut off. Aurora is coming out of her shell. She is the person she once was; she backs, talks to me, stands up for herself, she even likes to punish me, but we know she wants to get me wild up. I make my way down to the party.

As I greet the guest, I see my dad and Enzo arguing over the twins as always tough men. They bend to the kids' will and spoil them. One day they will be hard on the boys as they will be trained to be warriors. They will take over the empire. I have a strong feeling Vittorio will change this family. I get these feelings, and I am not wrong on there usually.

Aurora's brothers are by her side; they have been a lot lately. I don't blame them after everything we all have been through. I laugh to see she has Arial in a big pink rainbow dress as she wears a crown on her head with a big smile. They are the only women who can break me. My heart wants to explode because Aurora is matching with her. Ariel probably set up the matching outfits.

“You like our outfits, Daddy,” Ariel asks with a big smile on her little face. I bend down, picking her up, hugging her tight.

“I love them. Did you have mommy match you?” I ask in a soft voice as she nods with a smile. I give Aurora a wink and seductive smile.

My mom and Maria are getting along well; they both standoff in the corner talking and in comes my men with their wives or alone. Here comes Luca with a beautiful woman. I can't deny that he seems happy he has a big smile on his face. They beeline to us I give him a smile and ride my eyebrow at him. He just smiles like he always.

"Luca," I say in a harsh tone as I eye the women up and down next to him, giving him a smile as he winks.

"Aurora, Vincenzo, this is Ava" He tells us with happiness. I see Lily make her way to us, hoping this will go well. They never stopped messing around.

"Hey, Ava. I am Aurora's best friend, Lily. Luca and I go way back." She says with a smile shaking her hand as Aurora slaps her arm.

"Nice to finally meet you. Luca could not shut up about you. I wanted to meet the girl who got into his cold heart." Aurora says with a big smile.

They both share a look and smiling making me smile as well, like we all were thinking the same thing. It will be discussed how Luca and I are, but we never share what we do with anyone besides Franco and Marco, Damon, Lorenzo. Specking of them, they are here with their spouses making their way over to greet the birthday girl. I am content, but I have a lot on my mind. I am trying to have a good time, after today I don't know what will happen?

"Luca, who is this beautiful woman." I hear Marco says as Franco and Gia smile while Marco poor attempt to flirt, getting a hard punch from Luca.

"Not here fuckers." I say in a harsh tone.

"So how do you all pretend as nothing happen?" Marco asks as I shake my head, giving him a shut the hello up look.

"Aurora, is the dinner ready to be served?" I asked, changing the subject. Fucking idiot!

She shakes her head; no kids pop plays as Arial, Benny, Elisa Franco, and Gia's kids dance with her little friends from other members kids she knows from preschool.

“Aurora, can you take the women and check on kids I have to talk with the men please?” I ask as I give her wink I need her can never get enough of her.

We all head to a private room.

"So, are you sure tomorrow is the right time to tell her everything?" I ask Enzo with a stern look as I worry how this will go over with Aurora.

"We have cant keep this a secret forever. I had Brent taking care of he will be in my cells here. That fucker will get what he deserves. Enzo tells me with fury in his eyes as his jaw is clenched.

I am glad we are not doing this today I just don’t want to wreck this day for Aurora, myself. What he is going to tell is going to either brake her or make her happy I don’t know it’s hard to say. I would be both of that was me.

"He will, and I am swelling my pride; I want to be the one to pull the trigger. I understand why you need it more than me. Enzo this needs to be done tomorrow or I will not be held for my actions for what I do to him.” I say in harsh tone just thinking about what he has done to them makes me want to kill him.

"We also need to remember to tie all loose ends with the Romanos. Can't have them out there trying to rebuild and plot against us? They already got us twice off guard." I hear my father say with concern as everyone nods in agreement.

"Well... I think I am in love with Ava. Who would would have thought my cold heart would find love." Luca yells out with a smile. We all congratulate him. He also changing the subject he knows this is important day for me and he don’t want me upset.

"Hey assholes, the dinner is ready, and cake will follow and gifts. Aurora wanted me to deliver that message." We hear Lily announce with her confidence and her loud mouth.

"You are red hot today, Lily," Marco tells her as he takes her body in. She doesn't hold back doing the same.

Lily has had a hard life as well. She is good at hiding her emotions; she is a complicated woman; she is very open about being sexual and not wanting to be tied down. I can get that after what she has told me. That is her story to tell one day. She is still living in hell her family is no better than Brent.

"M, baby, I am always hot!" She tells him in a seductive voice as she winks at him, causing Luca and me to chuckle.

"I don't think you can handle that one," Luca tells him as he pushes him forward.

We are all relaxed kids parties do that and being with family but can't let your guard down an enemy will attack a child's party they will not care. We are all sitting down having dinner. The drinks and conversation are going well kids have their own table. Aurora is happy she is truly happy. We ate our dinner; now it's time for the cake. I watch as they wheel a big princess cake out, and Ariel jumps with glee as she claps her hands. Aurora out did herself the cake is big and exactly what Ariel likes.

"Okay, everyone, time to sing happy birthday!” Aurora shouts to us all in my damn ear real loud. She laughs away she is carefree I wish for this all the time.

"Happy Birthday to you!" Everyone sings together as she is told to blow the candles out and make a wish. She dose just that.

"Aurora, you hired a cameraman?" I ask your dad I know how you are.” She says with a wink as she hits my arm. She dose know me I don’t like strangers around us never know have to be careful who you hire.

"Give me more credit.” She says and elbows me again. I chuckle.

Ariel went through all her gifts, and Aurora was crazy. I saw the whole other side of her. She was in mom mode. She got so many gifts for her. I’d there such thing a momzilla because she is being one one thing went wrong we all got an earful. I swear od looks could kill she would have killed us.

"Okay, Ariel, me and mommy have a surprise for you, but it's outside," I tell her as I pick her up.

We have a lot of land and farm animals. We all walk over to the new horse stables I had built. We make our way to the stables. Ian have gotten her more then one horse. But the other ones are for the boys, Aurora.

"Close your eyes I tell her as she does. Okay... ready? One. Two. Three. Open." She does, and she gets out of my grasp as she laughs.

"My horses, daddy, mommy. They are mine?" She asks with happiness.

"The white one is your horse, and the other ones are Vittorio, Massimo’s horses," I tell her with a soft voice with a smile. I love her so much it might hurt my cold heart.

"Cherry, I am going to name her cherry." She screams. I don't know where that name came from, but I like it.

"Cherry, it is." I see Luca pick her up. sets her on the horse. He has experience with horses as he loved to ride them and still does. You wouldn't think he had a passion for horses with him being a big scary fucker.

The day has been fantastic as laughter can be heard through the house the kids are still playing. I have the boys in my arms observing everyone. Aurora, Lily dance with the kids. Her smile and the way she moves still captivating to me. Things are still too calm for my liking; it puts me on edge, like waiting for something to happen that I don't know. Tomorrow things will change as we have to give her news about her mother. This will crush her knowing the truth; it's not what she or any of us thought. Enzo knew the whole time.

Everyone left and Aurora is out she was exhausted. I am taking care of the kids tomorrow things will change. I lay here and think what will she feel when this big truth is laid out for her when she finds out thing are or what they always seem to be. In this life we do things for a reason and this was a big reason. My eyes are heavy I need to sleep we have a early morning.

Today is the day we tell Aurora the truth, everything that Enzo has told me Was a lot for me I can’t imagine how it will be for Aurora. I hope she can cope because I just got her back, I healed her once again. She not fragile as she was a year ago; she built more vigorous, but I am scared this will put her in a dark place of depression. I decided here would be best.

“Aurora, meet me in the office in about an hour. We have to talk.” I tell her as I kiss her head.

“What is going on?” She asks with concern look as she rubs her arm as she always does when nervous.

Me Enzo, her brothers are all in the office waiting on her my dad is here as well. I worried about what she feel or think about all this but the truth has to be out now everyone is safe now. Well not really safe but safe from Brent free from him. She comes in like a ray of sunshine. She is so beautiful I don’t think it’s possible to not love this women.

“Sit down, Kitten. We have some good and bad news about your mother.” I say softly as she looks at all sitting by Enzo.

“Aurora I have the answers to what happen to your mother,” Enzo tells her with worried eyes.

“What happened?” She asks with tears in her eyes.

“She wasn’t murder. Aurora I can’t tell you everything until tomorrow because I don’t have all facts. But just know whatever your mother has done it was for, to make sure Brent can never hurt either one you again.” He tells her with half truth. I was hoping we get the the shot out today but he probably not ready.

“Are you saying she was killed herself?” She asks with tears as they fall down her beautiful soft cheeks. Enzo rubs her arm with sad eyes.

“Something like that it’s much more complicated then that. I can’t give you all the answers until tomorrow. I am sorry I know this is hard on you.” He tells her with sad eyes as he rubs his head.

“Brent has to go.” Enzo says with anger.

I stand up going over to her and rub her back as I grab her hand and kiss it softly. I need this woman. I know she will understand I think I underestimate her a lot of times she is strong a fighter. She is may cry but she always holds her head up high. What makes me love her so much more. I just worried if she will hate us all because this will be a hard truth to understand.

“I know what you guys are going to do, and I wish you would let him rot for life better to live in a cell thinking of the things you have done. That is true torture.” Aurora says as she keeps crying.

“I agree but you can’t be involved in how we do our dealings with him this is men’s business.” Enzo tells her in firm voice.

“I understand, I really need to see him I need some closure, I understand my mom doing what she did and don’t worry I am okay with it. I have to move on for my kids and my family.” She tells us with a half smile. Holding her head up high.

“Of course, with one of us there with you is the only way it will happen,” Enzo tells her with a half-smile and sad eyes he is hurting with Aurora.

“I will go with her, Enzo. I want to be with her.” I say in a powerful voice.

“I figured you would.” He laughs.

Only people like us would laugh in this situation, but it’s a way to block our genuine emotions. We can’t cry or be weak; it will show them they won.
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