Dangerous Marriage

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Time Will Heal


Today I am going to see Brent. I need to know why he did what he did to my mom and me for years. I want answers. Why was he such an evil man? What is the reasoning for all of this? I am shaking with anger. The man once was somewhat of a father. He’s not a killer, but he was evil with his hands and words. His greed and liquor were more important to him. Or maybe he never had empathy for anyone.

"Ready?" Vincenzo asks. He is on alert.

"Yes." Is all I say, trying to hold it together.

We walk down a long hall, and it seems like it is taking a long time as well. The gallery has dim lights very creepy gives me chills to think of what happens down here to people who cross these men. I don't want my boys in this life, but it will happen. They were born to take over for Vincenzo.

We make our way to a cell that looks like a prison. There is more light here. I can see a few men in cells who look down when they see us walk by. I see Brent sitting there. Vincenzo has chairs outside the cells. He motions for me to take a seat. What will I say? Everything I had planned to say is gone, replace with anger when I look at him. He smiles at me. What the fuck is wrong with him?

"Aurora, what a surprise.” He says with anger.

“Not a surprise, is it, Brent?” I ask with anger.

“I guess.” He says as he shrugs.

"Okay, Brent, I want to know why you were so cruel to my mom? Why were you cruel to me? I want the truth, Brent, no reason to lie down. I don’t love you, and you probably don’t me or ever did.” I say with anger and feel the tears run down my face.

He looks at me with anger in his eyes. I don’t feel bad for him; I once did, but no more, I can’t forget what he has done. I forgive him for myself, not for him or anyone else but me, so I can close this chapter and move forward in my life.

"Aurora, you can't be serious; you allowed these people to lie and brainwash you. I am your father, not Enzo; he was never around." He tells me with anger as he gets up.

"Stop lying, be a damn man and tell me the truth. You beat her and me; come on, now why lie about ever loving her or me? What was the reason?" I ask with anger as I yell at him. I want answers.

He looks down at the ground. I see tears for the first time he is crying. I don't care. He doesn't phase me. I won't allow this man to be the victim. He, not the victim here I am, so was my mother. He was probably playing a game with me, pretending he cares. I don’t, but this act at all.

"Things were great. I got back with your mom after her secret birth to triplets. She gave the boys to Enzo’s uncle, requesting that Enzo leave her alone, that she couldn’t take care of the boys.” He says with sad eyes as his voice cracks.

“Triplets?” I ask in shock, not understanding what he is saying.

“Triplets. Two boys and you. Fucking all came out looking like Enzo. I hate him. He took what was mine and made her fall in love, then he gets her pregnant and guesses who picks up all her broken pieces, and no matter how good I was to her, she was always in love with she never loved me the way she did him. Then you I tried to be a good father, but you were looking more and more like Enzo, and you did not bound with me.” He says with his head down.

I look at Vincenzo and ask if that was true; he said yes, so my brothers and me are triplets; we all were born the same day; why did she only keep me? Why wouldn’t he find her for the boys? Now I am hurt because I had a family I thought was honest would never hurt me, but Dad wasn’t fully honest.

“She tried to part with you but couldn’t. I accepted you as mine for your mother because I was in love with her while she loved another man. I tried for years twelve years living a good life with the lord.” He tells me as he looks me in the eyes now with hate, so he does hate me. I knew it not an immense deal feeling is mutual.

“Why did you hurt us so badly? Could have left why were you involved with David’s family?” I ask as I almost laugh at how crazy this is.

“Your mom told me when you were thirteen that she was going to leave me and find Enzo so you can meet him, have a real father in your life, and she wanted to meet the boys. I started drinking, and I met up with David; he was my best elementary to he was killed. He saw you. I made a deal with him out of anger. I held you over her head told her if she left, they would take you and sell you. See, I sold you on being David’s wife for a lot of money. The kids you had would make them millions in the sex trade. I would hit her when she threatens to tell Enzo’s family or the police about the deal.” He tells me now, with no emotion there, I can’t read him.

He sold me to sex trafficking. Was it meant to me David’s baby maker and my kids would be sold off for millions? He is an evil man to do that. He said he was mad, so he made a deal like that? He was constantly ill and held in for years but always hated me because I was reminded that my mother loved my father never stopped; she wanted to find him for me for her. Fuck this a lot and confusing damn!

"Aurora." I hear a voice that is so familiar.

Is this a dream? I am looking at a woman with blonde hair, grey eyes who looks so beautiful healthy. This can’t be what the fuck is going on? I almost faint, but don’t I am breathing heavy. No. No. No!

"Mom," I say as she comes close.

I can smell her floral scent. I can see her beautiful makeup. She is smiling, but her eyes are sad. She is not accurate. I am not thinking right Brent is clouding my mind and making me go insane. I need to get out of here. Run! I get up and run down the dark hall, just running.




My heart pounds in my chest and eardrums. I am outside standing in the hot sun as I feel the warm salty tears run down my face. I am in shock. I don't understand what is going on? Why am I going crazy? I need to be locked in a mental institute.

"Aurora!" I hear Vincenzo scream as he comes close to me; he grabs me, shaking me as he says my name over and over. I can’t move or take why?

"I saw my mom, and I had to get out of there," I say as he looks at me.

"We need to go inside to the office." He tells me as he grabs my hand pulling me inside. I am trying to tear away as he keeps pulling.

Why is the being so damn insensitive to me right now? Can't he see I am having a breakdown and hallucinating? I keep trying to get away, but no use. We make our way into the office as I see my mom again, Enzo. What the fuck is going on?

"Go away, please I was happy, and now you come back into my life?" I say to my mother in anger.

"Aurora, please calm down. We have to tell you the truth. Your mom is real. I know this is a lot, but you have to understand." Vincenzo tells me as he holds my hand tight.

I sit down I breathe in, and out calming myself down as I realize everyone in this room lied to me; even my mother made me smile a fool cause me so much pain. I thought she was gone. How could she do that to me? How could any of these people do this to me fist my mom had triplets. Enzo was raising them now this why is this happening to me?

"How could you do this to me, mom?" I say as I cry in my hands.

"Aurora, I did this to save us. Brent held me captive he was cruel. He made me feel he was all I had. He used me, brainwashed me to thinking I deserved his abuse as you know he sold you; if I left, I would risk them taking you and never seeing you again. I couldn’t risk that. I asked Giovanni to help me. It turned out he knew Enzo. He got in touch we planned this whole thing. I did eat a plant that makes you very sick to get in the hospital, and Enzo paid the doctors to work with us. The body was a wax body of my life like.” She tells me with hurt and pain as she cries. I can’t believe she is here; she saves us.

"I don't understand. Why wouldn't you include me in the plan?" I ask with hurt and feel betrayed.

"We couldn't do that. We needed this to look real as possible because Brent and David were in sex trafficking. Enzo helped me fake my death. We knew Vincenzo was watching you. We knew the letters would lead you to Enzo. I did this to save you. This was our way out, and I am sorry for the pain." She tells me all this. I listen to her as I have many times.

"Vincenzo, you knew this whole time?" I ask him as he looks at me with sad eyes.

"No, he told me a few weeks ago I took code not to say anything to you this was their time to tell you, I am sorry, Aurora. You have your mom, dad, me, the kids; there are no more lies or secrets. He says as he kisses my hand. It doesn’t help me calm this time because I am fucking insane. This is not real.

"My brothers, are they your mom?" I ask her with zero emotion I am hurt and mad.

"Yes, they are mine. I was poor and couldn't provide. I asked Enzo's uncle to tell him about the boys. I set it up and promised when they were teenagers we would meet." She tells me all this with pain.

We talked for hours. I understand why my mom did what she did. Brent did try to kill her, so he and David sr and David could use me as a baby maker to sell my kids for millions with hopes that they would be making millions because I am rare the eyes alone would make the sale go high.

I can't believe my mom is alive; she is here with me; she can meet my boys, but Enzo told me she meant them already. Not shocking at all; they are together. The truth is, Brent was not poisoning my mom. He said he was broken when he saw my mom told him our life story. This was his way of making up for lost time was to protect her, me from the darkness we lived in from the monster who wanted to kill my mom and sell me to David's family so I could provide kids to sell. Sick and twisted people, and I know Brent will die.

Crazy how things work in life. In this life, you think you have it all figured out, but in reality, you don't. How can you trust when someone even passes away? How can I trust a word anyone tells me? Easy because these men and my mother are all my hero's. Everything they do is for the family; they may seem like monsters to the outside. Inside, they are beautiful humans who will do anything for their families. Now we have to tell my brothers about my mom being their natural mother, and I wonder how they will take the news. We enter the house as my brothers are there waiting there, looking at my mom and me and the men.

"E, Matteo. Boys, remember how you helped me hide your mother? Aurora knows the whole truth now." Enzo tells them, and of course, they knew already.

They are hugging my mom and wave me in, and I join the group hug, and now it makes sense the instant bond I share with my brothers we all share a deep connection. We are triplets, my... well, our mother is alive—time for new memories with the family.

"Well, of course, you guys knew. How long?" I ask them all as we still hug.

"Dad told us at a young age we always knew Eva was not our biological mother." They say like this is all no big deal; I just let it.

Fifteen years later:

Everything is perfect; we have had some hiccups over the years. I was almost taking again me and the boys and my mom and dad been together since the day I found she was alive. My boys got to experience having all their grandparents; Ariel got to have my mom. They are very close.

Today is Ariel's graduation. The boys will also be sworn in to the family; this means going on missions with them. I feel very concerned with them joining, but they are trained well they are dangerous like Luca, Marco, Franco. They can hold their own. Most of all, they may be more complex than Vincenzo. I know Vittorio is.

"You look as beautiful as the day we meant, Kitten," Vincenzo whispers in my ear, causing me to shiver as he always does.

"You aged well. Still, look the same as the day we meant. I am nervous about today. I know this is what Arial wants." I tell him as he grabs my hand and kisses it to calm me down as he has for years. Nothing has changed Vincenzo's ages gracefully.
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