Dangerous Marriage

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Doing This For Me


Today is my graduation; only a few of my close friends know who my family is. Only my best friend Amalia; knows everything, my best friend, Veronica, is the only one I trust. I know my mom isn't my real mom because I meant my mom. She is coming today. I am going to give her a chance, but she knows who my true mom is. I could never trade my mom in for Vicky, but it’s okay to have two moms’s a blended family; my dad is not happy about it. When is he not happy?

I have to heal for myself. I am seventeen, I have seen and been through a lot. I have seen my dad kill, and I was taught never to show weakness or emotion because your enemy will see that and take you down. Yes, I will be the first underboss to run the Mafia. My brothers are going to take over. I understand why and thankful dad is breaking the rules.

I have trained hard to prove that I could be part of the Mafia. I have a lot to prove and work even harder in this world for the men to take me seriously. I was made the day I had to kill my boyfriend. That is a long story.

Amalia and I are at a party meeting my boyfriend Miller and her man Jamie. Everything is going great. I am drinking water I don't drink. My father is a hard man; I have rules to follow. He never hit me or yelled at just his voice that makes you respect him. He is powerful.

"Girl, finally, they are here." I hear Emilia say as she smiles big.

"You need to have a drink and dance. Let loose for once come on!" She tells me with excitement.

I know it's not a great idea, but she has made a point. To fit in, I need to start acting like a teenager who rebels against their parents.

"Fine just one drink, that is it!" I say with a loud sigh as I give her an evil eye.

We are away to the boys. They are deep in conversation with the school sluts; I can care less never was a jealous person. If a man cheats, then they will stop it by acting crazy.

"Damn, look at you, beautiful." I hear Miller say as he eyes me up and down.

"I know what you are doing," I say in a seductive voice. As I slap his arm, he grabs in for a kiss.

We kiss it lights me on fire. I love hope one day I can tell him the truth. He accepts my family and me for who we are. He meant my parents. They play along as we are a typical family. My dad made threats, and I think Miller might have shit himself. He has been pressuring me for sex, and I am not ready to go there yet with him. Sex makes things more complicated causes more issues.

"What we been together a year, how much longer do we need to show how much we love each other." He tells me with all well-known pretty boy smiles.

He is a tall boy next door with brown hair, a muscular body, bright green eyes, and a football team's star quarterback. I am the cheerleader captain. We are the school's hottest couples. I use a fake last name for the school. No one knows my real one. My parents want us to live somewhat of everyday life. My mom is hoping I will change my mind not want to be part of the mafia.

I don't remember how long we have been talking. I feel buzzed now. After a few drinks me and Miller and Emilia, Blake are all dancing and laughing. Now I have to admit I am having a great time.

Miller and I are dancing as I twerk my ass on him. He grinds into me as I feel his hard-on through his pants. Part of me wants to have sex with him; I mean, I love him the other part of me can't. I don't feel comfortable something is telling me it's not the right time.

Amalia is winking at me as she leaves with Blake. She doesn't hide the sexual side. She loves sex and said Blake is a beast in the sheets. I give her a wink and thumbs up as I laugh.

"Come on, let's go talk, Baby," Miller says as he grabs my hand, leading us to an empty room.

We make it in the room. He leans down, smashing his lips into mine. We kiss as I take over, dominating the kiss as we take our breath away. He is sliding his hands up my shirt, reaching for my breast. I push his hands away and break the kiss.

"I am not ready for this," I say in an aggressive tone.

He is looking at me, saying nothing as he tried to reach up to my shirt, and I try to push him away. He has my pin to the door.

"I said no!" I yell as I shove him hard away from me.

"What the fuck is your problem? I have been doing everything for a year to get some pussy. All you are is a prude. Frigid bitch!" He yells at me as his eyes go dark.

He comes at me before I could defend myself; he punched me in the face causing me to fall to the ground. As he gets over the top of me, he tries to pull my pants down—I manage to grab his wrist as I twist one hard as he screams out.



I hit him in the face twice, sending him to the floor. As he gets up, he comes after me. I know I have to do what I was training to do; as he arrives at me, I swing my leg, making contact with his face as he falls to the ground.

"Not brave enough to hurt me now? Little bitch!" I scream as I kick another round kick breaking his jaw. He is trying to yell out.

I run out the bedroom door fast, making my way to the door as I run to my car. I text Emilia telling her, let's go; it's an emergency. Thankfully she is heading my way; now, she runs to the car getting in.

"What happened to you? Did he do that to your face?" She asks as she rubs my cheek.

"H-he tried to rape me. I had to fight him... I think... I broke his jaw. I am trying to tell myself that he was drunk and didn't mean to, but I know those men from working shelters." I say frantically as I hurry out the driveway.

"Amalia, I have to tell my dad, and you know what happens next,” I say with the hurt, and I am in pain.

My father will not let this go; he will order a hit on Miller; he is a dead man; my head is spinning as to the man I love would try to rape me; maybe he was drunk. I mean, I was grinding on him and teasing him. Did I provoke him, right?

"I agree with your dad, and I am going to be working closely with you as your right-hand girl with clubs and Mafia I was sworn in. So I know this has to happen, and you should be the one to pull the trigger." Emilia tells me with anger she is earnest.

I talked my dad into letting her join she great with technology. His last tech man best friend is still out there somewhere with the enemy. She is right is; dad wants him dead. I am pulling the trigger.

I make my way home; as I enter the house, I see my mom and dad sitting in the living room watching a movie. There is no escaping them now. I have to tell them what happens. I can't hide my face that probably looks as sore as it feels.

"Ariel, you are home early." I hear my mom say in a sweet voice.

I make my way to the living room. They both look at me, and I see anger on their face. My mom gets up, and my dad is up by her. She rubs my face looking at my wet eyes. She knows I know she knows.

"What happened? Who did this?" I hear my dad ask with concern and anger.

"Miller tired to rape me tonight," I say as I look at the ground with shame.

I can feel my father's power and anger from over here; he doesn't say a word as he walks off fast, heading to the door. I get away from mom running after him, yelling at him he stops.

"Dad, let me be the one to pull the trigger. I need to do that please I don't want you t0. Please?" I ask with tears as I cry hard. I am broken.

"Fine, we do it tonight, no fucking waiting. Get the fuck in." He tells me with anger as I get in the car.

We don't bother telling my mom as we drove our my father found him not shocking. We are in the hospital. This is crazy; my father said he had killed man men in this hospital. He trained me how to do it.

I make my way into Millers' room; his face goes pale as he sits in bed with his jaw wired. He can't talk. I pull out the shot my father gave me. I smile at him.

"Next time, make sure the woman is not the daughter of Vincenzo Basilischi. Lucky for you, there won't be the next time." I say to him with a smile as I shut off all emotions.

I stick him with the shot; he struggles, but the medicine works fast as I watch go. I am hurt this happens; it will hurt me. I won't lie, but right now, emotions are shut off.

I walk out, meeting my father m
aking sure no one saw us as we walk out with big glasses on our faces and hate hiding our hair. My father paid the hospital a good chunk of money to make this look like something else.

I am ready at my graduation as I pulled myself away from Miller. He wasn't my first kill won't be my last. Just I loved that man more than anything. He betrayed me, and I had to kill him can't always come back from that shit. I had to do therapy with Dad's men who work for him and was so depressed. My mom got me through it. Vicky came at a time I was hurting, and she was there for me. She is trying.

"Arial Basilischi." I hear my name being called by the principal.

I walk on the stage, getting my diploma.

We are all graduated, most going off to college as I am going to the local college, but I know my fate. I was born to be in the family, stand with my brother and lead with them as the first woman.

I walk over to my dad and mom and my grandparents. I see Vicky and her mom and dad standing by them as my father looks tense. My brothers are laughing at something; who the hell knows with them. My uncles could not attend as they are on the job with uncle Luca.

"Mom, you proud of me," I say to Aurora, who I call mom, and Vicky almost said something Until she saw me hugging my mother.

"Vicky, Lee, Stacey, nice to see you again," I say as I give them all a small hug.

I will admit this is awkward as hell. I thought we could be expected, but it's not going well. Vicky looks upset, and so do her parents. My mom is going with the flow, not care as so as my grandparents. Dad is tense, ignoring my mother.




Screams are heard all around as people are running frantically, knocking people over my ears are ringing. I see Vicky and her parents throwing on the ground. I see my mom over them with her gun out. Then I see my father with so much blood.

I pull my gun out start shooting at the attackers.
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