Dangerous Marriage

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This Can’t Be


Everything is is full chaos cries can he heard, people yelling my boys and Ariel are shooting. I watch as Vincenzo goes down I scream loud as I run as fast and I can to him. He is soaked in blood I fall down on him as I feel for a palate there is one his eyes are closed he needs to wake up.

"Vincenzo," I say as I shake him.

Nothing his eyes will not open he not moving I feel for a pulse again and nothing. I am holding him as I inhale his sent I have him close. He opens his eyes. I must me in panic did not feel in right place for pulse. His eyes are looking at nothing. I keep trying to talk to him but nothing. He is becoming cold what is happening? I can’t lose my soulmate not like this.

I cry hard into his chest as I hold him; not wanting to move, I lay on top of him in the chaos, not caring if I get killed with him. I don't know how long I was lying there. I feel arms around me as my Luca grabs me I am swinging and kicking and holding his shirt tight. I never want to let him go.

“Please don’t make me leave him.” I say with cries.

I look up, seeing Ariel and the boys in shock as they all yell for their father. I stay hanging on to Vincenzo as Luca is trying to pull me away from him; as they pull me off, he is carried away. I scream and run after him, but I am being pulled away.

"Luca, he needs me. He needs me please he can't be alone!" I shut as I cry hard, falling to the ground.

"Mom, come on, let's go to the hospital. You are okay; we have to be strong." Vittorio tells me as he helps me up. That makes me worry more he never shows empathy hardly.

We walk together as I see Vicky coming with her parents. Why are they coming? I don't want them here. But Ariel does. We enter the SUV heading to hospital fast. We make our way to the hospital running out of the SUV going as fast as we can. What if he don’t make it and I wasn’t there for him? He is my husband we need more time.

We make it to the hospital the SUV hardly stops as I rush out the door running inside the hospital.

“I need to be with my husband, Vincenzo where is he!” I shut at Veda the receptionist.

“In surgery. The waiting room is available for you guys, the doctor said she will update you.” She says with a sad smile and I walk off.

We have been sitting in the waiting area for hours now. I am becoming inpatient. I see Vicki she sits by Ariel and rubs her back. I should be doing that.

"I am sorry, Aurora and Ariel." Vicky says.

My mom and dad and Giovanni and Anna all set quietly as Anna cries silently. Giovanni looks worried and my boys are stone cold emotionless. I hate what they have become for this maifa. I think it’s time to leave we can’t keep living like this can we? I am not saying a word to Vicky what can I say. But I feel like she is part of the reason he is in this place.

"You set us up, Vicky; we were fine, then you come around Vincenzo gets killed!" I shut at her as she looks at me, confused.

My mom runs over to me as she holds me tight telling me to calm down; I see Ariel saying something as they nod and get up and leave. I know I might sound crazy; they had something to do with this, I can feel. I don't know how long we have been sitting here. Luca went to see what is going on, everyone keeps on telling me to have faith, but I felt his cold body, saw his eyes. He was lifeless. How can I hold on to faith when I saw it with my own eyes and touched him.

"Aurora." Luca says as he walks over with a doctor, and I run to him, hugging him.

"He is gone, right?" I say into Lucas's chest.

"The doctor will explain everything to you.” He tells me with a soft kiss on the forehead.

"Hello, Mrs. Basilischi. I am doctor Denise. Can you follow me please, as I want to discuss your husband's state?" She asks me; as I look at my family, they all nod and wave to go.

"Sure," I say with a cracking voice.

I follow her to a room; we sit down I want to scream, but I hold it in. I wait for her to tell the worse news a person can get.

"Vincenzo is alive and doing great considering the damage he lost a lot of blood. He woke up with no memory; he can't walk or remember anyone; his brain forgot how to do things. This is not permanent. With lots of therapy he can walk and be back to normal in a few months the issue is we don't have a time frame on when he will get his memory back.” She tells me this while I am looking at the papers.b

"I want to see my husband." Is all I say, getting up.

"Sure, follow me. He may be moody, say things he doesn't mean." She tells me as we walk.

"Can he remember any of us?" I ask with worry.

Yes, he can remember up to he was twenty-five after that no memory. He doesn't remember anything at all; he has amnesia." She tells me like it's no big deal.

We walk into the room. I see him looking off at the ceiling. He moves his head towards me. He looks at me with confusion. Tears run down my face. I am happy to see him alive but what hurts is he doesn't know me. How can we didn’t know each-other when he was twenty-five.

"What the fuck happen to you? Are you ik wrong room? He asks me with confusion as I cry with his blood all over me. He is mean but he is alive.

"I am your wife, Aurora," I say with a shaky voice I want to run to him, but I don't.

"Wife? I have never been married." He says as he looks at me, confused. His words hurt he has so much venom.

I hold back my tears as the doctor looks him over and checks his vitals, asking him questions he is answering all wrong. He gets some right he talking about his past he even asked about Vicky that stung me bad I won’t lie. How long will this be going on for? I am going to make him live me all over again if I have to. I can’t be without my soulmate. He will feel if we are truly soulmates right?

"You are telling me I am married to you, and I can't walk or even fuck you." Vincenzo shuts at me or whoever. His words cut me deep.

"I don't know what to say really. I am your wife; I can't answer that if you can or can't have sex." I say as I feel my face turn different shades of red.

He is a stranger to me, he looks like my Vincenzo but not the one I meant he is a younger version of himself. I just put my head in my hands and cry. I have a bad headache. I am happy he is alive. From what I saw, he was gone. I was sure of it. We talked more. I felt like a stranger in my husband's room as they spoke, and he set up rehab at home. They sent the rest home; he can only have one visitor at a time. I am selfish, but I can't leave him; I will make him remember me.

I wonder what I should say. Should I show him pictures or Ariel and the boys all of us together? I have so many photos on my phone. I don't know what to do. Luca will be here tonight. Kids were on the way, but I told them to give him a day. Luca might change is mood he is in and explain to him better than I can after all he know the younger version Vincenzo.

"You want to see if my cock works still by wrapping those delicious lips around it?" He asks in a harsh tone. I turn red again tears want to come out I don’t allow it I push them back and hold my head up high ignoring him.

He not even kidding; he is serious. I want to say something I decide not to. I give him a small smile and roll my eyes. He chuckles hard. I want to feel pissed of because I am. Memory or no memory, he will not speak to me that way. Even tho I am glad to hear him talk, and once those words would have done something but right now, they do nothing; he is a pig and asshole.

"Vincenzo, how about you just shut the fuck up you will not speak to me like that again. You never did before and you will not now." I say with a smile.

He is clenching his jaw. I need to leave before I say something I may regret. I walk out. I stand in the hall as I put my head in my hands, and I cry. That man is not my husband. This man is mean and cruel. I don't know if I can handle this living with a person who doesn't remember me. I am not giving him the satisfaction either I will make that fucker remember me; I know he will with time. I head back into the room to see he found his phone.

"Who are these kids? He asks as he points to the pictures.

"The girl is Ariel. She is eighteen, and those are your sons Massimo, Vittorio our twins. They are fifteen." I say with a smile.

"Guess I did get married. It looks like I turned into a pussy; there are a lot of pictures of the kids and a lot of pictures of you." He says with a sexy smile.

"Yea, you like to take many pictures of me. It's annoying." I say with with a joking tone as I smile. I go to sit down. He grabs me.

I don't know what to do. As he holds me, he inhales me in, and he has me. I missed this, and I enjoy the moment. What is his game here? He is trying to be nice dose he remember or is he acting like he can’t remember playing a sick twisted game with me.

"I think you need to leave because I want space right now. I am pissed off and confused. I want to know where my dad, Luca, and Vicky are?" I feel hurt he asked for Vicky.

"Vicky? You left her years ago and kicked her out of your life. I had to beg you to let her meet Ariel." I say in an aggravating tone.

"Hmm.. okay." That is all he says with a sarcastic tone.

"She comes around here. I will beat you both or kill you both. One thing you are going to find out about your dear wife is I don't get cheated on or play games memory or no memory." I say in a harsh tone giving him the finger and cutting my eyes at him. I am not leaving so he can kiss my fat ass.

I sit in a chair. As I see Luca come in, he walks over to Vincenzo hugging him tight they talk in Italian; he remembers Luca, of course, he would. They talk for I don't how long

What if he never remembers me and he goes out and sleeps around and finds someone else? What if he can't walk anymore? What am I going to do? One thing I know I love him; you don't give up on the ones you love.

Luca finally comes over to me as he rubs my arm. Vincenzo is watching us. Luca sits next to me, giving me it will be the okay look.

"Parents will be here later; Enzo and Ivanna said they would give some space; to see you guys at home. He will come around Aurora." He tells me as he looks at the ground.

He not very convincing. Vincenzo looks like he may be jealous as he watches how we talk and touch one another. I wish he could remember how Luca and I are and all the good times we share.

"Talk about me. You are probably fucking Luca." He tells me in a harsh tone.

I am hurt. I let the tears fall down my face. I know he can't help it he lost his life almost and can't remember anyone. I can't hold him at fault, but he can't be treating me like a slut or his property either.

"We already have fucked, Vincenzo, at the club you like sharing remember? Oh wait, you can't." I say. I gasp and hold my mouth. I can't believe I lashed out at him like this.

"I am sorry," I say as I run out.

I keep running to make it to the car. I drive home. I can't come back to this hospital. He is getting to me. This is hard, but I keep telling myself I won't leave him and leaving isn't an option. I called the boys, and Ariel let them know to stay home. He, not a good man to be around right now. I need to go home.

I make it to the bedroom as I start a bath a have my bottle of wine, and I am going to soak and drink. I shut my phone off and get in hot water; as I sink, I sigh in relief.

I let my mind wander with all the what if's I can't be without Vincenzo, but it's like he, not the man I fell in love with anymore. Can I be with a man who may never remember me again? Maybe we can fall in love all over again, you know, like in the book? Yeah right, who am I kidding?

I am almost done with my wine. As I am buzzed and have music going, I am singing as I add more soap and hot water and turning the jets on.

I have been out of the tub just listening to music and drinking in the living room. I am just drinking, and drinking to everything is a blur. I am hysterical. I laughed and cried and threw our wedding picture across the floor as it made a loud crash.

Aurora. Vicky, I don't want you around anymore, not to Vincenzo is healed. I was hoping you wouldn't come to the hospital or around my house. I am making sure Luca tells the hospital and staff you are banned from noticing further. I don't trust you

I text Vicky. I am making sure she stays clear of him calls me jealous. I feel she was behind the attack. I know everything was fine for years, and she comes around; we get shot up at the graduation?

Vicky: I will respect you, and I am sorry I know You a hurting.

All she said back playing the nice person act, please bitch! I stubble you the kitchen, making myself something to eat. I am hungry and tired.

"Mom." I hear Ariel.

"Yes." Is all I say.

"Vicky text said you banned her for everything." She asks me. I don't know if she is mad or okay with it, and I don't care at this moment.

"Yes, I did because the family needs privacy and time right now. Your dad can't remember us. He can only remember up to twenty-five. Please understand why I am doing this." I say with a cracking voice as I break down and cry.

"I understand." I hear him say as she holds me tight.
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