Dangerous Marriage

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Can’t Live Like This


I am pissed off that I can't remember who the fuck I am. I am pissed off I have a wife and kids because that is something I never wanted but apparently I am husband and father of the year. Aurora is beautiful and exotic I have looked at the photos of he over and over. I feel like I got obsessed knocked her up had to marry her because it's the way of life. I was twenty five woke up as an old ass man.

She is magnificent I guess I could have done worse I scored the damn jackpot marrying that women I bet she has a good pussy. I agreed to rehab at home. Doctor said keep asking my family questions and look at pictures that hopefully my memory will come back. I chased her off I am glad I wanted her out of her. I need space I asked Luca to make sure no one bothers me. Aurora words hurt when she made fun of me not remembering. Actually pissed me off. If I could get up I probably would of killed her.

I stare at the photos of her in a sexy black sheer dress as she is bent over and my cock works it's hard as fuck. I must have been obsessed. One picture dose something to me as I look at it. We are younger she is beautiful in her white dress as she looks up at me I see a man who was happy looking down at her with love.

I don't feel that I don't know what I feel I know Who I am but I can't remember past my last age. What kind of man can't remember his family? I want to punch something and I can't fucking walk. I laugh because it must be all the bad shit I have done coming back on me. I might just take myself out I can't live like this. I need to sleep.

I open my eyes as I look around seeing a bunch of people in here.

"Vincenzo, ready to go to rehab need to up and walking so you can go home." I hear a nurse say to me as she cheeks me out smiling.

"I am ready. Let's do this." I say in harsh tone with a eye roll.

They have me walking around the halls and it came to me easier then they thought they were talking months they don't know how of terming man I am. I make my way slowly to the door as I open it I am hit with My whole family.

I see Aurora, Ariel and my boys. They all smile at me. I see my dad and mom behind them. What is she doing here? I am not asking because I don't want to know.

"Son, how are you feeling?" My dad ask me as he hugs me.

"I can feel again, will be walking in no time can't take me down. I am ready for a war." I say with a smile.

"Dad." I hear one of the boys I don't know who is who they are identical well one has purple in his eyes.

One thing I know them boys are mine they look just like I did when I was there age. I smile at them I don't want to hurt them by telling them their own father can't remember them. Crazy I have a instant love for kids but I can't for my wife. My daughter comes to me hugging me close I hug her back. She gives me a small smile as I let her go I don't know what to say. I see Aurora she looks like hell. Big sun glasses and holding head. I smile she looks hungover.

"What no hug or kiss from my wife?" I ask sarcastically.

She comes over and leans down kissing me as she dose I take her lips in as I deepen the kiss I see flashes of purple eyes looking at me with swollen lips as I am pulling her hair. What the fuck is happening? I can't see the face just a few things are standing out but this smell coconut-vanilla so familiar I inhale her before she leaves me.

"Geez even when he can't remember he still mange's to be creepy with mom. Fucking gross." I hear the one boy say as he puts finger in mouth pretending to puke.

"Where do you think you boys came from a fucking bird?" I ask him with a cocky smile and voice.

He just laughs this feel familiar I find it easy to connect with the kids why can't I find my way to connect with Aurora?

Everyone talked I listened as I had no idea what they were talking about. The doctor said I can leave in two days start therapy hopefully be walking like new in two months if all goes well. They told everyone to keep telling me stories and show me pictures maybe I will remember. I will get it back but when no one has a answer to that.

The kids did mot stay long and left with my mom and dad. It is just me and Aurora once again I shocked her when I asked her to stay with me. I really would love to fuck her but I can't right now. We just look at eachother.

"Aurora, I don't know why I asked you to stay guess hoping I can remember." I say in soft voice as she looks at me.

"Yea, I know." Is all she says with hurt in her voice.

"Come here." I demand her.

"Get on the bed tell me about us how we meant maybe I can fucking remember." I say in harsh tone.

She gets on the bed next to me I can feel she is nervous I don't know what I was like with her something tells me I was good to her and fucking spoiled her from what I see and pictures.

"We meant in the women's shelter in New York. We clicked we talked about everything you saved me and helped find my family, gave me beautiful boys this is the second time you almost died for me." She tells me with her voice cracking as I see tears in her eyes.

I don't know what to say how do I comfort her? I don't even know who the hell I am. I remember Vicky finding her in tub from OD but still wanting her. I can remember a ex but can't remember my kids and wife? I am getting angry probably best she leaves because I might say or do things that will hurt her. Seems like a person I might not want to lose. We been together sixteen years from what I was told.

"Probably best you leave I don't want to say anything that can hurt you. I am not really in a great mood." I say to her in harsh tone.

"I understand I will just see you when you get home and give you space." She tells me as she gets up.

She kisses me on the check I grab her hand I kiss it as I rub it softly. This feels like I have done this before I don't fucking know. She leaves the door I am left to my own thoughts.

I close my eyes I see flashes of purples eyes as I am kissing a hand softly as I make my way to her neck I can't see her face. I see little kids running on the beach but no face. Are these memories? What the fuck I open my eyes and punch the side of the bed railing snapping it.

Four weeks since I left the hospital I have been doing physical therapy I am making a lot of progress. Still no memory of anything. My dad and mom visit often. I just want to fuck someone and Aurora made it clear we don't cheat.

"Aurora, can we please fuck I need you maybe it will help me remember. You can ride me baby." I say to her as she looks at me with raised eyebrow and smile eyes.

"I wish you could remember me. I am horny we are married why the hell not." She tells me with a smile.

She comes over to me I watch as she gets on her knees I expected her to call me a asshole and walk off. I am an asshole for using my loss of memory for sex but maybe she can help me maybe I will remember her. She pulls my pajamas pants down as she dose this she looks me in the eyes as my cock is free she licks her lips as she wraps her mouth around my cock she begins to move. She is so damn good. I grab her hair causing her to gasp out as I move her head up and down my shaft hard and fast she is taking me well as she swirls her tongue around with every movement.

I close my eyes throwing my head back. I see her face as she moves he head teasing me I hear myself saying yes, Kitten.

"Fuck, Kitten." She stops and she looks at me I am confused on what I said. I just ignore it.

"Ride me." I say to her as she gets up taking her clothes off slowly.

She has tattoos, and I see a small scar on her stomach wonder what happen to her? Fuck if her body isn't magnificent. I want to remember her I really do. One thing I can say is I love her I grew to love her again in four weeks but I can't let her know that. Don't ask me why because I don't fucking know.

She gets gets on top of me in the chair as she sinks on my cock fuck she is so damn tight as her walls clamp around my cock I close my eyes as she bounces up and down on me she grabs my shoulders as she moves hard.

"Fuck." I say in harsh tone.

I watch her as her tits move up and down she is looking me in the eyes like we can see one another's souls I can't explain this odd feeling. My nostrils flare as she moves hard on me she is moaning and it's fucking beautiful.

"Yes, fuck me good." I say as she moves even harder.

I grab her throat as she shivers and she goes tight around my cock she is close.

"I am going to cum. I needed you." She tells me panting as he climax's hard she keeps going.

I don't know when but she brought me with her as we both cum together I had the most intense orgasm I don't think I have ever felt this maybe I have I bet I have.

"I need to take a nap. Want to lay with me?" I say to her as she lays her head in my chest I inhale her.

"I have to take boys to training with your dad and Luca. Since they seem to think boys are taking over in few years.” She says with anger.

She don't want them taking over but if I can't fucking walk they need to lead with Luca they will be twenty-two. I guess Ariel is going to be a underboss. I wish I could train with my kids and remember all the times we shared but I can't. Vittrio is a sociopath according to Massimo and I would take him out to help him channel his anger. He was like me when I was younger people thought I was a sociopath.

"It's the way of our life." I say.

She helped me get to the bed this women had never gave up on me she puts up with my mood swings she helps me never stops and always checks in on me she runs a tight ship around here.

As I lay in the bed I feel my eyes getting heavy.

"Daddy, yes right there. Fuck don't stop." I hear that familiar voice.

I am holding long raven in my hands as I pull it hard as I fuck this women from behind. Fuck I am sweating as I pound into her.

"Kitten, you are mine forever." I say in soft voice.

I see my daughter, my boys and I see all these different flashes what the fuck is going on. I can't moves. I wake up sweating and might be having a panic attack what the fuck was that?
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