Dangerous Marriage

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Living in Hell


I don't know what happen to me the other night, but I have been having the same dreams over and over ever since, and I can remember parts of Aurora, my kids. I have physical therapy today. I have to try and walk on a machine that cost me fucking millions, but I want it done in my home, not in a damn hospital. I like the best care at home.

"Hey, are you going to be nice today?" I hear Aurora ask me with a playful tone.

"I can't make any promises," I say with no emotion. I wouldn't say I like days like this; she tried to be playful, and I don’t have the energy and feel like joking around is the best time.

I have been fucking her every night. I can't get enough of her. She seems to be happy that I am touching her. She lights up when I call her Kitten, and I have been calling her that ever since.

We make our way down the elevator. I see a beautiful blonde with a big smile and a man with her. The blonde Tracey has been flirting with me since she has started, and I can tell it pisses off Aurora. She never leaves. She stays and watches, but she also encourages me. It tells me to keep going.

"Vincenzo, this is Dan. He is helping me left you. Today we are going to push you.” She tells me as she looks me up and down, licking her lips.

"Yea." I say in a harsh tone.”

My fucking brain even forgot how to walk. I could fucking kill everyone who gets on my wrong side. I will push myself to walk because I will kill Manny's men and women one by one, rip their heads off with my bare hands they will pay for crossing me.

Fucked up part in this whole time I remembered Enzo fucking crazy he is Aurora's father. Her mom and he and my parents have been great to me, and I have been an asshole to everyone in my path.

"Ready." I hear the man as they grab my arms.

They help me with the machine. As they hold me up, I can feel pain in my body; I am sore and shaking. I tell them I had enough, and I lay down on the couch. As Aurora tells them to leave, she can read me well. I lay here with my eyes closed.

I am walking down the sidewalk, meeting a woman with red hair. What the fuck was that? I say to myself, and I have been having flashbacks here and there more and more. Like my brain is trying to piece together my life and past events. I get up decide to do my workouts. They showed me how to move my legs, and I carry one leg in front of another slowly as I sweat from the pain, but I am making good progress as I take tiny steps hanging on to the rails on the machine.

"You look good," Aurora says. I am pissed.

"I don't need to be praised like a damn dog," I say in a harsh, loud voice.

She looks hurt, but I can’t care. I need to push myself. I don’t need people at my damn house telling me what to do this shit myself. I need to walk. I want to get my fucking revenge. After hours of walking and pushing myself. I headed to my office to have a drink. As I drink, I feel this big headache, and I can't see. I feel tired, and the next thing I know, I see black.

I don't know how long I was out, but I woke up in my room and looked around; as I lean up, I get out of the bed and walk to the shower feels good to walk. I remember everything now. I can walk and remember my wife and family. Feels fucking good. I even remember who put bullets in me.

"Vincenzo, time for dinner. I hear my Kitten call me as the hot water runs down my tense muscles.

I hear the door open to the shower as I feel eyes on me next thing I know, she is in the shower with me as she wraps her arms around me. This feels good, and I feel like shit for how I have treated her; she should have never been treated like that. I should have stayed somewhere else to I was better.

"You are walking." She says with pride and a smile.

"Yea, the kitten, I am walking. I can also remember." I say with a playful tone as she looks at me.

"Y-you remember me?" She says with a big smile, and I see tears run down her soft, beautiful face. She has not aged at all, same as the day I meant her.

I lean down as I capture her lips, kissing her hard as I take her oxygen from her. I lean to her ear.

"Once I am fully healed, I am going to take you to the club and show you how much I remember you," I say in a seductive tone.

"I can't wait." She tells with a smile licking her lips.

I have to go and meet the boys and Luca. I want results and get these fucking Romanos taking care of once and for all. I am done standing around and waiting. I hurry and get the dress to call my driver. I can’t risk driving myself. I get in the SUV heading to the boys. I start to feel shitty, and I need to make it up to Aurora. I will plan a lovely gift and have it sent to her something vintage. She loves when I buy her fifties clothes. Maybe I will do that for her, and she will be thrilled.

I arrive at the warehouse. I get out of the SUV, making my way to the gym. As I walk in, I see the boys fighting hard, and V has a man down beating the shit out of him. No one has been controlling his monster or guiding him.

“Vittorio Enzo,” I say in a decisive tone, causing him to stop, and he looks at me. I wave my hand. He moves from our recruit who will need to be taking to hospital.

“Vincenzo.” Says, giving me a look.

“I am back; you fuckers can’t contain Vittorio. How much damage has he done while I was out?” I ask. They all look at one another.

“Ten people in hospital not too bad. He has zero kills. Not too fucking bad.” Luca says with a smile. I shake my head. Everything is a damn joke to Luca, even in our old age.

“Let’s go. I am ready to train. I will fight with V.,” I say in a harsh tone.

We trained hard. V is quick, but I am better; he has a lot to learn still, but my father and I are the only ones to help him contain his beast. Massimo calls him a sociopath. He could be correct, but I was just like him. I was lost. Even I had Ariel, and I was lost. Aurora helped me find myself.

I get home looking for Aurora with my gift and showing her how much I love her. I rush to the elevator, waiting to get to the damn floor. I make my way out, taking two steps at a time. Aurora!”

“No. Baby!

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