Dangerous Marriage

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The Boss

Hell is empty, and all the Devil's are here.


I lay in bed, not ready to start the day. I had to let Aurora leave. I can smell her, taste her. I know I need to get up and take care of my clubs. I have to take care of a man I have locked up at my warehouse. I am the Sicilian- American Mafia. I run five families, the biggest around. I run many illegal activities, being involved in the underground world, run big fight clubs—illegal gambling.

When you say my name, it makes your bones run cold, and men fear me. Women want me. They think I am a hero because of the legal work I do. If they saw how fucked up I am, the dark side, they run. I am the devil, and I am not a nice man or anyone's hero like most think. I run the shelters as redemption for the evil I do in the mafia. I have a lot of blood on my hands.

I hope good karma comes my way for doing a good deed? “Shit!” I better get up and start the fucking day. I wanted to see my daughter and have her home, but she asked me to stay with her papa another day. It worked out for me.

I need to shower, start my day that is starting with the man who fucked me over, I have to take care of the clubs. I turn the shower on, stepping in, not even caring if it is hot or not, letting it hit my back. It feels good on my tense muscles. I hurry and wash my body, dress in my expensive suit of the day. I want to take one of my sports cars, but the Cadillac SUV bulletproof will do today. I see my brother, my underboss Luca has called me non-stop. I better call him.

“About- fucking-time!" Luca answers with an aggressive tone.

"I will remind you who the fuck is the boss! What is the issue now?" I scoffed through the phone as I shout.

Luca is my cousin. He is more of a brother than a cousin. He is good at what he does. I love that fucker and would lay my life down for him as I know he would do the same for me; we have a strong bond.

"Our warehouse was burned to the ground with Eliana, Angelo inside; they were checking the shipment that came in." He sighs hard.

I am fucking livid Angelo is family to us and best with weapons, fighting most trusted with my warehouse. Eliana was like one of the guys. Eliana is learning she is Angelo’s girlfriend.

“Be at the damn warehouse!” I shout as I hang up.

We have many warehouses. This one is essential where my merchandise goes. I speed to get there. My jaw is clenched, ready to kill someone. I will have their heads believe me. No one fucks with me without paying the price.

I arrive to see my warehouse burn to ashes; I see Eliana, Angelo outside, standing by Luca. To say I am shocked is an understatement. I thought they were gone. What a beautiful fucking miracle. I step out of the SUV, taking in the damage.

"How did you guys survive?" I ask Eliana, Angelo, with shock and disbelief, seeing the mess and where once stood my fucking warehouse.

"We heard the loud explosion upfront; we hurried just making it out the back door before the second explosion. Next thing I knew, the place was in pieces burning." Angelo was telling me in a very calm voice. I am thrilled they are okay.

"What is the damage? I want to know who is behind this attack. Cut their FUCKING heads off!!" I shout as I am on edge, shaking over sixty million was inside that warehouse.

"Capo, it was Manny Romano who ordered the attack. It was Danny boy, Louis. We already looked into the cameras we have in the parking lot and around the docks." I hear Luca tell me with anger. It was his idea for the extra cameras.

He is very good at what he does; I am sure he had James, Gia, my tech people investigate. I am fucking furious. I am going hunting tonight. I will gut them and send their heads to their mother’s I am that fucking heartless.

"Si. I want to go after them tonight, kill them. Be ready by seven." I tell them in a harsh, demanding tone. I am thirsty for blood.

"I am leaving to see my daughter find me them and let me know when you have them in the cells." I sigh and walk off to my SUV.

I am speeding to my dad's to see my daughter Ariel. She wanted to spend a few nights with her papa. I can't help but think of all the whirlwind emotions I am going through. Aurora, warehouse burned to Ashes. None other than Manny Romano, an Italian Mafia man, is the third-largest family's boss. He wants my place, but he will behave it.

He always was jealous of me, wants everything I have. What started the war between us is when I denied marrying his daughter Cassie. I don't make arrangements. I am not old school. I arrive at my dad’s. I am ready to relax the best I can glad my dad will have Ariel a few more days because I have to take care of this shit now.

“Daddy." I hear my Princess yelling as she runs to me; I pick her squeezing her tight to me. She looks just like me same hair, eyes; more feminine. Beautiful I love her so much.

“Princess, you been good for Papa?" I ask her as I hold her tight.

"Si. Daddy." She says as she giggles as she rubs my face.

"Son, how is everything?" My father asks with power; he always has been like me, demands control and respect but loves hard.

"My men are working on it. War is starting. I already declared it." I tell him in a low voice.

"Si, I trust you why I made you Capo at a younger age. Let's go to the garden." He motions with his hand.

I walk to the garden; my father loves him, and my stepmom built it together. They made a giant playground for Ariel. I put her down; she rounds to the playset happily. My father already has drinks waiting for us. I need this; my father, my daughter, clear my head and be free for once.

“Son, how was Aurora yesterday?" My father asks me in a concerned voice.

"She was pretty hurt. Something is off with her father, boyfriend. She is hurt by one or both; you know I can read people." I tell him with anger as I clench my jaw.

"Ivanna told me she had a passion for shelters because she knows what these women felt, all she has ever said to me. A lot of things are off with her death, and we will investigate it ourselves; this is fucked up." My father sighs, and I look at him as he has tears in his eyes. He grew close to Ivanna. I can see why she and Aurora have this light about them. My phone dings.

Aurora: Hey, I miss you. I am leaving David today; it’s time. You are right—he, not a nice man.

Aurora text me. I feel myself smiling like an idiot. Why does that make me happy she leaving him? So now she can be mine! What makes me furious is she admitting in the text that I was right about him, made every excuse that it wasn't what I thought, insulting my intelligence.

Vin: miss you too. You can stay in my pent house I don’t use it. Makes me happy you are leaving him. I want you.

"What the hell are you fucking smiling about like an idiot on that damn phone?" My father asks in an amusing voice as he laughs.

"Not your concern, old man., " I tell him sarcastically. I feel normal with my dad, daughter, and then Aurora made me think of something that has never happen to me.

Outside being a family man, I have to shut down all emotions to be the monster I had to become. The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.

I had a great day with my dad and daughter—time to work but on the business front and check-in on my clubs. We are opening a new club Luca and me. Ding, I hear my phone.

Luca: We have them in the cells in the basement.

Fan-fucking-tastic, they moved faster than I thought they would now Danny boy, Louis will pay dearly for fucking with me, my money, and family. I shut my emotions off now to be the boss, do what I was born to. I want my things prepared. I am not asking questions.

I am going to kill them. Danny boy, Louis won't talk anyway. I don't give dogs like them second chances; they will grab you're wife and kids right off the damn street. They show no mercy to women, children. This is the part I can't even think about having any sympathy for.

I said my goodbyes, I hate leaving my daughter. I have a job to do. I have to keep her safe. This is what has to be done I don’t like getting dirty and blood on my hands but this is what has to be done I can’t be soft with anyone no second chance.

I arrive at the big warehouse, our main base that is more secured than the maximum prison and white house.

I make my way inside everyone greets me by saying Capo means boss. They all respect me; I naturally radiate power. I keep walking to the cells where I know Luca. Franco and Marco twin brothers my other cousins who are my right-hand men, best hitman, spies, my left hand as I call them my best friends since childhood. Damon, Lorenzo best with weapons, great connections in the underground world, FBI we have to have them deep in our pockets, police you name it, they are in our bags.

I make my way to the cells where I knew all my men would be, Danny boy, Louis. Manny's top men taking them out will send a great message that I am coming for him. These men can be hard to find, but not for my men.

"Capo." I hear Marco say to me, and I nod.

"Danny boy, Louis. I am not going even to bother asking for information. You fucked with my family, my money. This is a war with Manny." I say with a harsh tone and smile on my face.

"Fuck you!" Danny boy specks up with a loud voice trying to act tough. I see the fear in his eyes, and his hands tremble; he knows what is coming.

"Danny. Tsk tsk... I expected more from you. What not man enough to step up to me? You have fear written all over you. Oh, I am not a woman or child to beat., " I am using a low condescending tone like he's a child with sarcasm as I wave a finger in his face.

I pull out my gun pop! I shoot him between the eyes before he can speak. Blood sprays all over Louis his little brother. I see Louis's face go pale. I just smirk at him as his eyes water.

“You are done. Manny is coming for you all. Arial is top of the list." Louis tells me with fury in his eyes, and he is much braver than his weak, pathetic older brother who brains are all over.

"Manny can try. I will be waiting. I am coming for him with a vengeance. You got yourself a little more time. I think we will keep you a little longer." I say with an evil smile on my face.

I will make him sufferer slowly for speaking my daughter's name won't have the same fate as his brother. I take my knife out, walk over and grab his hand hard. I start with his thumb cutting it off as he screams. I block the sounds out. I learned to do that long ago. I take off two more fingers on his left hand.

“See you in a few days, Louis." I laugh. He is crying in pain as I walk out laughing.

"Luca, make sure to get his hand looked at. I want him alive. Marco, you and Franco know what to do with Danny. Marco, make sure he goes straight to Manny, letting him know this is war. Damon, Lorenzo start finding someone to clean up the site to build a new warehouse. I say in a demanding tone with power behind it.

My men know me well what is to be expected. Now is not the time to laugh and joke around; we have shit going down. I am sick of this life, but I was born into it; I can’t just leave this behind; we don’t have that choice.

"We have it all under control, Capo." I hear Marco tell me.

"Luca, meet me at the bar; when done, we need to discuss the new club, later check-in on the casinos." I sigh and walk out. Luca gets me, so he is not bothered by me walking out on him.

I need to wash up some, head to the bar. I need a drink or four. I have a pounding headache now, thinking about what Louis said about my little girl. All the damn money I lost and the cost to clean up and build a new warehouse feeling with more high-tech security like here maybe better. I washed up made my way to the bar. Vin, your usual? I hear Bella ask. She is my bartender here. She is also married to Damon.

"Make it four, Bella." I sigh and hold the bridge of my nose.

I should forget about Aurora because love gets you hurt. Look at my father my mother has been in and out of lives past thirty-four-years even tho my dad is married to Maria he still will take my back and mess around with her then she will run again when things get bad. She always tells me she not leaving me she has to go find herself and get help she is noise sticking around being a drug and alcoholic mom. What a fucking cope out.
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