Dangerous Marriage

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Feeling Hurt


I have been hiding away in-room, drinking away after Vincenzo left. I am happy to back he can remember even when we had sex, it was terrific for me, but something was missing. He was cold after got angry because he could not recognize us. I thought of taking my life at one point. Nothing hurts worse than having a man you love with all your heart, not remembering you, and treating you like shit. I am depressed, and I don’t want to tell Vincenzo I am sure not that he can remember he feels like shit.

I take a big swig of the brown Amber liquid, hoping it will numb me. I let the warm drink go down as it burns, and I take another big swig and a few more after. I want to be numb. I dump flowers in the tub as I play music trampoline, how fitting for how I feel right now. I step in the tub laying back, sighing. I put my head underwater, holding my breath as I start to see my family and husband. Could I leave them?

I come up grabbing my pills I got weeks ago for depression just put a few in my mouth, not realizing how many I have taken. I lay and listen to music as I feel my eyes get heavy.

I am trying to open my eyes. As I do, I am lying on the bed in my robe. I see Vincenzo sitting across from me. I start to panic. What happens to me?

"Glad you are getting up. You have been sleeping all day. I am glad I left. I was going to stay with the boys and Luca longer. You almost drowned. I got you in time. Why would you drink and take so many pills?" He asks me with worry and anger.

"I was trying to numb my pain and depression. I have been hurting. You treated me like I was dog shit on the bottom of your shoe. Everything took a toll on me. All these shootouts, this second shoot out, I almost lost you. I saw your lifeless body. I felt for a pulse. I am sick of worrying who will be next what will happen next." I say to him as I cry hard. He comes over, grabbing me. I lay on his chest.

"I don't know what to say or do to make it better. I am sorry for the way I treated you. I was going through a hard time imagine you cannot remember who you are. I found you face down in the tub. I felt pain and guilt. I love you.” He says with passion as he holds me even tighter to him.

"I will die for the kids and you. You know that.” He says as he kisses me on the hand and rubs it gently.

I need to get it together be there for the kids and him. I can't allow that to happen again. I smile at him as we just lay together. No words are needed at this moment. That was an accident. I did not mean to take so many pills. I want to be here for my kids and Vincenzo. I love them. I love my family; I could never put them through this kind of pain.

"You need to stop drinking or stop the pills. Pick one because both are deadly." He tells me in harsh tone.

"Yea, I will stop the pills because I have to drink to deal with this shit,” I say as I start to cry again. I am very emotional.

I can't contain my emotions here, I can't think with him, I can't be here, I can't take it anymore, but as I said before, you don’t give up on the ones you love, and Vincenzo and I keep proving how strong our love and bond is. Soulmates.


Loud noise, then I hear guns going off. All I can think of is our kids. Vincenzo and I grab the guns. I get the big powerful riffle. We make our way out the hall. I am in a panic.

"My kids!" I scream as I run.

I run out the hall as I see Luca running and shooting at men, and I see Vincenzo guards going to my room. I am not hiding. My kids need me. I run down the halls as I see my boys. I See them kill two men fast. They are good. I see men coming behind them, and I shoot off the gun, hitting one on the head as I hurry and shoot the other doing the same. Vincenzo taught me how to shoot and kill. These men are in our home.

"Mom, get back." I hear V tell me as he is running with his brother. I panic. Where is Ariel?

I run fast as I can, watching for people as I make my way to her room. I go quiet as I see five men block her. She is calm, very calm she sees me. I don't know how I am going to take five men out. I point my gun at one man. As I shoot, I see the other men go down. I turn to see Vincenzo. Ariel and I run to him. He looks hurt and sweating. He moves, we move with him with our guns we always fight as a family. The next thing I know, There is thick smoke as we all cough and move as fast as we can.

"Run now go, and you two need to get out of here," Vincenzo says with a panicked voice.

"No way I am not leaving you," I say in a shaky voice.

I can't go without you.” I say to him in a hurt voice as I shake with worry. Ariel stays with us. We all walk with caution. We hear heavy footsteps.




My ears are ringing as gunfire rings out. I am pushed to the ground with Ariel with a big body over us as he shoots, taking men out. In the smoke, we see Franco and Marco, boys, but I don't see Luca as they are all covered in blood. Where is Luca?

"We have to move." I hear Marco say as they help Vincenzo up. We all get up and move fast as we can.

We move as Ariel, and I are between Vincenzo and boys and men. We all get in the elevator as it seems like time is moving slowly as the doors open. They have guns out slowly with caution; as we walk to the foyer, I see Luca is bent over holding his side. I want to run to him, but my arms are keeping me in place. Franco runs to Luca he grabs him.

We all walk carefully out of the house; as we make it to the front, it hard to adjust my eyes; I look around as I see men and blood all over the driveway. Cars everywhere, and my dogs are shoot dead. I am losing it in panic. Vincenzo is doing everything in his power to keep us all safe I hate that my boys are out there in the war. I can’t lose them, or it will break me.

Out of nowhere, more cars and people are coming our way. I hear screeching tires as the door opens on a van, and they start to shoot. I feel a burning sensation; I am in pain. I think where the pain is in my stomach, and I look to see my hand covered in blood. As my family is shooting, and Vincenzo looks at me, he sees me holding my stomach he runs to me.

I can't move. I fall to the ground. Everyone's voices are faded away. I see my boys and Ariel and Vincenzo; he is by me; he picks me up. I look him in the eyes as he mouth's something to me I can't make it out. I look at him; he is full of blood. Keep your eyes open. Keep your eyes open. I chant to myself repeatedly as now I am fading away. Everything is bright, so bright. I can see everyone they are moving; I can't hear them. I start to cough hard as I taste cooper and feel all kinds of liquid come out of my mouth.

I look around. The next thing I know, I am being lifted in Vincenzo's arms as we go into a car. All I can do is focus on Vincenzo's eyes; as he looks at me, I see tears run down his face. His lips are moving. Why can't I hear him?

"V-vin, I am scared," I whisper out to him.

He just is holding pressure on my stomach as I keep coughing. My body feels cold. I am shaking badly; my eyes start to roll as I feel like I may choke on my tongue. "Please help me, God," I say out loud.

I can't move, I can't see anything, just bright lights, and I feel like I will close my eyes any minute I am fighting it. I know I need to keep my eyes open. My kids need me Vincenzo needs me. My dad and mom need me.

I am being lifted out of the car out on something. I see strange people running as my hand stays in Vincenzo's hand. They are pulling me away from him, and I am screaming I think I am. They put something over my mouth, and my eyes get heavy. Then black...
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