Dangerous Marriage

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They Broke me


Finally, the enemy broke me. They got me where they want me. I am weak; I can move well, I can't protect my family. I lost my memory, and now my wife is fighting for her life. I sit in the chairs as no one dares to bother me. I see my kids broken; they are hurt. I sit with my head in my hands as we wait to hear from the doctors. I would give anything for her; I would give anything to trade places with her. My boys had to have bullets removed and stitched up and my daughter as well. Luca is out of surgery. He great. Aurora got the worst of it.

We have been sitting here for five hours as I get more and more impatient. We all look tired and ready for a war. Enzo and Ivanna are here with my dad and mom. A lot of shit has happened. I have to apologize to my mother; I wasn’t fair to her either. She and my dad are married. Enzo made it Clear this is his war too, and I am okay with that. We both have to love Aurora.

"Vincenzo, I know this hard on you. We have to prepare for the war, and with and Luca down, the boys have to lead with me." My father tells me in a soft but powerful voice.

He is right; the boys must step up and take over. I am walking, but I am still not in the best shape. I have a lot of pain, but I am the boss. They are just leading and helping me. They will take orders from me. They know I am not leaving this fucking hospital. The boys proved they could handle themselves.

"Go plan the more time you sit here, the more time we lose. I will keep boys updated." I tell him in a harsh tone.

"Vin, we have to take Arial. She acting underboss right now." He tells me with a smile he knows how I feel about women doing this. But I made a promise she could be the underboss she has proved she can do this job tonight as well.

"Fine," I say as I get up slowly start to paste the floors.

"Boys, Arial, I will call when I know something. I know you want to be here for your mom, but we have a war to handle. We can't waste any time. When you took the oath, you pledged to sacrifice. We are in a war. We can't have any more surprise attacks." I say in harsh tone.

They all get up and nod, the sign of respect. The boys Pat my back as Ariel hugs me tight, and I hold her for a few as I kiss her head, and we do a nod as my father, and they leave with the rest of the men. Enzo’s not leaving; he sent his boys Matteo and E to go.

I am in the room with just Ivanna and my mom; as they both talk with one another, I look at my phone look at pictures again of us all. I see a picture of Aurora on the bed in a red lace bra and panties as she smiles seductively, her eyes on me. Flashes of her and that day come to my mind.

I feel dizzy and sick as my head hurts. I love that women and anger get the best of me. I have to get out of here, but I am in pain and start to blackout. I haven’t been this angry in years.

"Vincenzo." I hear Dr. Denise.

"Where is my wife? Is she okay?" I ask in a panic voice.

"Vincenzo, calm down." She tells me in a calm voice, and I see red.

"I can fucking remember everything, and I know how much I love those women in there. What I will do for I will burn this place down if I don't get answers right now." I shut in her face.

I feel arms around me as Ivanna is holding me.

"She is okay, and you know how strong she is. She would not leave you; she is too damn hard-headed and in love with you. Her kids are important to her. She loves them with her everything. Relax and breathe for me, please?" Ivanna pleads with me with a shaky voice.

Shit, She is her mother. She has to be a mess and hurting bad and worried sick. I calm down as the doctor is pleased. I text the idiot that I was doing a lot better and walking and remembered everything. I wonder if I should replace her. She is older, in her sixties.

"Aurora is great. She is in an induced coma to help her heal faster. No organs were damaged or her uterus. She was fortunate the bullet has lodged in her back why it took us a long time." The doctor tells me with a smile.

"Take us to her," I demand she knows the drill.

We follow the doctors as my mom and Ivanna walk ahead. I am fucking happy she is doing well. We make our way to the room; as I walk in, I see my ‘Kitten’ lying there. I lean down to the bed and kiss her head as Ivanna is on another side.

"I love you. Kitten, get better for me, please.” I say as I grab her hand and kiss it and rub it softly.

I stay next to her as Ivanna is talking to her with my mom. I text my father to let him know about Aurora. The kids will be here tomorrow. I am planning my revenge; it will fucking be the end of these fuckers; I can’t let the ball drop; I got comfortable thinking we got rid of the fuckers that they would back off after we killed half their people.

"Vin, how is she." I hear Luca, who is being brought in my Lily in a wheelchair.

Lily must have got back from New York. Her mother is moving here, and her father had passed away; she was relieved. I still can’t believe they are married crazy. We have been to the club together we still like to have fun. It might be older, but we all still want to have fun at the club.

"She will be happy to see you, Lily," I say in a soft voice.

"Glad to have you back, bro," Luca says with a smile as he goes to Aurora.

“Glad you are doing good,” I say with a smile. I love that dumb fucker.

I find myself jealous of how Luca interacts with Aurora, but I know they have a bond and live with one another. Lily has been great for him. She is helping him with his son, who is Fourteen now. Ava took off, leaving the baby on the porch what a fucking piece of shit.

"Everyone is planning for a war the boys are leading with dad," I say with a proud smile.

"They were a natural. They handle the attack like a pro, and Aurora was doing good; she did what you taught her; she was protecting her family." He says with a smile as he kisses her cheek.

Aurora went in with a gun; she protected her kids and me; she said, her kids and ran with gun fast she has a great shoot. But look where that got her in a damn hospital bed.

It's been a week. Today they are taking Aurora out of the coma, and the kids are here. They said this could be good or bad. I am fucking losing myself right now. She is my soul, my best friend, my lover, my world. We all wait outside; as Ariel is by me, the boys are acting strong, shutting off emotion as they were trained, but right now, it's okay to show emotions. Enzo and Ivanna are here. Luca Lily, my parents. Everyone else has an extensive support system and a lot of people who love her.

I don't know how long it's been since I see the doctor come out and greet us.

"Vincenzo, she is doing great and up and asking for you and kids. Only three at a time."

"I want to go last. Everyone can have their time. I need to get myself together.” I say as I look down guess I am ashamed of how I was to her, and now she was laying in a damn hospital bed. I want her to myself.

The boys and Ariel go in alone; I want my privacy with just me and her. She tried to take her life the night before, and I found her face down in the tub. She wanted to play it off; I know what she was doing. Then I almost lost her again. Why would she try to kill herself? I won’t bother her now. This will come up again.

Now they have mine and Enzo's best-hit man on them, and Marco and Franco and Matteo and Enzo Jr are working with the underground right now getting info. Dame and Lorenzo are working the streets and clubs looking for any information. My bet is Angelo and Eliana are a big part of these hits. When I find them, it's going to slow and painful. I smile at that thought.

One by one, everyone goes in, and Luca and Lily last to come out. Lily has tears in her. Luca rubs her hand. They were meant to be. It took them a long time, but we all seen it coming. They never could leave one another alone. I can finally see her. I am fucking happy. I walk in to see her look at me with her beautiful face and eyes that lit my soul on fire. As I make my way, I slide the chair over to her. She is hurting but gives me a big smile.

"Vincenzo, are you okay?” She asks me with worry; this woman is amazing. She is in the hospital bed and still worrying about me.

"I am fine, Kitten. I am just happy you are here with me because, without you, I will lose myself. I have thought once we are healed, the purple room in New York is waiting for us." I say with a smile. She smiles significantly, knowing exactly where my thoughts are at.

“We have to kill all these fuckers; of course, first, before we go to New York, they will pay for what they have done to you, I promise you,” I say with so much passion and anger. I hold her hand and kiss it with a light rub.

“I love you, and I am so sorry about the bathroom innocent. " She says with a cracking voice as tears run down her face.

I wipe her tears as I lean down, kissing her lips softly.

"I love you more, the kitten. I am even more in love with you now. How are you feeling?" I ask as I kiss her head.

"I am sore; I was scared. Then Everything was so peaceful. I saw everyone I loved, and something told me I would be okay. I knew you and kids needed me." She tells me as she holds my hands.

We stay silent as we hold one another, and I plot my next move of taking out these fuckers who dare tried cross me and take me out and my family out. I am not lying; I have a sword that is going to cut every fuckers head off. It’s been good to me for years.

We have been home for a month. I am fully healed, and Aurora is healed. I am sitting here at my main warehouse planning the most significant attack and war. Manny Jr and his brothers were behind all of this; we have a location on Angelo and Eliana. I am going to have my boys take care of him. Eliana Ariel will take care of her here. I think it’s perfect to have my offspring kill them. They have to prove and become made in this life. I would love to kill Angelo and Eliana; watching my fifteen and eighteen take them out will greatly motivate me. War they want a war they will get. The devil is awake; my eyes are red, I want blood, I am thirsty. Luca and I are back; we are not retiring yet, not kids in their twenties. I want them to try for everyday life will Ariel anyways. Boys don't have a choice.

"Vincenzo, we have them; we need to move now." I hear Luca.

"I want my kids protected at all times," I say in a harsh tone.

I head out with my bulletproof outfit as I made sure my team is wearing it. I have a team, and Luca has a team. Arial is working with Luca on training for the underboss rule. Boys are with me to learn how to lead as bosses. This is their life. One thing I know I will put my life down for them, and I know Luca will Ariel.

"Ready?" I ask my team they all say yes.
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