Dangerous Marriage

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My brother and I are in all black and bulletproof outfits; it's our time to shine to prove we can handle this life. We have what it takes to rule this empire. Massimo is a lot like mom, but he can fight and use a gun well. I am like my father; I crave power and respect; I don’t allow many people in my life; I trust no one. I don't let my emotions take over; I shut them off.

We will be sixteen in a few days here we are in the most significant war. In school, no one knows who we are, only our best friends who will join the empire. I am ready to help my father with revenge and kill his old best friend, Angelo.

We make our way to our destination, and we follow dad's lead; we have Franco Jr and Bella; they are Marco and Franco's kids. We have Dame and Lorenzo, their kids who are our best friends Blake and Mack. We are very dangerous we work very well as a team this generation has to work together in this war we are set to be made. Ariel was made long ago.

My brother and I have our code; we don't need words to communicate. We all sneak in as soon as we got the okay from aunt Gia to go in. It's dark out night googles light up, helping us see. We make our way to the door, where it's unlocked for us. We all enter slowly with guns drawing and ready to kill.

We walk in with no words, just walking. We spilled up as Dad and me and Massimo walk as one. I see five men, and we shoot at once, taking them out. If a source is correct, Angelo and Eliana will be hiding in a panic room that Gia broke the code to. We stroll. I see a man who does not hear me walking upon him; as I take my knife out, I take it to his throat, not needing information as I slit his throat fast, he gasped for air holding his neck as he falls to the ground. I am crazier than my brother and family; I feel different.




We shoot, taking out people left and right with gunfire. This is dangerous because they are firing like crazy stray bullets are going all over the place. I am not sure where to aim. We can be killed. I am not scared. You know it can happen and will lose people better to have no emotions; you won’t get hurt. We all take slow steps sliding across the wall as we clear hall after hall. I see the panic room. I smile significantly as both teams make it here, happy to see no one was killed. We made sure no women were here because this place is going up in flames.

I watch as uncle Franco puts code in the door. I watch it open. We all go in slowly, and Ariel will be running the family with me; we show her respect; I love her in my way. I am a man of few words most of the time, and I wouldn't say I like small talk. I want to sleep around and do my job and train the best I can be to lead this family with my brother by my side as one.

We make our way down a hall very quietly; as we walk down the dark hallway leading us to another door, my dad opens the door. I see a woman and man holding guns on us. I laugh. They don't see it coming. I shoot them fast with a tranquilizer that takes them down quickly. It will
keep them asleep for a while. I have the best shot out of all us why my dad gave me this task.

We claim we prey, and now the fun will begin. This man and women thought they got away, but in the end, they lost the game; it’s over for them, but my goal is to try and get as much info as we can because my next target is Manny Jr and his kids, who are mine age way of life. No Romano lives.

We make our way back to the warehouse, where we have them in a cell together. Angelo is about to see my dark side. This is my excuse to kill. I can kill a person and not feel bad. I know I am different from the rest. My dad hid it well, so does my brother. I would kill animals for pleasure when younger. If anyone thinks I will show any Mercy, they are wrong. I have no heart.

"Angelo, my friend, long time we are overdue for a reunion, don't you think.," My father says sardonically.

He is looking at me and my brother and Arial and my father. He was trying to act strong, but I can see the fear in his eyes. I know the woman is shaking; she should be. Ariel shows no mercy; best hit women around. I will give her that.

"Only a matter of time before you found us. But you forgot how good I am with hiding. Just kill me already." The fucker says with a smile.

"Not so fast, you see, my boys are going to be taking care of you. They are far worse than me. My boy Vittorio doesn't have felt he was born to kill; he doesn't make things quick. Massimo is very creative and can save your life and bring you back to do it all over again." My father says as he laughs like a crazed beast. He is a king; he shuts off all emotions. His old self comes out here.

He and I get red eyes like a devil. We have our prey and ready to take him. The man looks at me as I smile like a sadist. He goes pale; he can see that I enjoy this a little too much. I do this for joy. I love to see a person bleed out. I go fuck older women.

"Angelo, I have heard so much about you.," I say in a condescending voice laced with laughter.

"Vincenzo, I can give anything you want to know if you, please promise to make it fast." He is pleading with my father.

My father will give me this because it keeps me satisfied for a while. Only my father and brother know my secret and help me keep my monster tame. I pull out my knife with a smile as I go up to him. I lean down to his ear.

“I love killing people. I enjoy it. I won’t make it fast see I don’t show mercy on no one.” I say with a low chuckle as the man pisses his pants.

"My father allows me to choose as this will be my empire. See, I don't like doing this fast. I enjoy the screams and torture. The more you scream, the happier I get." I say with an evil laugh as he looks around, licking his dried chap lips.

"Thirsty," I ask with a smile, and he nods.

I take the knife, and without warning, I take his two fingers off as he screams out in pain. I watch as Massimo hurries to control the bleeding. The woman is crying, screaming for me to stop.

"Ariel, shut her up." I shut with anger.

"Tell me what I want to know. I want to know everything you know and addresses, and I might make this fast. You don’t this will be slow, I will lower your body is my homemade acid it burns the body slow very painful as you watch your body parts melt to nothing." I say with a laugh and smile big at him as Massimo slides the big tub with my father over.

He looks at it with big eyes. I laugh; I love to make people suffer. With my family and in school, I have to watch my temper, or I could give my family away. I have my way to get them back when they fuck with me. I get very creative, let’s say. I move the chair closer to the tub as his eyes water, and I see the girl Eliana with tears in her eyes; too bad it does nothing they sealed their fate.

"You are a cruel boy for your age, far crueler than your father. I see what he is having a child do his dirty work; he was always a pathetic man. He was weak when he meant your mother." Angelo says with a strong voice now as he taunts my dad.

I grab his foot, putting it in the tub as the flesh is melting as he screams and cries. The women watch in fear. I laugh hard; my eyes are watering.

"Okay. Please, I will give you everything. I want this to be fast." He screams out with tears as he cries like a little bitch.

"Okay," I say in a calm tone.

He told me everything as my father and Luca put it all down. I smile. I pull my gun out as I point it at his head. Without warning, I push him and the chair in the tub face first. He can't scream as he melting away. I smile at Eliana.

Ariel was effective and got more details. She is fast with her method. As we hear a pop, she shoots her in the head as blood sprays all over. We call for a clean-up crew who knows how to dispose of this acid, and they place Eliana in the mix where Angelo once was. Now he is soup, and so will Eliana.

"V, do you enjoy killing people?" I hear my father ask me as he looks hurt that I turned out to be a killer.

Even if we were not in the mafia, I still would be a killer; it's who I am; I have to do it at least once or more a week to keep myself happy. Then I get bored of having to kill another lousy person; it’s like a drug to me; I can’t explain it. I am a serial killer. I know that my father and brother know, but they can’t admit it.

"I do. I can't explain it. I care about my family, but at the same time, I don't feel what others feel. I say as I shrug my shoulders.

"I was you. You have suppressed feelings; you will figure this out." He says as he pats my back hard.

I don't have feelings. That is the thing I have zero empathy or emotion for anyone. I don't think I can even love. I know I would kill anyone who hurts my family, especially my brother. I don't know; I just knew I was different since I was little. I would inflict pain on others and laugh in school. I would fall and get hurt and not even feel the pain. I have to watch it. I could get shot and bleed out because I would not feel the pain. Crazy never could figure out why.

"We will plan everything tonight and hit all places no one stays alive besides the main fuckers of the Romano's." My father says with power. I can't wait. I am excited to kill more people maybe get to do more.
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